Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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H Surnames

Hadley,Marie Sidney 12 Oct. 1973See photo
Haley, Margie A.18 Dec 1899  
Haley, Theresa A. 9 Sept. 1903See photo
Hall,Anthony Elijah Sr.18881975See photo
Hall,Edgar Daniel Sr.17 Dec. 192322 Sept. 2004See photo
Hall, Elnora18 Nov 187813 Feb 1945See photo
Hall,Henry David Sr.4 Jan. 192114 Aug. 2004US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Hall, Ida E. Bonds18931976See photo
Hall, Marie6 Feb. 189515 Apr. 1977See photo
Hall, Priscilla P.21 Dec. 19348 July 1966See photo
Hall,Rosie Mae5 Feb. 19188 Oct. 1968See photo
Hall,Samuel21 Aug. 19008 Oct. 1986See photo
Hall, Steward L. 1 Nov 1957 15 Feb 1959 See photo
Hall, Terry13 June 196428 Mar. 1994PFC US ARMY
See photo
Hall,Virginia C.A.17 July 195327 Sept. 1972See photo
Hall,Virginia28 Nov 191431 Mar. 1978See photo
Hall,Wadie Lee19221948See photo
Ham, Stout 24 Jul 1891 17 Feb 1948 Oklahoma Cpl 365 Inf 92 Div World War I ~ In Loving Memory
See photo
Hamilton,Alvis2 Nov 190912 Mar. 1994US AIR FORCE
See photo
Hamilton,Alvis1 Nov 1873Dec. 1959See photo
Hamilton,Hattie 2 Nov 188827 Feb. 1950See photo
Hamilton,Willie Mae1 July 192023 Apr. 1985See photo
Hamlet,Lillie Mae9 Sept. 192214 July 1986See photo
Hamlett, Minnie P.18891948Mother ~ See photo
Hamlett,Willie  See photo
Hamlett,Walter Waid18871960See photo
See photo
Hammond,Basil16 June 188222 May 1961See photo
Hammond,Jennie1 Feb. 188425 ? 1961See photo
Hampton, Eliza7 Dec 18843 Mar 1963See photo
Hamlett, Walter Waid18871960See photo
Hancox,Connie Mae22 Sept. 190015 Aug. 1959See photo
Hancox,Ezell7 Jan. 18978 Apr. 1959See photo
Haney,Juanda Marie11 Aug. 195625 June 1977See photo
Hankins,Bervin 24 Nov. 19097 May 1970See photo
Hankins,Velma 15 June 19954 Oct. 1915See photo
Hardaway,Carsie E.11 May 193222 July 2005See photo
Hardaway,James E.23 May 193018 Sept. 2005See photo
Hardaway,Jess 14 Apr. 1952See photo
Harel,Earl8 July 191110 Dec. 1997See photo
Harel,Edwina17 Nov. 19114 Oct. 2002See photo
Harlin,Bertha9 Oct. 19144 July 1995See photo
Harlin,Gordon L. Jr.14 Feb.19566 Apr.1956See photo
Harlin,Myrtle L.22 Oct. 191417 July 1976See photo
Harlin, Sarah 29 May 18749 Sep 1961See photo
Harlin, Sol, Jr.23 Sep 18945 Jun 1972Oklahoma PVT US Army WW I
See photo
Harlin, Solomon, Jr.23 Sep 18965 Jun 1972 
Harlin, Solomon , Sr.20 Feb 18707 Oct 1961See photo
Harlin,Thomas T.4 Aug. 190815 Apr. 1983See photo
Harlin,Willie Ruth4 June 193520 Feb. 2004See photo
Harper,Hazel3 Sept. 194426 Feb. 2008See photo
Harper,Jesse15 Sept. 187729 Jan. 1941See photo
Harper,Mittie12 Oct. 188411 Mar. 195?See photo
Harper,Maurice25 Jan. 194615 Aug. 2000See photo
