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Moore's Muskogee Directory 1903

This is transcribed as it was written. See the abbreviations page for occupation abbreviations.


Anderson, Will C. c, letter carrier No, 1.
Abney, W. E., collr Patterson Maf. Co. bds 1015 W. Okmulgee av.
Ackley, Levi (wf Mary), crdt man Patterson Maf co, res 825 N. B.
Adams, Milo E. (wf Martha B.), assistant sec and treas Paterson Mar Co., res 534 W. Okmulgee av.
Adams, Rusola, hskpr 422 E. Okmulgee av.
Adams, Miss Gertrude, bds 534 W. Okmulgee av.
Adams, John Q. (wf Laura), clk Dawes com, res 534 W. Okmulgee av.
Adams, Chas c (wf Cahterine), lab, o & w alley in blk Alt, Howard and N fifth.
Adams, David (wf Henrietta), US dep m, res 320 West Court.
Adams, Miss Adele, bds 320 West Court.
Adams, Harry H, bailiff US court, bds 320 West Court.
Adkins, Jas S c, wks Oxford Cafe.
Adkins, Folsom, deliv Star Gro.
Adkins, Chas (wf Bessie), lab, res stockyds Girad and N Third.
Adair, L a (wf Emma), bkpr Callahan & Rogers, res 556 S. Sixth.
Adair, George, barber, rms 206 S. R.
Addington, J R (wf Viola), farmer, res 722 E. Okm av.
Agnew, W S (wf Mary E), farmer, res 403 Baltimore av.
Ahern, Edward (wf Phoebe), boilermaker, res 105 S. Cherokee.
Allen, Henry, tinner T h Co, bds 321 S B.
Allen, Miss Ella, stenog art dep T H Co, bds 501 S. Main
Allen, Joe N (wf Mary S), atty Moore bld Second street, res 121 S Ninth.
Allen R P (wf Z M), carpenter, res 1029 Emporia.
Allen, Harris, c, bds 722 Howard.
Allen, Mrs. Mary c, bds 722 Howard.
Allen, James, carpenter, bds 1504 Callahan.
Allen, Miss Edna, prin m pub school, bds 346 Callahan.
Alley, John, Alley Bros City Meat Market.
Alley, E C (wf Laura), Alley Bros City Meat Market, 103 N Main, res 206 N E S Boul.
Alberty, Jean c, cook, 412 W Okmulgee av.
Alberty, John c, servt, 115 S Fourth.
Albrighty, Robt c, wks 418 N Cherokee.
Alvey, W A, barber, bds Oxford.
Alexander, G H (wf Fannie W), cor sec IOOF, office 110 1/2 N Second str, res 232 S. Cherokee.
Alston, P B (wf M A), flagman Katy crossing, res 813 S. Main.
American Express Co, C O Brown agt. 206 N. Second.
Andrews, Miss Isadore, prin W side public school, rms 528 W Broadway.
Andrews, Ed (wf Alice), delv Patterson Mer Co, res 206 Houston.
Andrews, W C (wf Annie), traveling salesman Alcorn Woolen Mfg Co, rm 57 Maddin bldg.
Anders, Jno D, lab, bds 1391 Emporia.
Anders, Pink (wf Nannie), lab, res 1391 Emporia.
Anderson, W R, barber, bds Oxford.
Anderson, I (wf Lula) lab, res 640 Girard.
Anderson, John (wf Lorena), farmer, res 701 N Third.
Anderson, Miss Etta, saleslady Columbia, bds 407 N Cherokee.
Anderson, Ed c, porter, Union Depot Hotel.
Andy, Will (wf Eva), lab, res 543 S Fourth.
Anchor Land and Lease Co, W A stettler, P J Spencer, Mgrs, offices 107-108 Old Homestead.
Angell, W H, clk Dawes com, bds 307 N Second.
Anspach, Charlie, stonemason, bds 420 N G.
Anspach, Jake (wf Lavina), stone contractor, res 420 N G.
Anspach, Miss elsie, bds 420 N G.
Apple, S A, steno Dawes com, rms 19 Maddin bldg.
Arkansas Valley Townsite Co, Guy Bowman pres, J F Darby v-pres, C F Lynde treas, Will S Fears sec, 17 Old Homestead.
Arkansaw Second Hand Store, M Hughes Ed Mooney props, 234 W Okmulgee.
Armitage, Mrs. Mary, res 705 N C.
Armitage, H B (wf V H), tinner Turner Hardware Co, res 321 Division Boulevard.
Armitage, Jas (wf Bertha), carp, bds 705 N C.
Armstrong, H W, painter, res 1011 S Main.
Arnold, Joe c, (wf Carrie), cook, rm 132 S Fourth.
Arnold, A J (wf Malissa), farmer, res 542, Alley bet Sixth and S Boulevard westside.
Arnold, Mrs. Rebecca, dom, 602 N Cherokee.
Ashcroft, Miss Bessie, bds 603 Callahan.
Ashworth, Fayette, wks Patterson gin, bds 316 N P.
Ashworth, Bolton (wf Gertrude), farmer, res 316 N P.
Atkins, Rev E C (wf Adecia), paston M E church so, (Muskogee circuit)res 401 Elmira.
Atkinson, Mrs Margret, bds 118 N L.
Atkison, W R (wf Lizzie), engineer, res 838 N Cherokee.
Atkison, R T, lab, bds 118 N L.
Atkinson, Will, wks light plant, N Cherokee.
Austin, Mrs W B, res 406 Elmira.
Austin, Miss May, teacher, bds 406 Elmira.
Austin, Wallace H, printer Times, bds 406 Elmira.
Austin, Marvin, lab, bds 406 Elmira.
Austin, George H. photographer, bds 406 Elmira.
Austin, P B c, (wf Lena), grocer S Second, res 427 N Third.
Austin, Mrs. Ella, c, bds 532 N Sixth.
Austin, Miss Emma, c, dom, bds 507 Elgin av.
Austin, D F, eng ww, rms 29 Maddin bldg.
Austin, Robt, c, lab, 532 N Sixth.
Austin, Allen, 813 S. Main.
Ault, Miss Mattie, dressmaker, bds 615 Elgin av.
Ayres, C C (wf Joe), real estate, res 615 Elgin av.
Ayres, Miss Mattie, Milliner Spaulding Mer Co, bds 615 Elgin av.
Ayers, Miss Susie, bds 131 S S Boulevard.
Ayres, Moses, farmer, res 131 S S Boulevard.
Aylesworth, Allison L, sec Dawes com, res 543 Columbus av.


Bailey, T.(wf Mary), clk Fair Store, res 428 Denison.
Bailey, De Roos (wf Berdena), atty, Bailey & Owen 220 1-2 N Second, res 427 N Cherokee.
Bailey, M G (wf Stella), Crump & Bailey, attys, office 220 1-2 N Main, rm No. 52 Maddin bldg.
Bailey, J W c (wf Eliza), partner Creek Livery barn, res 627 S Second.
Bailey, Joe (wf Mattie),farmer, res 1004 N C.
Baker, N R (wf Susa Frances), clk Dawes com, res 131 S Third.
Baker, W C (wf I B), clk Arkansaw Second Hand Store, res 412 alley a O&C Ry wa.
Baker, Joe R, law clk Dawes com, rms 539 S Third.
Baker, H M (wf Jo eva), carp, res 115 S D.
Baker, J W, carp, res 714 E Okmulgee av.
Baker, H G, vice-pres Territorial Trust Co, rms 502 W Court.
Baker, Mrs Minnie, dom, bds 549 N Div Boul.
BANK OF MUSKOGEE, W A Patterson, pres; A C Trumbo, casier; cor Second and W Okmulgee av.
Banks, Lizzie c, dom, *09 N Sixth.
Bankston, John, wks Katy yds, rms 509 S Fifth.
Banks, J A c (wf A D ), barber, res 553 S Fifth.
Banks, John c, bds 633 E Broadway.
Banks, Ode, driver Muskogee Transf Co, bds 631 Fon du Lac.
Bates, J R, Ellis & Bates grocers, cor Okmulgee and Main, rms 219 Callahan.
Batsell, John G, wks 1102 N C.
Bates, Mrs. Ora, needlework, bds 574 N Fifth.
Bassler-Chapman Mer Co, Geo Bassler, J E Chapman, 105 W Okmulgee av.
Bassler, Geo (wf State B), partner Bassler-Chapman Mer Co, 105 W Okmulgee av, res 513 S Third.
Ballinger, Thos (wf Nancy), res 222 E Fon du Lac.
Ballinger, Lee, lab, bds 222 E Fon du Lac.
Ballinger, Isle, lab, bds 222 E Fon du Lac.
Ballew, Hiram (wf Nannie), lab, res 701 S Cherokee.
Barues, V V (wf E C ), lab res S Fourteenth and Georgetown av.
Barowman, W J, emp Kenefic Const Co, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Barthel, Frank, painter, res 547 S Third, rear.
Barnett, T A c (Mary), barber, 108 N Main, res S Fifth and S S Boulevard.
Barnes, Haywood (wf Ella), lab, res 631 alley S Elgin av.
Barry, M & Co, plumbing, 310 S. Cherokee.
Bateman, R E, with Kenefic Const Co, bds Oxford.
Ball, C A, bds Oxford.
Barker, W H, guard U S jail.
Backenstoce, E C, mem Creek apprais com D C.
Bayne, John, clk U S clerk's office rms Mrs. Rogers N C.
Barnes, G W, Jr, partner I T Land Co, Old Homestead.
Bayne, R A (wf E A), U S Recorder, rms Mrs. Rogers N Cher.
Barger, William (wf Ella), eng, res 310 Baltimore av.
Barger, J S (wf Dellie), mgr Spaulding gin, res 416 E Okmulgee av.
Barger, Miss Eva, clk Rambo store, bds 416 E Okmulgee av.
Barger, W O, bds 416 E Okmulgee av.
Barnett, Mrs Sarah, c, res 434 N Third.
Barnette, Miss Belle, waitress Union Dpot Hotel.
Barr, M V (wf B A), guard U S jail, res 1103 Denison av.
Barnes, V V (wf E C),lab, res S Fourteenth and Georgetown av.
Barber, Dock c, (wf Mollie), lab, res 715 Mill.
Barber, Miss Victoria, c, dom, bds 715 Mill.
Barnett, Joe c, (wf Sallie), farmer, res 714 Fon du Lac.
Bartleson, Carl, brklyr, bds Edmondson Hotel.
Baugh, Miss Olive, steno Thomas & Harrison, bds 225 W Court.
Baugh, J H, bds 803 W Okmulgee av.
Baugh, R L (wf Rebecca), sec Muskogee Develpment Co, res 808 W Okmulgee av.
Bawman, Chas(wf Annie), carp, res 421 Fremont.
Baxter, J W, M D, office 221 1/2 N Main, res same.
Baker, Mrs Minnie c, cook 528 W Broadway.
Bagwell, E C (wf Nona), steno Dawes com, res 202 E Okmulgee av.
Beall, William O, clk Dawes com, bds 309 W Broadway.
Beale, Chas, wks Lee Wilson drug store, bds Oxford.
Beavers, J J (wf Lulu E), 1 clk Dawes com, res 318 W Okmulgee av.
Bean, F T, rms r 412 alley O& C Ry ws.
Bean, Hagan c, (wf Mary), cook, res 504 N Fifth.
Bean, Wm, waiter Oxford Cafe.
Bean, Herschel, carp, bds 322 E Okmulgee av.
Becker, Stephen, special police, rms Masonic blk.
Beeman, Mrs Lillian, res 116 Callahan.
Beebe, O F (wf Alice), switchman, res 316 W Court.
Beebe, Mrs. Nannie, bds 316 W Court.
Beebe, Miss Vera, gen delv clk P O, bds 316 Court.
Belford, Howe, steno Dawes com, bds 125 E Okmulgee av.
Bellis, A B, plumber, 429 N Second.
Bell, W L, (wf M L), slsmn Huber Hdw Co, res 314 S Cherokee.
Bell, Mrs. Eliza, c, cook, bds 518 S Second.
Bell, Jack c (wf Hattie), jan Turner Hdw Co, res 414 alley a O & C Ry ws.
Bell, Miss Marion, bds 120 S Fourth.
Bell, H H, life insurance, bds 120 S Fourth.
Bell, Miss Anna, steno Dawes Com, bds 120 S Fourth.
Bell, E G (wf Margaret), carp, res 120 S Fourth.
Bennett, Emily, housekeeper 204 S C.
Bennett, J W c, wks Katy track, bds 1128 S Main.
Bennett, Leo E (wf Anna), U S Marshal, res 115 S Fourth.
Bennett, Miss Gertrude, bds 115 S Fourth.
Bennett, J W, real estate, bds Hoffman house.
Bennett, Wm A (wf Sallie), lab, res 322 W Court.
Bennett, Mrs Rosa c, laundress, res 503 N Fifth.
Benedict, J D (wf Alice M), U S Supt Schools Indian Territory, res 1125 W Elgin av.
Benson, P C c (wf Emma), lab, res 829 Mill.
Benson, Allen c, wks W A Maddin.
Berkley, Henry c (wf Lillie), lab, res 611 a Div Bouldvard.
Berry, Homer c (wf Sarah), wks Baily stables, bds 534 S Main, fcs ry.
Berry, Mrs. Emma D (widow F M), res 227 S Sixth, r.
Berry, Beverly (wf Lucy), carp, res 409 N Second r.
Berry, Ben guard U S jail, rms 49 Madden bldg.
Berry, E L (wf Rado), office dep U S Mar crim div, res 221 W Court.
Bertholf, Mrs Electa, bds 105 S Sixth.
Bettis, Arthur, carp, bds 209 N K.
Bettis, Sam, carp, bds 209 N K.
Bettis, John S (wf M A), carp, res 409 N K.
Beutelspacher, J, prop Misfit Clothing Prlor N Second, rms 402 E Okmulgee av.
Bingham, G W, steno Dawes com, rms 19 Maddin bldg.
Bills, K L (wf Ouida), office dep U S Mar civ Div, res 434 N Cherokee.
Birkett, Mrs Grace, steno Dawes com, bds 125 E Okmulgee av.
Bishop, Jas (wf Anna), carp, res 506 N E.
Bishop, R L (wf Emma), wks Katy yds, res 11- E Fon du Lac.
Bixby, Tams (wf Clara), acting chm Commission to Five Tribes (Dawes Com), res 103 S Fourth.
Bixby, George (wf Mary E), bkpr U S Ind Agent, res 304 E Okmulgee av.
Bixler, Otis (wf Nellie)lab, 1149 Mill.
Black, Allen & Co, office English Block, Water Works Const.
Blackstone, Miss Nannie, bds 412 W Okmulgee av.
Blackstone, Robt D, stockman, bds Oxford.
Blackwell, Amsie (wf Lillie), driver Trans Co, res 118 W S S Boul.
Blackford, J S, real estate, bds 520 S Main.
Black, Miss Fannie, wks Robertson studio, bds 1015 W Ok av.
Blackwell, Jake c (wf Lillian) clk, res 405 N Sixth.
Blackstone, DeWitt, stockman, rms 419 W Ok av, bds Oxford.
Blackstone, P N, cattleman, res 512 W Okmulgee av.
Blackford, Mrs Mattie, rooming house, res 205 S B.
Blessing, M W (wf Mary E), eng Light Plant, res 218 S B.
Blair, Milo G, steno Dawes com, bds 410 Fredonia.
Blake, Dave (wf Rosa), trader, Fremont and S Eighth.
Blakemore, J L, M D, office English Block, rms 427 W Ok av.
Blakemore, W F (wf Janie0, cattleman, res 422 W Broadway.
Blanchard, Ernest, steno S B Dawes, rms 1021 Elgin av.
Boatwright, Mrs Mary c, res 413 S Main.
Bobbett, Guy H, opr W U Tel Co, bds 226 W Court.
Boffman, Rudolph (wf Marilla), carp, res 436 Emporia.
Bolen, Andrew c, lab, bds 522 N Div Boulevard.
Bohannan, Dave c (Sarah), farmer, 734 Jackson av.
Bohnefeld, W O, lunchman Union Depot hotel, res same.
Bombeck Henry, rms 517 N Sixth.
Bond, J C, driver Fire dept, bds Oxford.
Bond, Jerry c, janitor Dawes com, bds 503 North Ninth.
Bonner, R H c (wf Lena), lab, res 622 South Fifth.
Bonner, Robt c, porter Cumberledge & English.
Bondurant, W P (wf R E), lab, res 404 N L.
Bonnell, David, lab bds 428 Denison.
BONNELL, DR A E,(wf Bessie)dentist, over First Nat Bank, res 208 Callahan
Booth, Ed, wks Central Meat Market.
Booker, P W c (wf Francis), paperhanger, rms 614 S Main, r, faces ry.
Bothwell, E C, bkkpr I T Land Co, Old Homestead.
Boren, Ralph T (wf Mary), salesman Maddin Hdw Co, res 318 N Boulevard ES.
Boren, W S (wf Nancy), clk Dawes com, res 219 n Third.
Boren, Miss Jessie S, bds 219 N Third.
Bowman, W L (wf Julia), guard U S jail, res 113 Spaulding Boulevard.
Bowman, M H (wf Ida), guard U S jail, res 401 N Second.
Bowen, Lee c, lab, bds 510 S Main, r, faces ry.
Bowen, J A (wf E C), lab, res 419 Market.
Bowman, Guy, Pres Ark Valley Townsite Co, rms 38 Maddin bldg.
BOSTON BAKERY, Clayton H Warren and F H Walkup props, bakery and fancy groceries, 107 N Main.
Bostic, P B, clk I T Land Co, rms 606 S Second.
Boynton, E W, chf eng O 7 CC Ry, office 105 Old Homestead, bds Union Depot.
Boyt, J B (wf Amanda J), carp, res 814 N Cherokee.
Boyt, Mrs Lillie, dom, Woodward, rms 814 N Cherokee.
Boyd, Mrs Mary J, res 707 Georgetown av.
Bozarth, Chas, steno, Dawes com.
BOZEMAN, W E, insurance, office Turner bldg, rms same bldg.
Brady, Chas, collector Turner Hdw Co, rms 214 S Divsion B.
Brady, Joe, wks Turner corral, rms 214 S Div B.
Brady, Chas, lab, bds 807 W Boadway.
Brady, P J, carp, bds 301 N Second.
Bradley, C M (wf Fannie B), real estate, res 416 Baltimore av.
BRADLEY REAL ESTATE CO, C M Bradly, pres; N A Gibson, vice-pres; TH Martin, sec; S H Smith, asst sec; W E Rowsey, treas; 110 1-2 N Second.
Bradley, H S (wf Elizabeth W "Bettie"), clk Indian Inspector, rms 39 and 41 Maddin bldg.
Bradley, J A (wf T C), lab, bds 204 N K.
Bradford, John, emp Turner Hdw Co, rms 49 Maddin bldg.
Bradford, James, trav sales Turner Hdw Co, rms 47 Maddin bldg.
Bradford, R F (wf Florence), merchant, res 520 S Div boulevard.
Bradford, W J (wf L G), teamster, res 418 Houston.
Bracken, Eugene (wf Cornelia), slsmn Turner Hdw Co, bds 401 E Okmulgee av.
Bracken, Bert S, slsmn Turner Hdw Co, bds 401 E Okmulgee av.
Bracken, Harry W, clk P O, bds 401 E Okmulgee av.
Bradshaw, Miss Mbel, bds 205 N F.
Bradfield, E A (wf Nellie), wks Gloyd Lum Co, res 603 S Fourth.
Bradshaw, C c, lab, bds 62 Joplin.
BRAGDON, M L & CO, real estate, 113 1-2 N Main.
Bragdon, M L (wf Margaret S), real estate, office 113 1-2 N Main.
Branstetter, V A (wf M E), housemover, res 1118 Denison.
Branstetter, A E (wf Annie), lab, res 517 N Eleventh.
Brasel, Royal H, m o clk, Postoffice, bds 202 S Cherokee.
Brasel, Elton, bkpr Central Mkt, bds 202 S Cherokee.
Brasel, Birnie, druggist Lee Wilson, bds 202 S Cherokee.
Brewer, A J, M D (wf L J), res 521 N C.
Brewer, Hugh (wf Alice), painter, res 1231 N C.
Brewer, Miss Pearl, bds 804 S Main.
BREWER, W D (wf Nellie), harness and saddlery, 119 S Main, res 804 S Main.
Brewer, C T (wf Ophelia), carp, res 907 S Main.
Brewer, Cecil, deliveryman, Todd Gro Co.
Brewer, Mrs Eliza E, boarding, res 301 N Second.
Breckinridge, C R, commissioner Com to Five Civilized Tribes (Dawes com), rms 227 S Sixth.
Briggs, Mrs S B, res 113 Callahan.
Briggs, C D, painter, bds 421 E Broadway.
Briggs, J A (wf J A ), painter, res 421 E Broadway.
Briggs, Ann c, wks 211 Callahan.
Briggs, Miss Ida Grammel, bds 113 Calahan.
Briggs, Willis c (wf Ellen), carp, res 551 S Fifth.
Briggs, Miss Ida c, laundress, bds 551 S Fifth.
Briggs, Robt c, janitor P O, bds 551 S Fifth.
Brigham, Geo, cook Skelton's restaurant.
Bridgman, John (wf S C), guard U S jail, res 917 N C.
Bridgman, J E, carp, bds 917 N C.
Bridgman, A F (wf E F), laundryman, 925 N C, res same.
Brinks, Willie, ins agt, bds 701 Houston.
Brinks John, emp oil mills, bds 701 Houston.
Brinks, W W (wf Annie), city councilman, res 701 Houston.
Brinks, Houston, night supt oil mill, bds 701 Houston.
Brinks, Oscar, deliveryman Star Gro, bds 701 Houston.
Butler, J A (wf S E), quarryman, 1008 Mill.
Butler, Luretta c, dom, bds 608, alley, bet N Fifth and N Sixth.
Butler, M G (wf Anna), salesman Turner Hdw Co, res 608 S Cherokee
Butler, Rev M l (wf Helen), pastor M E church S, res 115 E Okmulgee av.
Bushnell, G C (wf Adelya), Gen Mgr musk Cotton Oil Co, res W Court.
Burns, E J (wf Ossie, lab, 511 N. Eleventh.
Brinks, Archie, salesman Star Gro, bds 701 Houston.
Brinks, Miss Myrtle, bds 701 HYouston.
Brinkley, Neely, lab, 211 S Fourth.
Brin, L (wf Flora), prop Columbia, res 520 N Cherokee.
Brittain, Wm c (wf Annie), lab, bds 427 N Third.
Brittain, C R (wf Sadie), carp, res 424 W Emporia.
Brittain, Miss Ellen c, bds 427 N Third.
Bronson, E L, cattleman, 79 Maddin bldg.
Bronson, Ella c, dressmaker, res 564 N Fourth.
Brock, A M, Gen'l AGt Singer Sew Mach, Sharum bldg, bds Edmondson hotel.
Brock, Amsey (wf Lillie), tinner Turner Hdw Co, res 1109 N B.
Brook & Brook, W N and E E, attorneys, 111 1-2 N Main.
Brook, W N (wf L M), Broook & Brook attys, 113 1-2 N Main, res 527 N Cherokee.
Brook, E E, Brook & Brook attys, 113 1-2 N Main, bds 527 N Cherokee.
Brook, Ed K, salesman Patt Mer Co, bds W N Brook N Cherokee.
Brooks, H A c, prop Pioneer, 311 Emporia, res same.
Brooks, Miss Ora, waitress Union Depot hotel.
Brooks, Miss Clara c, dom, 504 W Okmulgee av.
Brooks, Mrs Cena c, laundress, bds 1007 S Second.
Browning, Wood (wf Emma),pharmacist Veale's drug store, rms 59 Maddin bldg.
Bruce, J c, lab, res 547 Altamont.
Bruehl, Joe, guard U S jail, res 428 N Fourth.
Bryant, E R, wks Hope Lum Co, bds 208 N Main.
Bryant, Israel c (wf Mandy), lab, res 526 S main, rear, faces RR.
Brown, Mrs J R, boarding, 225 W Okmulgee av.
Brown, J R (wf M E), res 224 W Okmulgee av.
Brown, W H (wf Maggie), Brown & wolf, traders, res 505 Irving.
Brown, Napoleon c, janitor Terr Trust Co, bds 628 N Fifth.
Brown, M C (wf Birdie), carp, res 423 Baltimore av.
Brown, J H (wf Sallie), carp, res 134 N L.
Brown, Maud, 30 Iola.
Brown, Andrew c(wf Emma), lab, res Joplin and Oak.
Brown, Jesse c (wf Julia), lab, res 608, alley between N Fifth and N Sixth.
Brown, Geo F (wf Rosa), clk W World, res 429 N C.
Brown, Will c, porter Phoenix Clothing Co.
Brown, Geo R (wf mittie K), receiving clk Turner Hdw Co, res 321 Elmira.
Brown, Geo McDuffie (wf Elizabeth), lab, res 134 N G.
Brown, Chas (wf Lizzie), drayman, res es S G, bet Independence av and E Kalamazoo.
Brown, J E (wf Willie), steno Gibson & Hastain, rms No. 46 Maddin bldg.
Brown, Cooky, residence 923 S Second.
Brown, Mrs Maggie c, laundress, res 1203 N B.
Brown, Gus (wf Mary), fireman Katy yds, res 711 N B.
Brown, Sidney (wf Sallie), fireman Katy yds, res 206 E Fon du L.
Buffum, C A (wf Anna), Katy yard master, res 407 E Broadway.
Bunn, Albert, dom, 103 S fourth.
Bunker, L M, barber, Ward's N Main, bds 209 S B.
Bybee, Chas (wf Mattie), lab, 308 N G.
Burton, George J c, lab, bds 536 N Fourth.
Burchard, Sam'l, Sr (wf Barbara), baker, res 905 Columbus av.
Burk, A Jack (wf Nancy), carriage painter, res 803 E Kalamazoo.
Bulger, R M, barber, Ward's, rms 206 S B.
Burns, W D (wf Lena H), bkpr Muskogee Whol Grocery Co, res 624 S Third.
Burnside, Henry c (wf Mary), cabman, res 306 S Main.
Burden, Porter c (wf Della), plasterer, res 1204 S Main.
Burchard, Sam'l Jr, painter, bds 905 Columbus av.
Burks, William (wf Mollie), lab, res 415 E Okmulgee av.
Burgess, Albert (wf Effie), res 332 N K.
Burch, H E (wf Adelaide), real estate, res 116 N G.
Burch, E F*wf Nolie J), salesman, res 320 Baltimore av.
Butcher, Geo W, lab, bds 707 Georgtown av.


