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City of Haskell Directory 1921
Number Last Name First Name Title
33 Adams C. L. Residence
208 Adelman G. J. Residence
14 Adelman Hdwr. Co.    
238 Allen Ben Residence
118 Allen R. L. Residence
181 Allen Dr. R. L. Residence
248 Allison Sam Residence
4 American Railway Express Co.    
149 Anthony J. L. Residence
234 Armstrong-Vann Cotton Gin    
214 B. B. Pool Room    
H-515 Baker D. O. Residence
282 Baker M. B. Residence
207 Bates J. M. Residence
182 Bates K. M. Residence
200 Barnhill Bakery   Bakeries
8 Bates Mrs. J. M. Millinery
X-151 Beard S. P. Residence
74 Beatty Dr. E. A. Office
75 Beatty Dr. E. A. Residence
O-55 Bell Oil & Gas    
56 Beshara Anton Residence
29 Beshara Bros.   Store
295-W Bibbs W. W. Residence
211 Black E. J. Office
183 Black M. J. Residence
R-555 Blanchard Farm No. 3    
77 Blanchard Hardware Co.    
R-55 Blanchard Irvin Residence
R-52 Blanchard Ross Farm
141 Blanchard Len C. Residence
69 Bloodworth Jack Residence
X-52 Bolding Arch Lease
110 Brace H. A. Second Hand Store
171 Brady A. C. Residence
193 Brady J. W. Attorney
91 Brady J. W. Residence
93 Breeden R. D. Residence
304 Broadway Barber Shop    
68 Broadway Cleaners    
304 Broadway Confectionery    
95 Brown Carl Residence
189 Brunswick Pool Room    
111 Bryant L. Residence
144 Buchanan Dr. D. J. Residence
72 Buckner Dr. A. J. Residence
120 Burton J. R.  
30 Butts (J. A.) Lumber Co. Yard
288 Buxton J. A. Residence
121 C. O. D. Grocery and Market    
232 Cameron Charlie Residence
42 Cameron & Spencer   Groc. & Mkt.
242 Cannon V. S. Residence
46 Cantrell C. C. Residence
179 Cantrell Geo. H. Residence
100 Cantrell Shallie Residence
43 Capps J. W. Residence
264 Carlin Bros.   Office
221 Carlin J. A. Residence
244 Carlin J. C. Residence
140 Carney John Residence
L-55 Carney J. R. Residence
R-4 Cashon W. J. Residence
40 Chandler Mercantile Co.    
107 Chesbro C. E. Residence
245 Central Torpedo Co.    
M-35 Cleloha C. S. Residence
85 City Drug CO.    
122 Clayton O. R. Residence
224 Cleage & Smith    
W-3 Cobb H. C Residence
79 Combs Mrs. Mollie Residence
177 Combs M. A. Residence
85 Combs W. E Residence
6 Commercial Garage    
164 Corbin G. E. Residence
K-4 Corey C. F. Lease
66 Corey C. W. Residence
BH55 Cosgrave Geo. H. Residence
Y-25 Cox C. B Residence
290 Cox & Smith Repair Shop    
W-51 Cravens J. O. Residence
88 Creek Land & Loan Office    
249 Criswell S. H. Residence
129-W Crosson Claude  
114 Curtis Bros Mercantile    
H-153 Dammie Louis Residence
106 Daugit F. C. Residence
48 Davis Andy Residence
86 Davis L. L. Residence
R-25 Davis Oscar Residence
298 Davis O. W. Residence
BH52 Dawson M Residence
178 Delaney John Residence
83 Dickey SilA Residence
185 Dodson H. C. Residence
287 Dodson J. S. Residence
260 Dodson & Son   Flour & Feed
M-55 Dodson S. W. Residence
116 Dowdy J. O. Residence
269 Dowdy Motor Car Co.    
156 Dudley J. O. Residence
213 Dunlap E. H. Residence
CR-15 Durossette Jess Residence
71 Edmonds D. Residence
115 Edwards Ethel Residence
W-52 Edwards J. R. Residence
CR151 Edwards J. N. Residence
320 Edwards Roy B. Residence
R-515 Elliff H. T. Residence
160 Elliott Lee Residence
262 Englert & Englert   Business
22 Englert A. J. Residence
235 Everybody's Garage    
139 Farmers Mill & Elevator Co.    
199 Farmers Union Trading Co.    
L-22 Featherston Tony Residence
29 First National Bank    
7 Floyd G. M. Residence
109 Freeman Willie Residence
108 Grambrell Rev. D. E. Residence
