Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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M Surnames

Mack, Dolvin T. Sr. 24 Nov. 190527 May 1976Mother ~ See photo
Mack, Ida M. 25 Apr. 19129 Aug. 2003Mother ~ See photo
Mack, Stephanie T.12 Jan. 19615 July 1982Mother ~ See photo
Mackey, Henryetta No date22 Mar 1973Mother ~ See photo
Mackey, Lanita E. 2 May 19549 Aug. 1980Mother ~ See photo
Mackey, Nancy 28 Mar 1894 6 Oct 1992 See photo
Mackey, Rhoda Ponds 29 Mar. 190214 Jan. 1980Mother ~ See photo
Mackey, Robert Jr. 16 Oct 19274 Aug 1999In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Mackey, Robert Sr. 21 Jan. 190127 Feb. 1968Mother ~ See photo
Mackey, Senna Dell 16 Oct. 193031 Dec. 1957Mother ~ See photo
Maddux,Anna18701943Mother ~ See photo
Mahone, Aaron, Jr.19511968See photo
Manley,Mary Frances17 Sept. 19308 Jan. 1990Mother ~ See photo
Manning, Urias4 Aug 18907 Sep 1961See photo
Manuel, Rayford B. 9 May 194926 Sep 1912 Oklahoma Pvt Trans Corps World War I
See photo
Mantooth, Agustus 25 Dec 1878 20 May 1957 Father ~ SS/W Gertrude Mantooth ~ See photo
Mantooth, Gertrude 2 Nov 1878 16 Feb 1952 Mother ~ SS/W Agustus Mantooth ~ See photo
Manuel,Helen Robbins4 Apr. 190520 Oct. 1995See photo
Manuel,John D.23 Dec. 189823 Feb. 1973See photo
Manuel,Rayford B.26 Sept. 1917?9 May 1949OKLAHOMA PVT TRANS CORPS WORLD WAR II
See photo
Manuel,Raphiel Sherman28 Apr. 198320 Aug. 2007See photo
Manuel,Thelma 16 Sept. 191926 Sept. 1982See photo
Maple,Donald19101991See photo
Maple,Ira Lois8 Sept. 191730 Oct. 19999See photo
Marchant,Samuel C.  all you can see is Retired Postman
See photo
Marks,Geraldine B.17 Feb. 192114 Nov. 1975See photo
Marsh, Lois Scott 17 Jul 1906 16 Jul 1964  
Marshbanks, Henrietta 16 Dec 189626 May 1987Aunt Jack ~ See photo
Marshall,Alonzo R.23 Aug. 191327 Oct. 1969OKLAHOMA MM2 USNR WORLD WAR II
See photo
Marshall, Anthony William 13 May 1871 GA13 Feb 1948At Rest ~ SS/W Shahaker Emeline Marshall ~ See photo
Marshall, Burlar27 Mar. 19085 June 1983See photo
Marshall, Clarence E.22 Jan. 19419 Sept. 2007See photo
Marshall, Darren Drew14 Aug. 19602 Nov. 2007See photo
Marshall, Eddie11 May 1893 27 Dec 1954US Army World War I
See photo
Marshall, Edward Anthony 5 May 1905 3 Jan 1972 Pvt US Army World War II
See photo
Marshall, Evelyn Morris 5 Mar 191026 Jul 1959 See photo
Marshall, Hubert Jr. 30 Nov. 193228 May 1990See photo
Marshall, Hubert Sr. 25 Nov. 189811 Sept. 1980See photo
Marshall, James G.15 Mar. 1902 See photo
Marshall, Lewis28 Sept. 19079 Feb. 1990See photo
Marshall, Louis "L.M."23 Aug. 192327 Oct. 1998See photo
Marshall, Maggie19191948See photo
Marshall, Mary J. 10 Jan. 19081 Oct. 1970See photo
Marshall, Mary Lucas 27 Oct. 19129 Sept. 1999See photo