Cazort, --c, farmer, res 1230 S Main.
Caughill, P B (wf Dollie), "Pete" painter, res 544 N Tenth.
Cates, Sam, lab, bds 1142 Mill
Casey, Thos J c (wf Julia), grocery, res 916 Emporia
Cassettly, Fred, lunchman Union Depot hotel.
Cash, J B (wf docia), well driller, 523 S Div Boulevard.
Caston, Frank c, lab, bds 435 N Third.
Carson, Ode (wf Effie), teamster, cor N M and Houston.
Carlin, W A (wf Adaline), sten Indian Agent, rm 51 Maddin building.
Carey, Miss Jessie, dom 406 N C.
Carey, Mrs S A, Missionary, res 410 Denison.
Carpenter, Miss Margaret, tech Kendall college, bds pres house college grounds.
Carson, Linnie c, jan First Nat bank, bds 510 S Main r, faces ry.
Carson, Mrs Lillie c, laundress, bds 526 S Main r, faces ry.
Carson, Rev W R c, A M E church, rms 203 S Second r.
Carson, Wm c (wf Mary), shoemaker, 106 S Main.
Carter, Hans, policeman, bds Oxford.
Carter, M M (wf Lizzie), carp, res 112 S K.
Carter, Mrs Rina c, laundress, res 536 S Main.
Carter, Mark (wf Jennie) farmer, res 839, N C.
Carter, Geo, farmer, bds 839 N C.
Caraway, Walter, slsmn, bds 625 S Cherokee.
Caraway, Morgan (wf Cassie M), clk Dawes com, res 625 S Cherokee.
Carr, J A, steno Dawes com, bds Edmondson hotel.
Cannon, --, night clk frt office, bds 224 S Second.
Cannon, Jesse c, wks Stafford c rest, bds same place.
Cannon, Rev H C c (Annie), C M E ch, res 621 S Fourth.
Campbell, W H, prop Muskogee Cigar Co, res 11 Maddin bldg.
Campbell, J B (wf Minnie), partner Campbell & Warn, real estate,Old Homestead, res 310 W Okmulgee av.
Campbell, Mrs Mary L, bds 505 S Twelfth.
Campbell, Mrs, rec 803 N Cherokee.
Campbell, Wm, bds 803 N Cherokee.
CAMPBELL & WARN, J B Campbell, R C Warn, real estate and abstract office, 4 and 6 Old Homestead bldg.
Caldwell, Mrs. Sophia c, laundress, bds 321 N Eleventh.
Caldwell P C c (wf Charlotte), lab, res 321 N Eleventh.
Calvert, George Vanlandingham, asst art dep Turner Hdw Co, res 504 W Okmulgee av.
Callahan, J O, M X (wf Bettie), Callahan & Rogers, office over First Na'l Bank, res 323 Callahan str.
CALLAHAN & ROGERS, physicians and surgeons, over First National Bank.
Central Pub School, 119 S Second.
CENTRAL MEAT MARKET, Jacob Peterman and J A Reaves, Peterman & Reaves, props, 105 N. Main.
Cessar, P R c, cleaning, S Second, near Sholl.
Cesar, Ransom c (wf Martha), lab, Haynes Brk Yard, res 1120 rear mill.
Church of the Assumption (Catholic), S Second and Fredonia av.
Church, Christian, 303 N Fourth.
Church, Presbyterian, Mission, 207 E Fon Du Lac.
Church, M E South, corner S Cherokee and E Okmulgee
Church, First Baptist, 223 N Third.
Church, First Baptist col, 206 N Third.
Church, A M E col, 203 S Second.
Church C M E col, 419 Elgin av.
Church, M E col, 411 Elgin av.
Church, Second Baptist col, 618 N Sixth r, faces alley.
Church, Central Baptist col, 515 N Fourth.
Church, Grace Episcopal, 128 S Fourth.
Christian, Frank (wf---), transfer, res 220 N K.
Christian, Joe T (Sarah), drayman, res N L, between Irving and Jefferson.
Christian, Frank M (wf Ellen), Christian Bros transfer, res Jefferson and city limits.
Christian, Mrs Annie, res at Frank M Christian.
Christian,Chas, bds 303 N Fourth.
Chick, Miss Retta, steno Dawes com, bds 406 N C.
Childers, J E, farmer, res 912 N C.
Cherry, Sol c, res 315 Emporia.
Cherry, Mrs. Francis c, res 578 N Fifth.
Cherry, Scotty c (wf Lizzie), cook McKnights, res 544 S Fifth.
Cherry, Jas c (wf Sallie) messngr Dawes com, res 546 S Fifth.
Cherr, Robert c, wks Katy yds, bds 1128 S Main.
Chestnutt Gibbons Grocery Co, wholesale grocers, 14 E Okmulgee av.
Chever, A R, steno Dawes com, rms 224 W Okmulgee av.
Cherry and Daugherty c, grocers, 549 S Fifth.
Cherry and Wade, wagon yard, 315 Emporia.
Chadwell, Earl, real estate, bds 319 E Okmulgee.
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, T P Smith, pres; Theo W Gulick, sec'y; rms 20, 21 and 22 Old Homestead bldg.
CHANDLER, JAS D (wf Emma), grocer, 212 N main, res 402 N Cherokee.
Chandler, John (wf Mamie), credit mgr Turner Hdw Co, res 611 Callahan.
CHANDLER MERCANTILE CO, WM Chandler mgr, gen mdse, 114 N Main.
Chaney, W P, clk Dawes com, rms 319 W Broadway.
Champlin, E P, townsite clk, rms No. 45 Maddin bldg.
Chapell, J V (wf Ida), r h foreman, res 533 N C.
Chapman, J E (wf Hellen), Bassler-Chapman Mer Co, res 328 e Okmulgee av.
City Meat Market, E C and John Alley, Alley Bros props, 103 N Main.
Cline, R H (wf Martha), farmer, res 803 N C.
Clinker, Mrs. E, bds 227 N Third.
Cleveland, Grover c, lab bds 221 Elgin av.
Cleveland, R G c, porter Hotel Jones.
Clare, T F (wf S S), Kentucky Home rooming house, 102 N Cherokee, res same.
Clark, Chas, plasterer, bds Commercial hotel.
Clark F M (Cynthia Ann), boarding, res 109 S Main.
Clark, John, Dawes com survey, bds 109 S Main.
Clark, E L, steno C L Jackson, rms 120 S Fourth.
Clark, J S W c, (wf Nannie), carp, res 556 N Ninth.
Clayton, J P (wf Jessie), attorney, office 208 1/2 W Broadway, res 324 Cincinnati av.
Clay, W A (wf Berea)foreman Katy gang, bds 912 N C.
Clanton, Joe c (wf Lou), farmer, res 704 N Div Boulevard.
Clough, F P, foreman waterwks construction at river.
Cox, A A, quarry lab.
Cox, Mrs. J R, bds 804 N Cherokee.
Couch, W M (wf S C), lab, res 324 Emporia.
Couch, Ben (wf Birdie), transfer, res 330 Emporia.
Coulter, Charles, tinner, bds 321 S B.
Court, United STates, for Wetern Dist;-Raymond, judge; Bennett, marshal; Harrison, clk; Court bldg cor N Second and W Court.
Cowan, J L (wf Clara I), carp, res 409 Houston.
Cotner, Miss Mazie, cent operator Tel Co, bds 501 S Main.
Cotner, James A (wf Maud, steno Dawes com), law clk Daweds com, rm 501 S Main.
Cotner, Geo (wf Anna), real estate, res 501 S Main.
Cotner, B S, mgr Knights, bds 307 N Third.
Cotton, Jas c (wf Birdie), labs bd 608 Girard.
Cotton, R C c (Alice), lab, res 828 N Div Boulevard.
Cottingham, Monta, bds 319 E Okmulgee av.
Cory, L A (wf Amber), trav slsmn Turner Hdw Co, res 405 N C.
Cornelison, Miss Mattie, milliner, bds 342 E Okmulgee av.
Cornish, Clinton, mach helper, rms 533 N C.
Corbbrey, Miss Mary, cook 328 Callahan.
Corbutt, Miss emma, steno, bds 207 S Main.
Corbutt, J J, shoemaker, res 207 S Main.
Cooper, JC c (wf Josie), lab, bds 503 N Ninth.
Cook, R E (wf Fay), Member Muskogee WholGro Co, bds 211 E Okmulgee av.
Cook, C C, switchman, bds 233 S C.
Cooks, Bud c, lab, res 1213 S Main.
Cook, W J, clk Dawes com, rms Fite-Rowsey bldg.
Cook, Chas, barber, rms 217 S Second.
Connor, Ambrose, salesman Spaulding Mer Co, bds 404 Callahan.
Cone, John (wf Matilda), lab, res 635 N Third.
Conyer, Jas c (wf Mary), lab, res 529 N Div Boulevard.
Conway, David (wf Catherine A), railroad watchman, res 219 S C.
COMMERCIAL PRINTING CO. I G Douglas and E C Dighton, Meagher bldg 221 1/2 N Main.
Comby, Mrs. J J, res 449 N Cherokee.
COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK, D H Middleton, pres; C W Turner, vice-pres; D N Fink, cashier; 202 N Main.
Compton, Laurence, lab, bds 544 S Main.
Commercial Hotel, J C McCulloch, prop, ea Katy track, opposite Depot hotel.
Combs, S F, wks Bridgman laundry.
Colburn, Frank (wf Bertha) Katy night yard master, res 229 S B.
Colbert, Mrs. Queen, prop Queen hotel, 208 S Cherokee.
Colbert, Louis c, lab, bds 38 Iola.
Colbert, Jas c (wf Rosa) lab, res 546 N Fourth.
Coleman, Beaureguard (wf Alberta), wks hotel rms 1007 S Main.
Coleman, Margaret c, cook, 131 S Third.
Collins, Mrs Lizzie c, dom, bds 720 N Fifth.
Collins, Johnnie c, bds 544 N Fourth.
Collins, A H (Annie),clk Dawes com, res 110 S Fourth.
Collins, Wess c (wf Susie), wks Joe Sondheimer, res 52 W Southside Boulevard.
Collins, Tim, wks 607 S Second.
Collier, A H, tinner, bds Hensly.
Columbia, The, L Brin, prop, gen'l mdse. 206 W Broadway.
Coker, R C (wf M C), teamster, res 704 Houston.
Coehenour, W T, jeweler, wks Mesch, bds Brown hotel.
Coehenour, Mrs W T, saleslady Mesch, bds Brown hotel.
Cofield, John (wf Laura), lab, res 803 S Main.
Coffman, W S, street salsmn, bds Hoffman House.
Cochran, A F (wf Grace), cement worker, res 714 S Sixth.
Cochran, H E, bds Oxford.
COBB, J O , DRUGGIST, N Main, res 318 E Okmulgee av.
Cobb, H C, pharm J O Cobb, bds 530 N Cherokee.
Cobb, Robert (wf Joheeme), salesman, bds 633 E Broadway.
Cobb, John, salesman Patt Mer Co, rms 428 N Cherokee.
Cobb, Simpson C, lab, bds 1211 N B.
Cobb, R B C "Bent" (wf Mary E), guard U S jail, res 1211 N B.
Cobb, Miss Ethel, bds 711 Elgin av.
Cobb, S A (wf A Zona), civil eng, res 711 Elgin av.
Coates, Alex c (wf Dorethea), jan Ind offices, res 548 N Ninth.
Coates, Julius c (wf Sophronia, laundress), blacksmith, res 501 N Sixth.
Cruel, Miss Fanny c, dom 221 S Fourteenth.
Crump, W J (wf Dora), attorney Crump & Bailey, office 220 1-2 N Second, res cor Fredonia and N G.
Cruse, Janus, lab, bds 324 S B.
Crutsinger, Frank M, a w clk Dawes com, rms 123 S Fourth.
Crutsinger, Miss Margaret, steno Dawes com, bds 502 N Cherokee.
Croninger, Arthur J, steno to U S Atty, rms 445 N Cherokee.
Croinwell, J I (wf Mabel Y), clk Ind Inspec, res 511 N C.
Cross, Herbert, lab, bds 420 N G.
Cross, A B, photo, bds Skeltons.
Cross, Frank, stonecutter, bds 420 N> Crow, Edward, slsmn, bds 404 E Broadway.
Crouch, C W (wf Bertha), gunsmith, S Second, res 515 Irving.
Crowley, Willis (wf Tessie>, merchant, bd 707 S Cherokee.
Crist, Mrs. Mary, bds 424 N G.
Crist, Mrs Katharine, res 424 N G.
Crean, ---, switchman, bds 233 S C.
Creek Groc Co, Elliott Fue, B F Brown, L Austin, 113 S Second.
Creek Livery Barn, Ragsdale & Bailey props, 211 S Fourth.
Crabtree, J A (wf Allie), lab, bds 725 N Third.
Crabtree, Mrs H E, res 418 S Cherokee.
Craig, Mrs Martha c, laundress, res 404 N Fourth.
Crain, Miss Agnes, teacher pub schools, bds 127 S Third.
Crain, Miss Addie, teacher, bds 127 S Third.
Crain, Mrs Anna R, res 127 S Third.
Cravens, W M, Rutherford & Cravens, attys English block, bds 1022 Elgin av.
Cravens, R R (wf Nan G), clk Dawes com, res 1022 Elgin av.
Crafton, Anthony (Cammie A), atty, Old Homestead bldg, res 410 E Okmulgee av.
Crawford, Thos, wks Katy tracks, bds 816 Callahan.
Crawford, S B (wf Ella), carp, res 816 Callahan.
Crawford, Gus, lather, bds 816 Callahan.
Crawford, E H (wf E H), insurance, rms 513 W Court.
Crawford, Wm (wf Maud), steno Ind office, res 509 Denison.
CUMBERLEDGE & ENGLISH, S G Cumberidge, A H English, druggists, 200 W Broadway.
Cumberidge, C G< C & English, druggists, res Union Depot hotel.
Cummings, Mrs A E, bds 449 N Cherokee.
Cummings, E (wf M V)rm 715 Elgin av.
Cumming, Walter, switchman, bds Oxford.
Curry, D C c (wf Angeline), lab, res 1027 Fon du Lac.
Curns, David c (wf Lucy), cook, res 729 elgin av.
Cutler, Mrs. EE, res 302 S Third.
Cutler, Miss Basima ("Simmie"), bds 302 S Third.


Dabbs, J L (wf Maude), pres First Nat'l Bank, res 219 E Okmulgee av.
Dade, Rev J M c (wf Ella), pastor First Bap ch, col, res 1122 S Main.
DAILY, DR C E (wf Lookah) office 109 1-2, N Main, res 921 W Okmulgee av.
Dailey, Fay, marble carver, bds 603 S Third.
Darrow, W C (wf Viola), farmer, res 617 Irving.
Daniel, Dan c, Daniel Bros groc, res 630 W Fon du Lac.
Daniel Bros Grocery c, 634 W Fon du Lac.
Daniels, Mrs Jane c, bds 702 N Fourth.
Daniels, Henry, farmer bds 640 Alley bet N Third and N Fourth.
Daughtry, Mrs Mamie c, rest and hotel, 311 1-2 Emporia, res same.
Daugherty, Willie c, part Cherry & Daugherty.
Davidson, Rev W H c, (wf Hattie), min C M E ch, res 1612 W Court.
Davis, S L (wf Mary J), sew mach agt, res 227 S Cherokee.
Davis, J B (wf Alice), sew mach agt, bd 227 S Cherokee.
Davis, J B & Co, sewing machines, office 21 E Okmulgee av.
Davis, Mrs Carrie, dom 823 E Broadway.
Davis, C W (wf Sallie), tinner, res 832 N F.
Davis, E C, well driller, bds 608 Houston.
Davis & Burch, real estate, Old Homestead.
Davis & Dudding, furniture, 109 S Main.
Davis, Leslie M, newsboy, bds 225 S C.
Davis, W T (wf Sarah), farmer, res 225 S C.
Dawes, S B (wf Margaret), atty, office Spaulding bldg, res 1021 Elgin av.
Davidson, Miss Floy, bds 539 S Sixth.
Davidson, A A(wf Alexie), clk Dawes com, res 328 S Cherokee.
Davidson, W H (wf Lonie), grocer 202 N Cherokee, res 211 E Okmulgee av.
Davidson, J C, salesman, bds 211 E Okmulgee av.
Davidson, C S, 1 clk Dawes com.
Davies, Miss Josie, steno Dawes com, bds 314 N C.
Davis & kayser, attys, Spaulding bldg.
Davis, Claud, Kenefic Const Co, Old Homestead bldg.
Davis, F M (wf Lucy Belle), atty and real est, office No. 5 Old Homestead bldg, res 704 E Okmulgee av.
Davis, Harry G (wf Mabel I), Davis & Kayser attys, Spaulding bldg, res 535 N Cherokee.
Davis, Jackson c (wf Fanny), quarryman, res 721 Howard.
Davis, J B c, guard U S jail, res 926 N Fifth.
Davis, J Walter c (wf Mary B), janitor Elks hall, res 503 N Ninth.
Davis, Mrs Martha, res 477 N Tenth.
Davis, R H c (wf Mary Ida), carp, res 323 N Thirteenth.
Davis, J C (wf Minnie, dressmaker), teamster, res 1103 Emporia.
Davis, Hiram (wf Nellie), lab, res 415 N Sixth.
Davis, Dr J M c (wf Maggie), office McDaniel bldg N Main, res 513 S Main.
Davis, J W (wf Nellie), Davis & Dudding, furniture, res 517 S Second.
Davis, M F (wf Lizzie), painter, res 707 Georgetown av.
Davis, J M (wf Sarah), lab, res 1020 N H.
Dawson, Mrs Sarah H c, bds 231 S Main.
Dawson, C S (wf Effie S), clk Dawes com, res 225 W Broadway.
Day, Horace E, clk Dawes com, rms 522 W Broadway.
Day, Albert c (wf Janie), lab, res 639 N Fifth.
Dean, Jack c (wf Mary), driv Muskogee Whol Gro Co, 817 S Second.
Dean, Mrs. Nannie, groceries, 907 N Cherokee, res 911 N Cherokee.
Dean, Ed, driv Muskogee Trans Co, bds 631 W Fon du Lac.
DeBord, Miss Kate, steno Dawes com, rms 706 S Second.
DeGraffenried, R P (wf Bessie L), atty, Ayers bldg, res 533 N Twelfth.
Dent, R M, yd clk Katy, bds Edmondson hotel.
Dennis, C M (wf Allie M), carp, 123 N M.
Dennis, Granville c (wf Martha), lab, res 713 S Div Boul.
Dennis, J Thos (wf Minnie), brickmason, res 416 N Third.
Dennis, Miss Annie c, dom, bds 217 W Fon du Lac.
Dennis, Goode c, lab, bds 62 Joplin.
Delay, Jack (wf Maggie), plasterer, res 1422 Dayton.
Delay, John (wf Hattie), lab, res 515 N Cherokee.
Deming, M E (wf Fannie), foreman "Phoenix," res 417 Balt av.
Deming, Miss Sadie, bds 215 S B.
Devine, Miss Ametia c, cook 217 S Sixth.
DeVinna, J F, night turnkey U S jail, bds 301 N Second.
DeVinna, Miss Bertha, saleslady Patt Mer Co, bds 307 N Second.
Dewar, W P, sec-treas Kenefic Constr Co, office rms 101-102 Old Homestead bldg.
Dickman, J L, emp Dawes com, rms 539 S Third.
Dickey, David F, steno U S court, bds 309 W Broadway.
Dickson, Tom c (wf Hattie), lab, res 413 N Fifth.
Diffendeffer, C T, steno Dawes com, bds 226 Court.
Dighton, E C (wf Mamie), partner Com Pr Co, 421 Okmulgee av.
Dighton, Mrs Lula, boarding, res 233 S B.
Dinsley, Mrs D, teacher city schools, res 104 W Okmulgee av>
Dismy, L G (wf Nettie), law clk Dawes com, res 128 E Okmulgee av.
Dittlebrandt, Dr. H A (wf Emma), office Sondheimer bldg, res---.
Dixon, Mrs Alice c, laundress, res 610 S Sixth.
Dixon, Mrs Mollie c, cook 315 N Sixth.
Dixon, Mrs Nancy, laundress, res 1225 Emporia.
Dodson, Sterling, carp, bds 713 N C.
Dodson, L P (wf H N), res 713 N C.
Dodson, Miss Ella, dressmaker, bds 713 N C.
Dodson, Mrs A H, bds 530 N Cherokee.
Dodson, Jas S (wf Lillia), clk Dawes com, res 530 N Cherokee.
Dodds, Miss Nettie, waitress, Union Depot hotel.
Doggett, Mrs Minnie, boarding, res 225 W Court.
Doherty, R L, drftsman Dawes com, bds 214 S Third.
Doleman, Mrs Jane c, res 409 N Sixth.
Donald, Jno A, civ eng, emp O & C C Ry, rms 75 Maddin bldg.
Donovan, Miss Anna, waitress Union Depot hotel.
Doolittle, Wm, wks Haynes brk yard.
Dooley, J B (wf Addie W), baggage deliv, res 418 Fredonia.
Dorris, Chas (wf Ada D),lab, res 222 E Fon du Lac.
Dorris, Fielding (wf Ida), lab, res 222 E Fon du Lac.
Dorsey, Robt (wf Minnie), carp, res 810 N Cherokee.
Dorsey, Wm M (wf Sallie), teamster, res 426 Elmira.
Dorsey, Mose c (wf Ella), cook, rm 306 S Second.
Dorsey, John W (wf Anna), undertkr, res 534 N C.
Douglas, C B (wf Annie) editor and publisher "Phoenix," res 615 S Second.
Douglas, S A (wf Carrie T), life ins, res 341 E Okmulgee av.
Douglas, Levi c, cook, bds 811 Market.
Douglas, I C, editor Commercial, bds Hoffman house.
Dowell, A M, butcher, bds Hoffman house.
Dowling, Miss Anna, waitress Union Depot hotel.
Downey, W M, roadmaster O & C C, bds Edmondson hotel.
Downing, W A (wf Bonnie), bkpr "Phoenix," rm 615 S Second.
Downing, Richard (wf Fannie), guard U S jail, res 538 Altamont.
Downing, Miss Ella, slslady THe Fair, bds 607 N Cherokee.
Downing, Wm (wf Alice), lab, res 607 N Cherokee.
Downs, E C (wf Jennie G), gardener, res 545 S Fifth.
Doyle, Thomas, driver F Swift, bds 205 S C.
Doyle, Frank (wf Minnie), lab, res 631 S Third.
Doyle, John (Laura E), guard U S jail, res 607 S Second.
Doyle, Will, cutter Central Meat Market.
Drake, Mrs Nettie c, boarding, res 309 S Second.
Drake, G E, clk O K grocery, bds 907 N C.
Drake, E L (wf Ida), contractor, res 1211 Callahan.
Drost, Henry (wf Maggie), wks ry, res r 401 N Cherokee.
Drummond, R c (wf K J), lab , res 507 Elgin av.
Drummond, Miss Anna c, bds 507 Elgin av.
Dutcher, G E (wf Flora), ry contractor, res 402 Fredonia.
Durham, M L, mgr Star Laundry, 110 S Cherokee.
Durfild, Sallie c, cook Queen hotel.
DURFEY HARDWARE CO, E R Durfey, pres; C M Bradley, v-pres; W E Rowsey, treas; S H SMith, sec; gen hardware, 111 N Second.
Durfey, E R (wf Sallie), Durfey Hdw Co, res 513 S Cherokee.
Durfew, Joseph, guard U S jail, rms 49 Maddin bldg.
Durham, Wiley D (wf Nannie), bkpr for J Sanders, res S B.
Duncan, Mrs M J c, res 1128 S Main.
Duncan, G W (wf Ella), mgr Musk Roller Mill co, res 612 N Cherokee.
Duncan, W M (wf Anna), res 129 N ES Boulevard.
Duncan Miss Elizabeth, bds 612 N Cherokee.
Dunbar, Henry c, lab, bds 1007 S Main.
Dunleavy, M F, res 1131 Mill.
Dumas, Miss Minnie, steno Hutchings & West, bds 123 E Okmulgee av.
Dugan, Chas (wf Ida), lab, res 126 N G.
Dudding, J R (wf T J), Davis & Dudding, furniture S Main, res 501 N Cherokee.
DuBois, B R (wf Lizzie), salesman Tur Hdw Co, res 320 Elmira.
DuBois, Miss Mildred, bds 320 Elmira.
Dwyer, Wm, loco eng, res 68 Maddin bldg.
Dyer, J M (wf Maggie), teaming, res 103 S Third.
Dyer & Ely, blacksmiths, S Main.
DYER, J R (wf S D), feed and coal, W Okmulgee av, res 26 W Southside Boulevard.
Dyer, Chas (wf Nora), eng Patt gin, res 611 N Cherokee faces ry.
Dyer, John (wf Cynthia), blksmith, res 113 Callahan.
Dyer, Mrs Lou, res 419 Elmira.
Dyer, Geo, switchman, bds 426 Elmira.
Dyson, Miss Alma, dom, bds 575 N Fourth.