266 Gambrell V. G. Residence
X-54 Garland Jess Residence
293 G & M Variety Store   Variety Store
X-53 Garland Jim Residence
M-151 Gibbs J. C. Residence
L-255 Gibson Selvie Residence
H-45 Giles T. Residence
54 Gilmore   Meat Market
163 Gilmore Thos. Residence
45 Glascock F. R. Residence
R-551 Glover R. V. Residence
246 Gooch N. L. Residence
H-551 Gooch N. L. Residence
123 Goodman C. A.. Residence
12 Grider Paul Residence
89 Griffith N. B. Residence
235 Groninger C. H. Residence
M-25 Grover Box Residence
145 Hamilton Berry Residence
227 Hancock J. E. Residence
212 Harris E. B. Motor Car Co.
219 Harris E.B. Residence
23 Harsha Hoy Residence
98 Harsha Wo;; M/ Residence
187 Haskell   Auto Supply
168 Haskell   Custom Gin
37 Haskell   Drug Co.
58 Haskell   Grain & Elevator Co
176 Haskell   Mercantile Co.
44 Haskell   National Bank
19 Haskell   News
32 Haskell (Gasoline Station) Oil Co.
227 Haskell   Oilfield Supply Co
280 Haskell   Plumbing Shop
247 Haskell   Threading Machine Shop
198 Hays Hardie J. Residence
18 Hays T. O. Residence
284 Hazen Pat Residence
257 Healy F. E. Residence
142-J Henderson Geo. M. Residence
BH-53 Hendrix J. E. Residence
188 Henning E. R. Residence
64 Henson C. E. Residence
CR-25 Hill Arthur Residence
263 Hill Dr. C. L. Office
266 Hill Dr. C. L. Residence
241 Hindman W. F. Residence
165 Hollis T. G. Residence
183 Holpp Mrs. T. W. Residence
267 Holt Roy C. Residence
303 Home Ice Co.
62 Hoot F. J. Residence
15 Howell C. B. Residence
9 Howell & Johnson   Furniture & Undertaking
D-53 Hughes J. E. Residence
157 Huls C. E. Residence
180 Hurt Virgil Residence
276 Hutchinson L. J. Residence
15 Hyden James Residence
190 Ideal   Barber Shop
97 Ineichen J. A. Residence
1 International   Bank of Haskell
197 J & L Mercantile   Mercantile
192 Jackson O. K. Residence
70 Jackson W. O. Tailor
26 Johnson Angie Residence
17 Johnson J. C. Residence
99 Jones A. H. Residence
50-W Kelley Dan Transfer
60-J Kelley Dan Residence
L-555 Kelley Ferdinand Residence
169 Kelley P. M. Residence
135 Kendall F.C. Residence
125 Kepley R. L. Residence
230 Knight G. W. Residence
295-J Kregar J. B Residence
297 Lairmore A. W. Residence
53 Lambertson Grocery Co.
36 Lambertson N. Residence
228 Langam J. A. Residence
73 Larkin F. P. Residence
L-51 Lasater Clarence Residence
59 Lee Dr. John E. Office
218 Lee Dr. John E. Residence
278 Liming J. M. Residence
81 Long A. C. Residence
124 Long   Hardware Store
24 Loy S. E. Residence
270 Main Garage    
296 Marbaugh H. E. Residence
49 Marston C. W. Residence
24 Marston Mill & Elevator    
X-251 Martin A. Residence
CR51 Martin A. J. Residence
226 Martin Geo. Residence
174 Martin L. R. Residence
16 Masters C. C. Residence
268 Masonic Hall    
Y-25 McArthey Mike Residence
181 McCarty Wm Residence
268 McGee S. W. Residence
239 McGlasson T. P. Residence
Y-3 McKay Edwin Residence
137 McLemore Earnest Residence
87 McLemore Jno. Residence
X-555 McMahon & Peterson   Lease
R-3 McShay Royal Residence
184 Merchants Café    
52 Midland Valley Depot    
CR-53 Miller J. A. Residence
2 Minnetonka Lbr. Co. W. S. Bush
W-15 Mitchel Zike Residence
X-152 Moore J. L. Residence
A-2 Moore Mrs. N. B Residence
A-3 Moore Wright Residence
W-4 Morris Ike Residence
11 Mortimer F. W. Residence
3 Moss Mrs. Marion Residence
210 Murray J. P. Residence
222 Muskogee Gas & Electric Co.    
X-35 Neal Jim Residence
L-15 Nelson J. W. Residence
L-551 Nelson Roy Lease
162 Neptune Geo. Residence
294 New E. J. Residence
W-53 Ninety-Nine Oil Co.    
