Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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N Surnames

Napier, Mary E. 1894 1974 SS/W Walter T. Napier, MD ~ See photo
Napier, Walter T., M.D. 1890 1947 SS/W Mary E. Napier ~ See photo
Napier, Walter Thomas Jr. 1 Aug 1935 10 Nov 1989 See photo
nash,Bettye Jean 19 June 192623 Dec. 1971See photo
Nave, George F.5 May 186716 Jan 1939 Mason ~ Papa ~ See photo
Neale,Mary Lee6 Jan. 195614 June 2004See photo
Neeley, Elnora L.18741958SS/W Ernest C. Neeley ~ See photo
Neeley, Ernest C.187119??SS/W Elnora L. Neeley ~ See photo
Nelson,Gracie3 Nov. 19034 Apr. 1986See photo
Nelson,Mae Belle22 Aug. 1908Mar. 1973See photo
Nelson,William M.20 Jan. 19062 Sept. 1980See photo
Nelson,Robert Lloyd25 Sept. 193020 Dec. 1950OKLAHOMA PFC 512 MIL POLICE CO
See photo
Nelson,Samuel H.23 Oct. 189816 Dec. 2001See photo
Nero, Mary C.10 Sep 18782 Jun 1957 
Nesbitt,Fannie Brown30 Dec. 19208 Nov. 1991See photo
Nesbitt,Harriett Belle30 Apr. 187911 Jan. 1976See photo
Nesbitt,Omega31 July 191725 Jan. 1992See photo
Nevels,Christine Meigs5 Jan. 188626 Dec. 1974See photo
Nevels,Zebedee James Sr.26 Apr. 188117 Oct. 1960See photo
Newman, A. C. 6 Nov 190616 May 1977See photo
Newman, Gertrude27 Oct. 18966 Mar. 1997See photo
Newman, Isaiah25 Jan 187820 Apr 1949See photo
Newman, Willie Mae 22 May 19155 May 2001 
Newton, Clara Mae 17 Feb. 19324 Apr. 2005See photo
Newton,Holgy Cassius15 Apr. 188813 May 1983See photo
Newton, JackDate buriedDate buriedHomemade marker sinking in ground ~ See photo
Newton, Gertrude27 Oct. 18966 Mar. 1997See photo
Newton, Jacob N.30 May 189918 Feb. 1989See photo
Newton, JacobJun 19281 Jan 1947Homemade marker ~ See photo
Newton, Lawrence N.22 June 19216 Feb. 1993US ARMY
See photo
Newton, Mattie1 Jan. 19281 Nov. 2004See photo
Newton, Naomie9 Oct. 190925 Jan. 1975See photo
Newton, Mrs. V.23 Jan ????Jul ????Homemade marker ~ See photo
Nichols,Irma15 May 191525 Feb. 2006See photo
Nicks,Etta M. 14 Mar. 19199 July 1995See photo
Nicks,James W. 19 May 191117 Mar. 1987See photo
Noble, Dominique L. 12 Apr 1992 17 Sep 1994 Stinkapooh ~ We Miss You ~ See photo
Norman, Alonzo27 Jul 19366 Feb. 1957Son ~ See photo
Norman,Amos 20 Aug. 188521 Jan. 1969See photo
Norman,Emma10 Jan. 188712 Oct. 1970See photo
Norman, Fred9 July 19086 Nov. 1961Arkansas USNR World War II ~ See photo
Norman, Otto Jr. 6 Feb. 19556 Dec. 2002See photo
Norman, Tanisha R. 22 June 19747 Dec. 1982See photo
Nunley, Rev. Floyd Eugene 12 Oct 1909 19 Nov 1999 Dad ~ See photo
Nutter, Francys C.18 Jun 191411 Jan 1982B/W L. B. Mans Nutter, Mans Nutter, Frederick Phillip Kenerson ~ See photo
Nutter, L. B. Mans23 Jan 190825 Jun 1983Tec 4 US Army ~ B/W Francys C. Nutter, Mans Nutter, Frederick Phillip Kenerson ~ See photo
Nutter, Loetta A.1 Aug 19108 Oct 1988See photo
Nutter, Lula E.28 Nov. 18831 Dec. 1932See photo
Nutter, Mans26 Nov 18794 Oct 1964B/W Francys C. Nutter, L. B. Mans Nutter, Frederick Phillip Kenerson ~ See photo

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