Egan, Frank, engineer, bds 407 E Broadway.
Early, M F (wf Emma R), clk Dawes com, res 212 N Third.
Earnest, Leonard L, farmer, bds 609 Jefferson.
Earnest, J L, farmer, res 609 Jefferson.
Eaton, Walter R (wf Blanch A), sec Const Co Muskogee Southern Ry, res 211 Callahan.
Eatherly, Tom (wf Lottie), carp, res 640 alley bet N Third and Fourth.
Eberle, C H (wf Lucille), ins agt, res 514 Columbus av.
Eby, L F, Fast & Eby Vienna Cafe, bds Oxford.
Eddleman, Miss Pearl, steno Ind agt, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
Eddleman, D J (wf Mary), poultry breeder, res 205 N Div Boulevard.
Eddleman, S George, surveyor, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
Eddleman, A Zur, civ eng, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
Eddleman, Miss Ora V, ed and pub "Twin Territories," 19 Old Homestead, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
Edmondson, C R & Co, fruits and confections, cor W Okmulgee and Second.
Edmonds, J K (wf Susie M), insurance, office over First Nat bank, res 503 Denison.
EDMONDSON HOTEL, HH Edmondson prop, 227 N Second.
Edmondson, H H (wf Maggie E), prop Edmonson hotel, 227 N Second, res same.
Edmondson, Luther E, engineer, bds Edmondson hotel.
Edmondson, Miss Ada C, bds Edmondson hotel.
Edmondson, Thos H, switchman, bds Edmondson hotel.
Edwards R Y (wf Blanche), slsmn Knight's , res 318 E Callahan.
Edwaqrds, Lee c (wf Ella), drayman, res 562 Altamont.
Edwards, R L, lab, res 125 Okmulgee av.
Edwards, W R, driver 128 S Main.
Eggleston, R N (wf Blanche), real estate and piano slsmn, res 536 S Second.
Eisenberg, R B, steno Dawes com, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Elliott, Wm, wks Central Meat Market.
Elliott, Geo, teleg lineman, bds Commercial hotel.
Elliott, Margaret, dom 131 N F.
Elliott, Will, lab bds 12 E Fon du Lac.
Elliott, J H (wf Sarah), wks Katy, res 12 E Fon du Lac.
Elliott, Miss Cora c, dom, rms 608 Girard.
Elliott, G W (wf Annie), chief bkpr Spaulding Mer Co res 415 N Cherokee.
Ellis, Preston J, Ellis & Bates grocers cor Okmulgee av and Main, rms 219 Callahan.
Ellis, Mrs Julia, dom, res 629 N Sixth.
Elvert, James (wf Frances), plasterer, res 1504 Dayton.
Ely, Wilson (wf Belle), carp, res 574 N Fifth.
English, A H (wf Josephine), Cumberledge & English druggists, res 126 S Third.
English, A Z (wf Bessie), dep U S clk, res 527 W Okmulgee av.
English, Jessie c (wf Ella), lab, 543 N Fourth.
Enos, elbert (wf Mary) driver Cen Mark, res 623 N Cherokee r facing Katy ry.
Epperson, Will c (Lizzie), servant 309 S Sixth.
Equitable Life Assurance Agency, P B Bostic mgr, 24 Homestead.
ESTES, BEN T (wf Effie), druggist 101 N Main, res 120 S Third.
Estes, J K (wf Nannie)confec store N Main, res 120 S Third.
ESTES, ED A (wf Lena), Sucar to S Gavagan drugs, 106-108 N Main, res 521 S Third.
Estes, Mrs Jennie, res 502 N Cherokee.
Estes, H T (wf Huldah), postmaster, res 339 Callahan.
Estes, Mrs Effie, slsldy BenEstes, res 120 S Third.
Evans, Rees, clk Dawes com, rms Fite-Rowsey bldg.
Evans, W H, civ engineer, rms Maddin bldg.
Evans, Rev A Grant (wf Katharine), pres Kendall college, res pres house college grounds.
Evans, Wm M (wf Jennetta), housekeeper, 117 S Sixth.
Evana, Jas (wf Elnora)b1ksmith, res 631 N Fifth.
Evans, R A (wfˇAlice) stock man, res ~22 N Cheroicee.
Evans, Walter, slsmn Patterson Mer Co, bds 222 N Cherokee.
Evans, Miss Hulette, dom, bds 631 N Fifth.
Everts, W M (wf Lelia) part Everts & Steele "The Fair," res 722 S Third.
European Hotel, Mrs Geo Zufall prop, 129 S Second.


Fahrion, Chas (wf Clara), Katy baggage agt, rm 67 Maddin bldg.
Fair, Reuben (.wf-Amanda), wks Patterson gin, res 619 NCherokee r facing Katy ry.
FAIR, THE, Steele & Everts props, 210-212 W Broadway.
Fair, Mrs M C, bds 619 N Cherokee r facing ry.
Fair, Miss Viola, dressmaker Spaulding Mer Co, bds 719 North Cherokee r facing ry.
Farmers' Restaurant c, L A Kelly prop, 220 N Second.
Farnsworth, Jay P Jr, steno Dawes corm, rms 319 W Broadway.
Farmer, Z (wf Annie), bkpr Patterson Mer Co, res 112 N Sixth.
FARRELL, JOHN, contractor and builder, mgr Muskogee Plan-ing Mill, rms 112 ˝ N Cherokee.
Farrar, T J (wf Elva M), clk Dawes corm, res 817 N C.
Farmers' Roller Mill, W H Stout, mgr, 302 Emporia.
Farmer, N K (wf Eliza), farmer, rea 624 W Broadway.
Farmer, Arthur (wf Nannie), bkpr Chandler Mer Co, res 112 N Sixth.
Farmer, C W (wf Mattie), 0 K groc, N C and Houston, res 907 N C.
Farmer, J, colctr Patterson Mer Co, bds N Sixth and Broadway.
Fast, J C, prop Oxford Cafe, res 428 N Cherokee.
Faulks, Mrs Georgia C, dorm, bds 813 Emporia.
Faurot, John, timekpr and paym.str Midland Bridge Co, office Maddin bldg, bds 125 E Okmulgee, av.
Fears, W S (wf Nola), Ark Val Twnsite Co, res 532 N Thirteenth,
Fears, Mrs Annie bd. 532 N-Thirteenth.
Fergruson, Rev H c (wf Paania), C M E ch, res 415 Elgin av.
Ferguson, Mrs Effie, nurse, bds 206 N Eastside Boulevard.
Ferrell, A N (wf F R), eng oil mill1 res 709 N Third.
Ferrell, Albert c (wf Mary J), lab, res 62 Joplin.
Ferrille, Mrs W A, res 216 S B.
Ferrille, Herbert, slsmn Turner Hdw Co, bdss 216 S B.
Fielding, H, compositor Phoenix, bds Hoffman house.
Fields, Sam c (wf Charity), farmer, res 710 N Fifth.
Fike, Robt H (wf Susie L), res 117 5 Second.
Fink, J C (wf Sarah), plasterer, res 914 N Main.
FINK E L (wf Sarah), oil dealer, res 527 N Fourth.
Fink, D N (wf Lillian E), cashr Coml Nat bank, res 401 N C.
Finch, Bobt c, butcher 642 Emporia, bds 409 N Sixth.
Firorentina, A D, huckster, bds. Edmondson hotel.
Fishero, John (wf Elizabeth), carp, res 335 E Okmulgee.
FIRST NATIONAL BANK, J L Dabbs, pres; F C Hubbard v-resident; B A Randle, cashr; W T Wisdom, ast cashr; 119 N Main.
Fisher, Guy, slsmn Muskoge.Whol Gro Co, rms 428 N Cherokee.
Fisher, Jacob, baker, rms 321 N S.oond.
Fist Herman (wf Carrie L), in. agt, res 528 W Broadway.
Fishero, Sam (wf Fannie), plasterer, res 612 S Second.
Fishero, Jas, lather, bds 612 S Second.
Fishero, Chas, plasterer, bds. 612 S Second.
Fite, Dr F B (wf Julia), Fite & Blakewore physicians, res 322 W Broadway.
Flakes, Bedney c (wf Hattie), cook, res 708 S Sixth.
Flake., N I (wf Laura), lab, res 714 S Eighth.
Flaherty, Tom, atone contractor, bds 404 E Broadway.
Fletcher, Neal C, wks Com'l hotel.
Fletcher, Jas c, lab, stkyds, bds 612 N Fifth.
Flippin, Howard, lab 815 Emporia.
Floyd, Clyde (wf Bernice), car inspector, res 402 Houston.
Flynn, Mrs Belle C, laundress, res 130 S Fourth.
Flynn, Miss Lula C, dorm, bds 130 S Fourth.
Flynn, Mrs Mary C, res 635 S Fourth.
Folsom, Rector C, wks Oxford.
Forbes, Joe E, slsmn J C Welch & Co, bds 210 N G.
Ford, P M (wf Mary), dep U S Clk Vinita, res 209 S Third.
Ford, J W, ~smn Todd Gro Co, rms 61 Maddin bldg.
Forrest. Edwin (wf Ella) atty, Rulison bldg, res Fourteenth and Denison.
Forster, S W (wf Emma T), restaurant, res 564 N Fifth.
Foster, Drake (wf Lizzie), teamster, res 1213 Dayton.
Foster, Thos S (wf Mary), res 908 S Cherokee.
Foster, Miss Cora B C, dom, 704 W Okmulgee av.
Foster, S W, clk Dawes corm, res 704 S Third.
Fowler, Rev J C (wf Etta), Pres Eld M E ch S, res 410 Callahan.
Fowler, Doc, wks Dr Callahan.
Fouts; Mrs Marie, res 218 N Third.
Fouts, Oscar c (wf Addie), cook, res 618 N Fifth.
Fouts, Mrs Cora, dressmaker; res 613 N Third.
Fox, Mrs Georga c, dom, 534 W Okmulgee av.
Fox, J C (wf Huldah), wks oil mill, res 809 N Cherokee.
Fox, Passie, bds 204 S C.
Fox, Miss Susie, dom R Boren.
Frank, Terry, lnch and gro, 17 E Okmulgee av.
Franklin, W T (wf M A), lab, res 627 Altamont.
Franklin, Wirt (wf Mary Cecile,) steno Dawes, com, rm 89-91 Maddin bldg.
Freeland, Miss Belle, bds 606 S Second.
Freeland, Geo W (wf, Hattie), partner I T Land Co, res Second.
Freeman, Chas (wf Augusta B), mgr Roessler-Freeman Shoe Co, res 509 W Court.
Freeman, S C (wf Malinda), contractor, res 515 Callahan.
Freeman, Miss Anna, slsldy W H Woodward, bds 515 Callaha.
Freeman, Leland, cashr Knight's, bds 515 Callahan.
French Piano Co, Jesse, R N Eggleston mgr, 24 Old Homestead.
Fricks, C W (wf Ida), tinner, res 321 N Ninth.
Friday, Jack (wf Mahala), lab, res 512 W Tower Hill Boulevard.
Friend, E A, clk Ed Estes, rms 12 Maddin bldg.
Frink, E L, painter, bds 706 Georgetown av.
Frink,M L (wf Albina), painter, res 706 Georgetown av.
Frost, Claude, mgr dry gds dept Spaulding Mer Co, bds 351 Callahan.
Fryer, Geo T (wf Nettie), contractor, res 709 S Second.
Fue, L F c (wf Ida), carp, res 704 S Sixth.
Fue, Jabe c, carp, .bds 704 S. Sixth.
Fulsom, Mrs -, cook 514 W Broadway.
Fullerton, J B (wf Annie), wks Katy rndhse, 705 N B.
Funk, Edward C, cik Dawes com, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.


Gage, G S, real estate, bds Edrnondson hotel.
Gallemore, Dr C B, office 28-30 Maddin bldg, res same.
Gardner, Robt (wf Emma Lee), res 309 N Main.
Garland, W W (wf Ada), bkpr Turner Hdw Co, res 537 Columbus av.
Garvin, Herschal (wf Lottie), rest kpr, res 628 S Third.
Garvin, J D, lab, bds 628.5 Third.
Gatts, T J, slsmn Knights, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.
Gee, J D (wf W L), buyer Turner~Hdw Co, bd 222 N Cherokee.
George, Ed (wf Winnie), farmer, res 624 S Div Boulevard.
George, J B (wf Maggie), real estate, res 320 N Sixth.
Germain, W H (wf Ella M), carp, res 814 S Main.
Gibson, N A (wf Florence D), atty, office English blk, res 539 South Sixth.
Gibson, T L, rms 33-35 Maddin bldg.
Gibson, Jas K, clk Dawes com, rms 33-35 Maddin bldg.
Gibson, Jo Tomerville, clk Dawes com, bds 309 W Broadway.
Gibson, Montague, printer Times.
Gibson, Mrs Hettie c, dom, res 801 Emporia.
Gilbert, W C (wf Jennie), tailor 111 1-2 N Main, bds 215 Callahan.
Gilbert, Chas, lab, bds 505 Irving.
Gilmore, M E, sur chg Dawes com, rms 33-35 Maddin bldg.
Gilmore, Mrs E W, W C T U hdqutrs, 128 E Okmulgee av.
Gilmore, Miss Martha, ed "Our Helper," bds 128 E Okmulgee.
Gilmore, C B (wf Cherokee), Gilmore Gro Co, Cherokee & Okmulgee av, res 715 Callahan.
Gillum, Jesse, lather, bds 301 N Second.
Glass, J E c (wf L E), Jan city bldgs, res 923 Mill.
Godfrey, Chas (wf Emma), lab, bds, 112 S Boulevard.
Goleman, Mrs Delia c, laundress, res 563 Altamont.
Goon, Charley, Muskogee Steam Laundry, 412 N Main.
Good, D B, carp, bds 724 S Cherokee.
Goonan, P W, switchman, bds 243 5 C.
Gorham, J C (wf Maggie), bridgeman, res 716 E Broadway.
Gordon, Tom c, bds 635 S Fourth.
Gordon, F J c (wf N J, matron), pres Sango college, res Howard and N Fifth.
Gordon, B C c, letter carrier No 2, bds Sango college.
Gordon, James G (wf Beulah), ginner, res 358 Callahan.
Gordon, Miss Pearl, bds 358 Callahan.
Gracy, T J (wf Maud), barber, res 623 S Third.
Graham, J M (wf Bessie), farmer, res 904 Market.
Grammer, H P, carp, bds 314 5 Cherokee.
Grant, Elliott c (wf Birdie), lab Katy yds, res 73 Kinsley.
Grant, Clifford, wks J C Welch.
Graves, John (wf Laura), switchman, bd 233 S C.
Graves, Thos c (wf Sarah), lab, res 401 N Sixth.
Gray, Robt c (wf Dolly), lab 617 S Fourth.
Gray, Harriett, steno, bds 206 N F.
Gray, Mrs M A, seamstress, rms 324 S Main.
Gray, Will c, res 1208 S Second.
Gray, Tom c (wf Barbara), lab, res 830 Mill.
Grayson, Bev J L c (wf Matilda) res 604 Howard.
Green, Mrs - bds 1404 Dayton.
Green, Della (wf Alma), lab, res 1404 E Broadway.
Green, Wm. A, atty, rms 111 and 112 Old Homestead bldg.
Greene, C D, wtr Skelton's rest.
Greene, Miss Francis, slslady N Y store.
Green, Miss Annie, res 328 Callahan.
Greene, Miss Marion, housekr, bds Pres house Kendall col.
Greene, Mrs Mattie C, boarding, res 437 N Fifth.
Green, Pearl c, dom, bds 1017 Dension.
Greer Bert R, (wf Lillian) real est, Spaulding bldg, res 230 N Kendall Boulevard.
Gregory, A L, M D, office Turner bld, rms 321 N Second.
Gregory, R E, (wf Mamie) carp, res 412 Denison.
Grider, W K (wf Elizabeth) lab, res 216 N K.
Griesel, E C, clk Dawes Com, rms 319 W Broadway.
Grissom, Miss Anna, bds 416 Houston.
Grissom, E W (wf M F) collector, res 416 Houston.
Grissom, Ollie, ,bds Oxford.
Gross, J W (wf Ida) Gross & Tussey groc 208 N Second res 303 W S S Boulevard.
Gross, Richard, slsman Gross & Tussey, bds 303 W S S Boul.
Gross, Miss Maud, bds 303 W S S Boulevard.
Grubbs, E B, (Anna Lee) ptr Phoenix Clo Co, res 528 W Court.
Grubbs, Frank (Addie) ptr Phoenix Clo Co, res 528 W Court.
Grubbs, A S, Shoe Co, A S and F H Grubbs props, 109 N Main.
Grunawalt, H W, Grunawalt & Thomas cont, res 215 S Cherokee.
Grunawalt, David, carp, bds 215 S Cherokee.
Grunawalt, John, carp, bds 215 S Cherokee.
Grunawalt, Miss Emma, bds 215 S Cherokee.
Grunawalt & Thomas, cont and bldrs, office S Main.
Guinn, Miss Mollie, bds 1503 Dayton.
Guinn, T A B, (wf M D) teaming, res 1503 Dayton.
Guinn, Oscar, lab, bds 923 N Cherokee.
Gulick, Theo W, (Katharyn) Sec, Chamber of Commerce, res 526 W Okmulgee av.
Goodman, Ellis (wf Chlora) blksmth, res 110 S Fourth.
Gunby, J C, M D, office 9 and 10 Old Homestead bldg, rms 111 and 112 same bld.
Guaranty Life Ins Co, E J Mints Pres, N F Hancock, Vice Pres C J Miller Sec, office 109 Old Homestead bldg.


