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The Phoenix City Directory 1916


The city of Haskell, Okla., is located in the north west corner of Muskogee County and about a mile west of the Arkansas River. Although only six years of the city has a population of about 1800. It has twelve miles of concrete sidewalks, two grain elevators, one corn and one flour mill, an electric light plant and a waterworks system adequate for the needs of the city for years to come . Three banks, all in a substantial and flourishing condition, and a number of progressive business houses, combine to advance the business interests of the city and insure its future progress. The staple products of the country in the vicinity of Haskell and contributing to its commercial success, are cotton, corn, potatoes, melons and vegetables; while the grain harvests are yearly increased in volume and value. The oil production in this region is increasing annually and new fields are constantly being developed. The city also offers great advantages as a manufacturing center, as there is a unlimited supply of natural gas for all purposes in the immediate vicinity.
City Officers
City mayor – Will N. Harsha
City Attorney – Henry E. Shipley
City Clerk - W. Scoot Bush
City Commissioners – L. C. Anthony, P. Henry Pepperkorn, Jack Summers, C. H. Van Horne
City Marshall – A. H. Jones
City Treasurer – Nathan Lambertson
Postmaster – T. J. Way
Able Jess cold drinks
Ables Elmer barber J T Cobb
Airdome The C H Chandler prop
Allen John H (Emma) slsmn McCauley Mer Co
Allen Charles S (Edith) phys
Allen Robert L phys
Alvarado Café H A Jasper prop
Amis Joseph S (Ethel_ pharmacist Owl Drug Store
Aneo Oil Co
Anders H W
Anthony James b (Delta) oil worker
Anthony Joseph L (Ina A) bkpr The Sawokla
Anthony L c city commissioner
Archer W R
Atterberry Archie B (Eva) mach
Autrey Sidney c porter J T Cobb
Baker D C
Baker Everett clk City Drug Co
Baker Lizzie
Baptist Church
Barney’s C O D Grocery B E Dustin prop
Bascomb Hawley C (Edith) tmstr
Beams Anna c
Beams Jay S c (Nancy) lab
Beard Sherman P carrier P O
Beasley Joseph
Beatty Allen E c (Dora M) phys
Bechdolt Adolph T (Erma) driller
Beckham Thomas J c (Pearl) barber and billiards
Berry Nina Mrs
Beighley James (Isabelle) tool dresser
Beighley Walter e (Addie) tool dresser
Benedict Charles W (Maude) slsmn Dunlap Bros
Beshara Antone (Olga) (Beshara Bros)
Beshara Bros (Antone Beshara) general mdse
Beshara Bros (Shick Beshara) props Olympia Confectionery
Beshara Bros (S and Tony Beshara) livery
Beshara Building
Beshara Shick (Beshara Bros)
Beshara Tony (Beshara Bros)
Besheer Roy P (Annie) Asst Cashier First National Bank of Haskell
Besheer Samuel O hardware and farm impts
Besheer Vivian Miss
Biederman Herman
Biederman Joseph B (Margaret) foreman M V R R
Bivens Ella c dom
Black Carl (Alice) tank bldr
Black Sivalls & Bryson (of Tulsa)
Blanchard Art tool dresser
Blanchard Irvin
Blanchard Leonard C clk S O Besheer
Blanchard Ross (Pearl) tool dresser
Bloodsworth Jack c (Joana) (Chamliss & Bloodsworth)
Bloodsworth Rosa c
Blue M O oil driller
Bowers G F blksmith
Box Edward
Brady J W (Belle) lawyer
Bray J T
Breeden R D
