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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Boynton 1916

Directory of Boynton

The city of Boynton is located on the Frisco Railway nineteen miles southeast of Muskogee. It is but fourteen years old, having been first laid out and platted by Colonel Finley in 1902. In 1910 it had a population of 680 and today 1800 would be a conservative estimate of the population of this bustling and enterprising city. Boynton has two banks, The First National and The Bank of Boynton, with combined deposits of about $230,000.00. In educational matters Boynton takes high rank, and its corps of teachers are among the best equipped in the state. In religious matters it is well represented, having five church edifices, three of brick and two of frame, and the denominations represented are the United Presbyterian, M. E., M. E. South, Baptist, German Lutheran and Christian, the latter holding services in the Masonic Hall. It also has a live newspaper, "The Index," published weekly. Among the larger manufacturing interests are the Francis Vitric Brick Co., which employs about 100 men, with a capacity of 200,000 paving bricks per day, and the Boynton Refining Co., with an output of 12,000 barrels per day, four general merchandise, two large hardware houses, a fine furniture store and farm implement store, while every other line of business and the professions are well represented. Boynton is supplied with an unlimited amount of natural gas, furnished by the Boynton Gas & Electric Co., which uses 1000,000,000 cubic feet per day. This amply supplies the demands for heating, lighting, and cooking and the supply can readily be doubled if needed. The city has its own waterworks system, which furnishes and ample supply at all times. A cotton gin is also in operation during the season and a fully equipped smelter will soon be in successful operation. Altogether Boynton is one of the most progressive cities in the state, and its future is full of brilliant promise.
City Government
City Council – Lee Perkins
City Clerk – Isaac Kirby
City Marshal – Daniel McKever
City Mayor – Jehu H Ogle
City Police Judge – Thomas B Sutton
City Supt of Water Works – James Wolfinger
City Treasurer – Streeter A McCoy
Postmistress – Mrs N C Fluke
Adair Scipio c (Hattie) lab
Adams Roy (Nellie) chauf
Adams Ruby Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Aigall William H (Anna) farmer
Allen Dawson c (Bessie) lab
Allen W Jefferson (Lucille) cold drinks
Alley Mary c ck Mrs May Morris
Allison Elizabeth (wid Francis)
Allred Alice Miss
Allred Carmi teller Bank of Boynton
Allred Charles W (Alice) farmer
Allred Edward tank bldr
Allred Everett tool dresser
Allred Francisca dom
Allred J Wesley (Jennie) draymn
Allred Madison lab
Allred Marie Miss dom
Allred William c (Hattie) house mover
American Hotel (H B Harp)
Anderson Lela c dom
Anderson P H Mrs
Anderson Sylvia c laundress
Armstrong J William chauf
Arendale John M (Shirley) tmstr
Asher Joseph M farmer
Ashworth Mattie Mrs
Atchison Julia Miss dom William Finger
Bagley L S Vice-Pres First Natl Bank of Boynton r Morris Okla
Baker James lab
Bank of Boynton the A R Skidmore Pres Les Perkins and Dr. J A Settle V Prests H L Wineland cashier. Phone 15 (see left top lines)
Barnes Richard mach opr Francis & B Co