Haas, Geo, upholst, S Cherokee and Baltimore av.
Hackbush, H S, (wf Katharne), civil engineer, res 525 S Second.
Hackbusch, H C F clk Dawes Com, rms 226 S Third.
Hagerty, Chas E, (wf Anna L) civil engineer, office 109 1-2 W Okmulgee av, res 127 Cincinnatti av.
Haagstrom, Oscar, (wf Lottie) car repair M K & T, res 606 N.
Hailey, Jack, cond M K & T, rm 6 121 1-2 N Main.
Haiship, L L well driller, bds 304 Irving.
Hams, Henry G, steno Dawes Com, bds 549 S Sixth.
Hall, John c, lab, bds 573 Altamont.
Hall, Father Francis E, Asst Missionary, rms 529 S Second.
Halley, James C (wf Jennie), lab, res 920 Broadway.
Haltom, W E (wf Sarah A), res 327 Baltimore av.
Haltom, Mollie L, Dressmaker, bds 327 Baltimore av.
Haltom, Miss Sarah, Dressmaker, bds 327 Baltimore av.
Haltom, J G, slsman Maddin Hdw Co, bds 327 Baltimore av.
Haltom, Downie, bds 327 Baltimore av.
Hambright, Mrs Mattie, res 411 N Second.
Hamlin, RH (wf Grace) lab, res 513 Emporia.
Hamlin, U G (wf Mary), painter. res 409 N Sixth.
Hamm, J W (wf Minnie), collector, res 705 N Cherokee.
Hamm, Miss Pearl, steno Campbell & Warn, bds 321 N Sixth.
Hammer, G W (wf Olive), foreman imp dep, Turner Hdw Co res 1512 E Okmulgee av.
Hammett, Ellis (wf Willie), harness maker, res 409 Baltimore av.
Hampton, Otis (wf Jennie), pressman Phoenix, rms 613 S Fourth.
Hancock, N F, (wf Virginia) pres. Muskogee Drug Co, res 631 S Third.
Holman, John W, civil engineer 0 & C C Ry.
Holpert, John E, shoemaker, 100 N Main.
Holpert, John, shoemaker, 100 N Main.
Holly, Miss Bertha, slsldy Knight, bds Edmondson hotel.
Hollingsworth, Brooks, weigher Muskogee Ice Co. bds Oxford.
Holstein, J A (wf Eva) Street Comr, res 1504 E Broadway.
Holt, Miss L A, bds 351 Callahan.
Halloway R G (wf Lillie) dry goods dept Chandler Mer Co, res 422 E Broadway.
Holeman, Jas (wf Bertha) teamster, res 332 N K.
Hollins, Frank C (wf Jane) laborer, res 573 Altamont.
Holloway Miss Hattie, c dom 437 W Okmulgee.
Home Bakery, L M Settle, Ed Walls, bakery and grocery, 311 N Cherokee.
Hood, Peter, sexton, 521 5 Second.
Hoover, Dock, carp, bds 920 Columbus av.
Hoover, Martin (wf Sallie) carp, 920 Columbus av.
Hope Lumber Co, The G D, Fay Todd mgr, ws M K & T track, south of W Okmulgee av.
Hopkins, P B (wf Rosa T) law clk Dawes com, res 549 S Sixth.
Hopkins, Frank J, clk Dawes com, bds 549 S Sixth.
Horsman, Mrs Lizzie, dom 529 N Cherokee.
Hosey, R A (wf Mollie) organizer Mod. Woodmen, res 304 N C.
Hosey, Miss Mary, bds 304 N C.
Hoskins, Sam C (wf Betty) lab, stock yards, res 704 N Fifth.
Hoskins, Horace c (wf Becky) grocer, 571 N Fourth, res 702 N Fourth.
Hosmer, John (wf Etta) carp, res 132 N E S Boul.
Hosmer, Frank, lab, bds 406 N Third.
Hosmer, Sol (wf Susie') carp, res 406 N Third.
Hotel Jones, c Wiley Jones, prop, 310 5 Second.
Howe, T W, agt M K & T, bds 307 N Second.
Howell, Henry, blacksmith, 501 N Third. res 428 N Third.
HowelI Miss Mattie, clk N Y store, bds 428 N Third.
Howell, Wm, switchman, bds 428 N Third.
Howell, Miss Ida, bds 428 N Third.
Howard, Fannie, bds 30 Iola.
Howard, Mrs S, res 361 Callahan.
Howard, Emmett, bkkpr Spaulding Mer Co, bds 351 Callahan.
Howard, Walter E, Credit mgr Spaulding Mer Co, bds 351 Callahan.
Hough J G, steno Indian inspector, bds Edmondson hotel.
Houston, Ludie, works for J L Dabbs.
Houston Monk c lab, bds 510 S Main, rear faces railroad.
Hubbard, Jos W (wf Mattie) const, U S court, res 229 W Court.
Hubbard, F C, chief dep U S Marshal, rms 629 W Broadway.
Hubbard, Miss Edith, bds 629 W Broadway.
Hubbard, E H (wf M E) office dep U S Marshal res 626 W Okmulgee av.
Hubbard, Mrs W B, res 629 W Broadway.
Hubbard, Miss Ethel, bds 629 W Broadway.
Huber, J G *wf Ella M) Huber Hdw Co, res 216 S Cherokee.
HUBER HARDWARE CO., J G Huber, prop, 110 W Okmulgee av.
Huddleston, Marion, wks water works, bds 338 E Okmulgee av.
Huddleston, Frank (wf Mollie) wks Hope Lumber Co, res 612 S Fifth.
Hudson, Wm, C, lab, 115 N Fourth.
Hudson, F L, clk Union Depot hotel, res same.
Hudson, Nancy, c, laundress, res 815 S Second.
Huff, Henry (wf Emma) plasterer, res 914 5 Main.
Hughes, Charles, baker, bds Ednmondson.
Hughes, Mrs Maggie, boarding, res 602 N Cherokee.
Hughes, W G (wf May) painter, res 1015 S Main.
Hughson, W H (wf Eva L) foreman Turner Hdw Co tin shop, res 407 N Cherokee.
Human, Henry (wf M F) res 130 N G, rear.
Humphrey, Ruben c (wf Mandy) lab, res 716 W Fon du Lac.
Humphrey, Thos c (wf Mirinda) farmer, res 815 W,Fon du L.
Hunstable, E E, wks Cross, photo, bds 307 N Second.
Hunstable, Miss Jessie, bds 307 N Second.
Hunt, Harrison C (wf Hessie) lab, Muskogee Roller Mill, res 1127 Mill.
Hunter, Chas C (wf Fanny) lab, res 1423 Court.
Hurst, John (wf Mary) wks oil mill, res 812 S Cherokee.
Hurst, Joe (wf Stella) Carp, res 1103 Denison.
Hust, James, lab Katy yards, bds 637 N Third.
Hutchens, W S (wf Lucinda) carp,res 509 Market.
Hutchings & West, W T Hutchings, P C West, attys, English block.
Hutchings, W T (wf Mary E), Hutchings & West, attys, English block.
Hutchison, Albert c (wf Lillie L), cook Smith's rest, res 916 N Cherokee.
Hutchinson, Wm, steno Dawes com, rms 901 W Okmulgee av.


Ihrig, Miller (wf Elizabeth), lab, res 231 N Div Boulevard.
Indian Land & Trust Co, R L Owen, pres; J S Bilby, V P; N V Bilby; sec & treas; Wm Owen, gen mgr, 109 1/2 W Okmulgee.
Indianola Contracting Co, W R Eaton, treas, rooms 6 & 7 Turner bldg.
Inge, J G c (wf Fanny) Carp, res 207 W Fon du Lac.
Ingram, Miss Beryl, steno Dawes com, bds 125 E Okmulgee av.
Indian Territory Land Co, G W Barnes, jr, R N Eggleston, G W Freeland, r 23 Old Homestead.
Ingram, M, bds 606 N C.
Irwin, W S, (wf Emma), U S Rev Insp, rms 629 W Broadway.
Irvne, A L, steno Dawes Com, rms 71 Maddin bldg.
Irwin, Geo W (wf Cora), steno Dawes Com, rm 218 N Third.
Ishmael, Ben J (wf Minerva L), blacksmith 319 N C, res 110 Cherokee.
Isby, Mrs Izabel c, laundress, res 548 S Fifth.
Isaac, S W c, attorney office Meagher bldg, bds 1111 Denison.


Jacobs, K S, day clk Union Depot Hotel res same.
Jacobs, W T (wf Emma), Dentist, office 7 and 8 Old Homestead bldg, res 1003 W Okmulgee.
Jacobs, E T S (wf Jennie) slsman Fair store, res 1104 S Second.
James, Mrs Dora c,res 221 W S S Boulevard.
Jamison, Jos N, fire ins, bds Edmondson hotel.
Jamison, John (wf Rachael) fireman Maddin bldg, res 862 Tower Hill Boulevard.
Jackson, Cherry (wid W H), res 1519 Callahan.
Jackson, Andrew, collector, bds 513 S Cherokee.
Jackson, D W, fruit stand Broadway and N Second, rms 604 Main.
Jackson, C L (wf Kate W), Gen atty M K & T, office Englih blk, res 309 N Sixth.
Jackson, W C (wf Elfieda), Givens & Jackson atty English block res 105 N Sixth. Jackson, John (wf Maggie), farmer, bds 509 N Cherokee.
Jackson, C D c, teamster, bds 1103 Emporia.
Jackson, Tishie c, dom, 532 N Thirteenth.
Jackson, U L (wf Sallie), Kinney & Jackson real estate, Moore bldg, res 303 N Kendall boulevard.
Jackson Miss Mary, bds 303 N Kendall Boulevard.
Jackson, Wm c (wf Minne), cook, res 615 N Fifth.
Jackson, Celia c, res 929 N Cherokee.
Jackson. Jas c (wf Lizzie) Carp, res 1006 S Second.
Jackson, Miss Lucy c, cook, bds 1204 S Main.
Jackson, Henry c, (wf Kittie), farmer, res, 1110 S Main.
Jackson, Mrs Eliza c, laundress, res 401 Elgin av.
Jackson,.Th6s c, ginner, bds 511 Alley between N Sixth and Diyison Boulevard.
Jackson, Mrs Ella c, res 534 N Sixth.
Jackson, Geo c (wf Gertrude) lab, res 503 Market.
Jee, John c (wf Alice), lab,. res W Fou du Lac and N Ninth.
Jefferson, Mrs A E c, cook, 1417 Emporia.
Jenkins, Ben, prop Muskogee Horse and Mule Market, office and market rear Slaughter Livery stable.
Jenkins, Will, mgr Muskogce Horse and Mule Market.
Jenkins, Sam (wf Callie), lab, bds 442 W Market.
Jenkins, Mrs. M J, nurse, bds 407 N Second.
Jenison, Steve C (wf Lillie) wks New's liv stbl, res 1024 S Sccond.
Jenning, G F (wf Mary E), carp, res 317 Fredonia.
Jennings, Mrs Lizzie C, boarding, res 928 N Cherokee.
Jett, Albert c, prop Smith hotel, 441 N Third, res same.
Jobe, Felix (wf Mattie), deliv Huber Hdw Co, res 1214 N B.
Jobe, T L (wf E M), slsman, J D Chandler, res 1022 Hamilton av.
Jobe, Henry (wf Clemmie), clk Turner Hardware Co, res 822 N Division Boulevard.
Johnson, O, L (wf Martha), Law clk Dawes Com, rms 319 W Broadway.
Johnson, A S, (wf Sarah), car insp, res rear 421 N Cherokee.
Johnson, Oscar F (wf Jennie) attorney, rm 69 Maddin bldg.
Johnson, Miss Mary R, rms 69 Maddin bldg.
Johnson, Miss Florence B, rms 69 Maddin bldg.
Johnson, W P (wf Mattie), car insp, res 507 Callahan.
Johnson, J J, Dawes Com, bds 322 E Okmulgee.
Johnson, B C (wf Edith), farmer, res 839 N C.
Johnson, R J, electrician, bds 411, N Second.
Johnson, Tom (wf Nellie), lab, res 704 S, Main.
Johnson, Miss Minnie, cent op Muskogee Tel Co, bds 610 5 Main.
Johnson, A C (wf Carrie) slsman Chand Mer Co, res 224 S Second.
Johnson, I F, wks R-Halsell Gro, rms No 69 Maddin bldg.
Johnson, John, res 318 Fredonia.
Johnson, John (wf Sarah), cattlernan, res 610 s Main.
Johnson, Joe L,c (wf Lilla), farmer, res Emporia and N Ninteenth.
Johnson, Heron c, lab, bds 615 Girard.
Johnson,Willis c (wf Emeline), lab, bds 615 Girard.
Johnson, Mrs Maggie, c, laundress, res 615 Girard.
Johnson, Robert c (wf Vina) lab, res 838 N Third.
Johnson, Henry c (wf Josephine, laundress,) lab, res S Fifth and Columbus av.
Johnson, Miss Lizzie, c, dom, rms 442 Denison.
Johnson, Willie c (wf Emieline) lab, bds 538 alley bet Sixth and N Div Boulevard.
Johnson, J E c (wf Nancy) principal Dunbar school, res 1022 W Court.
Johnson, James c (wf Polly) wks W T Hutchings, res 905 Second.
Johnson James, c, lab, 304 S Cherokee.
Johnson, James c (wf Minnie) rest 103 W Okmulgee av, res 640 S Fourth.
Johnson, Joe L c (wf Lilla) farmer, res N Nineteenth between Emporia and Fon du Lac.
Johnston, Miss Gertrude, c, cook, bds 516 S Div Boulevard.
Johnston, Geo c (wf Cornelia) lab, res 516 S Div Boulevard.
Jones, A W, c, atty, 101 1-2 N Main, bds 503 N Ninth.
Jones, Bruce, Dawes com, rms 226 S Third.
Jones, T S, carp, bds European hotel.
Jones, 0 B, Dawes com, rms No.19 Maddin bldg.
Jones, James, butcher, bds 225 W Court.
Jones, James, lab, bds 609 Market.
Jones, C A (wf Anna) engineer, res 728 E Okmulgee av.
Jones, J F, reporter Phoenix, bds Oxford cafe.
Jones, Aurelius H (wf Willie) steno, res 627 Callahan.
Jones, Robt (wf Onis) R M Jones & Co, stationers, res 619 Callahan.
Jones, Mrs Onis L, teacher elocution Spaulding Inst, res 619 Callahan.
Jones, Carl, slsmn R M Jones & Co, bds 619 Callahan.
Jones, Wiley c (wf Martha) prop hotel Jones, bds same.
Jones, Quincy c (wf Maggie) lab, res 935 Mill.
Jones, Jack, c, lab, bds 62 Joplin.
Jones, Richard, c, cook Edmondson hotel, rrns 516 Denison.
Jones, Wiley c (wf Marina) res 417 Elgin av.
Jones, Wylie, c, res 503 Elgin av.
Jones, Robt L c (wf Mary) asst janitor Ind agt, res 503 Elgin.
Jones, Joe, c, janitor Ind agt, bds 905 S Second.
Jones, Jack c (wf Betty) lab, res 708 N Cherokee.
Jordan, John, carp, bds McDaniels.
Jordan, Ed (wf Mary) carp, 416 Emporia.
Julian, Geo, steno md agt, rms 514 Broadway.
Jumps, J J c (wf Susie) lab oil mill, res 612 N Fifth.
Junker, J, baker, Union Depot hotel.
Justice, I J, salesman Knight's.


Kahler, R C (wf Ida M), carp, res 564 N Fourth.
Karr, Mrs Margaret A, bds 402 Denison.
Karney, S B (wf Isabel), con Choctaw Ry, res 325 E Okmulgee.
Karney, Mrs Isabell, osteopath, office Spaulding bldg, res 325 E Okmulgee.
Kasberg, A, shop in rear Prindle, bds Smith's rest.
Kaufman, Ben H (wf Mattie), bkkp Spaulding Mercantile Co, res 519 N Cherokee.
Kayser, Arthur, Davis and Kayser attys, office Spaulding bldg, bds Mrs Nevin's.
Kee, J H (wf Lillie M), loan broker. res 1023 Court.
Keelon, Christine c, dressmaker, bds 602 S Sixth.
Keeling, Cilla c, laundress, res 545 S Fourth.
Kegler, Smith c (wf Stella) wks Turner Hdw Co, res 716 N 4th.
Keiten, Sam (wf Stella) lab, res 540 Alley between Sixth and N Division Boulevard.
Kell, Bud, guard U S jail, res 204 S C.
Keller, Eli (wf Laura) carp, res 322 E Okmulgee.
Kelly, L A c (wf Trudy), rest 220 N Second, res 568 S Sixth.
Kelly, Joe, cook, bds 568 S Sixth.
Kelly, E L, steno Dawes Com, bds 803 Denver.
Kelly, W P (wf F E) U S mail service, res 803 Denver av.
Kelsey, Dana H, chief clk Ind Insp, rms 105 N Sixth.
Kelton, John, brick mason, bds 220 S B.
Kelton, W D (wf Josie), brick contractor, res 220 S B.
Kelton, Thomas, brick contractor, bds 220 S B.
Kenefic Construction Co, W P Dewar, Sec and Treas, John Stewart purch agt, 101 and 102 Old Homestead bldg.
Kennerly, Chesley (wf Mamie), driver Muskogee Wh Gro Co.
Kennedy, Mrs N J, bds 405 S B.
Kennedy, Lucy, cook, 309 W Broadway.
Kennedy, Miss Cora, bds 203 N 0.
Kennedy, Miss Maggie, steno, bds 203 N O.
Kennedy, W P (Hettie B), lab, res 203 N 0.
Kendall, Leonard (wf Goldie), teamster Scofield, res 1214 E Broadway.
Kendall College, Rev A Grant Evans pres, (see list following this section of Directory.
Kennell, Ben (wf Emma), quarryman, res 405 S B.
Kentucky Livery Stable, J J Slaughter prop, 128 S Main bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Kerns, Joseph c (wf Susie) lab, 554 S Second, rear.
Kessler, H C (wf Clara) Creek appraisement, Dawes com, res 423 E Okmulgee av.
Kessler, J B (wf Minnie A) prop Times, res 402 E Okmulgee av.
Kessler, Camillius, wks Times office, bds 402 E Okmulgee av.
Kessler, Miss Hattie, bd. 402 E Okmulgee av.
Ketcham H E, mgr Gloyd Lumber Co, rms No.40 Maddin bldg.
Ketcham,. Wynifred, Clk Dawes com, rms 126 S Fourth.
Keds, Dan, slsmn Patterson Mer Co, bds 510 N Cherokee.
Keys, W H (wf Anna) mgr clothing dept Patt. Mer Co, res 5 N Cherokee.
Kidd, Josie, res 104 Jefferson.
Kiddy, Mrs Mary, res 717 S Second.
Kiddy, Miss Marcella, bds 717 S Second.
Kiger, Wm (wf Cora), paperhanger, res 436 Emporia.
Kimsey, Chas A (wf Susan) chief teamster Dawes Com, res 721 Callahan.
Kincaid, Mrs Della, art teacher, bds 520 S Main.
King. Pearl c, wks Oxford.
Kinngcade, Mrs Ellen c, board, res 324 N Fourth.
King, Irving C (wf Patsy), lab, res 712 Girard.
Kinkade, Fred V, steno Dawes Com, bds 226 W Court.
Kinney, A A (wf Pearl), Kinney & Jackson, real estate, 109 1-2 N Main, res 313 E Broadway.
Kirk, George (wf Cissie), Hackman, res 206 S B.
Kirby, Sim (wf Sarah), res 815 E Kalmazoo.
Kirby, M. H, carp, bds McDaniels.
Kirkham, Andy (wf Colona) hack driver Geo Kirk.
Kirkland, I B (wf Cora) insurance, res 522 W Okmulgee av.
Kirkland, Edw. 1 clk Dawes com, rms 224 W Okmulgee av.
Kirkpatrick, Jeff, lab, bds 410 N 0.
Kirkpatrick Maury, lab, bds 410 N 0.
Koehler, John, wks New's livery, bds 415 N Cherokee.
Koehler,Chas, shoe & clothing dept Chand Mer Co, bds 415 N Cherokee.
Koehler, Miss Ann, dressmaker Spaulding Mer Co, bds 209 N Third.
Koehler, Miss Lizzie, bds 318 E Okmulgee av.
Knight Dry Goods Co, W S Knight prop, 115 N Second.
Kniseley, J L, nurseryman, res 808 Houston.
Knox, Benj. R, steno Dawes Com, rms No. 42 Maddin bldg.
Kruger, Matt (wf Eva) wks City market, res 601 N Cherokee.
Kiker, J M, bds 402 Denison.


Lacy, Rev A J c (wf D J) bds 536 S Main.
Lafferty, S D, slsmn Chandler, bds 710 S Third.
Lafferty, J F, clk Muskogee Gro Co, bds 710 S Third.
Lafferty, J C (wf T H) res 710 S Third.
Lambert, J M (wf M J) painter. res 212 E Fon du Lac.
Lambert, C E (wf Emma) painter, res 413 N Sixth.
Lamon, Isaac (wf Mattie) restaurant keeper, res 539 Altamont.
Landers, Hiram (wf Callie) quarryman, res 612 N Fourth.
Landers, S Elvis, slsmn Woodward & Co, bds 204 S Third.
Lane, Lyman K (wf Frances) finance clerk Indian agt, res 306 W Broadway.
Lanfair, Robt c (wf Fanny) lab. res 502 S Fourth.
Langston, Calvin, farmer, bds 621 S Fourth.
Langston. Tom, wks McKnight's b h.
Lannan, W J (wf Jennie), Tinner, Turner Hdw Co, res 705 Fremont.
Laramore, John c, lab, res S Fourteenth and Hartford av.
Large, J C (wf Ada) res 309 N Main.
Larkin, Eugene (wf Sarah) cab driver, res 1019 S Main.
Larrarnore, Mrs Lucy c, dom, bds, Chas Adams C.
Larramore, Mark c, wks 410 N Cherokee.
Laster, Will c (wf Nancy), lab, res 619 N Division Boulevard.
Laster, Macey c, lab, bds 1029 Denison.
Laster, Preston c (wf Willie) lab Hope Lbr Co, res 1029 Denison.
Lawrence, W T (wf Ella), farmer, res 926 S Cherokee.
Lawrence, Robt L (wf Mary B), boarding, res 503 S Fourth.
Lawrence, A F (wf Maude) slsmn Patt Mer Co, res 433 N C.
Lawson, Joseph (wf Tennie) slsmn, res 119 Spaulding Boulevard.
Lawson, Mrs Margaret, bds 119 Spaulding Boulevard.
Lawson, Fred slsmn, bds 119 Spaulding Boulevard.
Lawwill, John, slsmn Knight, bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Layton. R.M (wf M E), teamster, res 1029 N B.
Leahy, Thos W, law clk Dawes Com, rms 533 Columbus av.
Leanord, Mrs Mollie, boarding, res 724 S Cherokee.
Ledbetter, James, lab, bds 206 Houston.
Ledford, Miss Myrtle, waitress Union Depot hotel.
Lee, Miss Ola, laundress, bds 517 N Div Boulevard.
Lee, Mrs L, J, housekeeper Maddin bldg, res 32l N Second.
Lee, Miss Nellie, dom 109 S Main.
Lee, Mrs Amy, laundress, res 517 N Div Boulevard.
Lee, Afred c, (wf Laura), farmer, res 3d house N Oak.
Lee, Albert (wf Sarah) lab, res 2d house Joplin, W of Oak.
Lee, Mrs Ida, c, laundress, bds 518 S Second.
Lee, Mrs Julia A, c, res 602 S Sixth.
Lee, Joe, c, (wf Mittie) res 1007 S Main.
Leekley, Harlow A (wf Harriett) U S Com, res 326 Emporia.
LeGrand, D c (wf Annie) groceryman 231 s Main, res same.
LeGrand, David jr c, slsmn 231 S Main.
Leming, Miss Elsie, dom Mrs J W Williams, rms 1003 N C.
Lemon, Miss Elsie, dom 410 N Cherokee.
Lennon, Mrs Florence, teach H. K. College, rms 505 S Twelfth.
Lewis, S W c (wf Fannie), lab, res 732 N Division Boulevard.
Lewis, Mrs Emma c, laundress, bds 543 N Fourth.
Lewis, Chas c, lab, bds 1017 Denison.
Lewis, Will c, (wf Fanny), lab, res 807 W Fon du Lac.
Lewis, Mrs Nellie, c, laundress, res 803 W Fon du Lac.
Lewis, Geo c (wf Alice) lab, res 8O3 W Fon du Lac.
Lewis, Dennis, slsmn Spaulding Mer Co.
Lieber, John G (wf Hattie), clk contest and allot div Dawes Com res 628 S Second.
Lightle, Jos M, real estate, rms 219 1-2 N Main.
Lightner, Frank c (wf Bell), lab oil mill, res 707 Mill.
Lightner, Robt c (wf Roxy) lab oil mill, res second house Joplin west of Oak.
Lightner, Doll c (wf Anna), cook, res 618 N Fifth.
Lillard, W H (wf Jemima), gardner, res 316 W Fon du Lac.
Linton, W E (wf Pauline B), atty 220 1-2 N Second, res Galves-on and N J.
Lipscomb, C (wf Georgie), druggist J 0 Cobb drug store, res 521 S Second.
Livingston, Miss Pearl, bds 812 S Cherokee.
Lloyd, D C (wf Mary), clk Dawes Com, res 718 S Second.
Locke, S B, cotton buyer, bds Brown hotel.
Locke, Mrs M E, res 122 E Okmulgee.
Locke, J M, slsmn Spaulding Mer Co, bds 122 E Okmulgee.
Locke, Miss Anna M, art teacher, bds 122 E Okmulgee.
Locke, Miss Fannie, music teacher, bds 122 E Okmulgee.
Lofton, Vernon E, stamp clk post office, bds 339 Callahan.
London, Miner c (wf Susie) lab, bds 724 S Second.
London, Levi c, janitor C L Jackson office bds 724 S Second.
London, Ed c (wf Sarah), lab, res 724 S Second.
London, Miss C c laundress, res 631 S Fifth.
Long, Goss C (wf C) barber, 227N Main, res 512 S Third.
Longston, Luke, foreman Haynes brk yd, bds 536 S Fifth.
Looney, C A, reporter Times, rms 402 E Okmulgee.
Looper, Frank (wf Fannie), res 710 N Fourth.
Looman, Mrs L J, boarding, res 338 E Okmulgee.
Lord, Mrs Celia B, bds 1011 S Main.
Louns, George c (wf Eliza), lab, res 70 Kinsley.
Louns, Jas c, lab, bds 70 Kinsley.
Louns, Green c (wf Florence) lab, 1121 Mill.
Louns, Perry c (wf Ida), lab, res 34 Kinsley.
Love. Robt c, coachman, 437 W Okmulgee.
Lowe, Mattie c, dom, 205 N F.
Lowe, C G c, attorney, office 101 1-2 N Main.
Lowrey, Anderson (wf Lucy) real estate, res 132 N K.
Lowery, J C c (wf Hattie A), atty res 509 Emporia.
Lowery, Rafey, bill clk Turner Hdw Co, rms 112 1-2 N Cherokee.
Lubbes, W A (wf Lavina). U S jailer, res 510 E Okmulgee.
Lucas, Mrs S W, res 119 1-2 S Main.
Lucas, Lafayette, civ eng Musk Southern, bds Edmondson hotel.
Lucas, John c (wi Jennevive), barber, S Second, res 1016 S Eighth.
Lung, F J (wf Mary) merchant, res 216 S "C."
Lusk, Lee (wf Tina) lab, 923 N Cherokee.
Lusk, Ed (wf F B) lab, res 824 N Cherokee.
Lyon, Miss Minnie, bds 231 N Eleventh.
Lyon, Miss Willetta, bds 231 N Eleventh.
Lyon, T W (wf Sue P) cont & build, res 231 N Eleventh.
Lyon, Miss Ella, milliner, bds 231 N Eleventh.
Lyon, M P, dftm Dawes com, bds A S Johnson.
Lyons, Bruce, c, lab, bds 604 Girard.
Lyons, Louis c (wf Mandy) farmer, res 604 Girard.
Lyons, John c (wf Rena) lab, res Jackson av and S Twelfth.
Lynch, J H (wf Dollie) clk Dawes com, res 526 S Second.
Lynch, Mrs Nettie, dom 445 N Cherokee.


