Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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R Surnames

Radford,Jeramie Leon2 Oct. 19794 Oct. 1979 See photo
Ragsdale,Alphonso Jack20 Nov. 19117 Mar. 2004See photo
Ragsdale,Azzie22 June 1897 See photo
Ragsdale, A. Christine15 Apr 19214 Feb 1980 Wife ~ At Rest ~ See photo
Ragsdale,Guss6 Feb. 1882 See photo
Ragsdale,Laura8 Mar. 190519 Sept. 1992See photo
Ragsdale, Lilla 1905 1990 SS/W Ted Ragsdale, Sr. ~ See photo
Ragsdale,Myrd L.11 Apr. 19425 Dec. 1988See photo
Ragsdale, Ted Sr. 1905 1956 SS/W Lilla Ragsdale ~ See photo
Ragsdale,Verna Lee25 Apr. 192526 Jan. 1981See photo
Rambo, Birdie T.30 May 18877 Feb. 1972See photo
Rambo, Earlie, Jr.One date4 Feb 1948See photo
Rambo,Rev. N. A. 7 Sept. 188114 Nov. 1965See photo
Ramsey, Ella M. 8 May 19082 Sep 1967SS/W Willie Ramsey ~ See photo
Ramsey, Willie 24 Feb 190227 Oct 1976SS/W Ella M. Ramsey ~ See photo
Randall,Margaret7 Feb. 189729 Mar. 1973See photo
Randall,Margaret Lee26 May 1891 See photo
Randall,Nicy  See photo
Randall,R.T.3 Jan. 192629 Sept. 1977See photo
Randall,Tillman7 Dec. 189226 Aug. 1981See photo
Randles,Gussie25 Feb. 19068 Feb. 1969See photo
Randles,Willie L.26 Nov. 191318 Dec. 1979See photo
Rawlings,Raymond1 Feb. 194025 Aug. 1979See photo
Rawlins,Alice18601938See photo
Ray,Abbie1 Aug. 187520 Jan. 1938See photo
Ray, Betty Jean10 May 194514 Mar 1985Our Angel Betty Asleep In Jesus ~ A beloved Daughter, Mother And Sister ~ See photo
Ray, Oscar28 Mar 187126 Dec 1948See photo
Ray, Savannah5 Oct 189014 Feb 1984See photo
Reagor, Qulena E. 18701951 
Redo,Cornelius T. II18 Aug. 191027 Jan. 1987See photo
Redo,Cornelius T. III10 June 1935 See photo
Redo,Flossie A.19 Aug. 191112 May 1996See photo
Redo,Lodean Greer13 Sept. 193518 Dec. 1994See photo
Reece,Beatrice C.20 June 191610 Oct. 2002See photo
Reece, George A. 17 Aug 1925 17 Jun 1951 Oklahoma Cpl 697 Ord Ammo CO World War II ~ See photo
Reece,George E.13 Oct. 194229 Dec. 1960See photo
Reece, Joseph Edward 2 Jun 1917 30 Jan 1961 Oklahoma 52 USNR World War II ~ See photo
Reece, Stella Smith 27 Feb 189021 Apr 1978 Mama ~ SS/W Thomas Jay Reece ~ See photo
Reece, Thomas Jay 7 Jan 1890 28 Aug 1962Papa ~ SS/W Stella Smith Reece ~ See photo
Reece,Thomas Jr.13 Dec. 191423 June 2002See photo
Reed,Alex Jr. 29 July 193326 Nov. 1989See photo
Reed,Alex   See photo
Reed, Alfred Ervin Sr. 21 Dec 1932 25 Jun 1997SS/W & H/O Patricia Inez Reed ~ See photo
Reed,Alphonso L. 24 Aug. 19089 May 1968See photo
Reed,Claude F. 8 Jan. 19053 Nov. 1993See photo
Reed,Clyde 19011944See photo
Reed, David A. 21 Jan 1903 8 Oct 1971 Oklahoma Pvt US Army ~ SS/W Pinchat Reed ~ See photo
Reed,Douglas7 Oct. 1920 18 Dec. 1978See photo
Reed,Eleanor L.15 Oct. 195311 Nov. 2003See photo
Reed,Essie S. 1882 1968See photo
Reed,Esther8 Oct. 19156 Mar. 1973See photo
Reed,Georgia A. 9 Dec. 19342 Aug. 1996See photo
Reed, Harlene A.19192007See photo
Reed,Harold D. Sr.19 Nov. 19282 Feb. 1995See photo
Reed,Helen27 Dec. 192514 Feb. 1962See photo
Reed, Hettie M. 2 Jan 1934 9 Oct 1983 See photo
Reed,Hubert19091952See photo
Reed,J.A. Sr. 12 May 191224 Feb. 2006See photo
Reed,John Raymond 4 Nov. 19001 Apr. 1973See photo