Harrell,George Rev.18601950See photo
Harrell,Robert C.30 Aug. 19495 Jan. 1977See photo
Harrell,Rocehell18771956?See photo
Harrell, Saundra Jean 26 Jun 1943 4 Aug 2006 See photo
Harrington,Mack M.22 Apr. 190213 Mar. 1976See photo
Harrington,William W.29 Aug. 18895 Mar. 1975See photo
Harris,A.G.7 Jan. 192619 Jan. 1998See photo
Harris,Auburn Lee22 Apr. 189227 Feb. 1988See photo
Harris,Dallas Sr.13 Oct. 191318 June 1979See photo
Harris,Earl Richard19 Feb. 19116 Apr. 19801ST SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Harris, Elizabeth Criddle17 Oct 190018 Feb 2001Sisters Forever ~ SS/W Mamie L. Criddle Cook ~ See photo
Harris, Elnora Cope 10 May 190427 Dec 1960 
Harris,Emory21 Jan. 190122 Mar. 1975See photo
Harris,Fred1 July 189518 July 1973ARKANSAS PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Harris, Hazel6 Nov 18979 Apr 1921Daughter ~ SS/W Marie L. Harris ~ See photo
Harris, J. W.18691941Father ~ See photo
Harris, James "Jimmie" 19161982See photo
Harris,James Arthur27 Apr. 195529 Sept. 2004See photo
Harris,Jimmie Ruth21 Sept. 193924 Oct. 2008See photo
Harris,Johnny C.5 June 191420 Apr. 1971See photo
Harris,Josephine 24 Aug. 1944See photo
Harris,Katie 5 May 1987See photo
Harris, Keith D. 24 Aug 1962 8 Feb 2005 See photo
Harris,Kenneth Leroy 21 Apr. 193215 Mar. 1987US ARMYphoto
Harris,Lee Andrew3 July 19295 June 1970See photo
Harris,Leon Edward19281967See photo
Harris,Lorene 11 Mar. 192713 Oct. 1997See photo
Harris, Marie L.15 Nov 187918 Dec 1967Mother ~ SS/W Hazel Harris ~ See photo
Harris,Mary J.26 Aug. 18824 Nov. 1965See photo
Harris, Mary Jo5 Aug 195625 Nov 1956See photo
Harris,Marjorie E.19 Dec. 191420 June 1994See photo
Harris, Minnie No dateNo dateSee photo
Harris,Rev. Ophelia E.23 May 19199 Apr. 2003See photo
Harris, Oscar 1875 1959  
Harris,Rebecca 25 Dec. 188126 Mar. 1946 See photo
Harris, Robert18751957See photo
Harris,Robert A. 6 Oct. 1903 3 Sept. 1967 See photo
Harris,Rodger?     See photo
Harris,Rosa12 May 18809 Dec. 1965See photo
Harris, Rosie E.19151957Mother ~ See photo
Harris, Rosie E. 29 Mar 1905 10 May 1905  
Harris,Sharon Renee 26 Feb. 1960 19 Sept. 1962 See photo
Harris,Sylvertia 28 Jan. 1927 28 Jan. 1996 See photo
Harris,Victor Earl 7 Nov. 19609 June 1963See photo
Harris, Walter L.20 Dec 190817 Mar 1972See photo
Harris, Willia Mae17 Aug. 19264 Jan. 1994See photo
Harrison,Carver C. 1943 1992 SP4 US ARMY VIETNAM
See photo
Harrison, Cecil E. 10 May 19138 May 1975 See photo
Harrison, Clarence L. 7 Sept. 1896 23 Nov. 1963 See photo
Harrison, Essie Mae King 28 Oct. 1902 4 Oct. 1971 See photo
Harrison,Jean L. 23 Aug. 1948 31 Oct. 1990 See photo
Harrison, Rev. S.6 Feb 187512 Mar 1950 