Madden, RS, pres clerks Ben EsteS, bds 120 S Third.
Maddin, W A (wf Letitia) prop Maddin Hdw Co, res 828 N Tower Hill Boulevard.
Maddin Hardware Co, Wm A Maddin, prop, 302, 304 N Main.
Magbye, Toni (wf Mamie Ann) lab, Iola and Third.
Mahan, Claiborne, lab, bds 222 E Fon du Lac.
Mahan, Issac (wf Etta) housemover, res 221 E Fon du Lac.
Mammoth Installment House, R H Scofield, Prop), furniture and furnshings, 102 S Main.
Mangold E A (wf Rose) carp, res 536 S Fifth.
Manlove, Miss Carrie, steno Ind agt, rms 129 S Fourth.
Mann, W J (wf Sarah E) lab, res 1006 S Main.
Mann, S P (wf Floy) floor mgr Sp. Mer Co, res 603 Callahan.
Mann, Grover, slsmn Sp. Mer Co, bds 404 Callahan.
Mann, Henry C (wf Nannie), mgr Shoe dpt Spaulding Mer Co, res 404 Callahan.
Marcum, Thos (wf Kittie H) atty office rm 20 Maddin bldg, res 131 N F.
Markham, J A (wf Helen S), real estate 208 1-2 N Second, res 203 S Ninth.
Marks, C K. real estate, office 208 1-2 N Second, bds Edrnondson hotel.
Marlin, Lee, (wf Myrtle) carp, res 410 N 0.
Martindale, J C, Cashr Am Ex, bds 307 N Second.
Martin Miss Mattie, teacher city schools, bds 118 S Cherokee.
Martin Benj Jr (wf Laura P) atty, office Turner bldg, res 503 S Divison Boulevard.
Marr, Fred T wf Laura C), clk Dawes Com. res 503 Court.
Martin, W L, clk townsite Co, bds 118 S Cherokee,
Maitin, W N (wf H L), city assessor, res 118 S Cherokee.
Martin Wm T, clk Dawes com, bds 307 N Second.
Martin, T H (wf Helen A) sec Bradley Real Estate, 110 1/ 2 Second.
Martin, William, lab, bds 324 S "B."
Marshall, John S (wf Winifred C) 812 W Okmulgee av.
Marshshal, Ben (wf Lizzie Be11) real estate, res 221 S Fourteenth.
Marshall, Mrs Laura, housekeeper 912 N C.
Masek, Frank sr, tailor, room 14 Turner building, res 436 Market.
Masek, Frank jr., tailor, room 14 Turner bldg, bds 436 Market.
Masek, Chas, lab, 533 N Thirteenth.
Masek, Shelton, tinner Durfey Hdw Co, bds 611 N fac Katy r r.
Mask, Ira, deliveryrnan Patt. Mer Co, bds 804 N Cherokee.
Mask, Lynn, slsmn Vienna Cafe, bds Oxford.
Mason, Chas c (wf Ester), lab, res 1017 Denison.
Massinore, J W, carp, bds 314 S Cherokee.
Matthews, John, carp, bds 301 N Second.
Matthews, Theo c (wf Viola), cook, res 913 S Main.
Matthews, & Jett c, Smith hotel, 441 N Third.
Matthews, M H (wf Matilda), carp, res 505 N Fourth.
Matthers, J P (wf M E), carp, rms 402 Denison.
Matthews, A J, prop Smith hotel, 441 N Third res same.
Matney, Toney (wf Florence) slsmn Huber Hdw Co rms 25 Maddin bldg.
Mayfleld, Mrs Hannah c, laundress, res 614 S Main rear faces R R.
Mayfield, Mrs Jane, c, bds 556 N Ninth.
Maxey, N B (wf Augusta C) atty, English blk, res 2035 Sixth.
Maxey, Wm, rms 203 S Sixth.
Maxwell, 0 P, cloth slsmn Knight's, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.
Maxwell, Mrs C E, rms No.54 Maddin bldg.
Maxwell, Miss Mabel F, steno, Dawes com, rms No.54 Maddin Building.
Mead, L W, clerk, bds 508 Market.
Meadows, Miss Mary, c. cook, bds 411 N Thirteenth.
Meagher, T F, 308 W Okmulgee av.
Meagher, Mrs Sarah, bds 308 W Okmulgee av.
Miesch, M jr & Co, jewelers, opticians, 105 N Second.
Melhush, J H (wf Kate) pharmacist Muskogee Drug Co, res 515 ˝ N C st.
Mellette, Wm M (wf Eva M) U S Pros atty, res 445 N Cherokee.
Melton, Frank (wf Mattie), janitor U S Court, res 918 N Main.
Melton, Mrs Lulu C, laundress, res 403 N Sixth.
Menzie, John (wf Vera). butcher, res 1209 Emporia.
Merrick, E (wf Lona), law clk Dawes Com, res 337 E Broadway.
Merrill, Geo, canvasser, bds 520 S Main.
Merriman, Geo (wf Stella), water hauler, res 442 W Market.
Mertz, I H, (wf Ruby B), real estate, res 603 Elgin Av.
Mesicc, Shelby, deliv Durfey Hdw Co, bds 321 S B.
Messsenger, Manion, helper Muskogee Mach Shop.
Messenge,r, W S (wf Emma) carp, res E Kalamazoo and S G.
Middleton, D H (wf Fannie) Pres Corm Nat Bank, res 205 N F.
Midland Budge Co, J W Fairot timekeeper, office No. 55 Maddin Building.
Miles,Wm S (Rosa Lee) collector Maddin H Co, rm No. 63 Maddin bldg.
Millinger, Dave c (wf Sidney) lab, res 1002 S Second.
Miller, Will (wf Dell) lab, 823 N Cherokee.
Miller, C J, life ins. bds 506 N E.
Miller, Marvin, salesman Columbia, bds 204 N G.
Miller, J Lee (wf Ida) salesman, res 204 N G.
Millier Julius (wf Laura) ins agt, res 605 S Cherokee.
Miller, W L (wf Jessie) dev. Patt. Mer Co, res 415 N B.
Miller, Miss Iva, steno Bazeman, rms 203 S Sixth.
Miller, E B, (wf Lulle), steno Dawes Com, res 714 S Third.
Miller, Miss Ida, bds 217 N Sixth.
Miller, Miss Florence, bds 217 N Sixth.
Miller, Blueford (wf Lizzie) farmer, res 217 N Sixth.
Miller, Miss Alice M, laundress, bds 530 N Tenth.
Miller, A, (wf Annie) lab, rcs 530 N Tenth.
Miller, Maggie, bds 30 Iola.
Miller, Jeff, c, lab, bds 62 Joplin.
Miller, Franklin, real estate, bds Edmondson hotel.
Miller, T J, employe Dawes com, bds Edrnondson hotel.
Miller, Chas A (wf Louise) clk Dawes com, res 325 N Main.
Miller, Wm B, bds 316 W Court.
Miller, B E & Co, brick cont, rms 119 1-2 S Main.
Mills, Monroe (wf Matilda) lab, res 1019 N C.
Mills, Claude B, steno Prin Chief, rooms 15 and 16 Turner.
Mills, H C, canvasser, bds 1504 Callahan.
Mills, Thos H, bkkpr md agt, bds Hoffman house.
Mills, George, painter, bds 724 S Cherokee.
Mills, W A. concrete worker, bds 1204 Callahan.
Mills, E J (wid J M) res 1504 Callahan.
Mills, G A. lab, bds 1504 Callahan.
Mills, Geo T, sign writer, Prindle, bds 740 S Cherokee.
Milum, Bluford, deliv Todd Gro Co, bds 112 S S Boulevard.
Milum, Robt (wf Emma) deliv, Todd Gro Co, res 112 S S Blvd.
Minehardt, W C (wf Maud) partner N Y Store, N Main, res 513 Callahan.
Minnetonka Lumber Co, mgr G A Morey, 115 S Second.
Minnis, Sydney c (wf Anna E) lab, res 816 Market.
Minugh, T J (wf Burshey A) lab, res 603 Irving.
Mintugh, Ed, teaming, bds 724 Houston.
Minugh, Mrs S J, bds 724 Houston.
MISFIT CLOTHING PARLORS, J Bentelspacher, prop, 110 N Second.
Mitchell, James (wf Lizzie) street vendor, res S Fourteenth and Georgetown av.
Mitchell, J B (wf Effle) works Rogers L Co, bds 233 S C.
Mitchell, Miss Jenetta, milliner, bds 233 S C.
Mitchell, Samuel (wf Mary) lab, res S S 112 Boulevard.
Momyer, W W, atty, Turner bldg, rms 313 W Okmulgee av.
Moneypenny, Bert, barber, bds 623 S Third.
Moneypenny, Mrs N J, bds 623 S Third.
Montgomery, Geo (wf Lizzie) carp, res 547 S Third, rear.
Montgornery, Wallace c (wf Cora) lab, res 1308 W Broadway.
Montgomery, R A (wf Bertha C) lab, res 817 N Cherokee.
Montgomery, Judge c (wf Betty) lab, res 1308 W Broadway.
Montgomery, Mrs S S, nurse, bds 817 N Cherokee.
Moon, Wm (wf Mary) rec clk Katy frt office, res 517 N Sixth.
Moody, Saml, lab, bds Mrs Nevins.
Mooney, Howard, slsmn Ark Sec Hand Store, bds Edmondson.
Moore. Jones, lab, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Moore, J W (wf E W), lab, res 1004 Boston av.
Moore, Miss Cora, steno Dawes Com, bds, 125 E Okmulgee.
Moore, Andrew H, sew mach agt, rms 322 S Main.
Moore, Miss Mamie T. clk post office, bds 1004 Boston av.
Moore, Elmer, bds 612 Callahan.
Moore, J H (wf Mollie), farmer, res 505 S Main.
Moore, F P, (wf Laura), lab, res 505 S Main.
Moore, C, Grey, steno T A Sanson jr, rms No.53 Maddin bldg.
Moore, Mrs Lonie, bds 612 Callahan.
Moore, Stoke (wf Maggie) lab, 712 Callahan.
Moore, Millard (wf Ella) painter, res 1619 E Broadway.
Moore, W L (wf Maggie), carp, res 209 Houston.
Moore, L L (wf I R) pharmacist Cumberledge & English, res 332 E Okmulgee av.
Moore, N L (wf Lola) barber, res 324 S Main.
Moore, C W, undertaker, office 232 W Okmulgee av, rms 226 W Court.
Moore, Al, carp, bds 908 S Cherokee.
Moore, Howard W (wf Lottie) shipping clk Turner Hdw Co, res 205 Callahan.
Moore, Rev F M, (wf Jennie) M E Ch S 510 Fredonia.
Moore, M R, pub city directory, office rm 1 and 2 Maddin bldg, res same.
Moore, E W D c, (wf Annie), lab, res 411 N, Thirteenth.
Moore, George c (wf Fanny) farmer, res 1031 Mill.
Moore, Charles c (wf Carrie) farmer, Main N of Kinsley.
Moore, Geo H c (wf Sophia), lab, res 711 N Division Boulevard.
Moore, Gabe C (wf Annie) lab, res 917 S Eighth.
Moore, Zeke c (wf Mary) farmer, res 534 s to Main, rear.
Moore, Rufus c (wf Cordia) lab, res 904 N Cherokee.
Moore, Will, c, lab, res 529 S Fourth.
Moppins, Jennie, C, cook 533 N Thirteenth.
Morey, G A (wf Ida) mgr Minetoka L Co, res 324 S Cherokee.
Moreland, Miss Anna, bds 903 Court.
Moreland, J A (wf Sylvia) carp, res 903 Court.
Morgan, C H, farmer, bds 524 Emporia.
Morgan, J L, c, lab, bds 525 N Sixth.
Morgan, Joe, c, lab, bds 525 N Sixth.
Morgan, Jess, c lab, bds 525 N Sixth.
Morgan, T M c (wf Sophia) lab, res 525 N Sixth.
Morgan, David J, bds 718 S Second.
Morgan, Richard, c, lab, bds 720 S Sixth.
Morgan, Mrs Rhoda, res 333 E Broadway.
Morris, Allen c (wf Minerva) water wagon, res 552 alley, between Sixth and N Div Boulevard.
Morris, Mrs Macey, c, laundress, res 639 N Fifth.
Morris, R H c (wf Lena) baths and barber, 223 N Main, res 519 W S S Boulevard.
Morris, Mrs Margaret, bds 807 W Broadway.
Morris, Joseph (wf Eliza) Muskogee hand laundry, res Jackson av. and S Ninth.
Morris, Miss Jennie R, bds 304 E Okmulgee av.
Morrison, Walter (wf Ella) tinner, Tur. Hdw Co, res 712 Irving.
Morrow, Sam, C, lab, bds 437 N Fifth.
Morphew, J B (wf Martha E) lab, res 509 S Fifth.
Morphew, Miss Clara E, clk "Fair," bds 509 S Fifth.
Mosby, S J (wf Laura) lab Katy yds, res 221 E Fon du Lac.
Morton, John c (wf Charlotte) res 565 N Fourth.
Morton, E M (wf Blanche) agt 0 & C C Ry, res 303 S Third.
Mueller, Martin J, clk Dawes com, bds 554 S Second.
Mu1ler, J B (wf May E) machinist, res 820 Cherokee.
Mu11ins, Wm, wks Minnetoka Lumber Co.
Mullins, Joe, lab, N Third, W of Joplin.
Mullins, Mis Annie, c, laundress, res 806 Market.
Munro, R C c (wf Rosa, dressmaker) rest, res 636 N Fifth.
Murray, Malcolm (wf Mollie) wks Shol1's livery, res 611 N C.
Murray, Mrs Nannie, bds 924 N Cherokee.
Murray, James (Emma) lab, res 924 N Cherokee.
Murray, Hugh c (wf Addie), lab, res 1112 S Second.
Murphy, Jas J (wf Grace), foreman ou M K & 0 ry, rm 66 Maddin bldg.
Muskogee Southern ry, C N Haskell pres, W R Eaton sec, D W Bolich, chf eng, rm 6 and 7 Turner bldg.
Muskogeo Wagon & Carriaige Shop, T J Watson and A F Shunkey 323 N Main.
Murphy,Kid c, lab, bds 401 N Sixth.
Murphy, 0 W, farmer, res 930 N E S Boulevard.
Murphy, Mrs M C, res 508 Jefferson.
MUSKOGEE DRUG Co, N F Hancock pres, Virgina S Hancock V Pres, E E.Lee, Sec.
MUSKOGEE NATIONAL TELEPHONE CO, A Z English prop, Central office 102 1-2 W Broadway.
Muskogee Land Co, Eli P Williams Pres, W F Pitzer V pres, A Crafton, Sec and Treas, office rms 1 and 2 Old Homestead.
Muskogee Cigar Co, W H Campbell prop, cigars tobacco etc, 113 N Main.
Muskogee Employment Agency, Rev T H Tyson c, mgr, phone 111, office 110 S Second.
Muskogee horse and Mule Market, Ben Jenkins, prop, rear 128 S Main.
MUSKOGEE GREEN HOUSE, C W Moore M'gr, foot of S Fourth.
Muskogee Bottling Works, E R Rulison prop, factory 1423 W Boston av.
Muskogee Steam Laundry, Wong, Ben and Charley Coon, 412 N Main.
MUSKOGEE COURIER, ,Commercial Pr Co, Douglas & Dighton Meagher bldg. 221 1-2 N Main.
MUSKOGEE WHOLESALE GROCERY CO, C W Turner pres R S Davis, vice pres, R E Cook, treas, R N Selby sec, 306 N Main.
Muskogee Planing Mill, John Farrell, mgr, 421 N Main.
Mutchler, Charley, driver Christian Bros, bds Frank Christian.
Muskokee Light & Power Co, C W Turner pres, D W Turner vice pres, W W Garland Sec, office Turner Hdw Co.
Muskogee Develop Co, C W Turner. D H Middleton, R L Baug Sec, Turner bldg.
McBeth, Miss Mamie c, maid 517 Columbus.
McCally, Doc, lab, bds 338 E Okmulgee ave.
McClain, Sam, tinner Durfey Hdw Co, bds 611 N facing r r.
McClain, Wm (wf Lizzie) farmer. res 540 N Eleventh.
McClain, Albert c (wf Maggie) farmer, res Emporia and North Nineteenth.
McClannahan, Albert, (wf Hattie) carp, res 512 Houston.
McClendon, Allan c (wf Emma) bailiff U S C, res 1111 Denison.
McClure, Abraham c, lab, 1417 Emporia.
McCLURE, E W (wf Grace) men's furnishings, English block, res 305 W Broadway.
McClure, W V, claim agt M K & T, rms 123 S Fourth.
McClure, Tom c, cook Johnson's, rm 319 S Second.
McCombs, Miss Lillian, bds 131 N Fourth.
McCord, H 0, wks Kniseley nursery, rms 814 N Cherokee.
McCormick, Mrs Betty, C, domestic, res 703 S Third.
McCormick Calvin C (wf Jennie) lab, res 806 Emporia.
McCormick Henry, c, janitor Pioneer B shop, bds 307 S Third.
McCoy, E L (wf Myrtle) wks Tur Hdw Co, res 410 alley S 0 C Ry, ws.
McCoy, Joseph (wf Lucy C) asst U S Atty, offices U S court house, res 822 W Okmulgee av.
McCracken, Miss Laura, dressmaker, bds 724 S Cherokee.
McCrary Max, clk Roessler-Freeman, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
McCulloch, J C (wf Mary F), prop Commercial hotel, res same.
McCulloch, Ben, bds Commercial hotel.
McCullooh, J B c (wf Susie) tcacher, res 306 S Second.
McCusker, Jos, fruit stand, Broadway and N Second, rms 604 S Main.
McCutchan, C M (wf Bell), carp, res 604 S Main.
McDaniel, Granville (wf Martha), carp, res 709 N B.
McDaniel, T B (wf Nancy), boarding, res S Main about 216.
McDaniel, George, collector, Turner Hdw Co, bds McDaniels.
McDaniel, B W slsmn Patt Mer Co, bds McDaniel's.
McDowill, Zela, bds 239 S Cherokee.
McDavitt, G R (wf Idelle) clk Dawes com, res 530 N Okmulgee.
McDonald W A (wf M J) Prop bowling alley, Old Homestead. res 411 N K.
McElrath, Archibald, clk Dawes com, res 536 W Okmulgee av.
McFadden Clint c (wf Catherine) grocery store 313 Emporia, res same.
McFarland, E (wf Laura) nurseryman, rms 218 N Third.
McGowan, W G c (wf Mattle) teacher, res 508 S Third.
McGraw, Dr G W, peddler, res 575 N Fourth.
McGuire, G W (wf N E) carp, res 555 N Eleventh.
Mcintosh, Mrs Eveline, c, dom, bds 514 Girard.
McIntosh, Rentie c (wf Florine) cook, Oxford, res rear 211 S Second.
McIntosh, Simon (wf Miley) cook, res 549 N Div Boulevard.
McIntosh, Tobe C (wf Alice) lab, res 514, Girard.
McIntosh, Louis c (wf Eveline), lab, res alley between Sixth and N Division Boulevard.
McIntosh, Mrs, Patsy c res 319 S Third.
McIntosh, Dice c (wf Rachael) janitor Dawes Com, res 567 S Fifth.
McIintosh, Mis Fanny C, bds Jackson and S Twelfth.
McIntosh, Wiley (wf Betty) Creek Councilman res 910 S Third.
Mclntosh, Mrs. Fanny C, bds 801 Emporia.
McKay, R c, rest N Main, res 811 Market.
MclKenzie, John c (wf Sonora A), collector Maddin Hdw Co, res 708 S Main.
McKenzie, Arthur S, lab, bds 708 S Main.
McKibban, E E and Mrs J W McKibban & McKibban, architects office 15 aun 16 Old Homestead, res 306 W Broadway.
McKinley, Perry c (Benena) blacksmith Zuffall, res 606 S Third.
McKnight, Mrs C F, boarding, 307 N Second.
McKnight, C F (wf Addie) engineer, yards, res 307 N Second.
McKoin, G C, warrant ck Ind agency, rms 514 W Broadway.
McLaughlin, Mrs Fanny, bds 514 W Broadway.
McLemore, Mrs M L, c, boarding, res 223 N Third.
McMahan, J G, carp, res 132 S Fourth.
McMahan, Miss Ida, c, waitress Brown hotel, bds 132 S Fourth.
McMahan, Miss Mamie, c, waitress Brown hotel, bds 132 S Fourth.
McMillan, Wm, slsmn Maddin Hdw Co, res same.
McMillan, Geo (wf Edna) bkkpr Maddin Hdw Co, rm No. 6. Maddin building.
McMurry, Joe E, mgr Sp. Mer Co gro, bds 612 Callahan.
McMurry, Sam, city recorder, res 612 Callahan.
McMurry, Miss Minnie bds 612 Callahan.
McMurry, Miss Maude, bds 612 Callahan.
McNair, W N (wf Rachel) faimer, res 822 N Fifth.
McNeal, Charles (wf Addie) lab, res 712 N Fifth.
McPheeters, J L, collector Times, bds 410 N Cherokee.
McRea, A S c (wf Bessie) atty, res 629 N Emporia.
McShine, John, plasterer, bds Commercial hotel.
McStravick, Miss Rose, cashier Patt. Mer Co, gro dept, bds 620 S Second.
McStravick, Richard (Mary) policeman, res 620 S Second.