Marshall, Parlee30 July 190816 Dec. 1992See photo
Marshall, Phyllis L.18931982See photo
Marshall, Ruby T. 22 Dec. 19018 Aug. 1994See photo
Marshall, Salina M.15 Mar. 1929 See photo
Marshall, Shahaker Emeline 2 Aug 1880 GA12 Feb 1959 At Rest ~ SS/W Anthony William Marshall ~ See photo
Marshall, Tracy 16 Dec. 19658 Nov. 2008See photo
Marshall, Valerie19 Aug. 191229 Mar. 1982See photo
Marshall, William A. 19 Jan. 190712 May 1988See photo
Marshall, Wiliam A Jr.  1 July 1938See photo
Marshbanks,Henrietta 16 Dec. 189626 May 1987See photo
Marsh,Goree 20 Nov. 18868 Nov. 1971See photo
Marsh,Goree Bemas11 June 191415 Apr. 1980See photo
Marsh,John Wesley1 June 188916 Oct. 1980See photo
Martin,Amanda 21 June 1868 See photo
Martin,B. Frank 6 June 187318 Oct. 1942See photo
Martin,Hattie V. 3 Apr. 188914 Mar. 1968See photo
Martin,Henry 30 May See photo
Martin,Lucy 25 Sept.19094 Nov. 1968See photo
Martin,Margery E. 18831951See photo
Martin,Vivian Joann 19 Sept. 19318 Feb. 1997See photo
Marzell   See photo
Marzell,Bessee? &nbps; See photo
Mason,Dorothy Ethel 30 June 19237 Nov. 2001US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Mason,Fannie L. 9 Dec. 189018 Mar. 1960See photo
Mason,Jackie 20 Jan. 19329 Jan. 2004See photo
Mason,John Wesley 13 May 18731 Jan. 1975See photo
Mason,O.D. 27 Jan. 192126 Nov. 1982See photo
Massey, Bennie14 Aug. 192318 May 2008See photo
Massey, Lewis29 Sept. 192515 Aug. 1985See photo
Massey, Lucy7 Sept. 189928 June 1980See photo
Masters,Bobby J.14 July 196718 July 2003See photo
Mathews,Roy15 June 188921 Mar. 1963See photo
Mathis,Mattie B.16 Jan. 188426 July 1977See photo
Martin, Andrew 187? 19??  
Martin, Lowren14 Feb 191012 Mar 1962See photo
Martin, Margery E. 18831951 See photo
Martin, Myrtle 8 Mar 1905 12 May 1905  
Mason, O. D.29 Sep 19321 Oct 1964See photo
Masters, J. D., Jr.4 Aug 18907 Sep 1961See photo
Mathis, Sudie 1884 1961 SS/W Thomas Mathis ~ See photo
Mathis, Thomas 1886 1960 SS/W Sudie Mathis ~ See photo
Matthews,Lee A.  See photo
Maxey,Raymond20 Jan. 190410 Nov. 1971See photo
Maxey,Eva L.9 June 190918 July 1977See photo
Maxwell,Carolyn Sue29 Sep 195323 July 1988See photo
Maxwell, Dora 18 July 1923 10 Dec. 2006 See photo
Maxwell,Earnest Sr. 3 Sept. 1923 15 Feb. 2009 See photo
Maxwell, L.V. 22 July 1930 18 Feb. 2004 See photo
Maxwell Phyllis Mae15 May 19328 Feb. 1984Mother ~ See photo
Maxwell,Robert E. 12 May 196214 Mar. 1980See photo
Maxwell, Tyrone J. 2 May 19528 Feb 2005 See photo
Mayes, Curtis Sr. 2 Nov 1912 2 Jul 1999 See photo
Mayes, Mary J. 2 Dec. 1954 20 June 2004 See photo
Mayes, Mattie B. 4 Dec. 1910 9 Apr. 1966 See photo
Mayes, Parthenia G. 10 Jul 1938 3 Dec 1997 See photo
Mayes, Richard R. 25 May 1902 1 May 1966 See photo
Mayfield,Albert S. 1871 1955 See photo
