Moore's Muskogee City Directory 1903


In presenting this first City Directory of Muskogee, I am seeing the accomplishment of a long-delayed work. Fore some years past, I have had this in mind, but nothing could be done until after the naming of the streets and the numbering of the houses, and that could not be done until the surveys were made and the streets opened. The naming and numbering has been finished, although some of the streets are not yet free of obstructions. The plan of numbering, has, however, taken into account the possibilities of the future, and there will be little trouble from that score in future streets making.

As a finished work, doubtless the book looks like an easy proposition, and to the non-critical it will perhaps appear as a very good job, "considering who did it," but the publisher knows well of its faults and of the difficulties to be overcome in its making. It is not up to the standard desired, and if a second year's book shall fall to his lot, several improvements will be made.

A very careful house-to-house canvass has been made and we believe no habitation has been overlooked, while the utmost care has been taken to secure the names of every person who made their homes at each place and if any person has been missed it has been after the most diligent inquiry not alone at the house where the information should be secured, but at those of the neighbors and at all teh places of employment in the city. This has required a deal of cross-checking very difficult to do with no previous guide. A second issue will be much easier in this respect.

Because of the crowded conditions of the town, which has been chronic for the last two or three years, it was often difficult to trace and find the place of many residents who must resort to stores and other places of business for sleepingroom, but these have been carefully looked after, as well as those moving and those just arriving. At the time the book is issued we feel sure the information will be found reliable, but as there is much building and moving, it will be necessary for the owner of a book to keep on the lookout for changes, and these should be noted whenever learned.

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