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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Ft. Gibson

The Phoenix City Directory 1916 Directory of Fort Gibson Fort Gibson is located on the Frisco and Iron Mountain Railways about nine miles northeast of Muskogee and is an incorporated town of about 1800 population. It is surrounded by a rich and fertile agricultural district and is an important shipping point for cotton, potatoes, hay and corn. It has two flourishing banks; an enterprising newspaper, the New Era; three good hotels and an excellent opera house. The religious community is well represented by the Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian churches. The Grand River affords excellent water power facilities and the town is lighted by electricity. The National Cemetery is located here and the landmarks of the old fort are still extant. The business interests are conducted on a safe and conservative basis and the merchants are prosperous and energetic.

Adair Etta
Adair William R tel opr St L I M & S R R
African M E Church J W Parks pastor
Albritton Fannie c laundress
Albritton Joseph c lab
Albritton Joshua c student
Alexander Walter F clk Garlands Drug Store
American Hotel (L N Grisson)
Andre Eliza (wid David)
Anthony Bascom (Virgie) teacher High School
Arnett Daniel L c lab
Arnett Josephine c laundress
Averatt Charles R tailor
Aytch Randall c (Elsie) lab
Badgett Murrell lab St L I M & S R R
Dailey Homer (Ernestine) lab
Baker Frank lab
Baker Malinda c
Baker Neve (wid Henry M)
Baker Sallie c dom
Barnes Edward F (Margaret E) blacksmith
Barnett James W (Hannah) farmer
Barnett Joseph H
Barrett Cora Mrs
Barry John poultry
Bell N A
Bell Sewell T (Noma) bldg contr
Bell William P grocer
Bellamy Edward (Effie) lab
Benge Robert (Lizzie) farmer
Benge Samuel H
Berd Beatrice Miss
Berd John C (Nancy E) (Berdís Drug Store)
Berdís Drug Store Robert Langston mgr
Berry Annie c laundress
Berry Edward D c (Lula) confr
Berry Pleas c rural carrier P O
Berry Pleas c (Minnie) carp
Bias Bert M (Mary) lab
Bishop George E (Mamie) painter and paper hanger
Bishop Lucian M (Sarah) painter
Bishop Thomas H baker H M Goodwin
Blackmore Arthur C (Beatrice) artist
Blake James K (Josephine) agt St L I M & S R R and V-Pres Citizens National Bank
Blyth Jack
Boston Store (M J Mayer & Co) general merchandise
Boudinot Frank J (Annie M) lawyer
Boudinot Frank J Jr soldier
Brackebill Charles O (Elizabeth) foreman St L I M & S R R
Brodie Charles B (Pearl) clk R E Coleman
Brodie Pearl Mrs (capital Hotel)
Brooks George W c (Sudie) principle Lincoln School
Brooks Sudie c seamstress
Brown George (Julia) carp
Brown W M
Buffington William c (Fannie) farmer
Burgess Jennie c
Burgess John R c
Burgess Mattie c seamstress
Burgess Ola c
Burnett J W
Buster Arch farmer
Buster Bessie Miss clk Boston Store
Buster Carmen Miss
Buster Charles B (Lillian) farmer
Buster Mabel Miss
Buster May Miss
Buster Owen (Bon) farmer
Cain James A (Dora) auto repairer
Cain Sylvia Miss
Campbell Pearl c
Campbell Tyler c
Campbell Viola c
Campbell William M (Katie) carp