Barnett Joseph A (Ethel) rig bldr
Bates Alfred D (Edna) yd clk Frisco Ry
Bates Sadie (wid Ara)
Beck Joseph (Clara) well shooter
Bell Hagar c dom
Bell Novella c
Benson Peter clk J M Simmons
Berry John R (Belle)jeweler
Betts Albert caser
Bird Edgar E clk Dunlap Bros
Bird Joseph D (Annie)
Black Sivalls & Bryson (of Tulsa) tank bldrs
Blyth Bert tool dresser
Boatright Jack L chauf
Bolds Van lab Francis V B Co
Bohrer Carrie Mrs milliner
Bowman Edgar c (Nora) carp
Boynton Bakery (H F White)
Boynton Boiler Works (A B Greeve prop)
Boynton Garage & Machine shop (j F Wolfinger) Phone 28
Boynton Index (weekly) Isaiah Kirbey editor
Boynton Mercantile Co (J H Johnson J F Tennison) gen mdse
Boynton Mill & Elevator Co J D Koontz mgr
Boynton Oil Gas & Fuel Co J B Owens mgr
Boynton Post Office Mrs N C Fluke postmistress
Boynton Public School
Boynton Refining Co J J Kerins Supt Phone 141
Bradley Charles A (Verna L) tool dresser
Bradshaw James W foreman Francis V B Co
Brazil Emma L c smstrs
Brennan Joseph lab
Brennan P H contr and bldr
Brennell J H oil driller
Brewer George H (Beulah)driver
Brooks Arra c
Brown Eliza c laundress
Brown Frank c (Cora) lab
Brown George rig bldr
Brown Hester c lab Francis V B Co
Brown John W hardware
Brown Lewis helper Frisco Ry
Brown Luther c lab Francis V B Co
Buckingham Anna c
Buckingham John c (Henrietta) oil worker
Buckingham Julia c
Buckingham Robert c lab Francis V B Co
Burgess Thomas W farmer
Burns Mike tool dresser
Burton William c (Anna) lab
Bush Callie c boarding hse
Cain James
Carder Ida Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Carr Clyde c presser W R Reeves
Carrick Henry c tmstr
Carrick Minnie c dom
Carson R Arnold (Jasmine) cold drinks
Carter Bertha c
Carter Elnora c dom Tremont Hotel
Carter Henry W c (Creasie) (Owl Drug Co)
Carrier James S (Julia) carrier P O
Carter Mabel c
Carter Ralph c tailor
Casterone Joseph c lab Francis V B Co
Caywood William tool dresser
Chaney Albert O
Chaney Felix c (Alice) lab Francis V B Co
Charles Jennie E c
Charles Sadie c student
Cherryholmes Clay c (Nellie) tool dresser
Chipman Benjamin (Edna) tmstr
Chipman Charles B (Eliza) farmer
Chipman Ruby Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Christian Church Masonic Hall
Claire Hugh Bkpr Bank of Boynton
Clare William E (Grace) real est and ins
Clark Charles O pntr and paper hngr
Clark Sarah (wid William P)
Clark Verna oil worker
Clayton James R (Lillie) barber
Clayton Robert (Lillie) barber
Clemens Belle c cook
Cleveland Lewellen W (Sallie)
Cleveland Thomas C c (A G) carp
Cobb William M c (Sarah) lab
Cobb William c ydmn Fullerton-Stuart Lbr Co
Cochran Charles L (Melinda) (Cochran & Pickett)
Cochran & Pickett (C L Cochran L P Pickett) gen mdse
Colbert James C c cold drinks
Cole Mayburn T Bkpr First Natl Bank
Coleman Jessie (Mattie) foreman
Colored Baptist Church
Colored Methodist Church Rev Jerome E Williams pastor
Colored School of Boynton
Commercial Hotel (j F Wade)
Cook Fred c billiards
Cooper John H (Maud) foreman Francis V B Co
Corner Lanie c laundress
Corrons Edward D (Mattie) lab Francis V B Co
Corrons Mattie Miss
Cotton Monsy c grocer
Cowherd Emmett M (Peral) oil leasess
Crabtree Thomas O (Daisy) lab
Crafton Merle E (Bessie) mgr Tulsa Rig Reel & Mfg Co
Craig Julia c laundress
Crawford Joseph W (Kate) dgs and grocer
Crawford Joseph W gen mdse
