Booker T. Washington Cemetery
Muskogee County, Oklahoma

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W Surnames

W., Ben JayJuly 21, 1914March 17, 1967Husband ~ SS/W & H/O Ximenia W. ~ See photo
W., XimeniaJuly 16, 1914July 25, 1997Wife ~ SS/W & H/O Ben Jay W. ~ See photo
Wade,Anna B.14 Feb. 18855 Jan. 1954See photo
Wadlow, ArthurAugust 6, 1911March 16, 1938Homemade marker ~ SS/W L. D. Wadlow ~ See photo
Wadlow, L. D.August 2, 1907March 17, 1947Homemade marker ~ SS/W Arthur Wadlow ~ See photo
Wagner,Albert O.14 May 1905Aug. 19,1982See photo
Wagner, Daisy  January 13, 1904 
Wagner, Ed born December 12, 1872died Jan 27, 1955 
Wagoner, Jenny Lee born May 31, 1874died March 20, 1959 
Wagner,Shirley Johnson28 Feb. 194117 Mar. 2003See photo
Wagoner,Gladys L.4 Mar. 190927 July 1995See photo
Wagoner,Jenny Lee31 May 187420 Mar. 1950See photo
Wagoner,William25 Mar. 190229 Apr. 1971See photo
Waid,Elizabeth18601942See photo
Wakefield,Esther27 Feb. 19115 Dec. 1985See photo
Walker,Annie Faye2 Mar. 19299 Sept. 1985See photo
Walker,Annette R.28 July 190130 Jan. 1972See photo
Walker,Chris Jr. 19692003See photo
Walker,Clarence5 Aug. 188220 Aug. 1953See photo
Walker,CorineApril 27,1921November 29,1967See photo
Walker,Dovie M.Jan. 3,1909December 18,2005See photo
Walker,Edith18 Oct. 190015 Oct. 1966See photo
Walker,Elma Lee30 June 192224 Feb. 1949See photo
Walker,Electra N.1 Feb. 19137 Feb. 1993See photo
Walker,Ermagene25 Jan. 193530 Jan. 1979See photo
Walker,Frank M.October 5,1904March 27,1987See photo
Walker,Gladys3 Apr. 192012 Sept. 1937See photo
Walker,Gloria16 Nov. 193325 Oct. 1985See photo
See photo
Walker,Lelia J.4 Dec. 19244 July 1973See photo
Walker,Lida18941979See photo
Walker,Lincoln24 Aug. 189421 Sept. 1981See photo
Walker, LovellaJune 10, 1926August 2, 1944Walker - Turk ~SS/W Jessie Turk~ See photo
Walker, Margaret E. born 1889died 1972See photo
Walker,Monette G.1948 See photo
Walker,Netetia K.1967 See photo
Walker, NettieSeptember 25, 1881September 21, 1965Homemade marker ~ See photo
Walker,Ollie Mae19151966See photo
Walker,Ora Lee28 Jan. 189113 Jan. 1960See photo
Walker,PlesAugust 18,1892September 8,1981See photo
Walker,Sammye Sadler17 Aug. 191422 May 2008See photo
Walker,Thelma Lee28 May 197231 May 1998See photo
Walker,Thelma Lois12 Dec. 191224 Apr. 1934See photo
Walker,Theo Jr.30 June 192229 Nov. 1956See photo
Walker,Thula B.June 19,1897December 24,1964See photo
Walker,Vallie9 Nov. 190211 Sept. 1984See photo
Walker, Walter C. 1881 1943See photo
Walker,Wanda Faye2 Oct. 19511 Aug. 1997See photo
Walker,Zelma1 Mar. 19102 Feb. 1985See photo
Wallace,Arthur25 Aug. 19163 Mar. 1979See photo
Wallace,Clawson Jr. 21 Oct. 194023 May 1996See photo
Wallace,David Jan. 19181939See photo
Wallace,Edna C. 19171987See photo
Wallace,Elle P.Jan. 22,1893Feb. 13,1968See photo