84 O. K. Garage    
150 O. R. Clothing Co.    
261 O'Donnell J. F. Residence
142-W Oklahoma Natural Gas Station    
92 Oklahoma Natural Gas   Office
134 Oil Well Supply Co.    
281 Olson Fritz Residence
128 Olson R. T. Residence
217 Olympia Confectionary    
31 Palace Drug Co    
65 Parker & Ritchie   Mercantile
76 Pendergast C. L. Residence
299 Pepperkorn P. H. Residence
223 Pepperkorn R. A. Residence
96 Peterson Bros.   Office
41 Peterson Carr Residence
94 Peterson Cleat Residence
Y-4 Peterson Matt Residence
236 Pinkard Bill Residence
120 Planters   Cotton & Ginning Co.
51 Posey C. A.. Residence
W-55 Pregler JOhn Residence
K-55 Pure Gasoline Co    
167 Quality Drug Co.    
H-152 Raumbach John Residence
161 Rambo Sheridan Residence
13 Raper & Co.    
146 Reagan H. A. Residence
A-4 Reckertt L. R. Lease
196 Reed Rev. W. P Residence
173 Republic Supply Co.    
283 Retail Merchant Assc.    
240 Reynolds Henry Residence
279 Reynolds Jewelery Co.    
M-52 Reynolds J. D. Residence
138 Ritchie N. H. Residence
CR-52 Ritchie T. B. Residence
50 Royal Cleaning Co.    
119 Sanitarium Drug Co.    
53 Sartin W. P. Rooms
27 Sawokla The Store
H-15 Schuskey A. H. Residence
148 Selvert C. V. Residence
X-51 Shackleford & Dix   Plant
10 Shackelford Dr. T. T. Office
117 Shackelford Dr. T. T. Residence
277 Shannon H. M Residence
170 Sharp N. E. Attorney
209 Shefftel's Lunch Room    
127 Shefts H. B. Residence
272 Shepard G. C. Residence
H-251 Sherlly L. D. Residence
21 Shipley H. E. Residence
132 Shouse Bros. & Grider   Gen. Store
RX-51 Simmons Jake Residence
61 Singer Sewing Machine Co.    
271 Smith Mr. Stephen Residence
97 Snider & Shipley Attorneys
82 Snyder Dr. W. W. Office
126 Snyder Dr. W. W. Residence
274 Southern Refing Co.    
273 Spearman F. J. Residence
195 Spencer James Residence
H-25 Spotts W.L. Residence
90 Springer James Residence
73 Stanfield Frank Residence
194 Steele Rev. W. A. Residence
231 Stephenson J. W. Residence
136 Stephenson Furniture Co.    
M-54 Stines J. C. Residence
216 Stone's Cash Store    
80 Stone R. G. Lumber Co
191 Stone R. G. Residence
225 Stone W. G. Residence
172 Stough E. C. Residence
28 Summers Will Residence
H-551 Swanson George Residence
166 Swinney J. D. Residence
113 Thompson B. F. Residence
129-J Timmons Jewel Residence
232 Union Shoe Shop    
158 Vaught C. S. Residence
X-251 Vincent J. W. Residence
L-155 Wade Noah Residence
175 Walton A. C. Residence
292 Water Works Pump Station Office
20 Way T. J. Residence
5 Weston Hotel    
38-W Westbrook Elsie Residence
276 Whitaker Clyde Residence
265 Whitaker Earl Residence
47 Whitaker Gus Residence
248 Wilkerson W. R. Residence
148 Wilkins C.O. Residence
55 Williams V. K. Residence
188 Wilson Blanche Residence
215 Wilson J. F. Residence
M-51 Wise W. H. Residence

Transcribed by Barbara Downs 2005

Directory Table of Contents

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