Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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K Surnames

Keaton,Malinda18811978 See photo
Kelly,A.T.1 Sept. 19103 Aug. 1964 See photo
Kelly,Parilee13 July 191226 Sept. 1962 See photo
Kemp,Joanna18841951 See photo
Kendrick,Alice Callins (Princess)25 Sept. 19027 Sept. 1994 See photo
Kenerson, Frederick Phillip2 Oct 189230 May 1962Sgt Co B 414 Res Labor Bn Qmc World War I
B/W Francys C., L. B. Mans, & Mans Nutter ~ See photo
Kennard,Gladys12 Sept. 191229 Oct. 1995 See photo
Kennedy, Ora H.19001973Aunt ~ See photo
Kennedy,Salina Parks2 May 192318 Aug. 1980 See photo
Kenney, Mary B. 18 Nov. 189915 Aug 1976SS/W Ocie Kenney ~ See photo
Kenney, Ocie 15 Mar 190014 Feb 1983SS/W Mary B. Kenney ~ See photo
Kerley,Beulah R.2 Mar. 192226 June 1971 See photo
Kerley,Gertha29 Dec. 1915  See photo
Kerley,Julius3 May 191216 Dec. 1982 See photo
Kernell,Victoria15 Sept. 188424 Apr. 1978 See photo
Keyes,Julia D. Rucker30 May 193230 Mar. 2005 See photo
Kiel,Pearl16 Mar. 188916 July 1952 See photo
Kiff,Elliott17 Dec. 188613 July 1953 See photo
Kiff,Lula F.1 Apr. 188615 Feb. 1966 See photo
Killin, Elizabeth18661949Mother ~ See photo
Killin,Naomi17 July 189629 Aug. 1992 See photo
Kimble, Margaret Hannah9 Mar 191014 Aug 1995See photo
Kimmons,L.C.19001985 See photo
King,Addie Mae6 Aug. 19237 Apr. 2008 See photo
King,Barbara Ann11 Mar. 194510 Aug. 1988 See photo
King,Derrick Lamont16 June 19717 Oct. 2000 See photo
King,Eddie L.4 July 1938  See photo
King,Essie Mae King28 Oct. 19024 Oct. 1971 See photo
King,Fannie V.   See photo
King,Francis18891933 See photo
King,Hannah 16 June 189016 June 1974 See photo
King,James T.23 Oct. 19138 Apr. 1969KANSAS 648 MIL POLICE BN AVN WORLD WAR II
See photo
King,Jerry M.4 Feb. 187926 Jan. 1942 See photo
King, Katheryn 7 Aug. 1907 10 Jan. 1999 See photo
King, Leroy30 Apr 192410 Aug 1951See photo
King,Leory A.30 May 193410 July 1994 See photo
King, Lizzie 4 Feb 1881 1 Jun 1925 See photo
King,Lucille M.17 Aug. 190128 Jan. 1989 See photo
King,Martha17 July 18692 Mar. 1958 See photo
King,Maurice L20 Aug. 194816 Dec. 1978 See photo
King, Morris J.19 Feb 19293 Mar1949See photo
King,Moxye Weaver14 Mar. 19118 Dec. 1989 See photo
King, NathanJun 1884Sep 1940World War I ~ See photo
King, Nathan, 5thSep1941Jun 1942See photo
King,Nathaniel Jr.20 Dec. 19222 Apr. 2009 See photo
King,Ozzie4 Feb. 18813 June 1975 See photo
King, PinkieJan 18851 Oct 1942Mother ~ See photo
King,Sarah J.18521932 See photo
King,Tom18811957 See photo
Kinnell,Barbara J.30 Nov. 195111 Jan. 2005 See photo
Kirby,Herman H.22 Nov. 190719 Oct. 1989 See photo
Kirby,Mintha R.21 Oct. 191029 July 1987 See photo
Kirk,Curtis28 Dec. 1928  See photo
Kirk,Hazel (Brown)3 Nov. 191819 Dec. 2003 See photo
Kirkpatrick,Brazylle F.19 May 19286 Jan. 2007 See photo
Kirkpatrick,Leory Reginald Jr.8 Feb. 193025 Nov. 1974 See photo
Kirkpatrick,Leory R.11 May 190528 May 1965 See photo
Kirkpatrick,Selma O.3 Sept. 190213 Apr. 1983 See photo
Knight,Louise Dansby25 Dec. 191722 Mar. 1995 See photo
Knighten,Mitchell Frank23 Oct. 19793 Jan. 1997 See photo
Knox, Dovie18851966Mother ~ See photo
Knox, James A.7 Aug 18851 May 1981See photo
Kramer,18871962 See photo
Kramer,John T.1892  See photo

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