Reed,LaVare Porter5 Sept. 194330 Nov. 1996See photo
Reed,Leona Tolbert23 Sept. 188926 Feb. 1985See photo
Reed,Lillie B. 19 Mar. 190814 Feb. See photo
Reed,Lincoln C. 5 Dec. 193625 Jan. 1981A1C US AIR FORCE
See photo
Reed,Lois 26 Jan. 19124 Apr. 1996See photo
Reed,Lucian21 Feb. 19078 Aug. 2000See photo
Reed,Mae Ella 22 June 191812 May 1990See photo
Reed, Mattie10 Dec 191026 Dec 1946In Memory Of Our Mother ~ See photo
Reed,Mayme E.22 Feb. 190615 Feb. 1992See photo
Reed, Patricia Inez 18 Jan 1943   SS/W & W/O Alfred Ervin Reed, Sr. ~ See photo
Reed,Paula Faye 30 Jan. 19631 Aug. 2006See photo
Reed, Pinchat 6 Mar 1906 29 Apr 1985SS/W David A. Reed ~ See photo
Reed,Pleasant17 Jan. 190913 June 1987See photo
Reed,Rozell Mickey 5 Sept. 19356 July 2001See photo
Reed,Tessie12 Mar. 19205 Nov. 1960See photo
Reed,Tom 18801983See photo
Reed,Vivian Ann 7 Mar. 19258 May 1969See photo
Reed,William 7 Apr. 192818 Sept. 1991See photo
Reed,Willie Mae 2 Mar. 190720 Jan. 1977See photo
Reeves,Anna Bell 10 Mar. 18885 May 1950See photo
Reeves,Oneida M. 6 Nov. 190927 Nov. 1958See photo
Reeves,Preston 14 May 188720 Aug. 1949See photo
Reeves,Viola 9 Mar. 189211 Aug. 1992See photo
Rentie,Benjamine 2 Nov. 188426 Apr. 1976See photo
Rentie,Elnora B. 7 June 19196 May 1998See photo
Rentie,Herman 28 Oct. 190810 Apr. 1938OIKLAHOMA SGT 599 QM LDRY CO WORLD WAR II
See photo
Rentie,Joseph 17 May 191422 Apr. 1999See photo
Rentie,Julius Ceasar Sr. 6 Jan. 191921 Sept. 1989See photo
Rentie,Ponce D. 19 Dec. 191424 May 1978US AMRY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Rentie,Van 9 Apr. 191326 Aug. 1953PVT 8 SERVICE COMMAND WORLD WAR II
See photo
Reynolds,Dorothy  See photo
Rhone,? W.  1 Feb. 1960See photo
Rhone,Frances 25 Nov. 187?16 Apr. 1911See photo
Rhone,Gladys19111953See photo
Rhone,Isiah 5 Feb. 190825 Dec. 1954See photo
Rhone,Luada18991952See photo
Rhone, Noah 1875 1937 See photo
Rhone,Norris W.21 Jan. 190127 Jan. 1975See photo
Rhone,Sarah E.17 Oct. 18991 Dec. 1991See photo
Rhone,Viola12 Nov. 191124 Feb. 1935See photo
Rhone, William M., Sr. 9 Feb 1897 17 Sep 1985 See photo
Rhymes  See photo
Rhymes,Alfred D.14 Oct. 19378 Apr. 2004See photo
Rhymes,Clarence J. Sr.9 July 191319 May 2002See photo
Rhymes,Edgar A.22 Aug. 19395 May 1951See photo
Rhymes,Sadie Mae1 Jan. 191512 Oct. 2002See photo
Richards,Dennis18731957See photo
Richards,Pete O.V.189519??See photo
Richardson,Annie Nixon18851944See photo
Richardson,Bertha M.16 May 1907June 1999See photo
Richardson, Clara 19071960  
Richardson, Dano10 Jan 18873 Jan 1960 Pfc US Army World War II ~ See photo
Richardson,James M.5 Apr. 19186 Nov. 1998See photo
Richardson,Leanna1 Jan. 18776 May 1954See photo
Richardson,Rubin10 Oct. 187517 Nov. 1952See photo
Richardson,Sally8 Mar. 18594 June 1938See photo
Richardson,Samuel T.5 Apr. 197721 July 2003See photo
Richardson,Thomas Harvey18721945See photo
Richardson, William A.23 Oct 195011 Nov 1950See photo
Rider,Lettie Banks17 Mar. 189320 Nov. 1966See photo
Riggins,Frances18801976See photo
Riggins,Grathie L.20 Mar. 19071 June 1932See photo
Riggins, Lila Lee22 Feb 190515 May 1995See photo
Riggins,Ocie Kie18791965See photo
