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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Directory of Agency (Township)

Allen, J. N., Muskogee
Anderson, W. S., Muskogee
Ashley, W. A., Muskogee
Bailey, D. E., Yahola
Banks, Rice c, Taft
Barry, James, Yahola
Berry, M. C., Yahola
Berry, S. B. c, Yahola
Bircham, A., Muskogee
Blake, H. F., Muskogee
Bland, Bob c, Muskogee
Bland, Early, Muskogee
Bland, Susan c, Muskogee
Bougher, B. W., Muskogee
Boyd, Toby c, Yahola
Brandt, Lee, Muskogee
Brandrick, G. W., Yahola
Bricker, W. J., Muskogee
Bridges, G. B. c, Taft
Brokenbur, C. F. c, Yahola
Brown, James c, Taft
Bruner, Ella c, Muskogee
Bruner, Francis c, Muskogee
Bruner, Hagar, Muskogee
Bruner, Minnie, Muskogee
Bund, Green, Muskogee
Burchfield, Ellis, Muskogee
Bush, John c, Muskogee
Busby, S. W., Taft
Bynum, Joseph, Muskogee
Case, W. A., Muskogee
Ceasar, James, Muskogee
Ceasar, John, Muskogee
Chandler, W. M., Muskogee
Chesbro, C. E., Beland
Clark, C. c, Yahola
Cobb, Mack c, Muskogee
Coleman, S. C., Muskogee
Coleman, W. C. c, Taft
Collins, Chloe, Muskogee
Cox, J. C., Muskogee
Cox, Lewis, Yahola
Croft, Dack c, Muskogee
Croomes, Felix, Muskogee
Culton, Garfield Taft
Curl, Diana F. c, Taft
Curl, George, Taft
Curl, J. W., Taft
Currans, J. F. Yahola
Cottingham, Monta, Muskogee
Davis, Jack M., Muskogee
Davis, L. C., Muskogee
Davis, Raford A., c, Muskogee
Davison, J. P., Muskogee
Dickinson, A., Muskogee
Dickinson, Henry, Muskogee
Doop, A. L., Muskogee
Dorris, C. W., Muskogee
Doyle, Ed. C, Yahola
Doyle, Frank c, Yahola
Dresback, Ralph, Muskogee
Driver, F. W., Taft
Dunavant, J. E. & Bros., Muskogee
Durant, Peter, Muskogee
Durant, William, Muskogee
Durham, Emily, Muskogee
Edwards, Rachel A., Muskogee
Edwards, Silas c, Muskogee
Embree, M. M., Muskogee
Embry, Allen c, Muskogee
Eskridge, C., Muskogee
Espy, G. W., Muskogee
Estes, Will c, Muskogee
Evans, Phyllis, Muskogee
Exmon, Lewis c, Yahola
Fields, Lizzie, Muskogee
Fisher, Aurelia, Muskogee
Fisher, Josiah, Muskogee
Flaherty, A. E., Muskogee
Flowers, Silas, Webster
Flowers, Thurman, Webster
Fortwangler, A., Beland
Foster, W. M., Yahola
Franklin, Jesse, Yahola
Franklin, John, Yahola
Franklin, Reese, Yahola
Franklin, S. T., Haskell
Frazier, J. W., Taft
Friar, G. C., Muskogee
Gaines, T. L., Taft
Gentry, Elmore, Muskogee
Giles, J. W., Taft
Gilland, Henry, Yahola
Glenn, T. A., Taft
Goodall, F. J., Webster
Gordon, Percy, Muskogee
Graves, Henry, Muskogee
Graves, W. M., Muskogee
Grayson, Peggy, Webster
Green, Harvey c, Muskogee
Green, M. C., Muskogee
Grimmett, William, Webster
Hackett, Henry c, Muskogee
Halliday, J. S., Muskogee
Hamilton, J. W., Muskogee
Hamilton, William, Yahola
Hammonds, A. J., Webster
Hammonds, E. J., Webster
Hammonds, Ernest c, Muskogee
Hamrick, Julia, Webster