Nance, M S (wf Anna) lab, res 702 N B.
Napier, Joe, collector, bds 577 N Tenth.
Natt, Dave c barber, rms cor Third and Division.
Nave, Geo F, c, office with W H Twine, c.
Nazareth Institute, Catholic school, 547 S Second; see list of students.
Neal, J F, machinist, M Mach shop, bds 428 Denison.
Neal, James (wf Willie), farmer, 806 E Kalamazoo.
Needles, Homer, Dawes com rms Fite-Rowsey bldg.
Needles, P B, commissioner, U S Commission to Five Tribes (Dawes Com), res Union Depot hotel.
Nelson, Wm c (wf Maggie), lab, bds 38 Iola.
Nelson, J H (wf May, lab oil mill, res 917 N Cherokee.
Nelson, John, foreman water works, bds 707 S Cherokee.
Nero, Mrs Mary c, bds 217 W Fon Du Lac.
Nevins, Miss Mamie c, teacher, bds Wiley McIntosh.
Nevins, Mrs Artie, dom, bds 604 Girard.
Nevins, Wm, lab, bds 1014 W broadway.
Nevins, Mrs Julia, boarding, S Main, about 208.
Nevers, Henry, (wf Jennetta), carp, res 711 Altamont.
New, W H, W H New & Co liveryman, Cherokee and Broadway, res 203 E Okmulgee av.
Newlin, Samuel, c, pressman Pioneer, bds 311 Emporia.
Nivens, Mrs Bettie, res 341 Okmulgee av.
Nicholson, W I (wf Nina) cattle, insurance, res 437 N Cherokee.
Nicholas, Finnis M, steno Dawes com, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.
Nicholson, Henry (wf Sallie) slsmn Spauld Mer Co, res 708 S Cherokee.
Niles, Ira S, steno Dawes com, rms 226 S Third.
Nitchy, Miss Hilda, steno Ind L'd & Trust Co, bds 502 N Cherokee.
Nixon, Mrs P M, rms No. 13 Maddin bldg.
Nollie, Mrs Ellen, c, bds 530 S Main, rear, faces r r.
Norman, John c, lab oil mill, bds Joplin and Oak.
Norris, Rev A R c (wf Emma W), M E ch, 407 Elgin av.
Noaris, O L, compositor Phoenix, bds 339 W Okmulgee av.
Northcraft, Mrs Jennie, bds R C Warn.
Norton, Geo B (wf Cora C), builder, res 423 E Okmulgee.
Northcutt, L C (wf Mary) stonemason, res 403 Houston.
Northcutt, Lewis, stonemason, bds 403 Houston.
Norman, John c, lab oil mill, bds Joplin and Oak.
Norton, R A (wf Anna L) quarryman Muskogee qrs, res 1016 rear Mill.
Norton, L E, (wf Sadie) quarryman Muskogee qrs. Res 1003 rear Mill.
Norwood, Lincoln c (wf Frances), feed store S Second, res 510 S Main rear, faces r r.
Nutt, Dan c, cook at Kelley's rest.


O'Day, Jack, tailor Misfit Clo Parlor, bds 402 Dennison.
Ogilvie, David, slsmn Tur Hdw Co, bds 307 N Main.
Oklahoma House, Chas Williams prop, 116 Callahan.
O'Neil, W H, mgr clo dept Spaulding Mer Co.
Oppenheimer, Miss Blanche, stenog Ind agency, rms 528 W Broadway.
Opera House, The Gavigan, A A Kinney mgr, 230 1-2 W Okmulgee Av.
Orahood, W T (wf Jessie) tailor Misfit Clo Parlor, rms 402 Denison.
Osborn, C H, lab, bds 203 N O.
Osborn, Roy T, law clk Dawes com, bds Brown hotel.
Osborn, W F (wf Florence) housemover, res 307 S Main.
O'Shea, Miss Frances, bds 453 N Cherokee.
O'Shea, Miss Marguerite, slslady Woodward & Co, bds 453 N Cherokee.
O'Shea, Thos P, finance clk Katy fgt office, bds 453 N Cherokee.
O'Shea, Ed, clk Katy fgt office, bds 453 N Cherokee.
O'Shea, Martin (wf Nora) wks Katy yds, res 453 N Cherokee.
Overmyer, E E, dentist, office Spaulding bldg, bds 227 S Cherokee.
Owen, Dan c (wf Hester), lab, res 631 Elgin av.
Owen, Thos, (wf Beulah), atty, office 220 1-2 Second, res 533 N Thirteenth.
Owen, Miss Anna, steno H B Spaulding, bds 533 N Thirteenth.
Owen, J P, bds 533 N Thirteenth.
Owen, Wm, rms 437 W Okmulgee.
Owens, Frank, rms 318 W Emporia.
Owen, Mrs H M, rms 420 W Broadway.
Owens, Jess M, switchman, rms 411 N Second.
Owensby, F (wf Mary) carp, 555 N Fourth.
Oyler, D H (wf Jessie) photographer, res 122 Jefferson.
Oxford Café, restaurant, J C Fast prop, 109 N Main.
Our Helper, organ W C T U, Miss Martha Gilmore, editor, 128 E Okmulgee av.


Padgett, J (wf Anna) real estate, res 523 Elgin.
Padgett, Mrs Lizzie, matron boy dept Nazareth Inst, bds 529 S Second.
Pain, Mack c (wf Lessa), waiter, rms 615 Girard.
Palace Barber Shop, A E Gibson prop, 111 1-2 N Main.
Palmer, Mrs. S C, res 1015 W Okmulgee.
Palmer, @ C, photographer, Robertson Studio, res 1015 W Okmulgee.
Palmer, Roy steno Dawes Com, bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Parish, Miss Mary, bds 503 S Division Boulevard.
Parish, David, emp townsite com, bds 503 S Division Boulevard.
Parr, Miss Ida, bds 547 N Cherokee.
Parris, Charles c (wf Sarah) farmer res 806 N Fifth.
Parkerson, Mrs Laura, lodging, res 503 S Second.
Parkison, Mrs Anna, bds 813 S Main.
Parnell, Truss (wf Emma) blacksmith, 113 N Cherokee.
Parks, J W (wf Lucy) carp, res 707 S Cherokee.
Parks, J S. (wf Della) carp, bds 403 Houston.
Patrick, Miss Mandy, c bds 817 Market.
Patterson, Ralph A, bds 229 N Cherokee.
Patterson, W N (wf Catherine) Sec & Tr Patterson Mer Co, res 319 S Sixth.
Patterson Mercantile Co, A W Robb, pres; W N Patterson, sec and treas, 120 N Main.
Payn, John. Carp, bds 1033 N C.
Payne, J T (wf K D) civil engineer, res 314 N Ninth.
Payne, Walter, slsmn Maddin Hdw Co, rms 112 1-2 N Cherokee.
Payton, W P c (wf Julia) bricklayer, res 711 N Fifth.
Paxson, Fred, slsmn Patt, Mer Co, bds Oxford.
Paxton, Anna C, dom 304 S Cherokee.
Peel, Ray, clk Ph Clo Co, bds 528 W Court.
Perdeau, Geo, printer, bds Queen Hotel.
Perkins, J T (wf W W) lab, res 618 Houston.
Perkins, Luther, bds 618 Houston.
Perkins, Miss Hattie, bds 618 Houston.
Perry, Mrs Alice, bds 324 N Fifth,
Perry, Albert, (wf Jane) teamster, res S B and Dorchester.
Perry, Edward G (wf Minnie) car acct M K & T, 205 N C.
Perry, Sim (wf Haley), lab, res 120 E Fon du Lac.
Perry, Murry c (wf Rosa), lab, 515 Alley between N Sixth Division Boulevard.
Perry, Airy c, bds 515 N Alley Between Fifth and Sixth.
Perry, Lee c (wf Lucy), lab, res 628 Emporia.
Perry, C H, stonemason, bds 414 Denison.
Perry, W G (wf R M) stoneinason, res 414 Denison.
Perry, R T, clk md agt, rms 43 Maddin bldg.
Prrryman. Chas v, lab, bds 441 N Third.
Perryman, John c (wf Nora), cook res 512 Market.
Perryman, Jack c, lab, bds 566 N Fifth.
Pertle, Dave (wf Anna), lab, res 718 N Fourth.
Peoples, Walter C (wf Lula), laundryman, bds 305 N Eleventh.
Petree, Hayes C, lab, bds 622 S Fifth.
Peters, Mrs Lou c, dorm, res 608 W Girard.
Peterson, C G (wf C M), car inspector, res 540 N Cherokee.
Peterman, J A (wf Anna),Peterman & Reaves, central meat market res 303 S Second.
Peters, Walter (wf Minnie), contractor, res 407 N Second.
Pittigrew, Mrs Ninetta, bds 203 E Okmulgee.
Pettigrew, Geo H (wf Ruth), clk Ter Trust Co, res 807 Denver.
Pettis, Mrs Charity, c, laundress, res 1207 S Main.
Petty, J K (wf Elnora) slsmn Durfey Hardware Co, rms No. 49 Maddin bldg.
Pfatenhauer, C J (wf Jenevive) decorator, res 1010 S Second.
Phillips, Miss Flora, salsldy Chan. Mer Co, rms 522 W Broadway.
Phillips, Pete C (wf Millie) lab, res 530 S Main, rear, faces r r.
Phillips, Richard M, clk Dawes com, bds 322 E Okrnnlgee av.
Phillips, Ralph, c, clk W IH Twine, bds 706 S Fifth.
PHOENIX, Muskogee, daily and weekly, and job printing, C B Douglas, prop, 204 b, N Second.
Phoenix Grocery Co. Ellis & Bates props, 101 W Okmulgee ave. Phoenix Clothing Co, E B Grubbs and Mrs O D Weldon, proprs,109 N Second.
Pierce, J A (wf Sammie) carp, res 312 Irving.
Pierce, Wm M, plumber 609 Irving.
Pierce, J W (wf Martha E), carp, res 609 Irving.
Pierce, J H, (wf H L), lab, res 125 N K.
Piercey, Mrs Sarah E, bds .118 N L.
Piercey, A L, slsmn C B Gilmore, res 118 N L.
Pigman, Miss Kate, bds 449 N Cherokee.
Pike, Louis, lab, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Pinkard, Rev James C (wf Maggie) C M E ch, res 625 S Third.
Pioneer Barber Shop, J I Hollingsworth prop, 107 W Broadway.
Pioneer Printing Co, H A Brooks c prop, 311 Emporia.
Pitts, Tilla c, dom, 1028 Emporia.
Pitts, Mrs Paulina, res 616 S Main.
Pitts, S C (wf Mary) dftsmn Dawes com, res 516 S Third.
Pitts, Bert (wf Callie) clk, Katy frt office, res 531 N Tenth.
Place, Wm (wf Ada) barber, res 701 S Cherokee.
Pleasant, Geo c (wf Eliza) wks light plant, res 407 S Cherokee.
Pleasant Zack (wf Nettie) brick mason, res 228 S B.
Plummer, W N, asst bkkpr Tur Hdw Co, bds Edmondson hotel.
Pollard, W J, mgr Studio Ideal, res 417 Emporia.
Pollard R D (wf Estes) contractor, res 417 Emporia.
Pope, William M, (wf Sarah) electrician, re~s236 S Cherokee.
Porter, Mrs Kate, bds 715 Callahan.
Porter, Zeb c, lab oil mills, bds 1114 N Mill, rear.
Porter, Mrs Nan c, laundress, res 1007 S Second.
Porter, Abe C (wf Lizzie) lab, res 510 W Fon du Lac.
Porter, Will c, (wf Mattie), lab, res 813 S Sixth.
Porter, Miss Mamie, bds 117 S Sixth.
Porter, P, prin chief of Creek Nation, res 117 South Sixth.
Porter, J c, servant 315 N Sixth.
Porter, W A, (wf Mildred N), sec to chief, res 704 W Okmulgee.
Porter, Miss Emma c, laundress, bds 573 Altamont.
Potts, Joshua. slsmn, 907 N Cherokee.
Potts, Rep, caller Katy yds, bds 711 N B.
Potts, Joseph c (wf Charlotte), carp, res 1114 N Mill, rear.
Powe, George c, lab, bds 640 N Fourth.
Powell, W C (wf Mary) driver Fr Swift, coal, res 618 Elgin rear, on alley.
Pray, R F, insurance, rms 210 1/2 W Okmulgee.
Preston, Mrs Belle, c, cook, bds 504 N Fifth.
Price, Beverly, clk Patterson Mer Co bds 544 S Main.
Price, Wm (wf Etta) lab, res 544 S Main.
Primmer, Forest c (wf Mary) lab, 511 alley, bet Fremont and S S Boulevard.
Primmer, Robt c (wf Millie) lab, bds 521 N Fourth.
Primmer, Louis c (wf Ella) wks Turner Hdw Co, res 527 alley, bet Fremont and S S Boulevard.
Primmer, Miss Dora, c, laundress. bds 507 alley, bet Fremont and S S Boulevard.
Primmer, Mrs Charity c, res 507 alley bet Fremont and S S Boulevard.
Prindle, Geo E (wf Mary T) painter, 108 S Main, res 550 S Sixth.
Prindle, Miss Ida G, bds 550 S Sixth.
Pritchett, Grant, laundryman, bds 437 N Fifth.
Proud, Wm, carp, res 1203 N C.
Proud, Jas, (wf Rosa M), baker, res 1223 N C.
Purcell, H, druggist, rm 2 Maddin bldg.
Purden, C T (wf Susie) carp, res 118 Kankakee.
Purden, Chas (wf Margaret M), lab, res 1033 N C.
Purden, Miss Mary R, bds 1033 N C.
Purden, G H, (wf Mary M) painter, res 616 Irving.
Purden, Ira M (wf Ida), carp, bds 616 Irving.
Purdy, J K (wf Abbie) farmer, res 539 N Eleventh.


Quarles, R W jr, clk U S Ind agy rms 514 W Broadway.


Rachal, A P (wf M D) cattleman, res 605 E Broadway.
Rader, J H (wf May) blacksmith, res 312 N Cherokee.
Rader, J F (wf S C) blacksmith, res 804 N C.
Ragsdale, Wm c (wf Malinda) liveryman, res 511 W Fon du Lac.
Ragsdale, Dan c (wf Hessie) res 719 alley bet Alt and N Fifth.
Rail, Jenks, c, lab, 315 Emporia.
Raines, Fred, asst atty M K & T, rms 123 S Fourth.
Rainey, Mrs R T, bds 213 Denison.
Rambo, Jos J (wf Mary A) props Rambo store, res 422 E Okmulgee av.
Rambo Walter A, slsmn Knights, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.
Rambo Store, The, J J and Emma Rambo, 107 S Main.
Rampendahl, W, Maxey & Rampendahl, attys English block, bds 307 N Second.
Rails, Ed (wf Nettie) butcher, rms 320 N C.
Ramsey, Miss Abbie, domestic 117 S Sixth.
Ramsey, R B, collector res 204 N K.
Ramsey, Tom, deliv Gilmore gro, 308 N G.
Ramsey, Mrs Ellen, laundress, 308 N C.
Randle, E L, collector First Nat Bank, bds 821 W Okmulgee.
Raandle, B A (wf Ethel), cashr First National Bank, res 821 W Okmulgee.
Raper, Ben c, lab oil mill, bds 707 Mill.
Ratcliff-Halsell Grocer Co, W W Settle mgr, 12 Court.
Rawles, W G, draughtsman md agy, rm 514 W Broadway.
Ray, Mrs Emeline, bds 603 S Third.
Raymond C W (wf Grace M) Judge U S Court, res 517 Columbus av.
Read, Mrs Eva D, bds 341 E Broadway.
Reams, E E, Mgr Mid Bridge, bds 125 E Okmulgee av.
Reaves, Effie, bds 327 Baltimore av.
Reaves, B W bds 547 N Cherokee.
Reaves, Chas, Peterman & Reaves, bds 547 N Cherokee.
Reaves, J A (wf Mattie) res 547 N Cherokee.
Rector, J B (Lallah) cotton buyer, res 319 S Sixth.
Rector, Miss Minnie, teacher public school, bds 319 S Sixth.
Redfield, J C, slsman Star Grocery, rms No.87 Maddin bldg.
Reed, J Warren, (wf Viola C), attorney, res 1102 N C.
Reed, Alex c (wf Jane), farmer, second house n on Oak.
Reed, Albert c (wf Ida), lab, res 618 N Sixth.
Reed, Leola, bds 222 N Cherokee.
Reed F A, slsmn Patt Mer Co, rms Maddin bldg.
Reed, Clarence, emp Dawes Com, rins No 72 Maddin bldg.
Reed, Frank c (wf Hulda), lab, res 1122 Court.
Reese, Rev Samuel c (wf Jennie), C M E ch, res 511 N alley bet Sixth and N Division Boulevard.
Reeves, Mrs Kate c,. bds 401 N Sixth.
Reeves, Bass c (wf W J) U S deputy marshal, res 325 W Court.
REEVES REALTY AND MINING CO real estate 108 1-2 N Main.
Reeves, Capt Ira L (wf Carolyn), Reeves Realty and Mining Co, office Moore bldg, res 522 W Broadway.
Reeves, W L (wf Ida), mgr shoe dept Patt Mer Co, rea 130 S Third.
Reeves, Reginald, bds 130 S Third.
Reuter, P G, clk, Dawes Com, rm Fite & Rowsey bldg.
Rhien Otto, (wf Blanche), undertaker, res 801 N B.
Rhien & Dorsey, undertakers, 106 s Cherokee.
Rice, E M (wf Agnes) foreman stock yds, res 304 E Broadway.
Rice, Roy, druggist Eastes, rm 341 E Okmulgee.
Richardson, D, c, prop barber shop 222 N Second, res 506 S Third.
Richardson, H E (Nannie) teamster, res 735 Callahan.
Richardson, John (wf Lillie), street sprinkler, res 118 W SS boul.
Richardson, J R c (wf Ophelia), farmer, res 518 S Second.
Richey Miss Emma, bds 1519 Callahan.
Ritka, Jag c (wf Gertrude), lab, res 512 Denison.
Riley, Lee c, wks 605 E Broadway.
Riley, Chillon (wf Maud) law clk Dawes com, res 554 S Second.
Riley J M, teacher, bds 514 W Broadway.
Rivers, Elzy c (wf Eliza) gro store, 310 S Second, res same.
Rizer E W (wf Willie), broker, res 319 W Broadway.
Riddell Mrs J W, tutor, 115 N Fourth.
Risteen H C (wf May), steno Dawes com, rm 607 S Second.
Ritter, Dan (wf Dona), lab, res 907 S Second.
Ritter Mrs Lizzie, laundress, res 817 S Main.
Rabe, Chas F, barber, Pioneer shop, 107 W Broadway.
Robb, Andrew W (wf Helen), pres Patt Mer Co, res 215 S Third.
Robe, Rev W B (wf Sarah), res 901 W Okmulgee.
Robe, Miss Julia, bds 901 W Okmulgee.
Robbins, E L c (wf A L) guard U S jail, res 431 N Fourth.
Roberts, David (wf Myra) brick mason, res 824 Boston.
Roberts, J W (wf A E) Contractor, res 836 N Cherokee.
Roberts, Dave C (wf Jennie), fariner, res 823 N Divison boul.
Roberts, N (wf Mary) Katy section foreman, res 211 W Joplin.
Roberts, Lorenzo c, janitor Maddin bldg, res same.
Roessler Freeman Shoe Co, C A Freeman mgr, 108 W Broadway.
Rogers, George, lab, 708 S Cherokee.
Rogers, Alson A (wf Inez P) mgr Ozark Lumber Co, res 220 Cincinnatti.
Rogers, Mrs Sue M, res 406 N C.
Rogers, H C, M D, (wf Helen) Callahan & Rogers res 418 N Cherokee.
Rogers Lumber Co, The T H, J F Sawyer, mgr, S Second.
Rodgers, G D, L clk Dawes Com, bds 309 W Broadway.
Rolly, A G, slsman Scofield, bds Queen hotel.
Rock Island Trust & Investment Co, J F Darby, pres; H E Curtis. V-P, Guy Bowman, sec. & Tr, rms 17 and 18 Old Homestead.
Rohrer, H W (wf Kathryn) cashr M K & T freight office res 1009 W Okmulgee av.
Rooker, Henry B (wf Edith) Carp, res 417 Fremont ave.
Rooney, J J (Maggie) Vogel & Rooney, stone contractors, res 405 Okmulgee av.
Roper, John M, bds 416 E Okmulgec av.
Robitson, Jasper, lab, bds 1223 E Broadway.
Robitson, Mrs Sarah J, res 1223 E Broadway.
Robinson, Joe (wf Florence) deliveryman Star Gro, 442 N C st.
Robinson, Miss Kittie, c, housekeeper Hotel Jones, bds same.
Robinson, Miss Ella, bds 409 Callahan.
Robinson, Mrs E F, res 409 Callahan.
Robinson, William (Sallie) stockman, res 319 E Okmulgee av.
Robertson, Mrs B A, bds E Kalamazoo and S G.
Robertson, G W (Belle) dairyman, res E Kalamazoo and S G.
Robertson, David (wf Mary) wks Hope L Co, res 234.S B.
Robertson, J W (wf M E) delivers water, res 827 N Cherokee.
Robertson, Mrs A E W, translator, res 505 S Twelfth.
Robertson, Miss Alice M, U S Supervisor Creek schools, res 505 S Twelfth.
Roberson, W L (wf Alice) clk Gloyd I L Co, res 432 Kendall Boulevard.
Robson, Wm c (wf Ida) carp, bds 521 N Fourth.
Robson, Henry c (wf Hannah) drayman Turner hdw Co, res 521 N Fourth.
Rosenwinkle, G, steno Dawes com, rms 226 S Third.
Rosenbery, C, tailor, bds Fdmondson Hotel.
Rosier, L J (wf Sarah A) employee Durfey Hdw Co, res 535 N Cherokee.
Ross, Frank C, salesman Roesler-Freeman, bds 229 W Court.
Ross J C, butcher, bds Hoffman House.
Ross Mrs, c No. 813 Emporia.
Ross, Miss Jennie, bds Joshua Ross.
Ross, Miss Susie, bds Joshua Ross.
Russ, John bds Joshua Ross.
Ross, Joshua (wf Muskogee) notary public, Maddin bldg, res N F and E Okmulgee.
Ross, J E (wf Nellie), slsmn, res 633 E Broadway.
Ross, Miss Dannie, teacher pub sch, rm 522 W Broadway.
Roseby, Rev Robt c (wf Caroline), Christian church col, res 812 Emporia.
Roseby, Chas c (wf Julia), lab, res 600 W Fon du Lac.
Rothenberg, E J, clk Dawes Com, rms 808 W Okmulgee.
Rowe, K M, bkkpr, first nat bank, rms 409 Callahan.
Rowe, J A (wf Mary) second hand goods, N Main, res 308 S Third.
Rowe, Miss Lelia, compositor Times, bds 308 S Third.
Rowe, Will c (wf Lula) barber, res 647 S Fourth.
Rowsey, W E (wf Eva) treas Territorial Trust Co, res 220 S Sixth.
Rowland, E M (wf Jessie) salsmn Huber Hdw Co, res 732 E Okmulgee av.
Roy, Joe, c, lab, rms 221 Elgin av.
Rue, F R, architect, 109 1-2 W Okmulgee, bds Oxford.
Ruffins, Jesse, c, lab, bds 62 Joplin.
Ruffings, Mrs Anne, bds 806 Emporia.
Rule, Richard c (wf Jane) lab, res 501 S Third.
Rulison, E R (wf Ruth L) Musk Bot Wks, res 203 S Fourteenth.
Rupard, W L (wf Gertie) switchman, res 401 Irving.
Rush, Mrs I B, boarding, res 514 W Broadway.
Russell, R F (Abbie) well driller, res 608 Houston.
Russell, Miss Dona, bds 804 N C.
Russell, R W (wf Amelia) farmer, res 804 N C.
Russell, Amick, salesman, bds 209 S B.
Russell, Miss Julia, teacher, bds 209 S B.
Russell, Miss Nannie, dressmaker Sp Mer Co, bds 209 S B.
Russe]], Miss Cora, teacher, bds 209 S B.
Russell, Mrs Julia, boarding, res 209 S B.
Russell, Mrs A L, bds 554 S Second.
Russell, James c (wf Martha) lab, bds 34 Kinsley.
Rutledge, J C (wf Mary) lab, res 316 N G.
Rutherford, S M, (Sallie) Rutherford, Cravens & English, attys, office English block, res 121 S Third.