Rigney,Letha V.22 Feb. 191210 Sept. 2001See photo
Riley,Booker13 Jan. 190623 Nov. 1964OKLAHOMA PVT 553 FIGHTER SQ AAF WORLD WAR II
See photo
Riley,Bruce20 Apr. 189610 Feb. 1943MISSOURI SGT 161 DEPOT BRIGADE WORLD WAR I
See photo
Riley,Claude A.16 July 189814 Sept. 1965See photo
Riley,Freddie16 Dec. 189214 Feb. 1935See photo
Riley,Josephine26 May 186824 Feb. 1954See photo
Riley,Mabel G.12 Mar. 190117 Mar. 1992See photo
Riley,Viola29 May 19107 Nov. 1966See photo
Riley,Wiley b.15 Jan. 185810 Apr. 1946See photo
Riley,William D. Sr.17 Jan/ 19017 Dec. 1962See photo
Riley,Winfred S.28 Dec. 18894 Aug. 1965See photo
Robbins,Abner17 Nov. 1906 See photo
Robbins,Cleabon19 Dec. 190829 Feb. 1956See photo
Robbins,Inez3 Sept. 1905 See photo
Robbins,Jeff B.18 Oct. 188026 Aug. 1980See photo
Robbins,Josephine21 July 190221 Oct. 1937See photo
Robbins,Tommie E. Sr.1 Nov. 190918 Mar. 1978See photo
Robbins,Veola16 Apr. 192519 Sept. 1940See photo
Robbins,Willie Mae Walker29 Dec. 1910 See photo
Roberson, Arthur7 Mar 188710 Apr 1975SS/W Hessie Lena Roberson ~ See photo
Roberson,Arthur Jr.18 July 194329 Aug. 2003See photo
Roberson, Hessie Lena7 Apr 19028 Dec 1971SS/W Arthur Roberson ~ See photo
Roberson,John Sr.21 Apr. 19261 May 2009See photo
Roberson, Lillian Ruth25 Nov 19351 Sep 1993We Love You ~ God Shall Wipe Away All Tears ~ See photo
Roberson,Rosie Lee16 Apr. 188924 May 1989See photo
Roberson,Vinnie1 Apr. 186626 Nov. 1942See photo
Roberts, Alfred Jasper 12 Feb 18965 Nov 1980Pvt US Army World War Iphoto
Roberson,F. Rev.18821955See photo
Roberts, Fannie L.26 Oct. 19407 Sept. 2007See photo
Roberts,James Ulysses28 Feb. 192527 Jan. 1991US NAVY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Roberts,Josephine C.8 Aug. 191817 May 2008See photo
Roberts, Latricia Arniese5 Dec 19711 Dec 1972See photo
Roberts,Lincoln28 May 191712 July 1975See photo
Roberts,Rosa L.14 Jan. 18868 Aug. 1987See photo
Roberts, Roxie 13 Apr 190227 Jul 1995See photo
Roberts, Rufus1 Apr 1880 14 Jan 1962See photo
Roberts,Sarah E.27 Dec. 18967 Feb. 1964See photo
Robertson, Judge Cecil E.12 May 189413 Dec 1973See photo
Robertson, Mamie DiggsNo Date14 Apr 1956Wife, Mother & Teacher ~ See photo
Robesson,Bernadette Lee19822005 See photo
Robins, Caroline18401939See photo
Robins, Hattie14 Sept. 18897 Jan. 1974See photo
Robins, Lewis6 May 188719 Dec. 1969See photo
Robinson, Annie L.19221994See photo
Robinson, Evelyn5 Feb. 194614 May 1984See photo
Robinson, Fannie19 July 190919 Dec. 1974See photo
Robinson, Juanita H.20 Aug. 191628 Nov. 2003See photo
Robinson, Monroe31 Dec. 189429 Aug. 1948OKLAHOMA PFC 418 SV BN QMC WORLD WAR I
See photo
Robinson, Nichell4 Jan. 197414 May 1984See photo
Robbins, Tommie E. Sr. 1 Nov 190918 Mar 1978 SS/W Willie Mae Robbins ~ See photo
Robbins, Willie Mae 29 Dec 1910 Abt 2005 Age 95 ~ Granger House FHM Winn ~ SS/W Tommie E. Robbins, Sr. ~ See photo
Robinsson, Monroe31 Dec 189429 Aug 1948Oklahoma Pfc 418 SV Bn QMC World War I ~ See photo
Rockwell,Estella16 July 18943 Sept. 1983See photo
Rockwell,Gussie18591956See photo
Rodgers,Virginia14 Apr. 195428 Dec. 2005See photo
Rodgers,Wayne E.25 July 195214 July 1976See photo