Wallace,George H.  29 Jan. 1947See photo
Wallace,Louise M.19 Feb. 18849 Mar. 1952See photo
Wallace,Muggie Hickerson 23 Apr. 188818 Feb. 1938See photo
Wallace,Oliver J.5 Apr. 194324 Dec. 1977See photo
Wallace,Sallie14 Oct. 18923 Oct. 1979See photo
Walls,Rosa Bell 27 Dec. 19033 Aug. 1990See photo
Walters, Charlotte18861953Mother ~ See photo
Wallace,Damione Lawone 13 May 197424 May 2005See photo
Walters,DanJan. 25,1886April 18,1963See photo
Walters,Emma 26 Jan. 18785 Mar. 1974See photo
Walters,LillieNovember 6,1893 See photo
Walters,Patrick Terrell4 Dec. 19759 Jan. 2006See photo
Walton,Ernestine16 Feb. 19121 Feb. 1975See photo
Walton,Goldie28 May 190721 Aug. 1996See photo
Ward, Carolyn Olivetta19101956SS/W Marie Ellen Boyd ~ See photo
Ward,Howard W. August 27,1986See photo
Ward,James25 Apr. 19301 June 2005See photo
Ward,Mary A. Jan. 29,1977See photo
Ward,Odie Lee13 Aug. 1935 OKLAHOMA PVT
See photo
Wardell,Helen Marie12 Mar. 1892 TEXAS PVT CONST CO A WORLD WAR I
See photo
Wardell,Louis W.19231991US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Wardlow,Beulah B.17 Nov. 191520 Dec. 2001See photo
Wardlow,Dora Mary25 Apr. 188628 Oct. 1967See photo
Wardlow, EarnestJune 28, 1915July 16, 1982In Loving Memory ~ See photo
Wardlow,F.R.13 May 188425 June 1963See photo
Wardlow,Marvin L.19 Aug. 195115 Dec. 1999See photo
Ware,Dicey Lacy6 Apr. 18801 Aug. 1965See photo
Waring,Helen T.18701960See photo
Wartson,DaVonta "Tray"13 June 199224 Aug. 2002See photo
Washington,Alberta M.5 Dec. 190512 May 1979See photo
Washington,Barbara Ann8 Dec. 194917 Mar. 2002See photo
Washington,Betty J.19462005See photo
Washington,Carrie LeeDecember 1,1930April 14,1976See photo
Washington,Chester A.17 Jan. 189030 Jan. 1957See photo
Washington,Clara 1 Sept. 190822 Nov. 1979See photo
Washington,Frank12 Apr. 1914 See photo
Washington,General Martin7 Mar. 191015 July 1979See photo
Washington,Gertrude13 May 191012 May 1977See photo
Washington,Jonica D.27 Oct. 197712 June 2002OUR BELOVED MOTHERS,DAUGHTER,SISTER WE MISS YOU JO
See photo
Washington,Josephine 2008See photo
Washington,Leatha Ann18911954See photo
Washington,Martha Alma1 Sept. 188831 Aug. 1997See photo
Washington,Ola Mae16 June 194124 Aug. 1995See photo
Washington,Ruthie M.19131998See photo
Washington,Sonya K.17 July 198226 Oct. 2000See photo
Washington,Sterling19011954See photo
Washington,Thelma Joann19591998See photo
Washington,William1 May 189025 Dec. 1974See photo
Waters,Allie Mae15 Jan. 189616 Dec. 1981See photo
Watkins,Booker T.  See photo
Watkins,Claud H.Feb.19,1924Oct.28,1962OKLAHOMA STM3 USNR WORLD WAR II
See photo
Watkins,Dallas A.Feb. 17,1913August 28,2002See photo
Watkins,Elijah L.8 Mar. 191813 Dec. 1980US ARMY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Watkins,Evelyn LouiseApril 4,1927September 21,1991See photo