Crawford Thelma Miss student
Creekmore John R (Letitia) carp
Crisp Raphael c
Crisp Vannie c lab Francis V B Co
Crisp Vol c (Nannie) lab
Crowe Frank (Maggie) meat ctr
Crowe Frank clk Elmer Siegenthaler
Daly Katherine Mrs dom
Daniels Amos c (Lulu V) carrier P O
Darrow Thaddeus clk J W Brown
Dasher John W (Jean) blksmth
Daugherty James L (Margarette) bricklyr
David Lester bkpr Francis V B Co
Davis Amelia Mrs
Davis Bertha c
Davis Bros (C F and L E) billiards
Davis Charles E c (Pelly)sec firenb
Davis Charles F (Frances) (Davis Bros)
Davis Lewis E (Julia) (Davis Bros)
Davis Ray (Emma) tank bldr
Deayon Clara c dom
Deayon Felicia c
Deayon Julius c lab
Deshore Lewis c lab Francis V B Co
Deskins John B (Mary) grocer
Dill Emmett (Marn) phys
Dill Emmett Jr student
Dill Marie Miss student
Doyle Richard (Wilma) lab
Drew David c lab Francis V B Co
Dunlap Bros E W Moser mgr gen mdse
Dunn Frank E (Prime) plant chf Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Durant James (Janie) livery
Dyer James H (Rose) plumber
Eggleston Marshall c (Lillie) la
Eggleston Willie May c
Elliott Verl L (Edith) (Elliott & Ober) cashier Francis V B Co
Elliott & Ober ( V L Elliott Frank Ober)motion picture theater
Ely Arthur T dentist
Engram Eliza c
Epperson Albert (Ella) oil leases
Epperson Carley I tmstr
Epperson Clark W tmstr
Epperson Maggie Miss
Epperson Margaret Miss clk Cockran & Pickett
Epperson Ray Y (Pauline) tmstr
Evans Bert clk J W Brown
Finger William (Vista) prop Boynton Garage
First Baptist Church
First National Bank of Boyton A C Trumbo (Muskogee) Pres Pres L S Bagley (Morris) V-Pres L E Nabors Cashier Streeter
McCoy Asst Cashier Phone 24 (see front edge)
Fisher Louis carrier P O R F D No 1
Fisher L S Mrs tchr Boynton Public School
Fluke Nettie C Mrs postmistress
Flynn John E (Nora) gauger
Flynn Joseph N tank strapper
Fox Frank L (Ida) pumper
Fox Gladys B Miss
Fox Muriel Miss
Francis Harry F (Rose) foremn Francis V B Co
Franklin Lewis E c (Lulu) lab
Franklin Rachel c dom
Frisco Railway Floyd W Pratt agt
Fullerton-Stuart Lumber Co J C Mulhall mgr Lumber Timber and Building Material Phone 86
Garns Sabre c laundress
German Lutheran Church
Gett Cleo (Mina) paperhngr
Gett Mina Mrs mgr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Gibson Harry B c
Gibson Laura F c tchr
Gilmore Ellie Mrs clk J M Simmons
Gilmore Oscar stillman Boynton Ref Co
Goodman Jake c lab
Goodrum Aline c
Goodrum Samuel c
Gordon John c (Emma) farmer
Gordon Willie c lab
Gothier Joseph c lab Francis V B Co
Grasom Robert E (Mary H) lawyer
Grewe A B prop Boynton Boiler Wks
Griffin Allen c lab Francis V B Co
Griffin Claud c (Elizabeth) lab Francis V B Co
Griffin Lucy c laundress
Griffin Lula c laundress
Griffin Nathaniel lab Francis V B Co
Griffin Susie c laundress
Griffith Gabriel c (Rosetta) lab Francis V B Co
Gruber Jake M (Marie) mgr Muskogee Tool Co
Guins Minnie Mrs
Gumm Percy G lawyer
Hall John E oil worker
Hamilton Marie Mrs (Tremont Hotel)
Hammond Delia c dom
Hammond Estream c section hd
Hammons John B (Mary) farmer
Hammons Lawn W farmer
Hann Charles (Olga) farmer
Hargraves William cook
Harp Henry B (American Hotel)
Harp John A (Maggie) clk McEwens Mfg Co
Harp Millie L Mrs (American Hotel)
Harris Joseph E (Emma) lab
Harris Ouida Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Harrison Benjamin c (Maggie) lab
