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Family Photos:

Anthis, Nola and Dorothy

Arfstrom, Harry

Arfstrom, Selma Lumbard

Barthel Business

Barthel, Dorothy Darrow

Barthel, Frank

Barthel, William Wirt

Arfstrom, Harry

Arfstrom, Selma Lumbard

Barthel Business

Barthel, Dorothy Darrow

Barthel, Frank

Barthel, William Wirt

Bates, Thomas Royal

Bingham, Harmon

Bingham, Nettie

Blythe, Albert

Blythe, Freeman (marriage record)

Blythe, Ollie Belle

Blythe, Ollie Belle

Blythe, William Perry

Brooks, James

Brooks, Pearl Blythe

Butler, Cely

Butler, Sam

Collins, Oren

Farrow, Jasper

Farrow, Mary Jane Elizabeth

Ford, Harry, Jr.

Ford, Virginia Farrow

Frankie, Loretta and Ollie

Harris Family

Harris, Stephen Giles and Queen Elizabeth Moore

Haskell Ice Plant Truck

Hollowell Family

Huitt, Mike and Ollie

Huitt, Mike and Ollie Family

Irvin, Ed

Irvin, Mary Emma Harris

James, Chotkey

James, Nancy

Jones, Esta

Jones, Esta Virginia

Jones, Esta Virginia

Jones, Esta Virginia Dorsey

Jones, Robert Arthur

Jones, Robert Arthur

Jones, Robert Arthur

Jordan, Elva Juanise Pigg

Jordan, Ray

Jordan, Ray

Kerr, Mary Elizabeth "Mollie"

Meaders, Mary

Miller Family

Morgan, J. K.

Morgan, Jasper Monroe

Morgan, John Kenneth

Morgan, Laura Van Slyke

Morgan, Richard

Muskogee Teenagers, 1924

Parks, Maggie (marriage record)

Pigg, Elgin Lee

Pigg, Elgin Lee

Pigg, Elgin Lee

Pigg, Elva Juanise

Pigg, Elva Juanise

Pigg, Family

Pigg, Levi Harrison, Jr.

Pigg, Levi Harrison, Sr.

Pigg, Levi Harrison, Sr.

Pigg, Mena Marceille

Pigg, Sarah Bates

Pigg, Sarah Bates

Repsher, George

Robinson, Henry Edward

Ross, Frank Marion

Ross, Ida Mae Weaver

Smith, Famous

Smith, Maudie

Starnes, M.

Straughn, John Wesley

Straughn, Josephine

Straughn, Louie P.

Straughn, Maudie A. (Bobo)

Thomas, Charles H.

Thomas, Mary Helen Trent

Thomas, Walter and Dot (children)

Turney, Adah Hazel (Hunter)

Turney, Charlotte Elizabeth

Turney, Ethel Mae

Weir, David

Weir, James

Weir, Pansie Baughman

West, Franklin Pierce

Wilson, Harmon Zale

Wison, Tedford


A home on Callahan Street

Central Fire Station, Muskogee

Grocery Store in Muskogee

Haskell Shoe Store about 1952

Muskogee Automobile Garage about 1910

Webbers Falls Post Office about 1911

Anthis Home



Bragson, M. L.

Meager, J. F.

Porter, General Pleasant

Robb, Andrew

Severs, Captain Frederick B.

Shackelford, Judge James M.

Sondheimer, Joseph

Turner, Clarence W.

Wisdom, Colonel D. M.


Organizations and Group photos

Muskogee Carpenters Union

New Century Club

Society Ladies 1910-1911

Ambrose, Mrs. W. T.

Boland, Mrs. L.

Bradley, Mrs. Edwin T.

Coughlan, Mrs. B. F.

Everetts, Mrs. R. E.

Giddings, Mrs. George H.

Hadley, Mrs. R. E.

Hadley, R. E., Jr.

Hancock, Virginia

Haskell, Mrs, E. G.

Holmes, Miss Clara E.

Hurley, Mrs. A. W.

Jackson, Miss Mary A.

Little, Forrest B, Jr.

Little, Mrs. L. J.

McNeal, Mrs. M. S.

Oppenheim, Mrs. S.

Rhodes, Mrs. W. L.

Sohlberg, Mrs. Robt.

Steele, Mrs. Claude L.

Sullivan, Evelyn Ruth

Swift, Mrs. Hugh

Tull, Mrs. W. L.

White, H. H., Jr.

White, Miss Cyrenna

White, Mrs. H. H.

Wilder, Mrs. A. K.

Wilson, Mrs. Electa

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