Canfield John P clk Ft Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co
Capitol Hotel (Mrs Pearl Brodie)
Carr Ellis c (Eula) lab
Carter James P student
Carter John c (Katie) farmer
Carter William A c (Lena) farmer
Chance Fannie c teacher
Carter William A c (Lena) farmer
Chase Henry c (Tempsy) lab
Chase John c (Maria)
Citizens National Bank I H Nakdimen Pres J K Blake v-pres C B Kagy cashier
City Meat Market
Clark Joseph E (Roa) farmer
Clay A Carroll (Donn) farmer
Cleghorn Samuel (Ada) lab
Collins Martin (Maggie) lab
Coleman Furniture Store
Coleman Robert E genl mdse
Conard Andy c lab
Conard Lee c (Sarah) lab St L I M & S R R
Conard Walter c lab
Coon Doss clk R S Lee
Coon Loss L (Paralee) farmer
Cooper Jasper C Rev (Edna) pastor Methodist Church
Cooper John L (Lula) agt Frisco R R
Cooper William M blacksmith
Cravens Herbert W (Mary) farmer
Cravens & Cravens
Crawford John lab
Crawford John M farmer
Creighead George c lab
Cripe Chester A (Flossie) electrician
Cross John c (Jennie) lab
Cunningham Thomas T printer
Daniels Jesse c (Flora) lab St L I M & S R R
Daniels Joanna c laundress
Daniels Toby c (Mish) lab St L I M & S R R
Davis Clement (Irene) rural carrier P O
Davis Mary A (wid Houston)
Davis Oscar farmer
Davis William H c (Mary) lab
Dean Della Mrs
Dean Mack lab
Delcour George W (Clara) farmer
Dilwood Maggie c cook
Dilwood Richard c lab
Dilwood Thomas c (Fannie) farmer
Dilwood Wren c student
Donnelly Willis D c (Mary) lab
Duerr Lester (Zola) cashr Muskogee Gas & Elec Co
Duggins Floyd barber
Dunn Silas (Ivey) lab
Dunning Thomas H (H Etta) genl mdse
Dunning William H (Mattie) farmer
Duval Mary Miss
Earnest J C
Eiffert Cecil opr Pioneer Tel * Tel Co
Eiffert Henry pharmacist
Eiffert Sue (wid Henry)
Electric Gin John W Barnett propr
Elzie Eliza c laundress
Etheridge Joseph J (Elizabeth) farmer
Evans James D phys
Farmers National Bank F C Hubbard pres Sidney Garrett v-pres Flo H Nash Jr cashr
Feaster Fred L clk Nation * Stapleton
Feaster M A
Field Frank S (Maude) lab
First Baptist church c
Fisher Brant
Fisher James W farmer
Fisher Jerry M (Catherine) farmer
Fisher Miles E (Rosa Lee) farmer
Fisher Nora Miss
Fleaks John c lab
Fletcher Ruth c laundress
Flowers Belle Mrs laundress
Flowers Thomas (Belle)
Foreman Roselle c laundress
Fort Gibson Baptist Church
Fort Gibson Post Office Mrs B M Nash postmistress
Fort Gibson School
Fortune Andrew J (Lucy)
Fortune Dosey c lab
Fortune James B (Maude) lab
Foster Amanda (wid Solomon)
Foster James W c (Lula) farmer
Foster Maria Mrs
Frisco Ry J L Cooper agt
Garland Drug Store (Louie Garland)
Gage Wm M (Ola) restaurant and cold drinks
Gandy Mary c
Garland Drug Store Louie Garland
Garland Louie (Garland Drug Store)
Garned John Q (Senah) genl merchandise
Garner Verna Miss student
Garrett Sidney (Ora) v-pres Farmers National Bank
Garrett Swagerty (Emily) drayman
George Minnie c cook
Gibson Charles lab
Gibson Charles H clk
Gibson Richard (Susie) livery and transfer
Gilford Billie c (Mary) section hand Iron Mountain
Gilliland A Jack (Evaline) farmer
Gilliland Ralph clk
Gillispie Elmer (Blanche) ferryman