Harrison Maggie c cook
Hawkins Harry c (Maggie) lab
Hawkins John blksmith J W Dasher
Haworth Clarence F Jr (Cleo) mgr O R Clothing Co
Head & Son grain elevator
Henderson Clinton gauger
Henning Earl R (Emma) drill contr
Henry Lena c
Henry William c (Adonia) lab
Henson Buford oil worker
Henson Ezell oil worker
Henson James L (sudie) Justice of the Peace
Henson Odell barber
Henson Philip H oil worker
Henson William O barber and cigars
Herron Eula Miss student
Herron Ina Miss student
Herron Lue Anna Miss student
Hesson Walter M (Lucinda) oil worker
Hester Walter J (Newport Café)
Hiatt Lloyd bkpr Boynton Oil Gas & Fuel Co
Hickman H E Rev pastor M E Church (South)
Hightower Louis rig bldr
Hill Hays c lab Francis V B Co
Hodges Kirk tool dresser
Hodgins John E (Martha C) grocer
Holt James clk W O Henson
Honeycutt Edward R furn rms
Honeycutt Philip c (Elizabeth)
Horton Charles J (Eva) bkpr Fullerten-Stuart Lbr Co
Horton D Homer (Vernie) billiards and restaurant
Houchin John W (Vivian) eng
Houston Helen Miss bkpr Boynton Mill & Elevator Co
Howard James T contr-carp
Howard John (Lula) barber
Howard L G foreman Francis V B Co
Howell Sam c lab Francis V B Co
Hunter Elijah c lab
Hurman & Pilgrim barbers
Hyatt Lloyd bkpr
Hyer Floyd R (Madge) shooter Indiana Torpedo Co
Ingram Robert E (Sadie) lab
Ingram Walter clk J W Crawford
Ivey Allison tmstr
Ivey Benjamin tank builder
Ivey Benjamin F (Julia) tmstr
Ivey Paul driver
Jackson John L c lab
Jackson Nathan c lab Francis V B Co
Jamison Crawford c blacksmith
Jepeway Alexander D restaurant
Jepeway Jack T restaurant
Johann R H fireman Boynton Refg Co
Johnson Aaron P c (Roberta) lab
Johnson Beatrice Miss bkpr
Johnson Frank c (Nina) section hand
Johnson Ira tmstr
Johnson James tmstr
Johnson James H (Boynton Mercantile Co)
Johnson Mamie c dom
Johnson Peter c (Louise) lab
Johnson Professor c porter
Johnson Robert c lab
Johnson Steve (Maggie) brick layer
Johnson William O (Emma) tmstr
Jones John H F c barber
Jones Pop Corn shining parlor
Kennedy Cecil (Bessie) lab
Kennedy Jesse steel worker
Kerins John J (Alice) Supt Boynton Refining Co
Kilgo Robert H (Carrie) lab
Kirbey Isaac (Ida) editor Boynton Index and City Clerk
Kirschbaum Alex H (Esther) mgr Rebold Lumber Co
Kobel Gin R C Kobel propr
Kobel Roland C (Ora) propr Kobel Gin
Koontz John L (Ethel) mgr Boynton Mill Elevator Co
Lockey J Miller (Clara) tmstr
Lambert Arthur H (Crystal) driller
Leap Arthur E (Mary B) cigars
Leas Van driller
Ledbetter Joseph H (Ida) tmstr
Ledbetter Martin lab
Lee David A c (Anna) undertaker and real estate
Lee David Jr c
Leflora Arthur c driver city street dept
Leflora Bud driver city street dept
Leflora Carrie c dom
Leflora Cordelia c
Leflora Oscar c lab
Lenhart Sanford P (Ruth) tankldr
Lewis George tool dresser
Lisenby Lloyd hlpr Boynton Mill & Elev Co
Lisenby L Marsh (Mamie) lab
Little Arthur (Fannie) pipelinewkr
Lockridge James c (Jose) blksmith
London Sarah c
London Silas c lab Francis V B Co
Long William A (Mary) tool dresser
Lucas L Hollie (Sudie) tmstr
Lynn Elzie B (Marie) tmstr
McBride William E (Mary) rig bldr
McCaleb L White clk Junia Williams
McCarnell Aaron c (Rosy) lab
McCarty Isaiah I c (Lonia) veterinary surgeon
McCarty Leona c restr
McCollum Jewel Miss tchr Boynton Public School
McCoy Streeter A Asst Cashr First National Bank of Boynton