Brewer Charles A embalmer Stephenson & Wright
Broadway Cleaners
Broadway Meat Market
Brackman John F (Ola)
Brown Building
Brown David (Reldie) tmstr
Brown Julian E (Mayphor) waiter Martin’s Café
Brown Milo M (Carrie) oil
Brown’s Studio & Theatre
Browning Cyreus G (Lettie) farmer
Bryant Samuel c (Lula) cold drinks
Bush W Scott (Kathryn) mgr Logan Moore Lumber Co
Butts J A Lumber Co J A Springer mgr
Cameron Charles (Rhoda) mgr R L Eubanks
Campbell George W (Sarah L) blksmith
Caney River Gas Co Charles B Church mgr
Cantrell Clyde C carrier P O
Cantrell W A
Capps John W (Cora) Cashier Haskell National Bank
Card Doc S c clk J W Simmons
Carlin Bros (Julius A and Eugene V) genl mdse
Carlin Eugene V (Mamie) (Carlin Bros)
Carlin Jessie A Miss
Carlin Julius A (Maude) (Carlin Bros)
Carlin J a & E V oil operators
Carr & King
Carver Verna I Miss phone opr
Casey’s Barber Shop W M Casey propr
Casey Walter M (Chesna) prop Casey’s Barber Shop
Catholic Church Father Van Hulse 2d and 4th Sunday
Chamliss LeRoy c (Chamliss & Bloodsworth)
Chamliss Leroy c (Anna) blksmith
Chamliss & Bloodsworth c (LeRoy Chamliss and Jack Bloodsworth) blksmiths
Chandler Charles H v-pres Haskell National Bank mgr C H Chandler Merc Co
Chandler C H Mercantile Co C H Chandler mgr gen mdse
Chisholm E P (Versa) real estate
Choate Albert (Mallissa) restaurant
Choate Isaac McK blksmith
Choate Marie Miss
Church Charles B (Marie) mgr Caney River Gas Co
Church Merle R
City Drug Co Clyde Whiteker prop
City Garage
Clem William c waiter Annie Gentry
Cobb J Tarver barber
Coblentz Clark M (Mary A)
Coblentz Cara B
Colclasure Ira J (Ethel) tmstr
Cole Bessie c
Cole W T
Collins Aurora V Mrs
Collins Howard R (Cora)
Colored Baptist Church Rev S L Williams c pastor
Colored M E Church Rev J R McClain c pastor
Colored Public School
Colver John L c (Mary) carp
Colver Philip c (Ada) lab
Combs Edgar A (Mary) buyer The Sawokla
Combs Sarah (wid George W)
Combs Thomas (Bessie) bkpr
Combs William E (Lillian) cashr International Bank of Haskell
Corner John D mgr O R Clothing Co
Cook Harry driller
Copeland L B
Corbett Belle (wid Frank)
Corbett Lester
Corbett James (Lillie) tmstr
Corbett Lester r Broadway
Corbin C Edward (Sadie) cattleman
Corbin Sadie Mrs bkpr McLain Bros
Corey C W
Corey M S
Cornelius Cora c
Cox Lewis (Mary S) asst cashier International Bank of Haskell
Cravens J O
Creek Land & Loan Co (F R and N C Glascock J C Runyon) Farm Loans and Insurance Broadway nr Main
Crin Russell clk Midland Valley R R
Criswell Frank (Kate) prop Haskell Garage
Crock Henry W Collr First National Bank of Haskell
Crouson Hugh O (Maud) tmstr
Currey George E (Minnie) farmer
Dakota Mill & Elevator Co
Daley Chester W tmstr
Daley Doy D lab
Daley Henry W tmstr
Daley James D (Julia) tmstr
Daly Emmett H (Lillian) contr
Daly John leases
Damme Louis
Danels D
Daniels c H
Daniels Earl lab
Davidson Anna Mae Mrs waitress Alvarado Café
Davidson Charles D tailor
Davis Andrew dairy
Davis Columbus c porter T J Beckham
Davis Daniel c chauf Haskell Garage
Davis Earl
Davis Edwin D (Fannie) phys
Davis Odus W (Dollie) (Owl Drug Store)
Dawson L Dr vet surg
Dawson Wm B clk T I Gilmore
Deer Paul driver Home Ice Co
De Gratte Vicy c
