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Muskogee Carpenters Union

The sign in the back says "Carpenters Local Union No.1072 Muskogee U. B. [symbol] C. J. Organized April 12th 1902".

The bottom is handwritten by my great grandmother, Florence Nancy Timberlake Stine, it states: "X John Clarence Stine-Muskogee, Okla". She marked my great grandfather with an X above his head. He is standing in the back row, left of the sign. Other things noted in the photo, the "Always Good Tom Keene" advertisement. The lumber that is extended above the back wall. And, the dog that is in front is wearing a cape. The cape has writing on it, looks to be advertising the Carpenter's Union.

Just wondering is anyone knew where this photo might have been taken? Or if possible, recognize anyone.

Submitted by: Alissa Hill

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