Harrison,Willetta Body 25 Feb. 189827 Dec. 1979 See photo
Hart,Ella18831981See photo
Hart,Hettie M.23 Dec. 188910 Feb. 1977See photo
Harvey,Glodean13 Nov. 193127 Oct. 1984See photo
Hawkins,Grace15 Mar. 18967 Aug. 1981See photo
Hawkins,Rev. J. L.13 Feb. 189731 Dec. 1963See photo
Hawkins,John  See photo
Hawkins,Pinkie  See photo
Hayes,Elbert L.4 July 191824 July 1992See photo
Haynes,Angie Lee9 July 190624 Oct. 1990See photo
Haynes,Mamie11 Nov. 188811 Apr. 1964See photo
Haywood,Arthur S.4 July 189827 Apr. 1966See photo
Haywood,Fletter7 June 18924 Sept. 1969See photo
Haywood, Thomas19061965 
Head,Marcie Watson4 July 18731 Nov. 1951See photo
Heck,Allen19231937See photo
Heck,Susie19011939See photo
Henard,Lettie Ann16 Jan. 190923 Jan. 1973See photo
Henderson, Heirrieze Arnwine13 Apr 191213 May 1958At Rest ~ See photo
Henderson,Letha M.8 Sept. 190923 Jan. 1986See photo
Henderson,Lillian Callahan25 Dec. 18959 July 1969See photo
Henderson,Mary H. Scott27 Mar. 188929 Nov. 1969See photo
Henry,Andrew11 Apr. 188128 July 1954See photo
Henry,Diola Lewis2 Oct. 190021 June 1974See photo
Henry,Jack Alfred30 July 18992 Dec. 1970OKLAHOMA PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Henry,Mary  See photo
Henry,Rosa 1961See photo
Henry,Shamdrie R.19 Aug. 199419 Feb. 1995See photo
Herbert, Addie Hibler19211972See photo
Herndon,Cecil6 Mar. 192331 Jan. 1997See photo
Herndon,Corean  See photo
Herndon,Dannie? Ward 30 July 19??See photo
Herndon,George10 Sept. 188629 Oct. 1946See photo
Herndon,Horace13 Aug. 189717 Sept. 1978See photo
Herndon, Leroy 21 Sep 1897 6 May 1979Homemade marker ~ See photo
Herndon,Mack  OKLAHOMA
See photo
Herndon,Myrtle28 Sept. 18888 Oct. 1966See photo
Herndon,Orvalee16 Sept. 19528 ? 1979See photo
Herron,Gipson20 Dec. 18993 June 1967See photo
Herron, Willie O. 2 Sep 1896 18 Mar 1980 See photo
Hershey,Fred11 Mar. 189014 Mar. 1976See photo
Hershey,Myra15 Dec. 18968 Nov. 1970See photo
Hertt,Mable Alice21 July 190022 July 1959See photo
Hewitt, Grand Dau. One date1954 SS/W Gussie B. & John B. Hewitt ~ See photo
Hewitt, Gussie B. 1895 1941 SS/W Grand Dau. & John B. Hewitt ~ See photo
Hewitt, John B. 1885 1942 SS/W Grand Dau. & Gussie B. Hewitt ~ See photo
Hewitt, John W. 25 Sep 1920 27 Feb 1960 See photo
Hibbler, Jessie Beatrice9 Apr 18948 Mar 1961SS/W Rev. Lamar George Hibler, Sr. ~ See photo
Hibbler, Rev. Lamar George, Sr.2 May 189210 Jun 1971SS/W Jessie Beatrice Hibler ~ See photo
Hickerson, Mary Alice19141934At Rest ~ See photo
Hickerson, Susan B.4 Jan. 191224 July 1990 See photo
Hickerson, Theo3 Oct. 190625 July 1985 See photo
Hickman,Henry Sr.23 Mar. 19093 June 1996 See photo
Hickman,Pauline H.25 Apr. 190929 Dec. 2000 See photo