DeLaney Peter Y (Amanda) contr
Denton George T clk O R Clothing Co
Devero Henry H (Sarah) meat market
Dickey H G
Dickey Silas clk The Sawokla
Dill Thomas
Dobbs J L Director First National Bank of Haskell
Dodson Harold C slsmn C H Chandler Merc Co
Dodson John W (Eunice) livery
Dotson T L
Dudley Joseph O (Georgia) c tailor
Duncan Louis W director First National Bank of Haskell
Dunlap Bros (C W, C H, I G and H G Dunlap) gen mds
Dunlap Carl W (Hazel) (Dunlap Bros) r Muskogee
Dunlap Clyde H (Marie) (Dunlap Bros) r Muskogee
Dunlap Earl W slsmn Dunlap Bros
Dunlap Edward H (Eva) mgr Dunlap Bros
Dunlap Hillard G (Julia) (Dunlap Bros) dunlap Ira G (Dunlap Bros)
Dunning H Euclia plant chief Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Durant Emma L Mrs c restaurant
Durossette Jesse
Duston Barney E (Lettie) prop Barney’s C O D Grocery
Easton L
Eckford Jess chef Martin’s Café
Edwards C Denton (Martha) tmstr
Edwards Henry (Pearl) tmstr
Edwards J M
Edwards J R
Edwards Roy B (Pearl) slsmn Beshara Bros
Elliff H T
Ellington Joseph barber
Elliott Frances Miss
Elliott Laura Miss
Elliott Lee (Martha) livery stable
Englert Andrew J (Ida C) Pres Haskell Grain & Elevator Co
Englert Eva H Miss
Englert Herbert J clk Haskell Grain & Elevator Co
Englert Joseph O clk Haskell Grain & Elevator Co
Englert Katheryn A Miss
Eskew James A (Louvica) livery
Eskew J G clk Beshara Bros
Eubanks Rufus L gen mdse
Evans Clark N (Bessie) agt Midland Valley R R
Excelsior Tailor Shop The (Carl C Gordon and Lewis Smith)
Ezell Charles c (Laurena) confr
Ezell William M c (Hattie) gen mdse
Fairbank Martha (wid Henry R)
Farmer’s Mill & Elevator Co T B Monical mgr
Farmer’s Union Gin & Trading Co
Farmer’s Union Mercantile Co
Fast Rolly C storeman Oil Well Sup Co
Fay Drilling co
First National Bank of Haskell Frank C Hubbard Pres Cleat Peterson cashier Broadway cor Main Phone 29 (see left top lines)
Flippo J Parvin (Gertie)
Ford Willis c (Lessie) porter
Foster James c (Mary) lab
Foster Rupert G (Grace)
Forte William F c porter First Natl Bank of Haskell
Fowler John R hostler Elliott’s Stable
Frazier H B (Nora) lab
Freeman William c tailor
French Marion driver J A Butts Lmbr co
Friday Gideon J clk J W Simmons
Fulton Robert F (Ella) junk
Gambrell Carl C (Pearl) bkpr C H Chandler Merc Co
Gambrell David E Rev (Zolie) pastor Baptist Church
Gawf J H
Gentry Annie c restaurant
Gentry Harold G (Sybil( tool dresser
Gentry James R (Belle) timber dir
German David H (Virginia) carp
German Ray O tmstr
German Willie V tool dresser
Gibbs George W shoemkr
Gibson James
Gibson Selvie
Giles George W (Ethel) slsmn R L Eubanks
Giles Lyman
Gillialand Homer F Bkpr Haskell National Bank
Gilmore Helen W Miss cashier
Gilmore Marian E Miss bkpr T I Gilmore
Gilmore Thomas I (Leah) meat market and bakery
Glascock Frank R (Creek Land & Loan Co)
Glascock Nellie C Miss (Creek Land & Loan Co)
Glascock Sarah S Miss with Creek Land & Loan Co
Glover R B
Goble Minnie Mrs opr Pioneer Tel & tel co
Golf Andy works Black Tank Co
Gooch N L
Goodall Samuel W c barber T J Backham
Goodin Cleveland A (Elizabeth) mgr Farmer’s Union Gin
Goodin Hyter B mach
Goodin W Bryan tmstr
Goodman C A
Gordon Carl C (Cora) (The Excelsior Tailor Shop)