Watkins,Julius A.July 2,1905November 24,1980See photo
Watkins,Lee Ed Sr. 23 July 19167 Oct. 1986See photo
Watkins,Lee W.28 Dec. 187524 Nov. 1944See photo
Watkins,Martha23 Nov. 194810 Apr. 2007See photo
Watkins,Nannie E.7 Dec. 18792 Sept. 1958See photo
Watlington, James Ervin born January 5, 1917died September 14, 1949See photo
Watlington, James Monroe 1887 1975See photo
Watlington, Penny Ellen born April 6, 1888died March 17, 1970 
Watkins, Lee W.born December 28, 1875died November 24, 1944 
Watkins, Nannie E. born December 7, 1879died September 2, 1953 
Watson,Anna M.December 19,1905Nov. 2,2002See photo
Watson,Lorine1 Dec. 190513 June 1967See photo
Watson,Mary Jane18581936See photo
Watson,Sophia18631947See photo
Watson,Theodore W.September 12,1905May 17,1970See photo
Watson,William H.188? See photo
Weathers,Clara  See photo
Weatherspoon,Andrew L. Sr.13 Sept. 1952 See photo
Weatherspoon,Belzora Harris17 Aug. 1950 See photo
Weaver,Edwin Earl21 Mar. 18841 Apr. 1964See photo
Weaver,Edwina Elizabeth8 Mar. 190917 July 1970See photo
Weaver,Genevieve M.27 Mar. 189027 Jan. 1986See photo
Weaver,Lowell Wilfred31 Jan. 19062 Oct. 1923See photo
Webb, Addie16 Oct. 190315 Oct. 1985See photo
Webb, Adele B.19121994See photo
Webb, Arthur Lee Sr.5 Dec. 189527 Dec. 1957See photo
Webb, Arthur Lee26 Oct. 19177 May 1986See photo
Webb, Cleona11 Sept. 190716 Feb. 1977See photo
Webb, EdnaJune 27, 1910January 24, 1976Daughter ~ SS/W & D/O Lucy Dixon ~ See photo
Webb, Jocklene7 Dec. 196012 Dec. 1967See photo
Webb, John J.September 22, 1892July 15, 1972Iowa Cpl US Army World War I ~ See photo
Webb, Johnathan Eugene30 July 196228 Sept. 1982See photo
Webb,Lillie10 Sept. 189428 Sept. 1975See photo
Webb, Mark 12 Mar. 18783 Nov. 1980See photo
Webb, Novella25 Feb. 1922 See photo
Webb, Thelma 13 May 19195 Sept. 1938See photo
Welch,Howard Louis10 Nov. 193630 Sept. 1978See photo
Welch,Mary16 May 186929 June 1947See photo
Weldon,Joseph18 June 18974 Mar. 1964See photo
Weldon,Senner14 Aug. 189829 Aug. 1990See photo
Wells,Doris A.December 27,19001994See photo
Wells, Helen21 May 190929 Nov. 2001See photo
Wells,Reuben18921976US ARMY
See photo
Wells,William T.September 9,1891Jan. 6,1977See photo
Welsh,Frank11 Apr. 189224 Mar. 1970See photo
Welsh,Hattie7 July 1897 See photo
Wesley,Sharon K.4 Oct. 19464 Apr. 1975See photo
West, Sophia B. March 27, 1901 April 16, 1982See photo
West, William 1 Feb. 1873Feb. 1945See photo
Westbrooks,James1 Mar. 19003 Aug. 1967See photo
Westbrooks,Mary L.25 July 190514 Mar. 1968See photo
Whitaker,Ruden D.    See photo
White,Ambus Plum 1 Sept. 1908 13 May 1999See photo
White,Clara J.16 Jan. 19148 July 2005See photo
White,Clarence 6 July 19267 Oct. 1971OKLAHOMA ST 3 US NAVY WORLD WAR II
See photo
White,Edna14 June 18938 Nov. 1998See photo
White,Elaine Wilson19 June 19572 July 1996See photo
