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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Directory of Taft

Allen, Steve
Baker, R.
Brannon, Elzora
Brown, Noah
Brown, R. B.
Burnett, A.
Burnett, A. & Co.
Burrell, M. B.
Carver, J. S.
Carver, Paralee
City Candy Kitchen, C. F. Taylor Mgr.
Clover, Theo
Cole, A.
Collins, Albert
Colver, J. L. & Son
Dinwiddie, Porter
Dinwiddie, S.
Dinwiddle & Hale
Dokes, E. M.
Dryer, James
Dudley, J. O.
Fields, Mary J.
Fields, Thomas J.
Ford, C. H.
Glenn, Flem
Glenn, t. A.
Grant, W. C.
Hale, Charles
Hale, Harrison
Hargrove, James
Harrison, A.
Henry, Thomas
Hodo, Henry
Howard, John
Jackson, Nicie
Johnson, E.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, Viney
Johnson, William A.
Johnson, W. W.
Jones J. J.
Knight, F. A.
Kyle, T. W. Dr.
Kyle Drug Store
Kyle, Thomas
Lowe, H. H.
Lowe, Jeff W. c
Lowe, R. D.
Lowe, Sallie
Lowe, Z. Z.
McCain, S. L.
Maddox, C.
Mallard, C.
Martin, Roy
Noble, C. G.
Norton, Jack
Owens, A. J.
Palmer, Samuel
Parks, Riley
Parryman, Grant
Powdrill, D. P.
Pruitt, Allie
Sanders, J. D.
Sanders, William
Scott, George a.
Smith, Richard
Springs, J. C.
Springs, R. E.
Taylor, W. T.
Thomas, Allen
Thompson, I. H.
Walker, Andy
Whitley, John
Williams, A. S.
Williams, B. S.
Winsley, G.
Ward, R. B.

Directory Table of Contents

Transcribed March 2002 by Alissa Hill, Muskogee
©Alissa Hill, 2002, 2003

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