Saffell, C S, emp Turner Hdw Co, rms No.47 Maddin bldg.
Sampson, Dean, bkkpr Minnetonka L Co, bds 332 E Okmulgee av.
Sampson, Mrs M J, res 332 E Okmulgee av.
Sampson, Miss M E, milliner at "Fair" bds 722 S Third.
Sampson, Z, c, yardman Union Depot hotel.
Sams, Mrs Mirta, job steno and Notary, rm 19 Old Homestead, bds 205 N Div Boulevard.
Samuel, Mrs Miller, agent, res 520 S Main.
Samuel, Miss Mary, music teacher, bds 520 S Main.
Samuel, Robert, salesman, bds 520 S Main.
Sanders, Ben, lab, bds 110 E Okmulgee av.
Sanders, J W, cont and builder, office S Main.
Sango, A G W c, (wf Manetta) guard jail, rooms 409 N Sixth.
Sanson, S P (wid Rev T A, sr,) res, 308 S Sixth.
San8on, Thos A jr (wf Eva), atty and master in Chancery office 13 and 14 Old Homestead, res 203 S Third.
Sanson, W H (wf Mary) mgr clothing dept Patt Mer Co, res 575 N Div Boul.
Sanson, Miss Lucy H, music teacher, bds 309 S Sixth.
Sapp Harry P, deliv Turner Hdw Co, bds 338 E Okmulgee.
Sawyer, Chas H (wf Marian B), clk Dawes Com, res 206 S Division boulevard.
Sayer, V N (wf Cornelia), real estate, Spaulding bldg, res 503 Callahan.
Schrffer, Miss Clara, waitress, Union Depot hotel.
Schieberl, Joe M (wf Ida), tailor, res and shop 233 S Second.
Schmitt, J S, (wf Jennie) mgr dry goods dept Patt Mer Co, res 329 S Third.
Schuster, J W, clk Dawes com, bds Brown hotel.
Scofield, R H (wf Flora) Furniture, cor Main and Qkmulgee, res 823 E Broadway.
Schwartz, C 0 (wf.Dosie) trav man, rms 714 S Third.
Scott, Lee (wf Anna), wks Durfy Hdw Co, res 214 N C.
Scott, Jas c, wks 410 N Cherokee.
Scott, Miss Alice c, laundress, bds 534, s Main, rear, faces r r.
Scott, W W (wf Eda) clk Dawes Com, res 322 E Okmulgee.
Scott, C C (wf Ella) wks Katy depot, res 122 N G.
Scott, Gec W (wf ida L), farmer and stockman, res 217 S Cherokee.
Scott, Johh c (wf Josephine), housecleaner, res N M, bet Irving and Houston.
Scott, G B (wf Marie), Katy ydmaster, bds 116 Callahan.
Scott, J A (wf Sallie) with Ind Land & Tr Co, res 345 Callahan.
Seay, Elmer (wf Matilda) carp, res 914 N 1.
Seay, Rolley carp, bds 914 N I.
Seekings, Chas (wf Dannie) mgr gro dept Patt. Mer Co, res 505 S Third.
Selby, R N (wf Elnor) sec Musk Wh Gro Co, res 213 N Third.
Sellars, R E, wks Rogers L Co.
Settle, Miss Zenobia, music teacher, bds 209 N Eleventh.
Settle, L M, gro and bakery, 311 N Cherokee, bds 209 N Eleventh.
Severs, Miss Bessie, teacher, bds 450 N Cherokee.
Severs Charles J, r r employe, bds 450 N Cherokee.
Severs, S B (wf Lena), harnessmaker 103 N Cherokee, res 450 N Cherokee.
Severs, Miss Annie, bds 420 W Brodway.
Severs, F B (wf Annie), cattleman and merchant, res 420 W Broadway.
Sevall, Mrs Jane, dom G W Duncan.
Seward, Janies (wf Susie) farmer, res 313 Hill.
Sewell, Mrs Kate c, cook 115 N 4th.
Shackelford, W Ross, dep U S clk, rms 217 S Sixth.
Shackelford, Jas M (wf Henrietta), atty, office 113 1-2 N Main, res 217 S Sixth.
Sharum, Julian, bds 527 Elgin av.
Sharum, W Roger, bds 527 Elgin av.
Sharum, J Mandeville, real estate, bds 527 Elgin.
Sharum, A H (wf Mary E) real estate, res 527 Elgin av.
Shaw, John R (wf Jane) mgr Hope Lumber Co, res 121 N K.
Shaw, John c (wf Susie) lab, res 512 Denison.
Shean, Miss Julia, waitress Queen hotel.
Shelby, Walter G (wf Cora) wks New's livery, res 716 S Cherokee.
Shelby, Mrs M E, bds 325 S Sixth.
Sherman Green c (wf Etta) teamster, res 709 Georgetown av.
Sherman, John C (wf Victoria) lab, res 520 S Main, rear, faces r r.
Sherman, Ben C, bds 520 5 Main, rear, faces r r.
Shivens, James c (wf Martha) lab, res 516 Market.
Shoe Boot, Mrs Ida, c laundress, res 624 S Sixth.
Shoenfelt, Mrs Annie E, steno Ind agy, res 129 S Fourth.
Shoenfelt, Earl, bds 129 S Fourth.
Shoenfelt, Miss Pearl, bds 129 S Fourth.
Shoenfelt, J Blair (wf Annie E), U S Ind agt, res 129 S Fourth.
Sholl, 0 M (wf Emma) livery, 216 S Main, res 322 S Second.
Shortall, Mrs Anna, rms 540 N Cherokee.
Shuey, W F, bkkpr Musk Cot Oil Co, bds McKnights.
ShuIl, Emmett, lab, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Shull W C, Supt Muskogee Nat Tel Co, bds 307 N Second.
Shunkey, Wm C, lab, bds 549 N Fifth.
Shunkey, Andrew, blacksmith 323 Main, bds 549 N Fifth.
Shunkey, Miss Ella, bds 549 N Fifth.
Shunkey, E E (wf M M), baker, res 549 N Fifth.
Shunkey, E T, (wf Lucy) rest keeper, res 553 Altamont.
Sides, Miss Ada, cent opp Musk Tel Co, rms 543 Columbus.
Sides, Miss Artie, housekeeper, rms 543 Columbus.
Siegenthaler, A J (wf Mabel J) slsmn Gross & Tussey, res 910 S Third.
Silberhorn, Chris (wf Bell),mgr Muskogee Trans Co, res 631 W Fon du Lac.
Sinco, Al, rms 205 S B.
Simmons, Thos c (wf Jennie), lab, bds 434 N Second.
Simmons E, carp, bds 322 E Okmulgee.
Sims, Miss Evangeline c, teacher, bds 612 N Sixth.
Sims, Willie c (wf Nancy), farmer, res N Nineteenth bet Emporia and Fon du Lac.
Sims, Dr W H c (wf Alice), office Ayres bldg, res 617 S Third.
Sims, E E c (wf E N J), farmer, res 612 N Sixth.
Sims, W H, (wf Emma), slsmn Spaulding Mer Co, res 412 Elmira.
Sims, Henry c (wf Maggie) res 420 alley south 0 C & C ry,
Simpson, Henrietta c (wid Martin), dom, bds 838 N Third.
Simpson, Miss Mollie, dom 607 S Second.
Simpson, W Chester, driv Boston Bakery, bds 509 N Cherokee.
Simpson, Mrs L B, dressmaker, res 509 N Cherokee.
Sinegan, Jas c, blacksmith, bds 510 S Main faces r r.
Siner Dave, (wf Ora) lab 308 N G.
Skelton, E E (wf Mary F), rest 110 W Okmulgee, res 525 S Sixth.
Skelton, Miss Madge M, bds 525 S Sixth.
Skelton, Miss Gladys B, cash Skelton's rest, bds 525 S Sixth.
Skirvin, R C, (wf Sarah), lab, res 1001 N H.
Slamon, Michael, Switchman, bds 233 S C.
Slate, E R (wf Nora) res 702 Georgetown.
Slattery, W P, farmer, res 545 S Third.
Slattery, Mrs Bridget, bds 545 S Third.
Slaughter, S D (wf Ollie), boarding res 125 E Okmulgee.
Slaughter, J J, prop Kentucky Livery, bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Slayton, Mrs Louisa, bds 908 Market.
Smith, D W, (wf Fannie) slsmn, res 414 E Broadway.
Smith, S E (wf Ella) clk Dawes com, res 224 S Cherokee.
Smith, Alfred, contractor, bds 227 S Cherokee.
Smith, W D (wf Bell) lab, res 508 Jefferson.
Smith, Jackson c (wf L~ber) bds 1002 S Second.
Smith, John A, lab, bds 513 S Eighth.
Smith, A J (wf Rhoda A) teamster, res 513 S Eighth.
Smith, H Van V, spl disbursing agt Dawes com, res 627 W Okmulgee av.
Smith, Robert (wf Alice) lab, res 554 S Main.
Smith, Mr~ Sarah, cook A Grant Evans.
Smith, L Ed (wf Mattie) job printer Ev. Times, res 909 Columbus av.
Smith, S H (Lucy A) sec Bradley Real Estate Co, res 324 S Sixth.
Smith, Thos P (wf Belle G), V Pres Turner Hdw Co, res 315 N Sixth.
Smith, Mrs Marcia, dom, Denison and N Fifth.
Smith, Add, lab bds 26 W S S boul.
Smith, Austin (wf Alice) guard U S jail, res 407 N Second.
Smith, Frank E (wf Lena) printer. res 320 S Main.
Smith, Miss Ida dom, 301 N Second.
Smith, Geo R, steno Dawes com, bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Smith, Lizzie c, wks Bridgman laundry.
Smith, Daisy, wks Bridgman laundry.
Smith, George (wf J S), carp, res w s S G bet Independence av and E Kalamazoo.
Smith, F A, steno Musk Wh Gro Co, rms 85 Maddin bldg.
Smith, J C (wf Sylvia) lab, res 314 N C.
Sinlth, L E (wf S A) proprs Smith Lunch Room, Broadway and N Cherokee, res 539 N C.
Smith, T R (wf Cora) farmer, res 380 W Fon du Lac.
Smith, James, (wf Johnnie) farmer, res Emporia and N Nineteenth.
Smith, Miss Irene, c, bds 217 W S S Boulevard.
Smith, Louis c (wf Janie) lab, res 805 S Tenth.
Smith, Henry, c, lab, 309 N Sixth.
Smith, Hill, c, Carp, bds 437 N Fifth.
Smith, Ned c (wf Sarah J) gro store 327 Emporia, res 327.
Smith, Miss Kizzie, c, dom, 115 N Fourth.
Smith, J M c (wf Alice) shoemaker, S Second, res 433 N Third.
Smith, Porter c. (wf Adaline), lab, res 213 W Fon du Lac.
Smith, C A c (wf L E), farmer, res 544 N Ninth.
Smith, Mrs Minerva, c, laundress, res 920 Court.
Smith, Walter c, farmer, bds 920 Court.
Smith, Jos C c (wf Martha E), farmer, res 524 Emporia.
Smith, Mrs Isola c, bds 524 Emporia.
Smith, Paul c (wf Sarah) cab driver, res 817 Market.
Smithton, James (wf Anna) fireman Katy, bds 723 N Third.
Smolinsky, lBen, slsmn Columbia, bds 520 N Cherokee.
Snell, Mrs Mary c, teacher, bds 574 N Fourth.
Snell, John, c, cook, bds 574 N Fourth.
Snell Miss Susie, c, teacher Dunbar school, bds 574 N Fourth.
Snell, Benj c (wf Tabitha) lab, res 574 N Fourth.
Snyder, W W (wf Maggie) vet surg Jenkins horse market, res 504 Market.
Solomon, Emma c (wid Sam) res 513 W Tower Hill boul.
Sondheimer, Sam, buyer for J Sondheimer, rms 107 W Okmulgee av.
SONDHEIMER, JOS, Hides, Fur and wool, 119 S Second, res 107 W Okmulgee av.
Sondheimer, Alex (wf Dora) buyer Joe Sondheimer, furs, res 318 E Okmulgee av.
Spaulding, Sam, bds 328 Callahan.
SPAULDING MERCANTILE CO, H B Spaulding, Pres; W H Walker, V Pres; V E Oehler, Sec; R B Hutchinson Treas; C H Thomas Asst Treas; Walter Howard, Ass Sec; 110, 112, 114 N Main.
Spaulding, H B (wf Josie) Pres Spaulding Mer Co, res 328 Callahan.
Spaulding, Miss Emma, salsldy Spaul Mer Co, bds 506 Callahan.
Spaulding, Porter, collector Spaulding Mer Co, bds 320 Baltimore.
Speake, Mrs M F, seamstress, res 222 E Fon du Lac.
Spencer, P J, (wf R W) Anchor L & L Co, res 724 E Callahan.
Spencer, Wm (wf Lydia) bds 724 E Callahan
Spencer, Jas, landman Spaul Mer Co, rms 113 1-2 S Main.
Spencer, E L (wf Minnie) res 226 W Court.
Spencer, Walter G, farmer, hds 226 W Court.
Spencer, Miss Ina, steno Dawes com, bds 226 W Court.
Sphler, Miss Pauline, waitress Union Depot hotel.
Spiler, Betty (wid John) dom 530 N Cherokee.
Spink, Miss Mary, housekeeper 342 E Okmulgee av.
Spratt, Matthew c (wf Mintie) lab, res 516 N Div Boulevard.
Spriggs, F J (wf Minnie) agt Allen Black & Co, rms 522 W Broadway.
Springborn, A B, tailor, wks 111 1-2 N Main, bds Queen hotel.
Springer, E, storekeeper, Union Depot hotel.
Spurlock, G F, real estate, bds Edmondson hotel.
Stafford, Pearl, bds 525 W S S boul.
Stafford C c (wf C L) restaurant 222 N Second, res 215 Fon du Lac.
Starr, Andy, c, hack driver Geo Kirk.
Starrow, Jas (wf Berry) lab, res 807 W. Broadway.
STAR GROCERY, F J Hellinghausen, staples and fancy groceries,103 N Second.
Statham, W H, jr, clk Dawes com, bds McKnight's.
Steele, C L (wf Leda) partner Everts & Steele, "The Fair" res 513 W Court.
Steinmitz, Waldo, driver Am Ex Co, bds 307 N Second.
Stell, Henry, C, porter Union Depot hotel.
Stelman, Zelda, res 571 N Altamont.
Sterns, John, barber, res 317 S Second.
Sterling, H W (wf Marie) mgr Union Depot hotel, res same.
Stetler, W A (wf Bertha) mgr Anchor Land & Lease Co, office Old Homestead, res 419 Callahan.
Stephens, A, c (wf Rena) lab, res 722 W Howard.
Stvenson, Ed, c, dom, 205 N F.
Stevens, Ben, painter, bds 523 S Fifth.
Stevens, Albert (wf Lucy) Carp, 523 S Fifth.
Stever, Wm (wf Lottie) bricklayer, res 336 N G.
Stevenson, Irving, tinner Durfey Hdw Co, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Stewurt, S C (wf Francis A) carp, res 430 N C.
Stewart, Rev N E, c, First Baptist Church, (col), bds 503 N Ninth.
Stewart, Miss Annie S, steno J N Allen, bds 121 S Ninth.
Stewart, J W (wf ) real estate, res 628 E Broadway.
Stewart, W V, bookkeeper, bds 628 E Broadway.
Stewart, W W (wf Della) carp, res 416 N L.
Stewart, Eliza Elena R, bds 628 E Broadway.
Stewart, T M (wf Angeline) carp, res 340 Dayton.
Still, Henry c (wf Emma) porter Katy, res 913 S Main.
Stine, Miss M B, saleslady Woodward & Co, bds 628 Elgin av.
Stewart, Mrs M E, boarding, res 402 Denison.
Stine, J C, carp, bds 623 Elgin av.
Stine, L P (wf Susan), carp, res 623 Elgin av.
Stinnett, P B, groceries and city wagon yard, 110 N Cherokee.
Stites Fred, lab, bds 705 N Cherokee.
Stone Henry c (wf Julia) cook, res 332 N Sixteenth.
Stores R W c (wf Maria) carp, res 730 N Fifth.
Stout James, bookkeeper, bds 401 E Okmulgee av.
Stout W H (wf Sarah) Farm Roller Mill, res 318 Emporia.
Stribling, Miss Lorena, mgr cloak dept Spaul Mer Co, bds 507 Callahan.
Stringfield J Berry, lab, bds 415 E Okmulgee av.
Street, H c (wf Vina) paper hanger, res 636 Emporia.
Stuart, Dock (wf Ann ) farmer, res Emporia and N Nineteenth.
Stuart, Will, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Stuart, John, purch agt Kenefic Cons Co, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Studio Ideal, W J Pollard mgr, 103 1-2 W Okmulgee.
SUDHOELTER, C H, Architect, 109 1-2 W Okmulgee, bds Oxford.
Sullivan, J J, machinist round house, bds Commcercial hotel.
Sullivan, W J (wf Lillian) law clk Dawes com, res 808 W Okmulgee av.
Summerlin, Mrs Emma, dressmaker, res 725 S Cherokee.
Summerlin, Spurgeon, slsmn Patt Mer Co, bds 725 S Cherokee.
Summerlin, Miss May, dressmaker, bds 725 S Cherokee.
Sutherland, Wallace, bds 433 N C.
Sutton, Mrs Mary, C, res 604 N Fifth.
Sutton, Geo c (wf Carrie) wks New's stables 912 N Cherokee.
Swicegood, L C, druggist E A Estes, rins 341 E Okmulgee av.
Swanson, G M (wf Beulah) land loans and leases, office 108 1-2 N Second, res 1504 W Okmulgee av.
Sweeney, Edw, employd Commercial Nat Bk, rms No. 79 Maddin bldg.
Swift, Jas F, carp, bds Mrs Nevins.
SWIFT, FRANK T (Nettie) ice and coal dealer, res 205 S C.
Switzer, E M (wf Lou) grocer, 114 S Cherokee, res 318 S Cherokee.
Switzer, John, salesman, bds 318 S Cherokee.
Sylvester, A F (Margaret) teamster, res Fourteenth and Georgetown av.
Sykes, E T, mgr Allen Black & Co, W W Con, res Union depot hotel.


Talbert, Rev A W, c, pastor M E church (col) bds 407 Elgin av.
Talbutt, Miss Jennie, bds 1028 Emporia.
Talbutt, J H, sr, (wf Alice) mattress maker, res 1028 Emporia.
Talbutt, J H, Jr, (wf Mae) mattress maker, res 805 Market.
Talbutt; J H & Co, J H Talbutt, M L Bragdon, mattress makers, factory 1008 Emporia.
Tally Mrs C H, res 329 E Broadway.
Tally Mrs Sallie, saleslady M K T hotel, bds 329 E Broadway.
Tanner, Mrs Lizzie, c, boarding, res 517 W S S boulevard.
Tanner, Rev J W (wf May) pastor First Baptist church, res 227 N Third.
Tanner, Lloyd, lab, bds 227 N Third.
Tanner, A S, carp, bds 227 N Third.
Tarbaugh, G W (wf Sarah E), mgr Kendall College laundry, res Kendall College.
Tarvin, M E, (wf S F), dentist, 113 1-2 N Main, res 546 N Cherokee.
Tarvin, B C (wf Delia), hackman, res 550 N Cherokee.
Tastabert, Miss Anna, waiteress, Union Depot hotel.
Tatum, H A (wf N J), carp, res S Tewelfth and Indianapolis.
Taylor, Newton, Oxford Cafe, rm 73 Maddin bldg.
Taylor, C A, civ eng, Muskogee Southern ry, rm 36 Maddin bldg.
Taylor, Oscar P, clk Ind agt, bds Hoffman house.
Taylor, Miss Minnie, bds 516 Market.
Taylor, Miss Luella C, bds 544 N Fourth.
Taylor, Robt C, ferryman, res 544 N Fourth.
Taylor, Mack c, scavenger, res 217 W Fon du Lac.
Taylor, Manuel c, (wf Mary) farmer, bds 516 Market.
Taylor, Albert c, (wf Rachael) res 519 S Main.
Taylor, Miss Nannie, res 504 W Okmulgee av.
Taylor, Will C, lab oil mill, bds 707 Mill.
Taylor, Mary C, dom 216 S Sixth.
Taylor, Miss Annie c, bds 519 S Main.
Taylor, Griffin C, lab, bds 519 S Main.
Taylor, Miss Emily, bds 519 S Main.
Taylor, Mrs Lizzie, res 205 Houston.
Taylor, Miss Mamie, steno Dawes Com, rms 17 Maddin bldg.
Teater, J W (wf Myrtle), mgr gro Chand Mer Co, res 314 Elmira.
Temples, Miss Dora c, laundress, bds 512 Denison.
TERRITORIAL TRUST & SURETY CO, A W Robb pres, H C Baker V pros, W E Rowsey, sec and treas, 110 W Broad.
Teubner, L R (wf Mary C) dftsmn Dawes com, res 715 Elgin.
Timberlake, John (wf Laura) clk Gilmore gro, res 547 S Fifth.
Tindall, Charles (wf Ella), conductor, res 314 Baltimore.
Tinsley, A W, day turnkey U S jail.
Thornton, Mrs Mary c, bds 828 N Division Boulevard.
Thrailkill, Daniel (wf Ida), lab, res 916 S Cherokee.
Thomas, Eugene, bds Meagher bldg.
Thomas, S E (wf Alice), stone cutter, res Meagher bldg.
Thomas, W M c, (wf Maria), farmer, res 301 N Seventeenth.
Thomas, Miss Kate, teacher pub sch, rms 528 W Broadway.
Thomas, John R, Thomas & Harrison, office Turner bldg, rm 10, res 1419 W Okmulgee.
Thumas, Miss Carolyn, bds 1419 W Okmulgee.
Thomas, J H, clk Dawes Commission, rms 319 W Okmulgee.
Thomas, C H, (wf Helen), asst treas' Spauld Mer Co, res 307 S Third.
Thomas, Walter H, seal clk Katy yds, bds 307 S Third.
Thomas, Miss Virginia, cash Spauld Mer Co, bds 307 S Third.
Thomas, Louis c (wf Celeste), lab, res 38 Iola.
Thomas, James c (wf Mattie), guard U S jail, res 507 S Main.
Thomas, Mrs Lucy c, laundress, bds 545 S Fourth.
Thomas, Ed c, (wf Lou), lab, res 709 S Sixth.
Thomas, Mrs Ida c domestic, bds 543 N Fourth.
Thomas, Mrs S E, envoy salva army, res 316 N Fourth.
Thomas, H L, capt Salva Army, res 316 N Fourth.
Thompson, Miss Nell, slslady Chand Mer Co, bds John Chandler Callahan.
Thompson, Rev J K (wf Innice) pastor First Baptist ch, res, 112 S Third.
Thompson, M K (wf Louise), M D office 9 and 10 Old Homestead bldg, res 412 W Okmulgee.
Thompson, G W (wf Frances), res 308 N Main.
Thompson, Taylor (wf Nora), woodyard, 308 N G, res same.
Thompson, Clarence C, (wf Mary), lab, res 443 Market.
Thompson, Scott c, (wf Ruberta), lab, res 305 N Eleventh.
Thompson, Mrs Maria c, dom res 722 W Howard.
Thompson, Will c (wf Minnie), teamster, res 819 S Tenth.
Thompson, J B, lab Katy freight depot, bds 813 S Main.
Thompson, Dave c,(wf Ellen), lab, res 217 W S S Boulevard.
Thompson, Ben c, wks Cooky Brown.
Thompson, Rev, Willis c (wf Sallie), Missionary of Bap, res 913 S Second.
Thurman, E L c (wf Willie), barber, res 604 W Howard.
TIMES, MUSKOGEE EVENING, daily and weekly newspaper and job printing, N R Webster prop, 227 N Main.
TODD GROCERY CO, F A Todd mgr, 102 N Main.
Todd, E A (wf Jennie) slsmn Todd Gro Co, res 506 Callahan.
Todd, Joe B, bkkpr Todd Gro Co, bds 506 Callahan.
Todd, Fay (wf Lora), mgr Hope Lumber Co, res 624 Callahan.
Todc, J S (wf Etta) cattleman, res 1417 Eniporia.
Todd, Edward, clk Commercial Bank, bds 1417 Emporia.
Todd, Mrs M E, res 209 N C.
Todd, Cornelia, dressmaker, bds 209 N C.
Todd, F A (wf C A) Todd Grocery Co, Main and Okmulgee, res 206 N F.
Torbet, J P, carp, bds Queen hotel.
Torrans, John Beauregard, mgr Art dept T H Co, res 504 W Okmulgee av.
Toles, Miss Maggie, saleslady "Fair," bds 822 E Broadway.
Tolbert, A A (wf Susie) fireman M K & T, bds 407 E Broadway.
Tolbert Joe c (wf Lula) lab, res 1114 Mill, rear.
Toombs, Roy, carp, bds 413 Emporia, rear, on alley.
Toombs, Orville, carp, bds 413 Emporia, rear, on alley.
Toombs, Miss Florence, bds 413 Emporia, rear on alley.
Toombs, G J (wf ME), contractor, res 4l3Emporia, rear on alley.
Tombs, Miss Ona, dressmaker, bds 409 N Second.
Townes, Mrs L J, res 215 Callahan.
Townes & Co, Miss Rilla Townes and Mrs J K Estes, millners, 104 N Main.
Toomer, Robt, (wf A A), Wisdom & Toomer atty, res 429 Cincinnati av.
Trent, W C (wf B T) pros city school board, res 225 S Third.
Trent, Miss Pat, music teacher, rms 225 S Third.
Trent, Miss Bessie, supt city schools, rms 225 S Third.
Trigg, Miss Glennie, dom 105 N Sixth.
Trigg, G L c (wf P A), gro store 215 Eigin av, res same.
Trimble, Jas c (wf Lizzie) atty, office with Twine, res W S SBoulevard.
Triplett, Jas, wks Bridgman laundry.
Trumbo, A C (wf Bess) cashier Bank of Muskogee, res 229 N Kendall boul.
Truelove, Jas c (wf Betty) lab, res 1103 S Eighth.
Tscharner, F A, L clk Dawes com, rms 319 W Broadway.
Tubbs, A S, civ eng Musk Southern r r, bds Edmondson hotel.
Tucker, Grant c (wf C A) cook, res 401 N Third.
Tulk, J C, (wf Betty) contractor, res 1014 W Broadway.
Tulk, Sam W, contractor, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Tulk, Miss Etta, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Tulk, Mrs Delila, bds 1014 W Broddway.
Tulk, J H (wf Irene) lab, res 1003 Emporia.
Tupper, A C, rms alley, rear Edmondson hotel.
Tussey, W F (wf Hallie) grocery N Second, res 706 S Second.
Tuttle, Mrs Alice, c, laundress, res Broadway and N Fifteenth.
TURNER HARDWARE CO, C W Turner, Pres; T P Smith, Vice-Pres; D H Middleton, Sec and Treas; Wholesale and Retail Hardware Farming Implements, etc, 202 N Main.
Turner, Wm, c, barber, res Mrs McLemore.
Turner, Mrs Julia Ayres, res 211 W Broadway.
Turner, ticket agt M K & T, bds 307 N Second.
Turner, D W, bkkpr Tur Hdw Co, rms Turner bldg, bds Oxford.
Turner, C W, sr, (wf Tookah B) Pros Turner Hdw Co res 115 N Fourth.
Turner, Miss Tookah K, bds 115 N Fourth.
' Turner, C W jr, bds 115 N Fourth.
Turner, Lee c (wf Rachael) farmer, res 1219 S Main.
Turner, A M (wf Lydia), farmer, res 404 E Broadway.
Twine, W H c (wf M A) atty office S Second, res 706 S Fifth.
Twin Territories, monthly magazine, Miss Ora V Eddleman, prop, office Old Homestead.
Tyson, G G (wf Margaret), col Spauld, res 712 S Main.
Tyson, Rev T H c (wf M E) pastor A M E ch, res 203 S Second adjoin church.