Mayfield,Georgellen 10 May 19203 Oct. 1981 See photo
Mayfield,Pearl 1888 1963 See photo
Mayo,Doris Elizabeth1 Apr. 193615 Apr. 1936See photo
Mayo,Joe A.23 June 19088 May 1946OKALHOMA PVT 302 AAF BO WORLD WAR II
See photo
Mayo,Lillie 3 Jan. 189215 Feb. 1945 See photo
Mayweather, Isabell 27 Jun 1882 11 Feb 1972  
McAfee,Julia18711926See photo
McBee,Ira18831952See photo
McBee,James Ossie25 Jan. 1912? OKLAHOMA MESS ATTENDANT 3 CL U S N R T
See photo
McBride,Doris Lee5 Sept. 193811 Sept. 1996See photo
McBride,Indiana11 Sept. 189410 Apr. 1976See photo
McBride,Napoleon3 Apr. 196512 Feb. 1997See photo
McBride,Napoleon17 July 187926 Oct. 1959See photo
McBrier,Elijah6 Aug. 190624 Jan. 1994See photo
McBrier,Ethel19 Apr. 190722 Oct. 1957See photo
McBrier,Henryetta27 Aug. 191410 May 2006See photo
McCann,Lee5 Oct. 18894 Feb. 1962See photo
McCann,Sudie12 Dec. 18894 July 1980See photo
McCaskill, Benjamin 15 May 1875 2 Apr 1965 See photo
McCaskill, Sylvester 19 Apr 189127 Dec 1961 See photo
McClain,Cleveland31 May 19206 May 2005See photo
McClain,Charles D.19412007See photo
McClain,Eloise21 May 191917 Jan. 1999See photo
McClain,Ethel3 June 190019 Nov. 1988See photo
McClain,Fred Mack19011983See photo
McClain,James  See photo
McClain,Mack M. 29 Mar. 1983See photo
McClellan,Hiram S.18891960See photo
McClellan,Oscar19131972See photo
McClure,Haraletta Hortense2 Aug. 1922? See photo
McClure,Mary  20 July 1972See photo
McClure,Otha26 Feb. 19168 Aug. 1971OKLAHOMA TEC5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
McCormick,Gladys Wilma10 June 19237 Jan. 1990See photo
McCowen,Ned20 Feb. 18889 Jan. 1955OKLAHOMA PFC CO C 509 SVC BN ENGR CORPS WORLD WAR I
See photo
McCoy,John Jerry30 May 194411 Sept. 1999See photo
McCray,Eddie5 June 192423 Jan. 1986 See photo
McDaniel, Charley     Oklahoma Pvt US Army World War ~ See photo
McDaniel, Elmer Jr. 27 Jun 195415 Jun 1991 See photo
McDaniel, James C. 28 Mar. 192824 Oct. 2001 See photo
McDaniel, Mary 19022002 See photo
McDonald,George    See photo
McDonald,ValdoraMay 1892July 1974See photo
McDonald, William Nov. 1963See photo
McDow,James 30 Nov. 191517 Oct. 1997 See photo
McDuffee,Antonio M.10 July 19035 Feb. 1972See photo
McDuffee,Callie C.7 July 19061 March 1972See photo
McDuffie,Carter 18 Sept. 187918 May 1979 See photo
McDuffie,Erma 8 Feb. 189717 May 1985 See photo
McElwee,Amous 13 May 189515 June 1970 OKLAHOMA PVT CO E 317 ENGINEERS WORLD WAR I
See photo
McElwee, Arther30 Dec 190421 Jun 1952See photo
McElwee, W.T. Mrs.17 Feb. 189530 Aug. 1955See photo
McFalls,Bryant E.3 Sept. 198330 Apr. 1986See photo
McFarland,Carl23 Apr. 193530 Oct. 1963OKLAHOMA PFC CO C 52 INFANTRY
See photo
McFarland,L.C.2 May 19042 Aug. 1985See photo
McFarland,Ophelia12 May 190412 Mar. 1988See photo