Gillispie Martha (wid James) laund
Gillispie Ray fisherman
Gladd John A (Anna)
Goodwin Herbert U (Mollie) baker
Gordon B Belle c
Gordon Elijah c farmer
Gordon Lucinda c
Greathouse Easter Mrs dom
Green Arthur c lab
Green Houston c (Judy) lab
Greenlaw Maude c
Greenwood Eldridge farmer
Greenwood James H (Alice) lab
Greenwood Virgil farmer
Greer Charles c (Mary) lab St L I M & S R R
Grissom Eunice L Miss student
Grissom Lucius N (Rebecca L) ( American Hotel)
Haas Albert farmer
Haas Charles harness mkr
Haas Clyde auto mach
Haas John F harness mkr
Haas John F (Cecelia) shoemaker
Haas Walter farmer
Hall William c (Maggie) farmer
Hamilton Henry A (Mollie) bkpr Boston Store
Hamilton Henry A (Mollie) book kpr Boston Store
Hamilton Mary (wid J P)
Hargrace Fay Miss
Hargrave Jesse (Eliza) farmer
Harris Henry (Pearl) farmer
Harris Tunk
Harvey James c lab
Hawkins Henry c (Ida) lab
Hawn Arthur E (Mary) clk J L Landwirth
Helsley Omer lab
Hennegan Paralee
Henry William c (Nancy) teacher
Herzog William merchant
Heydon Kittie Miss
Heydon Thomas T (Winnie) farmer
Hitchcock Hannah W (wid Daniel D)
Hicks Emma Miss
Hicks Percy W farmer
Hill William M (Annie) grocer
Holden Fred E (Grace) clk Ft Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co
Holden James S (Sarah) propr New Era
Hoover William W (Dove) section hand St L I M & S R R
Hopkins William
Howard James M (Bernice) physician
Howell John C (Juliette) asst cashier citizens National Bank
Humphries Frank c (Hallie) lab
Hughes William P (Laura) collr
Hubbard Frank C pres Farmer National Bank
Ice Fieldon (Ida) lab
Iron Mountain R R (J K Blake Agt)
Ivory Minnie c
Jaden Meenke T (Laura)
James Jane c
James Mary c dom
Jenkins Mabel c cook
Johnson Charles W (Ludeacy) cold drinks and ice
Johnson Elizabeth c (wid John B)
Johnson Moses c porter
Johnson Oval Miss
Johnson William T clk R S Lee
Johnson W C
Johnson W Viola Miss
Jones Charles c (Maria) lab
Jones Dolphus c (Bessie) lab St L I M & S R R
Jones Emanuel c (Jennie) lab
Jones Moses H c (Bettie) farmer
Kagy Clyde B (Allie) cashier citizens National Bank
Kneeland Herbert (Fannie) farmer
Kneeland Herbert Jr farmer
Kriepke O C
Kye George c (Sarah) farmer
Lake John D (Maud) genl mdse
Lampkin Elizabeth B laundress
Landwirth Bertie Miss
Landwirth Jacob L (Mamie) genl mdse
Landwirth Ray Miss
Langston Henry M (Martha) carp
Langston Robert mgr Berdís Drug Store
LaPlant Noah (Mary) lab
Lawhead J H lab
Ledbetter Arnold mgr Lyric Theatre
Lee Floyd
Lee John R (Louie A) farmer
Lee Leonard ( Sallie) farmer
Lee Lester
Lee Loss student
Lee Ran S (Amelia) genl mdse
Lee Stella c laundress
Leininger Peter (Susie) shoemkr
Leonard Frank E (Fort Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co)
Leonard John yardman Fort Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co
Lewis Charles (Frances) restaurant
Lewis Ethel c laundress
Lewis Houston c lab
Lewis Oliver c farmer
Lewis Susie c cook Walter Scott
Loftin Charles clk J K Lake
Lynch Ellen c
Lyric Theatre Arnold Ledbetter mgr
McCall Homer phys
McCall Nellie Miss
McCutchin Samuel
McGee Ellen c
McEnery Hazel Miss
McGuire Claude W (Sallie)