Phone 24 Also City Treasurer

McDaniel Jasper L (Lydia) draymn
McDaniel Jasper N (Mary E) lab
McEwen Manufacturing Co C C Wilkins mgr oil well supplies
McGettigan Eva Miss
McGriff Elliott c lab Francis V B Co
McGriff Maggie c tchr
McGriff Richard c (Charlotte E) lab Francis V B Co
McKeever Daniel city marshal
McKinley Isaac N carp
McMullen Aphonso F cook Newport Café
McNutt Frank H (Lauretta) lab
McWee Lucinda c laundress
Macsoud Abraham clothing
Macsoud Charles clk Abraham Macsoud
Madden Tony c (Clara) lab Francis V B Co
Maddox Hosea J c cold drinks
Manuel Rosa c
Maples Henry I (Carrie) lab
Marris May Mrs (Palace Restaurant) and furn rms
Marshal (City) Daniel McKeever
Marshall Lula V c dom
Martin Ruel clk Dunlap Brosa
Mason Charles J blksmith
Masonic Hall
Matthews Allen T (Sina)
Matthews James U c (Jennie) lab
Matthews John (Arizona) oilwkr
Matthews Louie c (Ottille) lab Francis V B Co
Matthews Ray driver S B Vaught & Son
Matthews Russell A driver S B Vaught & Son
Matthews Ruth Miss clk
Maxwell Lucien B (Mamie) driver
Mayfield Luther c (Leona) lab
Mayfield William
Meriwether Abner L J c (Owl Drug Co) and lawyer
Meriwether Harry c
Meriwether Irene c
Meriwether Minerva c student
Meriwether Paul c porter
Meriwether Paul watchmkr
Methodist Episcopal Church (South) Rev H E Hickman pastor
Michelin Albert rig bldr
Michelin Marie Mrs
Miller Ray D (Myrtle) mach Boynton Refg Co
Miller Roy clk J A Settle
Mills Daniel J (Neva) tmstr
Mills Nin (Edith) tmstr
Moffitt Bryan clk J A Settle
Moffitt Clara (wid Ulysses T)
Moffitt Harold driver
Moffitt Mary Miss
Moffitt Nettie c laundress
Moffitt Ralph oilwkr
Monday William c (Bessie) lab Grancis V B Co
Moody Walter tool dresser
Morris Joseph S clk O R Clothing Co
Morris May Mrs (Palace Restaurant)
Morton David A c shoemkr
Morton Isaac c (Emma) lab
Morton Ishmael c (Lilliam) lab
Morton Ishmael M c (Margaret) blksmith
Morton Robert M (Alice) tmstr
Moshier William H foreman Francis V B Co
Moser Eugene W mgr Dunlap Bros
Moton I M c blksmith
Mulhall Joseph C (Alta M) mgr Fullerton-Stuart Lumber Co
Munsey J Lee (Birdie) carp
Murphy Elizabeth (wid Mill C)
Muskogee Tool Co J M Gruber mgr
Myers Lumber Co (R V Myers)
Myers Mart (Byrl) clk Myers Lumber Co
Myers Reason V (Maud) (Myers Lumber Co)
Nabers Le Roy E Cashier First National Bank of Boynton Phone 24
Nelson Frank (Audrey)
Nettles Joseph H c tailor Ralph Carter
Newport Café (F M Rush W J Hester)
Newsom Robert L (Jessie) carp
Nickerson Ed pumper
Nolen Jess (May) lab
Nolen Samuel clk Junia Williams
O R Clothing Co C F Haworth mgr
Ober Frank (Elliott & Ober) and Supt Francis Vitric Brick Co
O’Bryan John lab
Ogle Catherine Miss student
Ogle Harvey B clk Powers & Ogle Hardware Co
Ogle Jehu H (Powers-Ogle Hardware Co) and mayor of Boynton
Owl Drug Co c (O H Penny H W Carter A L J Meriwether)
Owens John B (Hazel) mgr Boynton Oil Gas & Fuel Co
Owens Walter c lab Francis V B Co
Palace Restaurant (Mrs May Morris)
Parker Alex lab
Parkins Asa mach Boynton Garage and Mach Shop
Patton Jennie (wid David H)
Patton John toll dresser
Pearce Elizabeth Mrs. Physician
Pearce Wilfred E (Elizabeth) physician
Pennington Cantral fireman Francis V B Co
Pennington Thomas (Fannie) engr
Penny Ollie H c (Julia) (Owl Drug Co) and physician
Perkins Emmett stockman
Perkins Lee (Bessie) V-Pres Bank of Boynton Phone 15 and Member City Council
