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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Brewster Township

Adams, W. C., Braggs
Agnew, W. L., Keefton
Alken, S. W., Muskogee
Anthony, George, Braggs
Armsby, Louis, Braggs
Asher, J. H., Braggs
Ashley, Thad, Braggs
Ashworth, J. N., Braggs
Ayers, Moses, Braggs
Ayers, W. W., Braggs
Baldwin, Wheat, Braggs
Ballard, J. N., Braggs
Ballard, Williams, Braggs
Banks, Sarah, Braggs
Barnett, S. B., Braggs
Battenfield, c. w., Braggs
Bayers, E. R. Braggs
Berry, Davis, Braggs
Biggs, Roscoe, Braggs
Biggs, W. H., Braggs
Blair, J. F., Braggs
Blankenship, Turner, Braggs
Bluebird, Mary, Braggs
Blundell, G. G., Muskogee
Boudinot, Richard, F., Braggs
Bowland, Charles, Braggs
Bradley, G. B., Braggs
Brewer, E. R., Braggs
Brown, James, Braggs
Brown, J. A., Braggs
Brown, J. B., Braggs
Brown, Oscar, Braggs
Brown, R. F., Braggs
Browning, C. L., Braggs
Browning, W. H., Braggs
Bruner, Emma Joe, Braggs
Bucey, W. J., Braggs
Burke, Thomas, Braggs
Buttram, W. D., Muskogee
Calvert, Joe, Braggs
Calvert, L. W., Braggs
Camron, M. E., Braggs
Candy, Rachel, Braggs
Cartwright, W. H., Braggs
Chandler, G. W., Braggs
Churchill, W. W., Braggs
Clark, A. C., Braggs
Clay, Henry, Braggs
Clinkenbeard, M. R., Braggs
Collins, J. H., Braggs
Conrad, George, Braggs
Conrad, M. J., Braggs
Cook, J. H., Muskogee
Cookson, E. L., Braggs
Cookson, O. L, Braggs
Cooper, C. A., Braggs
Cooper, W. R., Braggs
Cothran, W. E., Braggs
Cox, A. B., Braggs
Craig, A. H., Braggs
Craig, W. W., Braggs
Crossland, Lewis c, Braggs
Cummins, A. M., Mill, Muskogee
Dallahite, J. R., Muskogee
Davidson, A. T., Braggs
Davidson, T. J., Braggs
Davis, B. F., Braggs
Dazzler, Charles, Braggs
Dierinwater, Keener, Braggs
Dugan, J. F., Braggs
Dugan, R. L., Braggs
Easterling, Andy, Braggs
Edwards, Harrison, Braggs
Enlow, F. W., Braggs
Evans, W. M., Muskogee
Everidge, W S., Muskogee
Fallen, S. A., Braggs
Fanning, G. W., Braggs
Fanning, Joseph, Green Leaf
Faubus, R. E., Braggs
Fausett, L. P., Braggs
Fifer, J. A., Braggs
Ford, L. A., Braggs
Franklin, J. C., Braggs
Fryer, Jack, Braggs
Fryar, J. A., Braggs
Fuller, J. W., McLain
Gaiter, A. E., McLain
Gaither, Ira, Keefton
Gaiter, L. S., Muskogee
Gilliam, J. W., Muskogee
Gilliam, R. C., Muskogee
Gillialand, J. A., Muskogee
Gilyard, Daniel, Muskogee
Gonzales, C. L., Braggs
Graham, Alvis, Braggs
Graham, T. C., Braggs
Green, Jesse, Braggs
Harris, Omer, Braggs
Harris, R. c., Muskogee
Hatley, L. P., Muskogee
Hatley, W. O., Muskogee
Hays, J. W., Braggs
Hays, Lee, Braggs
Heard, A. J., Muskogee
Hedrick, James, Muskogee
Heinch, W. T., Braggs
Henderson, W. C., Muskogee
Hibbs, G. M., Braggs
Hilderbrand, Susie, Braggs
Hinds, F. H., Braggs
Hines, J. M., Muskogee
Hiveley, J. W., Muskogee
Hobbs, R. E., Muskogee
Horn, Ed, Braggs
Horn, Nora, Braggs
Horn, Richard, Braggs
Horner, J. C., Braggs
Howdeshell, D. C., Muskogee
Huggins, G. C., Braggs
Hughart, J. H., Braggs
Hughes, G. C., Mrs., Muskogee
Hunter, H. C., Braggs
Hutchens, O. B., Braggs
Irving, H. E., Braggs
Irving, Joseph, Braggs
Jackson, Andrew, Braggs
Jackson, A. e., Braggs
Jackson, J. B., Braggs
Jackson, S. L. Braggs
Jackson, William E., Muskogee
Jackson, W. b., Braggs
James, John, Braggs
Jarman, W. M., Braggs
Jennings, L. c., Muskogee
Jennings, L. P., Muskogee
Johnson, J. N., Braggs
Jones, J. E., Braggs
Keaton, W. H., Braggs
Kelly, N. K., Braggs
Kennedy, G. W., Braggs
Kennedy, M. J. Mrs., Braggs
Kyser, H., Braggs
Lamascus, J. L., Muskogee
Lambert, Christiana, Braggs
Lane, Sam, Braggs
LaPlant, J. H., Braggs