McFrazier,Beaulah M.25 Jan. 190515 Aug. 1977See photo
McFrazier, ClaudettaNo date1944Homemade marker ~ See photo
McFrazier,Kathryn O.4 Apr. 19113 Aug. 1994See photo
McFrazier,Robert1 Jan. 19005 Feb. 1973See photo
McFrazier,Thomas29 Mar. 1915 See photo
McGee,  See photo
McGee,Adah L.4 July 188719 Sept. 1966See photo
McGee,Delia T.18641972See photo
McGee,Earna L.17 Dec. 191114 Apr. 2000See photo
McGee,Idell24 Mar. 18952 Nov. 1939See photo
McGee,Marie12 Mar. 191818 Aug. 1974See photo
McGee,Mary29 Apr. 19197 May 1989See photo
McGee,Nettie25 July 18994 Sept. 1967See photo
McGee,Walter2 Dec. 1879 See photo
McGee,Walter B.19131967See photo
McGill,.Sharon K. Lee10 Apr. 195214 Mar. 1984See photo
McGinnis, Ella1 Jul 188216 Nov 1968See photo
McGinnis, Faythe A.30 Aug 191712 Sep 1942Alabama 2d Lieut World War II ~ See photo
McGrew,Agnes H.1 Mar. 18828 Apr. 1979See photo
McGruder,Deorsey Earl Sr.27 June 19128 Sept. 2005See photo
McGruder,Sadie Mae Seals28 Oct. 191210 Mar. 1983See photo
McHenry, Booker T. 19071992 See photo
McHenry, Codie Deleon 19001981 See photo
McHenry, Irene C. 19071990 See photo
McHenry, William "Peter" 28 Mar. 19543 Nov. 1990 See photo
McIntire, Henrietta 6 Oct 1878 16 Jul 1942 See photo
McIntire, Nancy Cobb24 Feb 190523 Jul 1939See photo
McIntire, Percy 3 Jan 190012 May 1964 See photo
McIntire, Perry I. 14 Jul 1874 14 Feb 1958 See photo
McIntosh,Hoyt M. Sr.23 Jun. 19151 June 1973SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
McIntosh,Jessie Mae McIntyre19091974See photo
McIntosh,Katherine Wilkes3 June 192026 June 1985See photo
McIntosh,Thomas29 Jan. 18907 May 1953OKLAHOMA PVT CO M 809 PIONEER INF WORLD WAR I
See photo
McIntyre, Jacqueline 16 Aug 19313 Oct 1981 See photo
McJunkins,Lillian J.7 Nov. 19343 May 1996See photo
McJunkins,U.S.25 Jan. 193429 Aug. 1971See photo
Mc Kellp, Alice Cook Johnson12 Feb 190120 Oct 1989 See photo
Mc Knight,Lena1 Jan. 189723 June 1973 See photo
Mc Knight,Mountene24 June 19063 July 2000 See photo
McMillin, Johnnie30 Jun 189819 Jan 1949See photo
McNac,Annie L.27 Jan. 193420 Sept. 2001See photo
McNac,Eric Kendal26 Sept. 198019 Aug. 2000See photo
McNac,Nora M.25 July 191226 Nov. 1994See photo
McNac,Vicey2 May 187111 June 1979See photo
McNac,Walter  See photo
McNack,Calvin C. 15 Mar. 1970 See photo
McNamee,Daisy Lee Jackson16 July 191029 May 1999 See photo
McNeely,James W.8 Aug. 187619 Mar. See photo
McPhaul, Elizabeth 1865 See photo
McPhaul, Ethel 8 Feb 18891 Dec 1987See photo
McPhaul, Thomas C. 18771964See photo
McPherson,Clara Annie 20 Aug. 188716 Dec. 1970See photo
McPherson,Louis 19001960See photo
McPherson,Mary22 May 185910 Nov. 1955See photo
McPherson,Mattie E. 12 July 190821 Aug. 1974See photo
McQuarter,Hattie 15 Mar. 190719 Nov. 1966See photo