Perry Amanda c laundress
Perry John J c (Amanda) lab
Petty Travis c (Estella) lab Francis V B Co
Phillips Hattie c dom
Pickett Loren P (Cachran & Pickett)
Pier Joseph (Mary) lab Francis V B Co
Pioneer Telephone & Telegraph Co Miss Nina Gett mgr
Pitts Arthur lab
Playter Clyde
Playter Ernest carrier P O R F D No 3
Playter Henry E (Flora) bricklayer
Police Judge Thomas B Sutton
Posey Anthony c lab Francis V B Co
Post Office Mrs N C Fluke postmistress
Powell Hayden (Opal) clk J M Simmons
Powers Lottie R Mrs (Powers & Ogle Hardware Co)
Powers & Ogle Hardware Co (L R Powers J H Ogle)
Pratt Floyd B (Leona) Agt Frisco Ry
Quick Floyd clk J E Sutton
Quick Frank farmer
Randles Lula c
Randles William c lab Francis V B Co
Ray Elsie Mrs
Ray Ernest W (Carrie B) oil worker
Ray Lynn (Elsie) engr
Reagan James real estate
Reardon V A clk McEwen Mfg Co
Rebold Lumber Co A H Kirschbaum mgr
Reed Ada Miss dom
Reed John clk J W Crawford
Reed Mary Miss dom
Reed Ola Miss dom
Reese Lemmie c (Ina) oil worker
Reeves W R c (Bessie) clothes cleaning shop
Rentie Leona c laundress
Rentie Tena c dom
Renty Morris c (Susie) farmer
Rich Hattie Miss
Rich Jack c blacksmith I M Morton
Rimer Clarence J tel opr Frisco Ry
Ritchey Thomas E (Marcia) burner Francis V B Co
Robertson Alice Miss
Robertson Thomas A (Anna) trav
Robinson Lewis I (Myrtle) driller
Rollins Albert (Olga M) oil worker
Rook Arthur barber W O Henson
Ross L Morton barber J A Thurman
Rowland Abraham c lab
Rowland Essie c laundress
Rowland Thomas c (lula) lab Francis V B Co
Rush Foster M (Newport Café)
Sango Edward c (Fannie) lab
Scales Pinkney W cook D H Horton
Schuler Richard baker
Scott Alice c dom
Scott Leonard c lab
Seals Lucy c restaurant
Seaney Emery E (Flo) tmstr
Seay R Walter (Besse) pipelinewkr
See Frank (Ethel) driller
Settle John A drugs
Settle John A (Nettie) Physician and Vice-Pres Bank of Boynton
Shafer Otis machinist Boynton Garage & Machine Shop
Shankford George W (Mary) brick mason
Shelton Mart (Edna) tmstr
Sherwood Forrest (etta) contr
Shoemake Hugh (Nellie)tmstr
Shoemake James (Ethel) driver
Shoemake Noah H (Della M) tmstr
Sieganthalor David clk Powers & Ogle Hardware Co
Siegenthalor Elmer (Myrtle) meat market
Siegenthalor Irwin clk Elmer Siegenthalor
Simmons Mercantile Co
Simmons John M clothing
Simmons Nelson c (Melissa) lab
Simpson John W oil contr
Sims Myrtle c laundress
Singleton Ira M (Laura) rig builder
Skidfore Andrew J (Elizabeth) billiards
Skidmore Austin R (Belle) Loans and Pres Bank of Boynton Phone 15
Skidmore Herbert O farmer
Skillen Bertha B Miss
Skillen David A (Laura) real estate
Skillen G Louis clk
Smith Charles (Ethel) tmstr
Smith Dollie c clk John B Smith
Smith Famous (Ella) lab
Smith James stillman
Smtih John B c (Dollie) confectioner and barber
Smith Rachel c laundress
Smith William M (Anna) lab
Sperry Paul (Florence) oil worker
Spychalaski Theodore (May) tank builder
Starks Fred c lab Francis V B Co
Starks Henry c lab Francis V B Co
Starks Hugh c lab Francis V B Co
Starks James c farmer
Starks Robert V c (Susie) farmer
Stell James N (Grace) cashier Frisco Ry
Steever Jacob R (Dottie) tmstr
Steever Philip (Elizabeth) tmstr
Steward Henry B c (Lovie) lab Francis V B Co
Steward John oil leases
Steward Luginia c
Stiner Michael tool dresser
Stone Martin (Emma)
Stone Ollie tmstr