Gormley Patrick (Zuilla) tool dresser
Grace Michael M
Graham Robert H (Corinna) teacher
Grant Charles F (Grace) oil scout
Griffin Frank c (Havana) lab
Griffith Clarence E soda dispr City Drug Co
Griffith Ernest C (Orpha) bkpr Oil Well Sup co
Griffith G William (Lizzie) section Foreman
Griffith Herbert E lab
Griffith Nathaniel B (Rebecca) driller
Griffith Pearl T Miss teacher
Griffith Ralph C
Green William m (Mary) carp
Greene Hetty (Pearl) prop Greene’s Studio
Greene’s Studio Hetty Greene prop
Grimmett Allie Miss
Grimmett B Sebe (Jane) blksmith
Grimmett Mary Miss slsldy
Grimmett Nora Miss clk
Gross Andrew tanks
Guthrie Juanita E Mrs teacher
Hackett Clyde (Bertha) driller
Hagler Burt E (May) prop Haskell Plumbing Co
Hall Clarence H (Elsie) farmer
Hamilton P B
Hancock L M
Hankens Frank (Martha)
Hankens Wilbur J
Hansomey John C emp Elliott’s Stable
Hardin James R Rev (Emma) pastor M E Church
Hardy Rutherford c (Rosa) baker T J Gilmore
Harris Ezekiel B (Mary L) prop The Sawokla and automobiles
Harrison John H c (Maude) gen mdse
Harsha Hoy Pres Haskell National Bank r Porter Okla
Harsha Will N (Florestine) Asst Cashier Haskell National Bank Mayor of Haskell
Haskell Barber Shop Mrs Minnie M Slater prop
Haskell Christian Church
Haskell Drug Co W R Pinkard prop
Haskell Furniture Co
Haskell Garage Grank Criswell prop Broadway
Haskell Gas Co
Haskell Grain & Elevator Co A J Englert pres
Haskell Light & Power Co
Haskell National Bank The Hoy Harsha Pres C H Chandler v-pres J W Capps Cashier W N Harsha Asst Cashier Broadway secor Main (see adv front cover)
Haskell news Warren C Tillman prop
Haskell Plumbing Co B E Hagler prop
Haskell Presbyterian Church
Hathaway Frank (Myrtle) lab
Hays Robert L V-Pres International Bank of Haskell
Hays Thomas O (Edith) pres International Bank of Haskell
Hays W F
Hefley William H (Nettie)
Henson Anna B Miss
Henson Charles E (Jay) gen mdse
Henson Thomas C lab
Hill Chester L (Mabel) phys
Hill Virgil
Hindman Gilbert billiards
Hindman James clk Gilbert Hindman
Hinson Paul tmstr
Hinson W Earley (Cora) tmstr
Hobbs Otis W (Nettie) asst mgr J A Butts Lmbr Co
Hogan William barber Casey’s Barber Shop
Holbrook Mack G (Flora) oil driller
Holbrook Warren N lab
Hollis Carnie clk
Holpp Myrtle milliner Rankin & Rankin
Holpp Thomas (Cecelia) carp
Home Bakery & Market
Home Ice Co F J Hoot mgr
Hoot Frank J (Julia A) mgr Home Ice Co
Hopkins Robert
Howard William c (Olla) carp
Howell James H (Winnie) woodwkr
Hubbard Frank C Pres First National Bank of Haskell r Muskogee
Hughes J W
Hughes Sheldon H (Katherine) tailor
Hughes Sheldon H Jr student
Hulquist Gin
Ineichen Agnes J Miss
Ineichen Joseph A (Catherine) tmstr
Ingram Any c manicurist
Ingram Emily c dom Palace Rooms
International Bank of Haskell T O Hays Pres R L Hays V-pres W E Combs Cashier Lewis Cox Asst Cashier Broadway
Jackson William O c (Eula) tailor
Jasper Harry A (Clara) prop Alvarado Café
Jasper Wade C (Gertrude) lab
Joss Katherine Miss
Jefferson Public School J M Osborn supt
Johnson Angie Mrs furn rooms
Johnson Ira E (Clara) tmstr
Johnson Irene dom
Johnson J c prop Orpheum Theatre
Johnson J W
Johnson Lottie Miss waitress Alvarado Café