White,Leona Green26 June 19058 July 1989See photo
White,Mariah18751958See photo
White,Mary J.7 Sept. 1903 See photo
White,Nadine Twine BarrettApril 18,1925June 26,2007See photo
White, Oscar18 Sept. 191028 Sept. 1990See photo
White, Sydney May May 1899 July 9, 1959  
White, Walter L.December 13, 1910February 26, 1947Oklahoma QM Corps World War II ~ See photo
Whitfield, Ada no dates See photo
Wicker,Bobbie J.July 14,1929Feb.10,1989See photo
Wickerson, Bernice19251942Homemade marker ~ See photo
Wickliff,Thurman 26 Nov. 195026 Oct. 1961See photo
Wiggins,Artie Oct. 18945 Aug. 1948PVT SV CO 20 ENGRS WORLDS WAR I
See photo
Wilburn,Charlestine Webb 25 June 192516 Dec. 1999See photo
Wilburn, LulaApril 2, 1884July 29, 1955Mother ~ See photo
Wilder,David 10 May 190213 Jan. 1958See photo
Wiley,Andrew P. 18791979See photo
Wiley,Dovie 18941944See photo
Wiley,Willie 18811960See photo
Wilkerson,?   See photo
Wilkerson,Erena Lynette 24 July 196922 Sept. 1993See photo
Wilkerson,Floyd M. 25 May 192110 Aug. 1985See photo
Wilkerson,Gaither 28 July 19125 Aug. 1991See photo
Wilkerson,Jeff 25 May 187624 Jan. 1950OKLAHOMA PVT 163 DEPOT BRIGADE WORLD WAR I
See photo
Wilkerson,Trena LynetteJuly 24,1969Sept. 22,1993 See photo
Wilkes,Ida M. 31 Aug. 18807 July 1972See photo
Wilkes,Ollie M. 23 Feb. 192022 Oct. 1969See photo
Wilkes,Strawder N. 27 Dec. 191925 Jan. 1998See photo
Wilks,C. D. "Lawrence" 21 Nov. 194119 Jan. 2007See photo
Wilks,Linda J.7 Mar. 1946 See photo
Williams,Agnes24 Mar. 191624 Feb. 1982See photo
Williams,Adrianna Terria Janae3 Mar. 200027 Nov. 2003See photo
Williams,Alice Pricilla Harris 10 Jan. 188531 Mar. 1984See photo
Williams,Allen Jos4 Apr. 189221 July 1955See photo
Williams,Bernard24 July 19139 Apr. 1985US NAVY
See photo
Williams,Bertha E.25 Apr. 189521 Oct. 1985See photo
Williams,Bertie29 Mar. 190211 May 1976See photo
Williams, BithaNo dateJune [rest buried]Homemade marker ~ See photo
Williams,Charles Ed25 Sept. 195217 Apr. 1962See photo
Williams, Chester L.2 Aug. 19261 Sept. 19??US NAVY
See photo
Willimas,Cly???   See photo
Williams,Corene5 June 192116 May 2004See photo
Williams,Deacon Aaron19181995See photo
Williams,Della M.6 Sept. 19152 May 1983See photo
Williams,Desmore17 Feb. 28 Mar.See photo
Williams,Dorothy19011960See photo
Williams, E. J.18851954Mother ~ SS/W Luther B. Rogers ~ See photo
Williams,Earnestine 7 Apr. 193114 June 2007See photo
Williams,Edgar Lee26 Apr. 186413 Mar. 1947See photo
Williams,Estella7 Oct. 19094 Feb. 1996See photo
Williams,Foster10 Oct. 18868 Sept. 1960See photo
Williams,Gilloe H. Jr. 29 July 191812 Dec. 1997See photo
Williams,Henrietta2 Dec. 18753 Apr. 1965See photo
Williams,Henry20 Mar. See photo
Williams,Ivy Joe Reed10 Mar. 192510 May 1983See photo
Williams,Ivy R.20 Feb. 189727 Aug. 1981See photo
Williams,Josie O.4 May 191611 Jan. 1969See photo