Higgenbothom, Alex No dateNo dateOklahoma PVT 804 Pioneers INF WW ISee photo
Hill,Alexander David13 Aug. 188527 Jan. 1970See photo
Hill,Alf7 Dec. 186825 Nov. 1963See photo
Hill, Christine 17 Dec 189916 Feb 1985SS/W Isaac Hill ~ See photo
Hill,Devoy Sr.15 Jan. 19137 Aug. 1971See photo
Hill,Essie Golden14 Aug. 191715 Sept. 1996See photo
Hill,Helen15 June 190826 May 1975See photo
Hill, Isaac 4 May 1895No dateSS/W Christine Hill ~ See photo
Hill, Isabell Abt 1839 31 Dec 1942 103 Yrs ~ See photo
Hill,Linda Dian 19 Mayy 195220 Apr. 1970See photo
Hill,Mary30 Nov. 187214 Aug. 1971See photo
Hill,Mary11 May 189624 Mar. 1984See photo
Hill,Minnie Mae17 Nov. 189123 July See photo
Hill,Quincy A.24 Jan. 190616 Oct. 1967See photo
Hill,Ruby Mae27 June 19201 July 2006See photo
Hinkles,Rudolph1 Feb. 193226 Jan. 1934See photo
Hinkles, Rudolph19321935Our Baby ~ In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Hockenhull,Elizabeth9 Nov. 19027 June 1973See photo
Hockenhull,Joshua2 Mar. 190021 Apr. 1990See photo
Hogan,MarcheyMarch 31MaySee photo
Holbert,Jake H. 4 Oct. 188510 July 1969See photo
Holbert,Rose 18941937See photo
Holland,Leola B.19 July 191212 Mar. 1979See photo
Holley,Alma (Billingsley)15 Apr. 191913 Nov. 1987See photo
Holley, Mrs. Jennie 25 Dec 19003 Mar 1995 
Hollinger, H. T.25 Nov 191226 Jan 1944See photo
Hollins,Arthur6 Oct. 188921 Dec. 1964OKLAHOMA PVT 152 DEPOT BRIGADE WORLD WAR 1
See photo
Hollins,Irene5 May 19003 Jan. 1946See photo
Hollins,Tom18831975See photo
Hollins,Verna M.23 Oct. 190621 Aug. 2003See photo
Hollins, Violet Anderson 9 Apr 190917 Nov 1974 
Holmes,Earl G. Sr.8 Feb. 190828 Feb. 1997See photo
Holmes,Lucille3 June 191429 Nov. 1996See photo
Holmes,Olivia M.25 Oct. 192017 July 1986See photo
Holmes,Sallie22 May 18?422 May 19??See photo
Holt, Eva Pickens 1888 1950 Mother ~ See photo
Holt,Ida11 Oct. 18845 Feb. 1970See photo
Hood, James 20 Dec 18871 Feb 1945 See photo
Hood, James M.11 Nov ?????? See photo
Hood,Maud W.28 Aug. 19084 Jan. 1977See photo
Hood, Wilberforce 18 Apr 1931 15 Feb 1951 Oklahoma Pvt 619 ORD Ammo CO Korea
See photo
Hooker, Marion L. 7 Apr 1915 31 Aug 1950 Oklahoma Sgt 128 OMBN World War II
See photo
Hooks,Corine19161957See photo
Hooks,Inez1 Jan. 191613 Feb. 1970See photo
Hooks,Lee H.18741949See photo
Hooks,Mitchell Clayton15 July 194710 Oct. 1997See photo
Hooks,Pearl14 Jan. 18954 Dec. 1966See photo
Hooks,Sam10 Dec. 188910 Mar. 1967See photo
Hooks,Tricia Inez16 July 197025 Aug. 1970See photo
Hooks,William Major20 Sept. 191519 Oct. 1986See photo
Hopkins,Bobby Joe Jr.17 Sept. 19582 Sept. 1978See photo
Horn,Harvey Ike22 July 18889 Nov. 1963See photo
Horn,Leonard Michael  See photo