Johnson Richard F (Florence) vdmn Logan-Troope Lmbr Co
Jones A Harmon (Clara) supt water works and city marshal
Jones George W c (Hattie) farmer
Jones John S (Eunice) carp
Judson Irene Miss
Judson Minnie Miss nurse
Keeney Roy J (Mabel) tool dresser
Kelly Ferdinand
Kendall Frost C (Ola B) mgr Oil Well Sup Co
Kepley R L
King Andrew c dishwasher Alvarado Café
King J Whitney lawyer
Kireum William c deli boy J H Harrison c
Knight George (Rebecca) clk
Knight John chef Alvarado Café
Knittle Louis tailor
Koonce James P oil
Kreicheldt Carl (Mary) cattle dir
Lamberston Grocery Co Nate Lambertson mgr
Lambertson Mahion dely boy Lambertson Gro Co
Lambertson Nate (Evie) mgr Lambertson Gro Co also city treasurer
Larrabee W S phys
Latchem W C
Lee John (Magdeline) phys
Lentz William
Lining John M (Maggie)
Liming Nannie Miss r Broadway
Lindsey William
Lipscomb Forrest (pearl) oil driller
Lipscomb Genevieve Miss slsldy
Lipscomb Wade Clk
Logan-Moore Lumber Co
Long Achilless C (Grace) hardware and farm implts
Lorena Oil Co
Lowery Geronimo (Fairy) lab
Lowery Mona c dom
Lowery Steve c (Tennessee) police
Lyman James
McBride B A
McCain Samuel S (Marry) oil driller
McColman Jerome W (Virginia) contr
McCauley Charles Dakota Mill & Elv Co
McCauley James J (Laura M) mgr McCauley Mer Co
McCanney Merc Co J J McCauley mgr
McCoy Albert janitor Jefferson School
McCoy W B clk Alvarado Café
McClain John R c (Sophia) pastor M E Church c
McClendon Fred (Nellie) tmstr
McClendon Leroy tmstr
McClendon Robert L (Jane) Wagon Yard
McClendon sol (Villie) tmstr
McClendon Wade (Inez) tmstr
McFarrens John C (Olive)
McKay Edwin
McKeivey Archibald H baker T I Gilmore
McKelvey Edna Miss
McKelvey Joseph (Anna) baker
McLain Bros (F A and Edward McLain) hardware and implements
McLain Edward (Jennie) (McLain Bros)
McLain Frank A (McLain Bros)
McLain John Edmund (L Jane)
McLain M Lafayette (Laura J) farmer
McLemore Ernest F
McLemore John (Grace)
McVee Samuel P (Ruth) tool dresser
Madding Robert T (Mollie) carp
Marston C W
Martin A
Martin George
Martin J Pres (Martha) prop Martin’s Café
Martins Café J P Martin prop
Melba Oil co
Merritt John L (Drue) tmstr
Midland Mill & Elevator Co
Midland Valley R R C N Evans agt
Miller Arthur chef Alvarado Café
Miller Jess c lab
Missouri Building
Mitchell Arthur O (Lesmo) plumber
Monical Mary E Mrs
Monical Theodore B (Chloe) mgr Farmers Mill & Elevator Co
Moody Lillian c dom
Moody William A (Maggie) produce
Moore Frederick J (Mildred J) prop Moores’ Store r Wiser Hotel
Moore Judge
Moore Wright
Moore’s Store F J Moore prop dry goods
Moriarty Edward L (Orphy) tool dresser
Morkimer Fritz tool dresser
Morris John c (Belle) lab
Morrison Bluford M (Cara) lab
Morriston Maude Mrs slsldy C H Chandler Mer Co
Mortimer A F
Mortimer Frank C
Mortimer Leo F (Alma) oil driller
Mortimer Norman C clk A C Long
Morton Fleecie Miss waitress Martin’s Café
Moyer Roy (Ethel) pharmacist City Drug Co
Mosley Gustave R oil
Moss Marian Mrs
Murray Thomas M mgr Rankin & Rankin
Nail Elijah M c (Rosa) lab
Nasser Charles clk Beshara Bros
Nelson Jessie L Miss music tchr
Nelson J W
Nelson Robert L (Ethel M) oil
Neptune Everett E slsmn Lambertson Gro Co
Neptune George (Alta) slsmn Lambertson Gro Co