McGuire James T (Ellen)
McIntosh Margaret c
McKinster James farmer
McSpadden Lucillie Miss asst postmistress P O
Maddox Henry F (Ella) cold drinks
Mandley William H c (Sallie) lab
Manners Alex mach
Martin Philip W lab
Martin Sarah (wid E W ) dom
Martin Steward lab
Martin William J lab
Martin W Stephen (Francis)
Masters William B (Sarah J) dentist
Matthews Jane c
Mattox James c farmer
Mattox James E (Lydia) lab
Mayer M Joseph (Blanche) (Boston Store)
Mayer M J & Co M Joseph Mayer prop (Boston Store)
Mayfield Joseph G (Lizzie) lab Frisco By
Meigs Henry C
Meigs Robert farmer
Miller Charles clk St L I M & S R R
Miller Cora (wid French)
Miller e Ray clk J B Miller
Miller James B (Effie) flour and feed
Miller Nola Miss
Moore Alabama c laund
Moore Annie c land
Moore Ellen Miss student
Moore Katie c
Moore Rosa c laund
Morrison Mary Mrs clk R M Mountcastle
Moss W R
Mountcastle Robert M lawyer
Nakdimen I H pres Citizens Natl Bank
Nash Bertha M (wid L R) postmistress
Nash Corinne Miss music tchr
Nash Dorothy Miss student
Nash Fannie Miss
Nash Fawn Miss
Nash Flo H
Nash Flo H Jr (Minnie) cashr Farmers Natl Bank
Nash Frank clk R E Coleman
Nash Lutie Miss
Nash L R
Nash Tookah (wid W S)
Nation William A (Lena) (Nation & Stapleton)
Nation & Stapleton (W A Nation and A V Rushing) dry goods
Nelson Lafayette E Rev c (Lillie) presiding elder Tulsa Dist A M E Church
New Era Printing Co (J S Holden)
New Era (Weekly) J S Holden editor
Newton Sarah
Nivens Julia c laund
Northweather James (Martha) lab
Norwood Paul c (Rachel) lab
Orr Isaac N (Mollie) farmer
Parker Fred L (Etna) section foreman
Payer Amelia Miss milliner
Peach Jacob c (Emma)
Pearl Alfred c lab
Person Mattie c dom
Penn H E editor
Perkins W M
Pero Betty c cook
Perry Maurice D (Lula) clk J L Landwirth
Pierce James M (Nancy J) farmer
Pierce Warren c (Cornelia) barber
Pioneer Tel & Tel co Mrs Anna Smoot chf opr
Pirkle Jude C clk Boston Store
Powell Laura c dom
Powell Samuel Rev c (Ella)
Presbyterian Church
Price Anna Mrs
Prince Wade H (Margaret E) farmer
Radley Jeff c (Ressa) farmer
Ragsdale Claude E tel opr S t L I M & S R R
Ragsdale Guy clk
Ragsdale William (Ava) carp
Remington Charles L (Edith) lab Frisco Ry
Remington Ella Miss student
Remington John H ( Elizabeth) sec foreman Frisco Ry
Reynolds Nyrum F (Cora) bakery
Rhynes Clabe farmer
Rhynes James E (Beulah) farmer
Rhynes John P lab
Rhynes John P Jr lab
Rhynes Noah (Willie) farmer
Rhynes Thomas J (Martha) lab
Richardson Chaney c
Rider David (Sarah) gunsmith
Roberts Alice c laund
Roberts Arthur student
Roberts Baynord c cook St L I M & S R R
Roberts Benjamin M (Mary A) stone mason
Roberts Dee A lab
Roberts Edward c cinr and presser
Roberts Harusha c
Roberts Otto c lab
Roberts Senora c laund
Roberts Thomas M (Mary) farmer
Roberts William lab
Robison Calvin c (Bettie) lab
Rogers Connell (Katy) county treas
Rogers Connell Jr student
Rogers Howard student
Rogers Louis
Rogers Marian Miss
Rogers Nellie c
Ross Belle Miss
Ross Edward c lab
Ross Emma Miss
Ross Harry
Ross Hubbard (Hattie) farmer
Ross Marjorie Miss student
Ross Polly c
Ross William D
