Webbers Falls, Oklahoma

Famous and Maude Smith
Famous and Maudie Smith
Downtown Webbers Falls before 1911.
The town burned in 1911 and was rebuilt with brick.
Photo courtesy of George Miller, Webbers Falls.

1922--Webbers Falls, a town of 500 people, situated on the right bank of the Arkansas River, twenty-five miles southeast of Muskogee, is one of the oldest settlements in Muskogee County. It is claimed that a century ago, when the Indians began to settle here, there were actual falls, several feet in height in the river at this point, but a century's constant flow of water has gradually worn the rock away, until now there is only a faint ripple to mark the point where the falls once existed.

The Hayes Mercantile Company, established there about forty years ago, has from its beginning been one of the leading business institutions of the county. R. E. Blackstone, one of the pioneer merchants, was for many years connected with the same company. In 1896 Oscar Hayes, son of J. W. Hayes, organized the Pioneer Trading Company at Webbers Falls, which soon became one of the prosperous institutions of the town.

John D. Benedict, Muskogee and Northeastern Oklahoma Volume I (Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1922). p.486.

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Blackstone Store
Blackstone Store

Downtown between 1948-1952

Town Dedication   Downtown after 1911> </a></td></td><td> </td>

<td valign=Webbers Falls Jail

All Pictures courtesy of George Miller

Webbers Falls Museum

Webbers Falls Historical Society
P. O. Box 5
Webbers Falls, OK 74470

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