Hansbro Bros., Muskogee
Hanson, Hamp, Taft
Harner, J., Muskogee
Harred, Mack, Yahola
Harris, Martha, Mrs., Muskogee
Harris, Richard, Taft
Harrison, Henry, Taft
Harrison, Sam, Muskogee
Harrod, Tony c, Muskogee
Henderson, Will, Muskogee
Henry, J. W., Muskogee
Henson, J. M., Taft
Hishaw, J. H., Taft
Hobbs, Joe, Muskogee
Houston, Dave, Webster
Houston, John, Muskogee
Houston, M. J. c, Webster
Howard, Frank, Muskogee
Huddleston, C. C., Muskogee
Hulley, C. S., Muskogee
Hutchison, E. A., Muskogee
Island, George, Muskogee
Jackson, J. J. Muskogee
Jackson, Lizzie, Muskogee
Jacobs, T. E., Muskogee
Jenkins, N. H., Muskogee
Jennings, Annie C, Muskogee
Jennings, Coleman C., Jr., Muskogee
Johnson, Annie, Taft
Johnson, A. J., Muskogee
Johnson, Cleveland, Muskogee
Johnson, Henry c, Yahola
Jolly, Jack, Taft
Jolly, Sam, Muskogee
Jones, Charlie, Muskogee
Jones, Cleburne, Muskogee
Jones, Ed, Muskogee
Jones, M. J., Muskogee
Kelly, L. R., Taft
Kennedy, N. E., Muskogee
Kenon, C. I., Muskogee
King, A., Muskogee
King, Jennie, Muskogee
Kinney, G. W. c, Muskogee
Kirby, A. C., Webster
Kirksey, W. H. Muskogee
Knight, S. H., Muskogee
Lambert, Clarence, Muskogee
Laner, Joseph, Muskogee
Lee, J. E., Taft
Lee, Robert, Taft
Lee, Ross, Muskogee
Leek, Thomas, Taft
Ligon, J. A., Taft
Little, C. H., Muskogee
Lowe, C. J., Muskogee
Lowe, H. H., Taft
Lowe, Jim W. c, Taft
Lowe, L. Z., Yahola
Luster, Rosey, Muskogee
McAfee, F. W., Muskogee
McDaniel, Jake, Haskell
McIntosh, George, Muskogee
McKey, Ocie, c, Muskogee
McShann, L. L., Muskogee
Mackey, Love E., Muskogee
Mackey, O., Taft
Malicott, J. M., Muskogee
Manuel, Kittie, Taft
Marshall, e., Muskogee
Merchants Oil Co., (William Owen) Muskogee
Miles, George c, Taft
Mitchell, K. E., Muskogee
Moore, E. D. c, Yahola
Moore, Fannie, Muskogee
Morgan, L, Muskogee
Morris, Allen, Muskogee
Morris, B. W., Muskogee
Morris, J. D., Muskogee
Morris, J. L., Muskogee
Morris, W. C., Muskogee
Morris, W. F., Muskogee
Morrison, John, Muskogee
Morrison, John, Taft
Moses, W. M., Taft
Mosee, G. W. c, Muskogee
Murray, G. H., Muskogee
Murrell, Andy K., Muskogee
Myers, John a., Muskogee
Nelson, H. B., Muskogee
Nelson, J. Pruitt, Muskogee
Nero, Thomas, Muskogee
Newman, Isaiah, Muskogee
Newman, M., Muskogee
Newman, S., Taft
Newton, David, Taft
Newton, Jack, Muskogee
Newton, James, Webster
Nobel, Ella, Muskogee
Noble, John, Muskogee
Noles, J. S., Muskogee
Nunelly, J. L., Muskogee
Oakley Farm Co., Muskogee
Oakley, R. O., Muskogee
Odgen, O. J., Muskogee
Oldham, I. B., Muskogee
Ousley, W. d., Taft
Overall, J. W., Muskogee
Owens, Daniel, Muskogee
Owens, Herbert, Muskogee
Pace, W. L., Taft
Pannell, W. M., Muskogee
Parker, Hugh, Muskogee
Parker, Walter, Muskogee
Pate, W. H., Webster
Patterson, C. E., Muskogee
Peacock, George, Taft