Uhis, Miss Pearl, bds 100 Callahan.
U S Loan & Trust Co, I N Ury, gen mgr; P E Heckman, sec, offices 3 and 4 Old Homestead.
Union Depot Hotel, H W Sterling, mgr, M K & T station.


Van Atten, C L (wf Sadie) carp, res 1022 N B.
Van Atten, John (wf Tamma) carp, res 831 N B.
Van Atton, Ray, carp, bds 831 N B.
Van Atten, Ed, wks Patt gin, bds 831 N B.
Vance, Henry M, steno Dawes com, bds 422 E Okmulgee av.
Vandiver, J H (wf Martha J) lab, res 631 Market.
Vandiver, Jno W lab, bds 631 Market.
Vandiver, Mrs Lucinda, bds 631 Market.
Vandiver, W J (wf M E) well driller, res 627 Market.
Vann, Susan, c, dom 226 W Court.
Vann, Mrs Nicey, c, res 510 W Fon du Lac.
Vann, Mrs Pinkie, c, laundress, bds 510 W Fon du Lac.
Vann, Mrs Susie, bds 622 alley bet N Third and N Fourth.
Van Horn, Charles (wf Henrietta) baker, res 640 N Fourth.
Van Hulse, Father Jos, ord St Joseph church of the Assumption, res 529 S Main.
Vansickle, Arthur (wf Helen), Barber, res 210 S B.
Vasser, John, lab G W Hammer.
Vaughn, Garfield c (wf Florence), barber, res 630 S Fifth.
Vaughn, J W c (wf Etta), lab, res 223 N Eighteenth.
Vaughn, A R c (wf Anna), lab, bds 604 N Fifth.
Veale, J R, drug store, H A Veale mgr, 110 N Second.
Veasey, Jos A, clk Dawes Com, rms 319 W Broadway.
Veale, H A (wf Olive), druggist, res 224 W Okmulgee
Vick, CS c (wf Eddie), lab, res 720 S Sixth. VIENNA CAFE, Fast & Eby props, confectionery, 115 N Main.
Vogel, Henry (wf Della), Vogel & Rooney contractors. res 205 N E S Boulevard.
Von Weise, Chas, Law clk Dawes Com, rius 226 S Third.


Wade, Jerry, c, lab, rms 528 N Sixth.
Wade, B J, emp Kenefic Const Co, bds Edmondson hotel.
Wade, J A c (wf E) blacksmith, res 634 alley, bet N Third and N Fourth.
Wainwright, Mrs F A, bds 422 E Broadway.
Wainwright Will, col Turner Hdw Co, bds 422 E Broadway.
WAGNER BROS. DRUG CO, Adolph Wagner, mgr, 107 N Second.
Wagner, Adolph L, Wagner Bros Drug Co, rms 107 N Second.
Wagner, Edwin L, Wagner Bros Drug Co, rms 107 N Second.
Waite, Cal, carp, rms 111 1-2 N Cherokee.
Walder, H R (wf Jennie) supt electric light plant, res 239 S Cherokee.
Walker, Miss Abby, c bds 811 Market.
Walker, Green, c, lab, lbds 628 N Fifth, rear.
Walker, H H, c, (wf Betty) lab, res 628 N Fifth, rear.
Walker, Mrs Mandy, c, res 931 N Fifth.
Walker, Mrs Laura, c, res 612 N Fifth.
Waker, J W & Co, c, grocers, 571 N Fourth, res rear same.
Walker, J W c (wf Sallie) grocer, res 571 N Fourth, rear.
Walker, Jas c (wf Rebecca) lab, res 702 Emporia.
Walker, Miss Fannie, steno Givens & Jackson, bds Edmondson hotel.
Walker, Keller, wks C W Moore undertaker, bds Edmondson hotel.
Walkingstick, S R, bds 602 N Cherokee.
Walkinshaw, Hugh (wf Annie), slsmn res 227 S Sixth
Walkinshaw, Tom, slsmn, bds 227 S Sixth.
Wakinshaw, Miss Alma, bds 227 S Sixth.
Walkup, Frank H, Walkup & Warren, bakers, bds 348 Dayton.
Walkup, Miss Ida, slslady, Boston Bakery, bds 348 Dayton.
Walkup, Mrs, Mary E, res 348 Dayton.
Wallace, W W, clk Dawes Com, bds Brown hotel.
Walls, Ed (wf Nora) baker 311 N C, res 313 N Cherokee.
Wallwork, E G, bds 328 S Cherokee.
Wallwork, Mattie, bds 328 5 Cherokee.
Walrond, Z T (wf Mary D) atty, Culberson bldg, res 303 N Fifth.
Walrond, Miss Lucile, bds 303 N Fifth.
Walsh, Joseph, train dispatcher Katy, rms 513 Broadway.
Waltermire, A J (wf Rena), carp, res 516 Elmira.
Walton, Novel c (wf Tennie), farmer, res 1008 Oak.
Watkins, John, attorney, office 18 Maddin bldg, res E Okmulgee.
Wann, J C, mgr, W U tele
Ward 0 W(wf Ava), brakeman, res 314 Baltimore.
Ward, H J (wf Emma J) clk Dawes Com, res 904 S Main.
Ward Will c (wf Laura), lab, bds 1204 S Main.
Warth, J H, clk, bds 123 S Fourth.
Warren, Clayton H (Edith T), Walkup & Warren, bakers, res 510 Fredonia.
Warren, J 0, (wf Minnie) jeweler 106 W Broadway, res 405 Elmira.
Warriner, J 0, bds Edmondson hotel.
Warriner, Arthur, wks Musk Tel Co, bds Edmondson hotel.
Warner, Miss Lucille, milliner, res 342 E Okmulgee.
Washington, Phil c, lab, bds 931 N Fifth.
Washington, J W c, (wf Sylvia), lab, res 619 Elgin.
Watkins, John L (wf Ollie), plasterer, res 118 N K.
Watkins, Blake c, lab, rms 548 S Fifth.
Watley, Miss Wililie c, bds 1017 Emporia.
Ward, Geo, c, lab, 921 W Okmulgee av.
Ward, J D (wf S B) cattleman, res 545 N Twelfth.
Ward, Rev A H c (wf, Patsy) Christ church, (col), res Emporia.
Ward, Wm, prop Muskogee Mach Shop, 319 S Cherokee.
Ward, John C c (wf Betty) lab, res 212 Elgin av.
Ward, L D (wf Winnie) prop barber shop 117 N Main, and 205 N Second.
Ware, W B, slsmn Chand Mer Co, bds 314 Elmira.
Warn, R C (wf Bell) Campbell & Warn, real estate, res Eleventh and Hartford av.
Warner, Mrs Chas D, millinery, 209 W Broadway.
Watley, J W c, (wf Willie), porter Katy hotel, res 1017 Emporia.
Warth, C H (wf Kate) townsite clk office Indian Inspector, res 123 S Fourth.
Watt, R S (wf Susie), switchman, bds 307 S Main.
Watson, Jas, bds 405 S B.
Watson & Morris c, W R Watson & R H, Morris, baths & barber shop, 225 N Main.
Watson, Robt B, (wf Gertie), city inspector water wks, res 606 Callahan.
Watson, Mrs M T, bds 205 Callahan.
Watson, E bds 304 E Broadway.
Watson, Mrs Lora, bds 927 S Main.
Watson, Mrs J F, rms 606 S Second.
Watson, Thomas, clk Katy fgt office, bds 822 N Division boul.
Watson, W R c (wf Willie), barber, res 516 Denison.
Wayman, W T, slsmn Knight's, rms 341 E Okmulgee av.
Weaver, Jack, lab, bds 307 S Main.
Webb, Ed c (Emma) cook Oxford Cafe, res 561 S Fifth.
Webb, Warner c, (wf Silvia) scavenger, res 624 N Fourth.
Webber, Henry, civ engineer, rms 528 W Broadway.
Webster, Chas E, clk Dawes com, rms 224 W Okmulgee.
Webster, R D (wf Clara J) pulb. and printer, bds Queen hotel.
Webster Philip H, son of R D Webster.
Webster, N R (wf Sadie) propr Eve. Times, res 402 E Okmulgee av.
Webster, Chauncey R, bds 402 E Okinulgee.
Weddell, E E (wf Mary) Katy round house, res 1223 E Okmulgee av.
Weddell, M C (wf Cora) carp, res 1126 E Okaiulgee av.
Weddell, R D (wf Mary) res Houston and city limits east.
Weddell, H C (wf Nettie) carp, 1201 E Okmulgee av.
Weddell, H V (wf Mary) carp, res 1101 E Okmulgee av.
Weed, Mrs Mary, res quarries, W Terrace boul.
Wheeler, Chas (wf Mattie) atty, Ayres bldg, res 723 S Third.
Welborn, Miss Agnes, dressmaker Spaul Mer Co, res 526 S Main.
Walch, Mrs Mary, bakery, 18 E Okmulgee av.
Welch, J C (wf Mollie) J C Welch & Co, gen mdse N Second, res 220 N G.
Welch, J C & Co, gents' fur, clothing, etc, 113 N Second.
Weldon, Miss Elsie, steno Muskogee Development Co, bds 803 W Okmulgee av.
Wells, W F (wf Emma J) clk U S Indian Inspector, res 1017 S Second.
Wells, Sam, c, porter Spaulding Mer Co.
Weldon, Jos (Alice) blacksmith, rms 218 N Third.
Wenzell H J (Pauline) barber, bds 804 N C.
West, Wm, c, (wf Clemmie) lab, res North Spruce.
West, P C (wf Bessie) Hutchings & West, attys, English bldg, res 325 S Sixth.
West, John C (wf Margaret E) Capt Ind police, res 615 S Cherokee.
West, Frank, Ind policeman, bds 615 S Cherokee.
Western Union Telegraph Co, J C Wann, mgr, 204 Broadway, will move to 106 N Second.
Wesson, Mrs Anne, c, laundress, res 560 N Ninth.
Wesson, Rev T, c, pastor Second Baptist church, (col), bds 618 N Sixth.
Wesson, John C (wf Fay) lab, 636 Market.
Westrope, Miss Virginia, steno Chief Porter, rms 522 W Broadway.
Whaley, W H, slsmu Spaulding Mer Co.
Whaley, L B (wf Jennie) carp, res 442 N C.
Whaley, Chas, wks Turner Hdw Co, bds 442 N C.
White, G S, jr, (wf Maude) guard U S jail res 315 N Second.
White, J Hutchings, M D (wf Helen) office Cullberson building.
White, Ben, c, barber, 225 N Main.
White, Neil P (wf Allie) slsmn Wagner Bros, drugs, rms 303 S Second.
White, Mrs Neil P teacher art, 109 1-2 W Okmulgee av.
White, Myron, attrney, 109 1-2 N Main, res 416 Houston.
White, N E c (wf Mildred) carp, res 556 N Eleventh.
White, W c (wf M) lab, res 1323 Denison.
White, Miss Hattie, c, domestic, bds 1114 Mill, rear.
White Edgar (wf Maria) clk Dawes com, rims 607 S Second.
Whitley, T D (wf Mary M) bkkpr M K & 0 Ry, rm No.64 Maddin bldg.
Whiteside, W R (wf Ada) res 588 N C.
Whiteside, Miss Leotine, teacher, bds 508 N C.
Whiteside, Miss Lottie, teacher pub sch, bds 508 N C.
Whiteside, Wm (wf Hattie M), teamster, res 321 N Kendall boul.
Whitemore, C W c, guard U S jail.
Whitemore, Mrs Lula C, dressmaker, bds 404 N Fourth.
Wilbur, Mrs Ann P, res 321 N Third.
Wilby, Jerry c, shoemaker, 538 N Fourth, rear.
Wilkerson, J C, clk Dawes Com, rms 103 S Third.
Wilkins, Oscar (wf Fanny), lab, bds 558 N Fifth.
Wingfield, H R, wks Mammoth Inst House, rms 46 Maddin bldg.
Wingfield, Chas, deliv American Ex, rms 46 Maddin bldg.
Wisdom, D M (wf Anna), Wisdom & Toorner, attys, 225 1-2 N Main, res 421 N Cherokee.
Wisdom, J Fentress, chf clk Indian agt, bds 421 N Cherokee.
Wisdom, W T, asst cash First Nat Bank, bds 421 N Cherokee.
Wiswell, Fred (wf Sarah), contractor, res 1604 E Okmulgee.
Wiswell Edgar, lab, bds 1604 E Okmulgee.
Wiswell Miss Myrtle, milliner, bds 1604 E Okmulgee.
Wier Miss Gertrude, teacher pub sch, bds 208 Callahan.
Wiggins, Mitchell (wf Eugenia), carp, res 1632 E Okmulgee.
Wingfield, Thomas (wf Mattie), painter, bds 210 S B.
Winn H C (wf Dora), wks Davis & Dudding fur, re~ 1003 N C.
Winrod, L D, contractor, bs 402 Denison.
Wickett, Miss Betty, rms 215 S Third.
Winton, W K (wf Bertha N), office clk Turner Hdw Co, res 521 W Broadway.
Wiseman, Marion, tailor Phoenix Clo store, res 427 Market.
Widemeyer, A B (wf Helen), clk Turner Hdw Co, res 201 N Sixth.
Wideman, C N (wf Bertha), teamster, bds 1014 W Broadway.
Wiggs, L, wks Edmondson hotel.
Wills, Saml c (wf Ester), porter Spaulding Mer Co, res 603 Callahan, rear.
Wills, Asa, carp, bds Queen hotel.
Willis, Fannie c, (wid W Willis), res 929 N Mill.
Wilkins, J S (wf M C), farmer, boarding, res 401 N Cherokee.
Willoughby, Joe, steno A Crafton, bds Edmondson hotel.
Williams, Louis c, Janitor, Ben Estes.
Williams, Miss M L, slslady, Ben Estes, drugs.
Williams, Eli P, pres Henryetta Coal Co, bds Katy hotel.
Williams, Mrs Lizzie, seamstress, res 322 S Main.
Williams, Mrs J W, res 410 N Cherokee.
Williams, Tom, employe Dawes com, bds 401 N Cherokee.
Williams, J D (wf S C) well driller, res 301 Callahan.
Williams, Chas (wf Fannie) prop Oklahoma House 116 Callahan, res same.
Williams, Miss Sallie, bds 205 5 B.
Williams, Miss May, bds 205 S B.
Williams, M R (wf Addie M) traveling salesman, 113 N Sixth.
Williams, Geo c (wf Alice) lab, res 921 S Second.
Williams, Franklin C (wf Anna) lab, res 1007 S Eighth.
Williams, Rev H C (wf Minnie M), Pres ch, bds 1305 Elgin.
Williams, Miss Missie, c, teach Sango Bap col, Howard & N Fifth.
Williams, Rev M F (wf Mary E), M D, office 113 1-2 N Main. res 1305 Elgin.
Williams, Mrs Lizzie c, dom 803 W Okmulgee.
Williams, John 0, (wf Mary), lab res 442 Denison.
Williams, Mrs Casey c, res 404 N Fourth.
Williams, Patrick c, lab, bds 528 N Sixth.
Wilson, Miss Hattie, slslady Patt Mer Co.
Wilson, Lee, res 203 5 Fourth.
Wilson, J R (wf Ada) slsmn Spauld Mer Co, res 118 S D.
Wilson. 0 R (wf Ediia), jeweler, res 533 Columbus.
Wilson, Miss Sadie, c, laundress, bds 920 Broadway.
Wilson, J S, traveling salesman, bds 116 Callahan.
Wilson, Miss Mary, c, cook, 513 W Court.
Wilson, Geo, c, lab, bds 413 N Fifth.
Wilson, Joseph c (wf Annie) lab, res 920 Broadway.
Wilson, Miss Lillian, clk Musk Drug Co, bds 203 N Eleventh.
Wilson, J Dillard (wf L A) printer, 503 N Eleventh.
Wilson, John (wf Minnie B) lab, res 1215 Emporia.
Wolk, Pink (wf Docie) carp, res 324 S B.
Wolverton, J C (wf A S) farmer, res 1124 N Cherokee.
Wolfe, LeRoy (wf Lillie) printer, rms 218 N Third.
Wolfe, J W, trader, bds 503 Irving.
Wolfe, Fred, C, lab Katy round house, bds 929 Mill.
Wolfe, John, lab Katy stock yards, bds 701 N Third.
Wolfe, David, lab Katy stock yards, bds 701 N Third.
WOLFENBERGER, ABE, agt New Process Steam Laundry, rms 428 N Cherokee.
Wolfenberger, W S (wf Katie) attorney, office Maddin bldg, 520 Fredonia.
Wolfenberger, E R, printer, bds 520 Fredonia.
Wolfenberger, Miss Mary, saleslady Spaulding Mer Co, bds 520 Fredonia.
Worrell, Luther, bds 308 N Main.
Wong, Ben, Muskogee Steam Laundry, 412 N Main.
Woodcock, Dr J H, room 123 Old Homestead bldg.
Woodlock, Miss Anna, dom, 205 Callahan.
Woolridge, D E c (wf Eliza), carp, 221 Elgin.
Wood, Miss Clara M, steno, Dawes Com, bds 125 E Okmulgee.
Woods, Edgar, Tinner, bds 321 S B.
Wood Mrs J A, rms 72 Maddin bldg.
Woods, Joseph, slsmn Spauld Mer Co, bds 320 Baltimore.
Wood, George (wf Zetta), eng light plant, res 327 S Cherokee.
Wood, Sol, electrician, bds, 711 N Second.
Wood Wm c, lab, bds 518 S Second.
Woods, R W c (wf Lidia), teach, res 301 N Seventeenth.
Woodward & Co, W H Woodward, prop, dry goods, notions, etc, 117 N Second.
Woodward, Ernest B, (wf Elizabeth), slsmn Woodward & Co, res 224 S Third.
Woodward, Will H, bds 204 S Third.
Woodward, R C, bkkpr Commercial Nat Bk, bds 307 N Second.
Woodward, Miss Hettie May, bds 204 S Third.
Woodward, Miss Mamie, bds 204 S Third.
Woodward, W H (wf Mollie) W H Woodward & Co, gen mdse, res 204 S Third.
Woodward, Gus, salesman Candy Kitchen, rms Osborn.
Woodward, Chas (wf M M) carp, res 119 E Fon du Lac.
Woodward, Mrs Rosa, c, res 605 alley, bet Altamont and N Fifth.
Wright, T M (wf Mary A) miller, res 214 N Eleventh.
Wright, Wm, driver Musk Transfer Co, bds 631 W Fon du Lac.
Wright, Miss Settie S, c, cook, bds 602 S Sixth.
Wright, L G (wf S J) carp, res 1605 E Broadway.
Wright, J George, U S Ind Inspector, office Masonic blk.
Wright, W D (wf Cora) carp, bds 430 N C.
Wright, C M, law clk Dawes com, rms 410 N Cherokee.
Wylie, W J (wf Bessie) mg'r Culberson bldg, rms 120 S Fourth.
Wylie Wess, (wf Mary J) lab, 520 W S S boul.
Wyman, Chas, c, lab, bds 575 N Fourth.
Wyman, W G, car sealer, bds Edmondson hotel.


Yate, Sam (wf Lucy), tinner, res N Third and W Broadway.
Yates, Mrs Mary, laundress. res 508 Market.
Yater, Claude night clk Union Depot hotel, res same.
Yarberry, Miss Susie, nurse, bds 816 Callahan.
Young, Walter c, wks Katy Hotel, bds 617 S Third.
York, Ed (wf Emma), paperhanger, Prindle, res 521 S Fourth.
Young, Mrs Nellie, bds 1011 S Main.
Young, Jas c, lab, bds 905 S Second.
Young, Ernest B c, wks 217 S Sixth.
Young, Miss Daisy c, dom, bds 732 N Division boul.
Young, Miss Myra, D C, bds 214 S Third.
Young, N E (wf Lillie) clk INd agt, res 511 N C.


Zimmerman, E C (wf Lizzie) carp, res 318 Fredonia.
Zufall, L E (wf Lena) switchman, 116 S S boul.
Zufall, Otto, (wf Nannie) blacksmith, 101 S Cherokee, rms 105 S Sixth.
Zufall, Roy, office boy Turner Hardwarc Co.
Zufall, Geo (wf Margaret) blacksmith, res 125 S Main.
Zufall, Geo, machinist, bds 126 S Main.
Zufall, Huntz, lab, bds 125 S Main.
Zufall, Miss Pearl, steno, bds 125 S Main.

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