Horton,Collier16 Feb. 190216 May 1986See photo
Horton,John15 Feb. 18672 June 1940See photo
Horton,John H.19001962See photo
Horton,John 16 Feb. 18672 June 1940See photo
Horton,Mary H. 14 Nov. 187528 Nov. 1947See photo
Horton,Mary M.25 May 1908 See photo
Hosendove, Edna21 Jun 189920 May 1945 Jesus Gathers The Buds For Heaven ~ See photo
Houston,Ulysses A. 19652009See photo
Howard,Celeste Brown 18781957See photo
Howard,L.E. 28 Dec. 19059 Aug. 1986See photo
Howard,Zach Herman 18751960See photo
Howell,Elzrino 23 July 19225 Mar. 1993See photo
Huddleston,Polly 5 Sept. 188712 Apr. 1977See photo
Hudson,Andrew H.28 Apr. 188811 Mar. 1949See photo
Hudson,Benjamin A. 23 Sept. 1969See photo
Hudson, Cortez G. 21 Jan 1936 5 Mar 1968 Oklahoma A1C US Air Force Korea
See photo
Hudson,Frances C. 8 Mar. 18968 June 1986See photo
Hudson, Gentry 17 Nov 1878 10 Nov 1949 Gone But Not Forgotten ~ See photo
Hudson, Q. Dora 18661956 
Hudson, Olivia Pearl1 Oct. 19056 Apr. 1968See photo
Hudson, P. B. J. 18581944 
Huffman,Murlie1 Aug. 192028 Mar. 1996See photo
Hughes,Anthony Keith22 Mar. 196313 June 2002See photo
Hughes,Jessie M.25 Aug. 190218 Nov. 1995See photo
Humphrey,Bertha18871976See photo
Humphrey,Ed2 Apr. 18816 Ma? 1949See photo
Humphrey,Mark15 July 1892 See photo
Humphrey,Revale8 Feb. 189110 Oct. 1973See photo
Humphrey,Terrell Alex8 Mar. 194029 Dec. 1962OKLAHOMA AD 12? US NAVY
See photo
Humphrey,Willis E.8 Mar. 188618 Sept. 1958See photo
Hunt,Betty A.16 Sept. 188821 Mar. 1973See photo
Hunt,Earnestine27 May 19253 June 1989See photo
Hunt,Ella Mae4 Nov. 191216 Feb. 1967See photo
Hunt,Harrison186719??See photo
Hunt,Hessie18791944See photo
Hunter,Sam18 May 18836 1974See photo
Hunter, Warfield One date 20 May 1937 Texas Pvt 803 CO Trans Corps
See photo
Huntley,Harold Sr.7 Dec. 192011 Aug. 1974SGT US ARMY
See photo
Hutchins,Kermit 28 Jan 1909 1948 Homemade marker ~ To Rest ~ See photo
Hutchins,William27 June 189026 Dec. 1973See photo
Hutton, Henry T. 1878 1945 See photo
Hutton, James Eugene, Jr.5 Dec 196323 Dec 1965See photo
Hutton,Larlia Mae14 Nov. 191530 Sept. 1984?See photo
Hutton, Lucy M. 1888 1957 See photo
Hutton, Lt. Oscar D. Jr. 21 Aug 1915 18 Jul 1944 Killed in Action in Germany ~ In Memory of
See photo
Hutton, Oscar D. Sr. 20 Mar 1885 25 Sep 1979 See photo
Hyche,Elbert Sr.7 Feb. 189822 Sept. 1987See photo
Hyche,Mary M.28 Aug. 19003 June 1981See photo
Hytche,Alice Marie22 Sept. 194220 Feb. 2008See photo
Hytche,Elbert H.14 June 191711 June 1989See photo
Hytche,Elbert H. Jr.26 Mar. 194718 Jan. 1964See photo
Hytche,Lawrence W.23 July 194929 Oct. 1994See photo
Hytche,Thelma R.12 Dec. 192110 May 1969See photo

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