Straughan Mary Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Strother Ada c dom
Strother Isaac G Rev c (Ester F)
Strother John c lab Francis V B Co
Strotman Benjamin E (Sarah M) oil worker
Sugar James c yardman Fullerton-Stuart Lumber Co
Sutton James E (May ) grocer and meat market
Sutton John P (Almira V) feed
Sutton Thomas B (Marian) police judge
Sutton Ray E (Maidie) gauger Boynton Refg Co
Swann William W (Rena) machinist
Tally William J (Lula) oil worker
Taylor Addison C (Mamie) barber
Taylor Lee c lab Francis V B Co
Taylor Viola c
Temple J A lab
Tennison Jame sF (Boynton Mercantile Co)
Teter Elbert J plumber
Thomas Arthur c (Edna) cook
Thomas French gauger
Thompson Betsy c
Thompson James E (Blanche) driller
Thompson John c (Maggie) lab
Thompson Matthew burner Francis V B Co
Thomson Nellie Miss teacher Boynton public school
Thurman James A (Edna) barber
Tibbs William P (Minnie) lab
Toliver Frank c restaurant
Tremont Hotel (Mrs Marie Hamilton)
Trumbo A C Pres First National Bank of Boynton r Muskogee Okla
Tester Fred oiler
Truster Lewis tool dresser
Tucker Ada laundress
Tucker David (Ada) driver
Tucker Samuel c (Malinda) lab
Tucker Stella c laundress
Tulsa Rig Reel & Mfg Co M E Crafton mgr
United Presbyterian Church
Van Norman Ross (Mabel) driller
Varley Herbert jeweler Junia Williams
Vaught B G (S B Vaught & Son)
Vaught Clara Miss
Vaught Claud S (Maggie) driver S B Vaught & Son
Vaught Gerstle
Vaught Silas B (Dorcas) (S B Vaught & Son)
Vaught S B & Son (S B and B G Vaught) livery
Vinyard Roy R (Earlie) oil worker
Volden Joseph C (Leatha) tmstr
Wade James F (Sadie) (Commercial Hotel)
Wagoner Carrie c teacher
Walker Charles R (Nannie) carp
Walker George C (Sarah) lab
Walker John T (Effie) driver
Walker Sarah c dom
Wallace Matthew c (Susie) lab
Wamble John W Rev c (Ida)
Ward Peter oil worker
Watson Archie (Gertie) pipeline worker
Weaver Gertrude c dom
Weaver Thomas W (Hazel) driller
Webb Beulah Miss clk P O
Webb Elza (Mamie J) prin Boynton Public School
Webb Eula Miss asst postmistress
Webb Inez Miss student
Webb Reuben (Bertha) farmer
Welch Dennis c (Elzora) lab
Wells Fargo & Co Express
Welsh Frank tmstr
Welsh Thomas C (Cora A) tmstr
Welsh William H (Clara) tmstr
West Robert (Pearl) cold drinks
West William O plasterer
Western Union Telegraph Co
Whaley Daniel
Whaley Harry
Whaley William S (Geneva) carp
White Harry F (Daisy) boilmkr
White Henry F (Alma) (Boynton Bakery)
White John E (Marguerite) farmer
White Zachary F (Lillie) tmstr
Whitehead George clk American Hotel
Whitehead Mabel Miss
Wilburn Harvey c lab
Wilburn Iler c cook Mrs May Morris
Wilkins Conley C mgr McEwen Mfg Co
Williams Alice c laundress
Williams Alva c
Williams Amos (Martha) bricklyr
Williams Charles H (Tessie) bricklyr
Williams Grover tmstr
Williams James c lab Francis V B Co
Williams Jerome E W c Rev (Mattie) pastor colored Methodist Church
Williams Junia (Minnei) drugs and jewelry
Williams Mattie c clk M cotton
Williams Thomas (Cora) cook
Williams Thomas Jr (Florence) tmstr
Willig John oil leases
Willmon Hilliard W (Clementine) livery
Willmon Horace lab
Willmon Idos (Maude) auto livery
Wilson Erma c
Wilson Raleigh c lab Francis V B Co
Wilson Solomon c (Savannaah) blksmith James Lockridge
Wineland Florence Miss tchr Boynton Public Schools
Wineland Herbert L (Elsie) Cashier Bank of Boynton Phone 15