New W H
Nichols Hazel Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Nichols Marian
Nino Frances c
Norwood R E Lee (Jennie) lab
O R Clothing co J D Conner mgr
Oil Well Supply Co F C Kendell mgr Broadway Phone 134
Olson James E (Mary) oil
Oilson R T
Olympia Confectionery Beshara Bros props
Orpheum Theatre J C Johnson prop
Overlander Elma Miss
Overlander Frederick oil driller
Owl Drug Store (Rexall) (O W Davis and L M Webber)
Palace Rooms Mrs Maggie Sartain prop
Parker George
Parmeter H R
Partlow Forrest J tel opr Midland Valley R R
Pate Samuel H (Stella M) druggiest
Patterson Birdie c
Patterson Jessie c (Maggie) cook
Payne John (Dora) driver Home Ice Co
Penderghast Charles L (Daisy) oil
Pepperkorn Emma A Miss steno Snyder & Shipley
Pepperkorn Hattie L Miss
Pepperkorn Julia M Miss smstrs
Pepperkorn Otto F (Hattie V) Garage
Pepperkorn Pauline Miss opr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Pepperkorn T Henry (George) lawyer also City Commissioner
Pepperkorn Robert A teacher
Peterson Carr (Bertha) V-Pres First Nation Bank of Haskell r Commercial and Chickasaw
Peterson Cleat (Daisy) Cashier First National Bank of Haskell r Creek and Spruce
Peterson Neva Miss
Peterson Zina (wid Hannibal)
Pinkard William R prop Haskell Drug Co
Pioneer Telephone & Telegraph Co Mrs C V Wilson mgr
Plog Hardware Co H e Plog mgr
Plog Henry E (Elizabeth) mgr Plog Hardware Co
Plumlee James F (Abbie) sew mach
Pool John (Geneva) farmer
Pool Ransom
Post Office T J Way postmaster
Pregler John
Pritchard R E
Pyles Bennie c
Pyles Henry c farmer
Pyles Tommie c
Rachford Murry L (Matlida) carp
Ramsey Charles
Rankin R A prop Rankin & Rankin
Rankin & Rankin R A Rankin prop dry goods
Rau Louis tmstr
Rawley Janette (wid Morris H)
Rawley Vann C (Elizabeth)
Ray Willis E (Ora) eng Home Ice Co
Rayzor Arthur C oil
Rayzor Mary Miss
Rayzor Newton C (Julia) oil
Regan Harry C (Wilhelmina)oil
Reirkern Antone (Jennie) carp
Reirkern Lillie Miss
Reliable Tailors
Reynolds G V
Reynolds Henry W (Emma) jeweler
Richards Deal (Ada) musician
Richerson I Frank
Richerson Suda Mrs opr Pioneer Tel & Tel co
Ritchey C S
Ritchey Edwin P (Fannie) gen mdse
Roberts A O
Roberts Marvin T (Jessie) barber
Robinson Belle c
Rogers Thomas c lab
Roland W Riley (Lola) tmstr
Roman catholic church Rev Joseph Van Hulse pastor
Rombach John
Rose Eduarda L Miss teacher
Rose Joseph E (Leonora) oil
Rose Ralph B pumper
Rowe Rose A Mrs
Runyon Jerome C (Mary) (Creek Land & Loan Co) r 7 miles west of Haskell
Russell Isaiah c (Bertha)
Saffarrans Harvey T (Maud) dentist
Sansing Elizabeth Mrs slsldy E P Ritchey
Sansing James (Lizzie)
Sartain Maggie Mrs prop Palace Rooms
Sartain William P (Maggie)
Sawokla The E B Harris prop gen mdse
Scheffshy A H
Scott Wm c butcher T I Gilmore
Scully Anna P Miss
Scully Florence K Miss
Scully Jeremiah C (Mary) meat cutter T I Gilmore
Shipley H Richmond
Shipley Henry E (Jessie M) (Snider & Shipely) lawyers and city atty
Simmons John W (Zanie) dry goods
Simonton Jack B foreman pipeline
Simpson Leanna c
Singelman John (Pearl) tank setter Black Sivalls & Bryson
Stater Minnie M Mrs prop Haskell Barber Shop
Small Claude V storeman Oil Well Sup co
Smith Fred c (Lucy) section hand
