Muskogee County Schools

1920 Senior Class
(Alumni Update for 1925)

Muskogee Central High School
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Transcribed by Ginger McCall

Student / Update

Askew, Katie Mae - Married William McGlasson

Billingsley, Marion - Graduated Univ of Okla; Pi Phi; Teaching school at Ponca City

Bonnell, Gertrude - Attending Univ of Okla; Gamma Phi Beta

Bowlin, Annie Ruth - Married Jimmie Shumake; two children

Brewer, Carrie - Teaching school

Buntin, Erline - Employed by OG&E

Chase, Lucille - Married Harvey Hopper; baby Billy; Living in Ft Smith, AR

Coe, Lillian - Married J Walter Hooker; Living in Dallas, TX

Cohenour, Bennett - Working for father in Cohenour-Rygle Jewelry Company

Crouth, Hal - Attended Univ of Okla; Phi Gamma Delta; Practicing law with father

Crow, Gladys - Employed with Crane Company

Culp, Lucille - Stenographer at the Oklahoma Inspection Bureau

Davis, Glen - Graduated from Univ of Kansas; Working for Henry & Wright

Dodson, Martha Belle - Graduated law school at Univ of Okla; Now a justice of the peace

Donnell, Pauline - Playing records in Kroh’s

Drake, La Danta - Married Carroll Tate; baby girl

Emmert, Donald - Attended Univ of Okla; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; With father in "Emmert Brothers Insurance" office

Erdwurm, Roland - Employed by Tissington Cotton Co

Farmer, Helen - Employed here

Fryer, Lora Mae - Married Arthur J Slagter Jr

Gibson, Eleanor - Graduated from Vanderbilt; Teaching school in Pineville, West Virginia

Goodman, Harley - Working for OG&E

Gore, Robert - Employed by Rent-A-Car Motor Company

Green, Phillip - Attending Univ of Okla; Sigma Nu

Hayes, James - Attended Univ of Okla; Beta Theta Pi; a Ford salesman for the Oklahoma Auto Supply

Hoffman, Lutie Mae - Attending Northeastern State Normal at Tahlequah

Holcombe, Leah - Married Kenneth Reid; Living in Muskogee

House, J Hubert - Living in Muskogee; Traveling for Chesnutt-Gibbons Wholesale Company

Humphry, Walter - Enrolled in Univ of Colorado at Boulder, CO; Working on the newspaper

Jamison, Mary - Employed as secretary for Noffsinger and Harris

Jennings, Walter - Married; Living in California

Jones, Gretchen - Working in the Bon Ton Shop

Lamb, Marie - Employed in a law office

Miller, Mary "Polly" - Working in Spivy’s

Montgomery, Phabrice - Teaches at Longfellow School

Morris, Alfred - Living in Bristow and working with Bristow Oil Company

Morton, Sam Hayes - Employed by the Atlas Supply Co

O’Dell, Blanche - Married Charley Seibold

Oldham, Phillip - Attended Univ of Okla; Beta Theat Pi; Graduated from Cumberland Univ at Lebonan, TN; Practicing law

Palmour, Elizabeth - Married Henry Hunt; Living in Okemah, OK

Peters, Juanita - Married Luther Reid; Living in Washington DC

Potts, Ruby - Teaching in Irving School

Pound, Harold - Attending United States Naval Academy at Annapolis

Price, Hollis - Married French girl; baby Pat Louise; Recently moved back to Muskogee from Pittsburgh, PA

Reid, Luther - Married Juanita Peters; Living in Washington DC

Ringsdorf, Marshall - Living in Chicago

Seibold, George - Attended Univ of Missouri; Sigma Alpha Epilson; Connected with his father in the oil business

Sickles, Lorena - Attended Univ of Okla; Teaching at Tulsa High School

Smalley, Harold - Married; Living in Kansas City

Smith, Clarence - Working for Uncle Sam in the post office

Smith, Thelma - Attending school in Kansas

Snyder, Llwyd - Working in First National Bank

Snyder, Phelma - Assistant bookkeeper at Oklahoma Auto Supply Company

Sterling, Kathryn - Teaching gym at CHS

Stoutz, Calvin - Attending Missouri Univ; T.K.E.

Swindler, Lee - Graduated from Univ of Virginia; Married; Oil business with father

Tarrington, William - Attending Cincinnati University

Thompson, Elizabeth - Married Walter Francis Biscup; Living in Muskogee

Tierney, Granville - Attending Univ of Okla; Pi Kappa Alpha

Vincent, Ruby - Enrolled in Univ of Oklahoma

Wanasek, Lawrence - Married; Working for Wallace, Kilborne & Co

Ward, William - Married Evelyn Nash of Ft Gibson; Working with oil conern in Tulsa

West, Louis - Attending Univ of Kansas in Lawrence, KS; Kappa Sigma

Wilcott, Lillian - Married; Living in Tulsa, OK

Williams, Blanch - Married Mr Dougherty; Working as Librarian in Muskogee Library

Williams, Muriel - Married Ernest Langley; Living in Muskogee

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