McQueen, Arthur18 Nov 189110 Nov 1933Oklahoma Horseshoer World War I ~ See photo
McQueen,Esther 28 Dec. 189615 May 1950See photo
McQueen, Minnie 13 Mar. 189517 Apr. 1977See photo
McQueen,Thomas 24 June 188629 Jan. 1969See photo
McSwain,Rachiel 7 Sept. 188827 Feb. 1976See photo
McTurner, Martha A.9 Nov 1917 27 Apr 1999 See photo
Meadows, Eliza W. 4 Jul 1888 4 Mar 1969 See photo
Meeks, Belinda C.One date1956See photo
Meeks,Erma Jean 23 Apr. 19399 Oct. 2005See photo
Meeks,Ricky B. 10 July 195713 Aug. 1988See photo
Menser,Evella O.15 Feb. 189817 May 1992See photo
Merritt,Ira O. 20 Feb. 188331 Dec. 1962See photo
Merritt, Milton C.20 Oct 189523 Sep 1942Oklahoma Cpl World War I ~ See photo
Michael,Irene 2 Dec. 190212 Oct. 1979See photo
Middleton,Comer Jr.3 Mar. 194030 May 2007See photo
Middleton,Comer W.6 Apr. 19106 Apr. 1991See photo
Middleton,Odessa19 July 19088 Nov. 1988See photo
Mike, Kenneth 16 Jul 1926 8 Apr 1957 Oklahoma Pfc US Army World War II
See photo
Milam,Birdie18 Sept. 188227 Nov. 1967See photo
Milam,Blanchie L.14 Apr. 19193 Mar. 1986See photo
Milam,Oscar L.2 July 19113 Feb. 1981See photo
Miles,Eloise Davis26 Mar. 190316 June 1987See photo
Miles,Estella  16 Aug. 1944See photo
Miles,G.H.  1 Jan. 1953See photo
Miller, Aldora L. 23 Feb 191116 Aug 1989 See photo
Miller, Cynthia Cooper 27 Mar. 193919 Sept. 1975 See photo
Miller,Donia 16 Nov. 188620 July 1967 See photo
Miller,Edward L. 19201987SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Miller,Edward Jr.29 Sept. 192427 July 1971 See photo
Miller,Helen 12 July 188917 June 1932 See photo
Miller,Humphrey Lee 30 June 19436 Aug. 1985 See photo
Miller,Jessie P.3 Apr. 19013 Oct. 1980See photo
Miller, Laura18971958See photo
Miller,Nathaniel 29 Feb. 19161 Nov. 1982 See photo
Miller,Willie B.   See photo
Millford, Hesler   27 May 1930 See photo
Mills,Annie H. 30 Nov. 189213 Aug. 1977 See photo
Mills,Henry I.18901957 See photo
Mills, J. C. Jr.  1947See photo
Mills, Lawrence12 Dec 191517 Nov 1999 See photo
Mills, Malissie15 Feb 19102 Jul 1999 See photo
Mimms,Dorothy 6 Aug. 191412 May 2000 See photo
Mimms,Georgia 26 Sept. 189230 May 1989 See photo
Minor,Monzola 28 June 192024 June 1985 See photo
Minor,Otis 18 Jan. 190819 June 1983 See photo
Minter,Walter W. 18801946 See photo
Mitchell,Dorothy Mae 23 Apr. 194115 Apr. 1990 See photo
Mitchell,Eva M. 18961973 See photo
Mitchell,P.C. (Rev.) 18871954 See photo
Mitchell,Jessie Mae 10 Aug. 188521 Nov. 1977 See photo
Mitchell,Thomas A. 15 Sept. 189523 Oct. 1970 See photo
Moaning, Mattie10 Feb 186918 Mar 1948Mother ~ SS/W William Moaning ~ See photo
Moaning, William12 Oct 187518 Mar 1948Father ~ SS/W Mattie Moaning ~ See photo
Mobee, James Ossie   28 Jan 1942 Oklahoma Mess Attendant 3 U.S.N.P.F.