Smith Lewis (The Excelsior Tailor Shop)
Smith Stephen
Smith William S driver Haskell Trans Co
Snider Ferdinand P (Florence) (Snyder & Shipley) r Muskogee
Snider & Shipley (F P Snider and H E Shipley) lawyers
Snyder Ben soda dispr Haskell Drug Co
Snyder William W (Maggie) vet surgeon
Spearman Frank J c (Laura) barber
Spencer James
Spencer T Newton (Maude M) meat cutter Henry Devero
Spotts W L
Springer John A mgr J A Butts Lmbr Co
Staun Hobart clk
Steel Austin c lab
Stephenson John W (Clara B) (Stephenson & Wright)
Stephenson & Wright (J W Stephenson and E M Wright) furn
Stevenson G Webb (Georgie) blacksmith
Stewart John N (Ella) carp
Strong Hubert pharmacist Haskell Drug Co
Strasser W E tool dresser
Strotheide Henry mach Haskell Garage
Sturgeon Albert R (Nellie) oil driller
Summers Jack (Audrey) oil and city
Swanson George
Swope W N
Talley Campbell H (Sallie) slsmn C H Chandler Merc Co
Tatum Ned c lab Chambliss & Bloodsworth
Tenneyson John
Thompson banks F (Rilda) ginner
Tillman Nellie (wid Henry F)
Tillman Warren C prop Haskell News
Tipton James A C (Maggie)
Toler John W tmstr
Tompkins Hannah Mrs c
Triplet Maggie c
Tullis Alexander H (Sallie) milliner
Tullis M Elizabeth Miss clk A H Tullis
Tye Henry
United States Post Office T J Way postmaster
Van Horne Charles H (Henrietta) meat market and bakery also city commissioner
Van Horne Lena Miss clk C H Van Horne
Van Horne William baker C H Van Horne
Venson Marie c
Vincent’s Camp
Vice Ella c
Ward Hudson W c restaurant
Washington Daniel c shoemkr G W Gibbs
Way Annie F Miss clk P O
Way George T clk P O
Way Thomas J Jr clk P O
Webber Lum M (Agnes C) (Owl Drug Store)
Weiser Frank R (Emma) (Weiser Hotel) r same
Weiser Hotel (Frank R Weiser)
Wells Fargo & Co Express
Westbrook Elsie
Western Union Telegraph Co
White John P (Leila) mgr White Merc Co
White Mercantile Co J P White Merc Co
White Mercantile Co J P White mgr
Whitaker Clyde (Flora) prop City Drug Co
Whitaker Gustave (Mildred)
Whitman Charles R (Pearl) clk Plog Hardware Co
Wickham Charles B c (Edith) physician
Wilkins C Oscar (Fannie) tmstr
Williams Jophet c dishwasher Martin’s Café
Williams Lucian (Lula L) lab
Williams Samuel L Rev c (Amanda) pastor colored Baptist Church
William Thompson c
Wilson Any V Miss teacher
Wilson Blanchard clk C V Wilson
Wilson Blanche H Mrs mgr Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Wilson Charles T (Hennrietta) farmer
Wilson Cyril V (Blanche H) signs
Wilson Effie Mrs clk The Sawokla
Wilson James A (Sarah) lab
Wilson J Frank lab Farmers Mill and Elevator Co
Wilson Leslie F
Wilson T S
Winford William c (Anna) restaurant
Wood William K barber J T Cobb
Woods J T
Wright Earl M (Agnes) (Stephenson & Wright) r Coweta Okla

Business Directory of Haskell

Agricultural Implements
Besheer S O
Long A C
McLain Bros
Harris E B
Gilmore T J
Van Horne C H
First National Bank of Haskell Broadway cor Main Phone 29
Haskell National Bank The Broadway se cor Main
International Bank & Truck Co Broadway
Beckham T J c
Casey’s barber Shop
Cobb J T
Haskell Barber Shop
Roberts Marvin T
Spearmen T J c
Billiards and Pool
Beckham T J c
Hindman Gilbert
Campbell G W
Chambliss & Bloodsworth c
