Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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F Surnames

Farris, Catherine16 May 1875No dateSS/W Oscar W. Farris ~ See photo
Farris, Oscar W.7 Feb 187510 Nov 1959SS/W Catherine Farris ~ See photo
Fay,Roland L. 25 Feb. 188717 May 1965OKLAHOMA PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Ferguson,Queen Victoria8 May 191815 Feb. 1999 See photo
Ferlinds, Ed13 Jun 187527 Apr 1947SS/W Seannie Ferlinds ~ See photo
Ferlinds, Seannie25 Aug 187726 Aug 1966SS/W Ed Ferlinds ~ See photo
Fields,Eme?(Emery?)Oct. 1909  See photo
Fields,Hunter J.8 May 190522 Jan. 1981 See photo
Fields, Hunter18721939Rest In Peace ~ See photo
Fields,Jeta18861972 See photo
Fields,Sonora18821960 See photo
Finister, Eula B.18961939Rest In Peace ~ See photo
Finley,Ellar18671949 See photo
Finley,George7 Aug. 18979 Nov. 1975 See photo
Finley,George Jesse7 Aug. 192227 May 1947OKLAHOMA TEC 4 ENGINEERS WORLD WAR II
See photo
Finley, Lena M.24 Dec. 18981 Mar. 1981Mother ~ See photo
Finley,Rosa Mae4 Oct. 19036 Nov. 1999 See photo
Firth, Clarence16 Apr 19047 Nov 1945 
Fisher,Callie5 May 19005 May 1968 See photo
Fletcher, Bertha C.26 Nov 189925 Aug 1989 Beloved Mother ~ See photo
Flowers,Mary F.1 Feb. 193312 June 1946 See photo
Folsom,Will14 Sept. 189514 Oct. 1979 See photo
Forbes,Gladys M. Edmondson1 June 193529 Jan. 1996 See photo
Ford,Coella Booton18 July 190218 Aug. 1997 See photo
Ford, Dr. C. E., Sr.15 May 189616 Jul 1961 At Rest ~ See photo
Ford, Fletcher 20 Dec. 189727 Dec. 1982US AMRY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Ford,J.F. "Glass"18851947 See photo
Ford,Josephine "Jo"7 Sept. 192425 Dec. 1989 See photo
Ford, Shaynea Gabriel3 May 20003 May 2000 We Miss You ~ See photo
Ford,Silas D.   See photo
Forde, Alice E. 7 Mar 19236 Oct 1985See photo
Foreman,Carrie15 Apr. 189216 Aug. 1986 See photo
Forney,Cornelius C.18761954 See photo
Forney,Settie B.18781961 See photo
Foster, Claude25 Jan 190323 Dec 1966Homemade marker ~ See photo
Foster,Ernest Sr. 16 Oct. 190428 Nov. 1980See photo
Foster,John Luther 4 May 19265 Feb. 1984See photo
Foster,Lillie Mae 24 July 19096 Feb. 1968See photo
Foster,Mayella23 Sept. 1925  See photo
Foster,Ola5 July 187518 June 1953 See photo
Foster,Ora Jacques 19181970See photo
Foster,Porter3 Mar. 19123 Jan. 1986 See photo
Foster,R.T.10 Jan. 192622 Mar. 1988 See photo
Fowler, C. G.11 May 18937 Apr 1977In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Fowler,Virtis16 June 194730 Jan. 1989 See photo
Fowlkes,E. Sr.18851955 See photo
Francis, Pearl27 Aug 189810 Feb 1936See photo
Franklin,Adel18821946 See photo
Frazier,James15 July 188315 July 1938 See photo
Frazier,Kathryn19542008 See photo
Freeman,Chester19321951 See photo
Freeman, Hester 13 Feb 190215 Jun 1971 
Freeman, Leland 28 Jul 19158 Jul 1983Pvt US Army WW II
See photo
Freeman,Velma Riley4 Dec. 189419 Oct. 1973 See photo
French, Dokoven Alexander19021946See photo
French, Vivian S.19061993See photo
Friday, Ester Lee19181941Daughter ~ See photo
Frith, Emma 19061939See photo
Frith,Clarence16 Apr. 19047 Nov. 1945 See photo
Frith,Harry Edward21 Nov. 1896 PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Frith, Laura 18741952 See photo
Frith,Memphis19001980 See photo
Francis, Pearl 27 Aug 189810 Feb 1936 
Froniabarger,Mary Turley Greer13 Jan. 194110 July 2001 See photo
Frye, Florence29 Jul 1894No dateMother ~ SS/W John & Willie Frye~ See photo
Frye, John10 Aug 18904 Jan 1958Father ~ SS/W Florence & Willie Frye ~ See photo
Frye, Willie6 Nov 191415 Dec 1993US Army ~ Son ~ SS/W & S/O John & Florence Frye ~ See photo
Fue, Ada L. DawsonNo date16 Sep 1961Mother of ~ rest of stone in ground ~ See photo
Fue,A.J. 18611933See photo
Fue, Jabe B.4 May 187223 Feb 1941Only Sleeping ~ See photo
Fue,Julia M.5 Dec. 191217 June 1968 See photo
Fuller, Edna Lewis7 Feb 18921 Apr 1958See photo
Fuller, Ophelia J. 4 Mar 19152 Apr 1967Oklahoma PFC US Army WW II
See photo
Fuller,Savannah B. 3 Mar. 191113 Aug. 1994See photo
Fulsom,Walter Sr. 13 Feb. 187311 May 1952See photo
Furry,Cora 24 Feb. 18949 May 1996See photo

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