Williams,Jay V.7 July 196210 Jan. 1993See photo
Williams,L.J.18851954See photo
Williams,Laura  See photo
Williams,Lee1865 See photo
Williams,Lucious20 May 190116 Oct. 1993See photo
Williams,Luella1 Aug. 190814 Mar. 1962See photo
Williams,Marcha?  See photo
Williams,Mary Alice 27 Apr. 1943See photo
Williams,Melvin L.3 Feb. 19517 Oct. 1996See photo
Williams,Murphy19051959See photo
Williams,Myrtle Sanders4 July 19046 Aug. 1996See photo
Williams,O.C. Jr.28 Sept. 19283 Mar. 1993See photo
Williams,O.C. Sr.10 Feb. 190827 Oct. 1976See photo
Williams,Oscar4 Apr. 18916 June 1953PVT 809 PIONEER INF WOARLD WAR I
See photo
Williams,Otto16 Mar. 190215 Nov. 1961See photo
Williams,Teola24 Mar. 19026 Mar. 1995See photo
Williams,Willie19241967See photo
Williams,Zettie Mae17 Nov. 192411 Mar. 2007See photo
Wills,Alberta 28 Dec. 1908See photo
Wills,Ben Jay21 July 191117 Mar. 1967See photo
Wills,Britt14 Oct. 189017 Jan. 1960See photo
Wills,Celeste B.25 Apr. 19006 Feb. 1991See photo
Wills,Connie8 Feb. 190129 Aug. 1983See photo
Wills,Dora18631948See photo
Wills,Emmit Britt17 May 19162 Jan. 1947OKLAHOMA TECH SGT. 1331 ENGR ? SERV. REGT WORLD WAR II
See photo
Wills,Fannie Cora Lee4 Oct. 189126 Feb. 1972See photo
Wills,Ximenia16 July 191425 July 1997See photo
Wilson,Andrew24 May 19249 Nov. 1944See photo
Wilson,Abraham28 May 19184 Jan. 1975See photo
Wilson,Alberta13 Sept. 190420 Sept. 1945See photo
Wilson,Alberta13 Oct. 19059 June 1944See photo
Wilson,Charles E.1946 See photo
Wilson,Deacon Lee8 Jan. 188918 Dec. 1969See photo
Wilson,Estella27 Sept. 190216 May 1951See photo
Wilson,Frances J.May 28,1920May 13,2004See photo
Wilson,GeorgeMarch 5,1892Sept.9,1963See photo
Wilson,Herman5 Mar. 19455 Mar. 1945OKLAHOMA PVT 1 CL Q.M. CORPS
See photo
Wilson,Icie S.22 Feb. 190118 Aug. 1968See photo
Wilson,Frances J.28 May 192013 May 2004See photo
Wilson,Imogene27 May 192529 July 2001See photo
Wilson,Jewel J. Sr.16 Sept. 190312 Sept. 1990See photo
Wilson,Leona24 Mar. 193927 Aug. 1999See photo
See photo
Wilson,Mark Alexander27 Sept. 19733 Nov. 1993See photo
Wilson,Mary B.25 Nov. 191818 Dec. 1988See photo
Wilson,Manerva M.14 Nov. 190917 Aug. 1992See photo
Wilson,Odie18801958See photo
Wilson,Rodney Terrell28 Dec. 19787 June 1998See photo
Wilson,Rosia B.28 Sept. 190024 Nov. 1964See photo
Wilson,Ruth E.19001968See photo
Wilson,Samuel12 Aug. 185225 Feb. 1946See photo
Wilson,Sandra E.13 June 195329 June 1996See photo
Wilson,SiniaMarch 27,1899 See photo
Wilson,Ruth E.19001968See photo
Wilson, Velma c. H. 22 June 1905 See photo
Wilson,Willie Byrd19 Jan. 192919 Apr. 2006See photo
Wimbish,Wilbur O.17 Nov. 190913 Nov. 1940See photo
Winn,Adlaide18821957See photo
Winn,Earl26 July 19068 Aug. 1956See photo
Winn,Eddie A. (Mrs.)19 May 190914 Dec. 1985See photo
Winn,Fannie Jones6 Feb. 190727 Jan. 1989See photo