Boots and Shoes
Moore's Store
Rankin & Rankin
Beshara Building
Brown Building
Missouri Building
Baptist Church Choctaw av
Colored Baptist Church Rev S L Williams c pastor Services 1st and 3rd Sundays Sunday school 10 am Preaching 11 am and 8 pm
Colored M E Church Rev J R McClain c pastor Sunday school 2 pm Preaching 2d and 4th Sunday 11 am and 8 pm
Haskell Christian Church
Haskell Presbyterian Church Commercial
Methodist Episcopal Church Rev James R Hardin Pastor Sunday school 10 am services 11 am and 8:30 pm 2d and 4th Sunday
Roman Catholic Church Rev Joseph Van Hulse pastor services 2d and 4th Sundays
Cleaners and Pressers
Excelsior Tailor Shop The
O R Clothing Co
Cold Drinks
Ezell Charles
Wilkins Caesar
Beshara Bros
Ezell Charles
Olympia Confectionery
Dally Emmett H
DeLaney Peter Y
McCalman Jerome N
Saffarraus Henry T
City Drug Co
Haskell Drug Co
Owl Drug Store
Pate S H
Dry Goods
Moore’s Store
Rankin & Rankin
Simmons J W c
Express Companies
Wells Fargo & Co
Flour and Feed
Dakota Mill & Elevator Co
Farmers Mill & Elevator Co
Stephenson & Wright
Furnished Rooms
Palace Rooms
City Garage
Haskell Garage
General Merchandise
Beshara Bros
Carlin Bros
Chandler C H Mer Co
Dunlap Bros
Eubanks R L
Ezell William c
Harrison J H c
Henson C E
McCauley Bros
Ritchey E P
Sawokla The
White Merc Co
Gents Furnishings
Moore’s Store
Farmers Mill & Elevator Co
Haskell Grain & Elevator Co
Barney’s C O D Grocery
Lambertson Grocery Co
Besheer S O
Long A C
McLain Bros
Plog Hardware Co
Weiser Hotel
Ice Dealers
Home Ice Co
Insurance Agents
Creek Land & Loan Co
Owl Drug Store
Reynolds H W
City Drug Co
Haskell Drug Co
Ladies Furnishings
Moore’s Store
Rankin & Rankin
Brady J W
King J W
Snider & Shipley
Livery and Sales Stables
Beshara Bros
Elliott Lee
Creek Land & Loan Co Broadway near Main
First National Bank of Haskell cor Broadway and Main
Haskell National Bank
Butts J A Lumber Co
Logan-Moore Lumber Co
Ingram Amy c
Meat Markets
Devero Henry
Gilmore T I
Van Horne C H
Men’s Furnishings
Rankin & Rankin
Rankin & Rankin
Haskell News
Notaries Public
Besheer R P
Brady J W
Chisholm E P
Coblent Cora B
Combs W E
Cravens J O
Englert A J
Eslick C H
Glascock Nellie C
Howell F C
Peterson Carr
Reynolds G V
Whitaker Clyde
Judson Minnie Miss
Aneo Oil Co
Carlin J A & E V
Lorena Oil Co
Melba Oil Co
Oil Drillers
Fay Drilling Co
Oil Well Supplies
Oil Well Supply Co Broadway
Reynolds H W
Greene’s Studio
Physicians and Surgeons
Allen C S
Allen R L
Beatty A E c
Bavis Edwin
Hill C L
Wickam C B c
Haskell Plumbing Co
Moody William A
Tillman Warren C
Midland Valley R R
Real Estate
Creek Land & Loan Co
Scully J C
Alvarado Café
Choate Albert
Durant E L c
Martin’s Café
Ward H W c
Winford William c
Jefferson Public School
Gibbs G W
Wilson C V
Dudley J O c
Excelsior Tailer Shop The
Hughes Sheldon H
Jackson W O c
Knittle Louis
Telegraph & Telephone Cos
Pioneer Tel & Tel Co
Western Union Telegraph Co
Western Union Telegraph Co
Airdome The
Orpheum Theatre
Tin Copper & Sheet Metal Works
Cross Andrew
Travelers Cheques
First National Bank of Haskell
Stephenson & Wright
Veterinary Surgeons
Dawson L
Snyder W W
Wagon Yards
McClendon Robert L

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