See photo
Mobley,Rosie  28 Oct. 1936 See photo
Moham,Charley D.13 Mar. 19363 Mar. 1994See photo
Moham,William Sr.15 Mar. 192720 Feb. 2006See photo
Mollie, Cleophus20 Nov 196026 Jan 1966See photo
Mollie, Edward D.9 June 19644 Feb. 1989See photo
Mollie, Ernest21 Feb 196226 Jan 1966See photo
Mollie, Phyllis 15 May 196326 Jan 1966See photo
Momee,Wilma Patrick Johnson9 Sept. 19079 May 1988See photo
Montgomery, Alice May 21 Mar 188812 Jun 1989 
Montgomery,Alice May21 Mar. 188812 June 1989See photo
Montgomery,Calline Rosetta1 July 190511 Dec. 1963See photo
Montgomery,Eva9 June 190211 Mar. 1993See photo
Montgomery, William W.21 Sep 18734 May 1951See photo
Moody, James M.     See photo
Moore,A.L. Deacon  See photo
Moore,Adrian Wayne25 July 19826 Aug. 2004See photo
Moore,Earnest Jr.19331951See photo
Moore,Elnora23 June 18858 Apr. 1974See photo
Moore,Eugene Wasson16 Mar. 18939 Oct. 1986See photo
Moore,Ida Mae25 Dec. 191923 Dec. 1979See photo
Moore,Jimmie10 May 189822 Mar. 2001See photo
Moore,Joseph F.2 Mar. 189720 Apr. 1974See photo
Moore,Julius B.19601981See photo
Moore,Mary Jefferson 30 July 1959See photo
Moore,Mattye C. Boone 30 Sept. 1983See photo
Moore,Nellie19061962See photo
Moore,Patsy M.16 June 194324 Mar. 2002See photo
Moore,Ruth2 Mar. 189924 Apr. 1994See photo
Moore,Virgil23 Dec. 192914 Aug. 1986See photo
Morell,Thomas Clayton27 July 19262 June 2000See photo
Morey,Lillie Cato11 Oct. 189927 June 1975See photo
Morgan,Gertrude17 Sept. 190515 Jan. 1994See photo
Morgan,Harvey3 Apr. 192020 Feb. 1995See photo
Morgan, S. A. 18971952 See photo
Morris, Charles F.22 Jun 190811 Oct 1997In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Morris, Lovie L.8 Mar 1921No dateIn Loving Memory ~ See photo
Morris, Odessa Laverne McIntire10 Jul 191715 Nov 1974 
Morrison,Betty Jo Dixon2 Jan. 195410 July 2008See photo
Morrison,Ella Mae13 May 191821 Aug. 1968See photo
Morrison,Houston Sr.13 Jan. 19131 Oct. 1939See photo
Morrison,Mattie25 July 189928 Feb. 1982See photo
Morrison,Myrtle18931943See photo
Morrison,William19 Dec. 188821 Dec. 1974See photo
Morrow,Annie18921987See photo
Moses,Curtis M. 19071964See photo
Moses,Darthula29 Apr. 187431 May 1960See photo
Moses,Frances M. 19101981See photo
Moses,W.M.5 July 187112 Aug. 1952See photo
Moss,Bessie M.8 Mar. 1915Sept. See photo
Moss,Dextion R.20 Oct. 190129 June 1959 OKLAHOMA PFC US ARMY
See photo
Moss,Johnnie L.1947  See photo
Moss,Johnnie18 Oct. 1918July PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Moss, Odell J.1 Feb 190020 Oct 1941In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Moss, Virdia L. 28 Jan 1933   See photo
Moton, Capricesha Marquis   1992 See photo
Muhammad,Keshawn S.20082009 See photo
Munford,Hester 27 May 1935 See photo
Murphy,Frances G.19251982 See photo
Murray,Annie   See photo
Murray,Dinah M. 8 Sept. 199020 Aug. 1997 See photo
Murray,Flora J.24 Oct. 190912 Sept. 1982See photo
Murrell,Era Augusta 8 June 1996See photo
Murrell,Henry Ward   US ARMY WORLD WAR
See photo
Murrell,Mae Frances16 Feb. 19021 Mar. 1997 See photo
Murrell, Mary A.14 Aug 1935 22 Sep 1977 See photo
Murrell,Rev. William H. H. 2 Aug. 1963See photo
Myers, Alberta28 Oct. 190424 Sept. 1976See photo
Myers,Ethel Mae14 Dec. 19141 Sept. 1994See photo
Myers, Evelyn Marshall16 May 199827 Feb 1985In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Myers,Myrtle B. 25 Apr. 1987See photo

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