Rowe William c barber
Rushing Arch V (Wilma) (Nation & Stapleton)
Rushing John W (Della) clk T H Dunning
Rushing Mattie (wid James)
Rushington Cecil E farmer
Russell John lab
Russell Lucy Miss
St Louis Iron Mountain & Southern R R J K Blake agt
Sanders Fred
Sanders George lab
Sanders Mary (wid George)
Scales Elnora c lab
Scales James W c (Hannah) farmer
Scott Alice c laund
Scott Daniel c (Alice) lab
Scott Fred c lab
Scott George Mrs
Scott Walter (Nannie) farmer
Searie Charles A (Stella) farmer
Searie Leo
Searie William
Second Baptist church c
Sims Presley L wagon yard
Sisson Harry (Juna) farmer
Skates Alay c
Sleeper Louis G (Cricket) farmer
Smith Bruce (Ollie) barber
Smith Carl (Lula S) farmer
Smith Charles c (Lizzie) farmer
Smith Fannie c laund
Smith Harrison (Esther) furniture
Smith James clk H F Maddox
Smith Margaret c laund
Smith Richard c lab
Smoot Anna Mrs chf opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Smoot Thad W tel opr St L I M & S R R
Spurlock Edna Miss
Spurlock John (Lillie) farmer
Spurlock Mae Miss
Stamps Nathaniel D (Rose) baggage man Frisco Ry
Stanback Earl D (Alma P) clk Boston Store
Stanley Joseph lab
Stanley Mattie c student
Stidmon Charles c (Daisy) lab Frisco Ry
Stoll John (Dornie) pumper City
Strahan Kent (Maud)
Strohink Fred (Florence) plumber
Strohink Helen Miss student
Swan Peggy c laund
Swift Tuncie (Nannie) clk
Talley Andrew c barber
Tally Bettie c
Tally James c
Tally Maggie
Tarver Ocey c (Susie) lab
Tate James M (Lottie) flour mill
Terry Glover (Lina) brklyr
Terry Jasper D (Mary) grocer
Terry John
Terry Mary Mrs (Texas Hotel)
Terry Waiter new boy
Texas Hotel (Mrs Mary Terry)
Thomas Buck c (Julia) lab Waiter Scott
Thomas John A c (Diana) lab
Thomas J William (Ollie M) grocer and meat mkt
Thomas Lillie c student
Thomas William P c (Hannah J) lab
Thompson Bertha c cook Capitol Hotel
Thompson Bros (G W and J B) confr
Thompson Elizabeth A Mrs
Thompson Geo W (Kate) (Thompson Thompson Joseph B (Thompson Bros)
Thompson Maloy c dom
Thompson Robin c
Thompson Sarah C
Thornton Charles a (Sadie) lab
Thornton Flora A (wid Nicholas M)
Thornton Owen F (charlotte) steno
Tucker Fred c (Myrtle) chauf
Tucker Myrtle c laund
Tyesky Cella c
Tyesky Sanford C lab
Tyner Ada c cook Frank Boudinot
Tyner John c (Annie) lab
Tyner Prince T c (Mattie) cold drinks
Tyner William c lab
Vann Anois c student
Vann Edmond s farmer
Vann Jacob c (Florence) lab
Vann James c (Bessie) farmer
Van Slyke Hugh R (Lenna)
Vaughan James c (Addie B) lab
Vaughn John c farmer
Wagoner Ernest (Fannie) tailer
Walker Clyde Miss tchr
Walker Edith H (wid R M)
Walker Jack Mrs
Walker Mattie (wid David M)
Walker Ruth Miss bkpr
Wallis g c phys
Ward Alex c lab
Watson Thomas A (Rosa) pumper St L I M & S R R
Welch Henry (Mollie) farmer
Welch John T (Eva) Farmer
Wells Alice Miss
Wells Baz C (Ida) farmer
Wells John R (Sallie) farmer
Wells Josie Mrs
Wells Rudolph
West Giles c lab
Whinery James E (May) engr M J Mayer & Co
White Callie Mrs
White Otto (Callie) carp
White W A
Willey Charles E (Jananna) clk Mr Lake
Williams Alphonso c Viola lab St L I M & S RR
