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The Phoenix City Directory 1916

Directory of Webbers Falls

Acrce & Divers
Bailey, Lulu
Berry, Pearl
Bougher, Roy
Boulineau, B. D.
Brannan, Emma H.
Campbell, E. L.
Campbell & Harman
Dickey, N. N.
Dixon, T. C.
Ellis, W. L.
Fields, J. R.
First National Bank
First State Bank
Gibson Bros.
Gibson, M. W.
Gibson, W. M. Jr
Gilliland, J. A.
Gladney, E. A. Mrs.
Goble, D. C.
Goodwin, J. S. Mrs.
Hanks, Calvin J.
Hanks, Mary Mrs.
Harmon, M. D.
Hawk, d. P.
Hayes, O. L.
Hays, B. M.
Hays, J. E.
Jackson, W. M.
Johnson, A. A.
Johnson, Sam
Jones, B. F.
Kelsey, S. A.
Kelsey, W. L.
Liquid Carbonic Co.
McCammon, C. M.
McCorkle, D. W.
McGahey, M. R.
McGrath, J. J.
Maples, M. J.
Morgan, C. B.
Neal, T. S.
Oliver, J. H.
Osage Cotton Oil Co C. C. McKinney agent
Penn, G. M.
Pioneer Trading Co.
Planter Gin
Pollard, Eula Mrs.
Pollard, George
Procter, Charles S.
Rhodes, J. C.
Robertson, J. W.
Rogers, A. W.
Ross, C. F.
Rowland, F. M.
Sanders, H. L.
Satterwhite, P. C.
Seaman-Packard Co.
Sevier, Maggie
Shackleford, Ed
S???pake, T. H.
Singleton, P. C.
Slaughter, W. L.
Speight, G. A.
Starr, F. C.
Stevenson, J. B.
Tanner Livery Stable
Thomas, L. M.
Vann, J. B.
Webbers Falls Mercantile Co.
Wilkerson, Ellen Mrs.
Wilkerson, H. W.
Wilson, J. C.

Directory Table of Contents

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