Ledbetter, J. F., Muskogee
Lentz, Albert, Muskogee
Lester, R. H., Keefton
Lester, W. T., Muskogee
Long, J. E., Braggs
McBroom, J. H., Braggs
McCarley, J. P., Muskogee
McCracken, R. W., Braggs
McCullough, W. H., Muskogee
McLain, Eliza, Mrs., Braggs
McLoughlin, G. L., Braggs
Mackey, Dennis, Braggs
Mackey, Ned, Braggs
Mackey, Perry, Braggs
Mackey, R. K., Braggs
Madden, Clarence W., Braggs
Madden, Emily, Braggs
Madden, J. P., Braggs
Marlow, H. S., Braggs
Marlow, John, Braggs
Marlow, J. C., Braggs
Marlow, Sam, Braggs
Marsh, Ross, Braggs
Martin, Rosa, Keefton
Martin, W. H., Braggs
Matthews, D. J., Braggs
Mayes, J. W., Braggs
Meeker, George C., Braggs
Middleton, M. M., Braggs
Miller, J. F., Muskogee
Miller, Nannie, Muskogee
Montgomery, Charles, Keefton
Montgomery, W. R., Muskogee
Montgomery, W. W., Muskogee
Morand, S. D., Muskogee
Motte, W. R., Muskogee
Mowery, L. M., Braggs
Movery, M. W., Braggs
Mullen, C. E., Braggs
Mullen, Harrison, Braggs
Murphy, W. O., Muskogee
Nolan, D. E., Muskogee
Oberholtzer, Henry A., Braggs
Paris, T. C., Braggs
Penny, N. F., Braggs
Perry, R. A., Braggs
Pettit, Alex, Braggs
Pierce, F. P., Braggs
Pitts, J. H., Braggs
Potts, C. D., Braggs
Potts, M. B., Muskogee
Potts, S. E., Braggs
Pratt, L. F., Braggs
Pratt, O. J., Muskogee
Prichard, J. W., Braggs
Rehfeldt, Carl, Muskogee
Ridenour, J. H., Muskogee
Riggs, J. A., Braggs
Riggs, Richard, Braggs
Roach, Henry c, Braggs
Roberts, John H., Braggs
Roberts, John H. Jr., Braggs
Roberts, Manuel, Muskogee
Robinson, W. H., Muskogee
Rodon, John, Braggs
Robers, H. E., Muskogee
Rose, Sam, Braggs
Rosson, J. M., Braggs
Rotramel, P. H., Braggs
Rotramel, S. C., Braggs
Rucker, M. C., Muskogee
Salling, J. I., Braggs
Salling, W. H., Braggs
Sanders, Andrew, Braggs
Saners, Elizabeth, Mrs., Braggs
Sanders, Lewis, Braggs
Sanders, Thomas, Braggs
Saners, Thomas J., Braggs
Scott, A. A., Mrs., Braggs
Scott, E. K., Braggs
Scott, M. J., Braggs
Shamblin, D. d., Muskogee
Sharp, E. W., Muskogee
Sharp, J. F., Muskogee
Shook, C. F., Braggs
Simmons, R. L., Braggs
Slaten, C. H., Muskogee
Smith, B. W., Braggs
Smith, Edward, Muskogee
Smith, Frank, Keefton
Smith, James, Braggs
Smith, J. W., Braggs
Smith, L. B., Braggs
Smith, P. W., McLain
Smith, William, Keefton
Smith, W. F., Muskogee
Smith, W. M., Braggs
Smithson, Ed, Braggs
Spears, Max, Braggs
Starr, C. C., Braggs
Stewart, William, Muskogee
Still, Clarence, Muskogee
Stout Bros., Muskogee
Stout, C. L., Muskogee
Sumpter, E. E., Braggs
Sumpter, G. W., Braggs
Sumpter, Thomas, Braggs
Taff, H. G., Braggs
Talley L. T., Muskogee
Taylor, David, Braggs
Taylor, George, Braggs
Teague, B. F., Braggs
Teague, Jesse, Braggs
Teague, J. A., Braggs
Teague, R. H., Braggs
Thomas, H. R., Braggs
Thompson, A. T., Muskogee
Thompson, Leila, Braggs
Townsley, J. H., Muskogee
Tree, Barney, Braggs
Tucker, J. W., Muskogee
Walker, Edward, Braggs
Walker, Edward A., Braggs
Water, Joseph, Braggs
Watie, Thomas c, Braggs
Watts, J. A., Miss, Muskogee
Webb, C. H., Keefton
Webb, W. B., McLain
Weir, J. C., Muskogee
Welborn, E. L., Braggs
West, J. O., Braggs
White, B. R., Braggs
White, J. F., Braggs
White, J. G., Braggs
White, O. M., Braggs
Wicks, J. A., Braggs
Wilkinson, James, Keefton
Willard, Minnie A., Mrs., Muskogee
Williams, Charles, Braggs
Woodard, W. J., Braggs
Wyche, R. D., Braggs
Young, Thomas, Braggs
Zimmerman, C. F., Braggs
Zink, D. H., Muskogee

Directory Table of Contents

Transcribed March 2002 by Alissa Hill, Muskogee
©Alissa Hill, 2002, 2003

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