Wolfinger James (Mary) supt City Water Wks
Wolfinger John F (Visa) Boynton Garage & Machine Shop
Wolfinger Peter B with Boynton Garage & Machine Shop
Wood Judge C (Nora) oil worker
Woodward Dixie elk J W Crawford
Wright Buz c (Hattie) lab
Wright John oil worker

Phoenix – 1916 Business Directory of Boynton

Automobile Garages and Livery
Boynton Garage & Machine Shop
Willmon Idos
Boynton Bakery
Bank of Boynton The Phone 15 (see left top lines)
First National Bank of Boynton (See front edge)
Clayton J R
Henson W O
Hurman & Pilgrim
Jones John J F c
Smith J B c
Taylor Addison c
Thurman J A
Billiards and Pool
Cook Fred c
Davis Bros
Davis Charles F
Horton D H
Skidmore Andrew J
Dasher John W
Jamison Crawford c
Lockridge James c
Mason C J
Morton Ishmael M c
Bush Callie c
Boiler Manufacturers
Boynton Boiler Works
Brick Manufacturers
Francis Vitric Brick Co
Christian Church Masonic Hall
Colored Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
German Lutheran Church
Methodist Episcopal Church (South)
United Presbyterian Church
Cigars and Tobacco
Henson W O
Leap A E
Cleaners and Pressers
Reeves W R c
Macksoud Abraham
O R Clothing Co
Simmons John M
Cold Drinks
Allen W J
Carson R Arnold
Colber J C c
Maddox Hesea J c
West Robert
Smith J B
Brennan P H (building)
Henning Earl R (drilling)
Howard James T (carp)
Sherwood Forrest (concrete)
Simpson John W
Cotton Gins
Kobel Gin
Ely Arthur T
Owl Drug Co c
Settle J A
Williams Junia
Dry Goods
Crawford Joseph W
Elevators Boynton Mill & Elevator Co
Express Companies
Wells Fargo & Co
Feed and Feed Mills
Boynton Mill & Elevator Co9
Sutton John P
Furnished Rooms
Morris May Mrs
General Merchandise
Boynton Mercantile Co
Cochran & Pickett
Crawford J W
Dunlap Bros
Simmons Mercantile Co
Grain Dealers
Boynton Mill & Elevator Co
Head & Son
Cotton Monsy c
Crawford Joseph W
Hodgins J E
Sutton James E
Masonic Hall
Brown J W
Powers & Ogle Hardware Co
American Hotel
Commercial Hotel
Fremont Hotel
Insurance Agents
Clare W E
Berry John R
Williams Junia
Justice of the Peace
Henson James L
Grasom Robert E
Gumm Percy G
Meriwether Abner L J c
Light and Power Companies Boynton Oil Gas & Fuel Co
Livery and Boarding Stables Vaught S B & Son
Sidmore Austin R
Lumber Dealers
Fullerton-Stuart Lumber Co
Myers Lumber Co
Rebold Lumber Co
Meat Markets
Siegenthalor Elmer
Sutton James E
Bohrer Carrie Mrs
Notaries Public
Bird E E
Carter H W
Clare W E
Cowherd E M
Lee David A
McCoy Streeter A
Nabers L E
Phillips L P
Wineland H L
Oil and Gas Companies
Boynton Oil Gas and Fuel Co
Oil Refineries
Boynton Refining Co
Oil Well Supplies
McEwen Mfg Co
Tulsa Rig Reel and Mfg Co
Physicians and Surgeons
Dill Emmett
Pearce Elizabeth Mrs
Pearce W E
Penny Ollie H c
Settle John T
Frisco Railway
Real Estate
Clare William E
Henson James L
Lee David c
Reagan James
Skillen David A
Horton D Homer
Jepeway A D
McCarty Leona c
Morris May Mrs
Newport Café
Palace Restaurant
Seals Lucy c
Tolliver Frank c
Schools (Public)
Boynton Public School
Colored School of Boynton
Shoe Shiners
Jones P c
Carter Ralph c
Reeves W R c
Tank Builders
Black Sivalls & Bryson (of Tulsa)
Telegraph and Telephone Companies
Pioneer Telephone & Telegraph Co
Western Union Telegraph Co
Elliott & Ober
Tool Manufacturers
Muskogee Tool Co
Lee David A c
Veterinary Surgeons
McCarty I I c

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