Rogers, Fannie Belle "Fifi"24 Jul 191522 May 1990In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Rogers,Lewis  See photo
Rogers, Luther B.19051955Son ~ SS/W E. J. Williams ~ See photo
Rogers,Rosa O.M.14 Dec. 19509 Apr. 1987See photo
Roker, Augustus C. 18771965See photo
Roker, Myntora J. No dateNo dateW/O Augustus
Roland,Charles Earl 27 Jan. 194427 Sept. 1983See photo
Roland, James28,Oct 191919 Aug 1937Homemade marker ~ See photo
Roland,Mary Elnora 19 Apr. 189912 Sept. 1989See photo
Rone, Daniel15 Dec 187918 May 1948SS/W Dilcy Rone ~ See photo
Rone, Dilcy11 Jul 186930 Apr 1932SS/W Daniel Rone ~ See photo
Ross,Amos A.4 Dec. 186929 Dec. 1958See photo
Ross,Charlie29 Mar. 188913 June 1965See photo
Ross,Dorothy J.25 Oct. 19317 Oct. 2007See photo
Ross,Gregory Mitchell31 Oct. 19545 Jan. 1972See photo
Ross,Homer W.2 Apr. 188712 Dec. 1977See photo
Ross,Johnny Lee "Humphy"19421997See photo
Ross,Pearline 16 Nov. 191320 Oct. 2000See photo
Rowe,Leo A.21 Apr. 190621 Oct. 1960See photo
Rowe,Lillian G.W.M.17 June 19015 Jan. 1986See photo
Rowe,William D.26 June 190229 June 1948See photo
Rowland,Benjamin M.29 Jan. 189612 Aug. 1970See photo
Rowland,Henry A.18591942See photo
Rowland, Juanita18 Jan 188022 Dec 1952Mother ~ See photo
Rowland,Lonnie Lee29 Aug. 19007 Sept. 1997See photo
Rowland,Lucy J.18641966See photo
Royal,Edna Contoon29 Oct. 1924 See photo
Royal,Vonley Rev.23 Jan. 191528 Mar. 1973See photo
Rucker, Alex 5 Oct 1887 7 Oct 1979 SS/W David Rucker ~ See photo
Rucker,Bertie Jane18 Dec. 192117 Mar. 2003See photo
Rucker, David 25 Mar 1938 3 Sep 1979 SS/W Alex Rucker ~ See photo
Rucker, Indy Mrs.10 Feb 1903 23 Dec 1989 In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Rucker,James20 June 191926 Apr. 1984See photo
Rucker, O. D. 11 Apr 1928 30 Apr 1970 Gone But Not Forgotten ~ See photo
Rucker,St. Patrick17 Mar. 1936 See photo
Rudd,Erma V.30 Dec. 1912 See photo
Rudd,Eugene L.26 Dec. 190915 June 1975See photo
Rudolph, Unknown1 Feb 193226 Jan 1937S/O Fred and Stella Hinkles
Rumcey?,Jordon?18741947See photo
Rush,Freeman L.27 Feb. 18984 Oct. 1975See photo
Rush,Helen L.10 Nov. 190319 Dec. 1989See photo
Russell, A. J. 10 May 1939See photo
Russell,Damon21 Dec. 190228 Feb. 1982See photo
Russell,David L.30 Jan. 18833 Mar. 1958See photo
Russell, Emily18541951See photo
Russell,Herman M.22 Nov. 189914 Nov. 1988See photo
Russell, Herman Master, Jr.2 Aug 19279 Mar 1951Oklahoma Pfc 24 Inf 25 Inf Div World War II ~ See photo
Russell,Howard19311989US AIR FORCE
See photo
Russell,Irene M.19161990See photo
Russell,Kevin D.31 Oct. 197620 Aug. 1981See photo
Russell,Holsia L.25 Dec. 188728 July 1972See photo
Russell,L.E.25 May 187921 Feb. 1965See photo
Russell,Mary Ann13 May 1949 See photo
Russell,Rachel C.17 July 18865 July 1965See photo
Russell, Roma19021946At Rest ~ See photo
Russell,Walter14 Mar. 187911 Feb. 1971See photo
Rutherford, Agylean L. W. 19 Jun1886 6 Apr 1971 See photo
Rutherford,Joanna18651950See photo
Ryan,Earnest C. Jr.16 Sept. 195018 Jan. 1993See photo
Ryan,E.C. Sr.22 June 190815 Aug. 1975See photo
Ryan,Millie30 Sept. 188917 July 1964See photo
Ryan, Sophronia Bell  11 Dec 1942 

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