Winn, Samuel(Minister)6 Sept. 193928 Jan. 2009See photo
Winn,Samuel18661943See photo
Winn,Odessa M.25 Apr. 200822 July 1919PVT US AMRY WORLD WAR II
See photo
Winn,Osie Sr.8 July 199819 June 1915US ARMY
See photo
Wise, Riley Sept. 12, 1894died July 21, 1936See photo
Witt,James8 Mar.2 Oct. 1967See photo
Witt,Pearlie B.22 Jan. 18833 Oct. 1961See photo
Wofford,Daisy J.2 July 188331 Jan. 1969See photo
Wofford, Helen Leona born November 14, 1906died March 25, 1937See photo
Wofford,Hence P.19 Oct. 18919 Sept. 1973See photo
Wofford,Joseph14 Feb. 188311 Dec. 1955See photo
Wofford,Mary  11 Feb. 1976See photo
Woodard,Bernard13 Oct. 1938 See photo
Woodard,Bobby Ray Sr.October 2,1935November 22,1961OKLAHOMA SGT HQ BTRY 31 ARTILLERY
See photo
Woodard,Frank19011967See photo
Woodard,Hamilton10 July 1901 OKLAHOMA CPL 322 AVN SQ AAF WORLD WAR II
See photo
Woodard,Lee Anner188213 Feb. See photo
Woodard,Nettie VetriceSeptember 13,1905July 24,2002See photo
Woodard,Seth3 Jan. 190813 Dec. 1974See photo
Woodburn,JohnNovember 22,1907Jan.11,1970See photo
Woodburn,Mary McCrary12 Feb. 190526 Mar. 2002See photo
Wood,E.R.24 Apr. 189222 Feb. 1979See photo
Woods,Lois13 Feb. 1910 See photo
Woods,T.D.6 June 191422 Feb. 1985See photo
Woodson,Edith L.31 Oct. 1921 See photo
Woodson,Governor W.18911982SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
See photo
Woodson,Margaret18991968See photo
Woolridge,Cora Bell Wallace4 Feb. 190918 May 1977See photo
Woolridge,Moses18681967See photo
Word,Cora Essie5 Aug. 18859 Oct. 1988See photo
Word,John 20 Sept. 1936See photo
Wormly,Charles 6 Sept. 187421 May 1967See photo
Wortham,Emma 16 June 1955See photo
Woulard,Regina Renee Napue?17 Oct. 196119 Oct. 1961See photo
Wright,Alice 12 Dec. 189215 Dec. 1958See photo
Wright,Ann Brewer15 Dec. 192327 Jan. 1984See photo
Wright,Annette M. James18 June 195414 Mar. 2004See photo
Wright,Charles Leonard17 Oct. 195226 May 1984US MARINE CORPS
See photo
Wright,Debra K.19541999See photo
Wright,Denise L.19 Mar. 195710 May 2001See photo
Wright,Dora Rosemary4 Dec. 19321 Apr. 1976See photo
Wright,Edna18991969See photo
Wright,Eliza Elizabeth15 Feb. 191429 Nov. 2000See photo
Wright,James E.7 Mar. 188019 July 1955See photo
Wright,Jodie19761994See photo
Wright,Katherine23 May 192610 Mar. 1994See photo
Wright,Lawrence W.15 Apr. 190512 Apr. 1985See photo
Wright,Mary E.25 Dec. 192228 Oct. 1989See photo
Wright,Mary Taylor23 Apr. 19185 Sept. 1955See photo
Wright,Otis19081967See photo
Wright,Opal F.19211978See photo
Wright,Pearl Aug. 31,1986See photo
Wright,Roger18801955See photo
Wright,Thomas Jr.Jan.7,1924May 6,1966See photo
Wright,ThomasJan. 9,1879April 29,1961See photo
Wynn,Addie B.18 Aug. 189721 Aug. 1979See photo
Wynn,Letha B.27 Feb. 192322 May 1984See photo
Wynn,P.W.6 Feb. 189928 Sept. 1951See photo

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