Williams Benjamin c (Rosalie) lab
Williams Claude Rev c
William Coy c lab
Williams Ella W c dom
Williams Fred c (Kate) lab St L I M & S RR
Williams French c (Gertrude) lab St L I M & S R R
Williams Henry R c lab
Williams John W c (Sallie D) lab St L I M & S R R
Williams Martha c
Williams Robert c (Maud) lab
Williams Samuel c (Hulda) lab
Williams Wilson c (Minnie0 lab Frisco
Wilson Alfred G (Annie) farmer
Wilson George lab
Wilson Isaac c (Jessie) lab
Wilson Sarah A Mrs
Woods Bros (C Frank and Louis) blacksmiths
Woods Charles a (Rosa E) blksmith Wood Bros
Woods Frank (Rosa) (Woods Bros)
Woods Louis (Amanda) (Woods Bros)
Workman Alfred c (Jennie) lab
Young Henry c (Annie) lab
Young Isa c laund
Young Jacob A c (Polly) lab
Ziegler Frank P (Clemmie) cook

Business Directory of Fort Gibson

Lyric Theatre
Blackmore Arthur C
Citizens National Bank
Farmers National Bank
Duggins Floyd
Pierce Warren c
Rowe William c
Smith Bruce
Tally Andrew c
Barnes E F
Cooper W M
Woods Bros
Woods C A
African M E Church J W Parks pastor
Fort Gibson Baptist Church
Fort Gibson Methodist Church
Presbyterian Church
Second Baptist Church
Cleaner and Pressers
Roberts Edward c
Lake J D
Cold Drinks
Gage W M
Johnson C W
Maddox H F
Tyner P T c
Berry Edward D c
Thompson Bros
Bell Sewell T
Cotton Gins
Electric Gin
Masters W B
Berdís Drug Store
Garland Drug Store
Dry Goods
Nation & Stapleton
Gillispie Elmer
Flour Mills
Tate J M
Flour and Feed
Miller J B
Coleman Furniture Store
Smith Harrison
General Merchandise
Boston Store
Coleman R E
Dunning T H
Garner J Q
Lake J D
Landwirth J L
Lee R S
Mayers M J & Co
Bell W P
Hill W M c
Nation & Stapleton
Terry J D
Thomas J W
Ft Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co
Harness Makers
Haas J F
American Hotel
Capitol Hotel
Texas Hotel
Boudinot Frank J
Mountcastle R M
Livery Stable and Transfer
Gibson Richard
Lock and Gunsmiths
Rider David
Ft Gibson Lumber & Hardware Co
Meat Markets
Thomas J W
Payer Amelia Miss
Music Teachers
Nash Corinne Miss (Piano)
New Era (weekly) J S Holden editor
Boudinot F J
Clark A C
Nash F H Jr
Physicians and surgeons
Evans James D c
Howard J M
McCall Homer
Wallis G C
Poultry Breeders
Barry John
Frisco Ry J L Cooper agt
Iron Mountain Ry J K Blake agt
Gage W M
Lewis Charles
Starr Milton c
Thompson Bros
Fort Gibson High Schools
Fort Gibson School
Lincoln School c G W Brooks prin
Shoe Makers
Leininger Peter
Averatt Charles R
Wagoner Ernest
Telephone and Telegraph companies
Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Gibson Richard
Wagon Yards
Sims P L
Wallis G C
Poultry Breeders
Barry John
Frisco Ry J L Cooper agt
Iron Mountain Ry J K Blake agt
Gage W M
Lewis Charles
Starr Milton c
Thompson Bros
Fort Gibson High Schools
Fort Gibson School
Lincoln School c G W Brooks prin
Shoe Makers
Leininger Peter
Averatt Charles R
Wagoner Ernest
Telephone and Telegraph companies
Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Gibson Richard
Wagon Yards
Sims P L

Directory Table of Contents

Transcribed February 2002 by Alissa Hill, Muskogee
©Alissa Hill, 2002, 2003

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