Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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E Surnames

Easter,Parthenia G. 19071987 See photo
Edgeston,Gary Allen 12 Oct. 19537 May 2009 See photo
Edmond,Clara G.23 Mar. 191715 Nov. 2003 See photo
Edmond,Mary Reed10 Apr. 191318 Oct. 1980 See photo
Edmond, Verlis Jeff8 Nov 19115 Mar 1977He Died As He Lived - A Christian ~ See photo
See photo
Edmondson,Alreatha 26 Nov. 19285 July 1981 See photo
Edmondson,George 21 June 192430 Aug. 1977CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Edmondson,Gwen Annie 13 July 192227 Nov. 1995 See photo
Edmondson,Letha4 July 188016 June 1971 See photo
Edmondson,Lena B. 4 Mar. 190324 Aug. 1979 See photo
Edmondson,Lonnie R. 10 Mar. 189826 June 1970 See photo
See photo
Edmondson,Thelma B.28 Nov. 19107 Feb. 1983 See photo
Edwards,Anna Galloway6 Mar. 18899 Nov. 1962 See photo
Edwards,Andrew J.6 Apr. 18911 Feb. 1963 See photo
Edwards,Charlie26 Feb. 19212 Sept. 1986 See photo
Edwards, Cefus 9 Jan 191020 Sep 1953Oklahoma Tec 5 MD WW II
See photo
Edwards, C. R.One date1934Homemade marker ~ See photo
Edwards,Earnest M.26 Feb. 189330 Sept. 1994 See photo
Edwards, Ella Bell26 June 18787 Aug 1966 See photo
Edwards,Elzora Brown1 July 197014 July 1940 See photo
Edwards,Fannie R.4 Feb. 18902 Aug. 1972 See photo
Edwards,H.R. 1934 See photo
Edwards, J. D. 19071937At Rest ~ See photo
Edwards,Jo Etta 31 Oct. 1942 See photo
Edwards,Johnnie "Jack"25 Feb. 191228 Feb. 2006 See photo
Edwards, Leroy G. 6 Oct 190530 Oct 1945 See photo
Edwards, Lula Bell 26 Jun 18787 Aug 1966 
Edwards,Marguerite2 Oct. 192117 Sept. 1998 See photo
Edwards,Mary P.8 Aug. 189910 Feb. 1982 See photo
Edwards,Ned H. Sr.23 Dec. 188222 Feb. 1983 See photo
Edwards,Rebecca12 June 191314 July 1970 See photo
Edwards,Samuel25 Apr. 192519 Sept. 1983 See photo
Edwards,S.E. Jr.12 Dec. 18859 Dec. 1973 See photo
Edwards,Tyrone C.9 June 196725 Mar. 1989 See photo
Edwards,Vennessa D.12 Jan. 197027 Jan. 2006 See photo
Edwards,Wilson19 July 190619 Apr. 1996 See photo
Eisong, Jo EttaOne date31 Oct 1942D/O Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Davis
Elbert,Melvyn M.22 Feb. 191726 June 1997 See photo
Eldon,John 18 Oct. 1942 See photo
Ellerby, Annie2 Dec. 188013 Nov. 1961See photo
Ellerby, Caldonia19 Sep 19016 Nov 1959See photo
Ellerby,Donald Ray4 Aug. 193928 Oct 1962OKLAHOMA AIC US AIR FORCE
See photo
Ellerby, Dorothy Jean 12 Jan. 193112 Jan. 1946See photo
Ellerby,Emma8 Nov. 190714 Oct 1989 See photo
Ellerby,Shirley Mae 10 Mar. 194128 Oct 1962 See photo
Elliott,Bernice Marie3 Mar. 192125 Apr. 2007See photo
Elliott,Denyveaus O. Sr.9 Jan. 191825 Sept 1985 See photo
Elliott,Denyveaus X.9 Jan. 191830 July 1977 See photo
Elliott,Edna Mae13 Oct. 189526 Feb. 1979 See photo
Elliott,Frank V.27 June 18869 Aug. 1968See photo
Elliott,Hattie Bell 21 Aug. 1921See photo
Elliott,Lucy A.20 Feb. 189118 Mar. 1988See photo
Elliott,Ned J.17 Apr. 189024 Oct. 1953 See photo
Elliott,Tollie M.19081968 See photo
Ellis, Simmie 18861961See photo
Ellis, Tom 18791963See photo
Ellison  See photo
Elwee,William1872 See photo
See photo
Embry,Gus Sr.25 July 191013 Jan. 1991See photo
Embry,Marion General  See photo
Embry,Mattie S.23 Sept. 191524 Mar. 1999See photo
Ennis,Ewell Jr. 30 Nov. 193221 June 1985See photo
Ennis,Ewell Sr.6 Aug. 190927 Oct. 1985 See photo
Ennis,Francis25 Feb. 19207 July 1997s/w Rosie Mae Allen
Ennis,Odessa11 Mar. 191629 May 1952 See photo
Epperson,Charlie 18911970See photo
Epps,Irma  1978See photo
Epps,Louis 1902197?See photo
Ereiver, Dovie19001942See photo
Ervin,Loretta Estella Wright 4 June 194824 Apr. 1988See photo
Escoe,Elvira Johnson 9 May 192230 Apr. 1989See photo
Escoe, Rodney Gene10 Feb 197329 Jan 2006In God's Care ~ See photo
Eubanks,Evelyn E.3 Mar. 188517 Dec. 1971 See photo
Eubanks, Florence Beasley18861967SS/W Lonnie Eubanks ~ See photo
Eubanks, Lonnie19191968SS/W Florence Beasley Eubanks ~ See photo
Evans,Charlotte 18731948?See photo
Evans,Clarence 7 Jan. 19416 Feb. 2004See photo
Evans,Debbie 2 Dec. 19599 Oct. 1979See photo
Evans,Ida Beulah11 Apr. 188429 Dec. 1968 See photo
Evans,James Thomas 3 May 191624 Oct. 1994See photo
Evans, Jessie5 Jan 1900Date unreadableHomemade marker ~ See photo
Evans,Ollie E.22 July 187922 June 1967See photo
Evans,Sarah Etta 22 Aug. 191622 Oct. 2000See photo
Evers, Flossie Mae Hodges22 Aug 190221 Apr 1960Mother ~ Eastern Star ~ See photo
Evels,John L. 18911946See photo
Ewell,Claude  Nov. 1971See photo
Ewell,Clydia P. 19 Sept. 189820 Feb. 1987See photo
Ewell,Fannie  See photo
Ezell,Malon23 Aug. 188724 Apr. 1967See photo
Ezell,Mary P.18 Nov. 189022 Oct. 1982See photo

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