Peeples, C. H., Muskogee
Persin, N. P., Taft
Perkins, T., Yahola
Perry, L. R., Muskogee
Perryman, Grant, Taft
Peters, Dorcas, Muskogee
Phillips, John B., Muskogee
Ponds, Robert, Muskogee
Poner, E. M., Muskogee
Porter, C. P. c, Muskogee
Powell, L. C. Mrs., Muskogee
Powers, E. L., Muskogee
Ragsdale, James Taft
Ragsdale, J. J., Taft
Rawlings, Ales, Muskogee
Rawlins, J. W. c, Muskogee
Reber, B. C., Taft
Rector, Joe, Taft
Regle, Emma, Beland
Rentie, Ireland, Muskogee
Richards, Legus, Taft
Richards, Redfield P., Taft
Roberson, Jas. M., Taft
Roberts, B. B., Taft
Roberts, John c, Taft
Robertson, C. W., Muskogee
Robertson, Sam., Taft
Rockwell, J. D., Taft
Rouset, W. W., Muskogee
Russell, C. L. c, Taft
Rutherford, Edward, Taft
Sage, L. R., Muskogee
Sanders, A. J., Taft
Sanders, James, Taft
Sanders, Lewis, Muskogee
Sanders, Mack, Taft
Sango, E. L., Muskogee
Sango, M. J., Muskogee
Sango, Rentie, Taft
Seibold, G. W., Muskogee
Selby, Robert, Taft
Seward, J. F., Muskogee
Seward, J. M., Muskogee
Sewell, Rentie, Muskogee
Shearer, T. D., Muskogee
Shivers, Simeon, Mrs. Muskogee
Siah, Alfred, Yahola
Simmons, James, Taft
Simmons, P. S., Taft
Simms, Arthur, Muskogee
Slaughter & Perkins, Muskogee
Smith, D., Webster
Smith, Johnson, Taft
Smith, Rose c, Taft
Smith, R. C., Muskogee
Smith, Thomas, Taft
Smith, Will c, Webster
Spaulding, Fletcher, Muskogee
Spaulding, Grover, Muskogee
Spaulding, H. B., Muskogee
Spaulding, J. A. & Son, Muskogee
Spaulding, R. F., Muskogee
Spencer, James, Muskogee
Stafford, G. S., Taft
Stephens, W. F., Muskogee
Stepney, Solomon, Muskogee
Stepney, Willie, Webster
Stidham, Sarah, Muskogee
Stokes, Lewis c, Muskogee
Stokes, Mel, Muskogee
Strawn, Henry, Muskogee
Stroup, John, Muskogee
Tatum, K. S., Muskogee
Taylor, G. F., Taft
Tevis, M. C., Taft
Thomas, Connor, Yahola
Thomas, H. C., Taft
Thomas, Oscar, Taft
Thomason, G. L., Muskogee
Thompson, Betsy, Boynton
Thompson, Jacob, Muskogee
Thompson, John, Muskogee
Thompson, J. C., Muskogee
Thompson, T. J., Muskogee
Timmons, Matt, Muskogee
Tingle, Stonewall, Muskogee
Tomm, Jimmie, Muskogee
Wade, Zack c, Taft
Walker, Lee, Taft
Walker, R. C., Taft
Walker, S. P., Muskogee
Webb, T. D., Muskogee
Webster, Charles, Webster
Webster, C. W., Webster
Wesley, J. W., Muskogee
White, Myron, Muskogee
White, Sadie E., Muskogee
White, Sidney, Webster
Williams, Earl, Muskogee
Williams, J. W., Muskogee
Williams, William, Muskogee
Williams, W., Taft
Williamson, W. M., Muskogee
Wilson, H. H., Muskogee
Wilson, John B., Yahola
Wilson, R. B., Muskogee
Wofford, H. T., Webster
Woods, Wade, Taft
Wood, W. I., Yahola
Woolridge, M. W. c, Muskogee

Directory Table of Contents

Transcribed March 2002 by Alissa Hill, Muskogee
©Alissa Hill, 2002, 2003

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