Personal Assessment List
The Porum Journal, Newspaper
Porum, Muskogee County , Oklahoma, May 21, 1920

Dan D. Harley, county assessor of Muskogee County, Oklahoma, do herby certify that the for going is a true and correct copy of all personal assessments made, and entered on the assessment roll of the year of 1920, for Porum, Vann and Martin townships, and the towns of Porum, Warner, and Webbers Falls, Oklahoma under the new law enacted in 1919, House bill 151, Chapter 160.

Transcribed and proof read by George and Linda Miller

Porum City

Name Address Amount
Alleger, H. P. Porum 600
American State Bank Porum 18,750
Armstong and Vann Porum 2,930
Buttles, W. A. Porum 140
Burk, John E. Porum 135
Camp, A. M. Porum 6,470
Campbell, Tom Porum 3,200
Capps, D. V. Porum 645
Christian, Jack Porum 610
Cole, J. B. Porum 1,650
Arthur Collister, guardian,    
Julius Lee, minor Porum 200
Cole & Mathews Porum 18,350
Coody, D. R. Porum 4,835
Crittentum, H. G. Porum 225
Davidson, C. H. Porum 3,310
Davis, S. W. Porum 285
Davis, S. W., guardian    
Watie E. Davis, minor Porum 875
Divers, G. C. Porum 500
Dunaway, S. V. Porum 370
Eichling, Mrs. Bertha Porum 50
Emanuel, Leo Porum 950
Farris, Dr. R. C. Porum 675
Finklea, Floyd Porum 200
Finklea, H, G. Porum 355
Finklea Brothers Porum 7,300
Fool, Will Porum 140
Fry, M. H. Porum 315
Futrell, T. E. Porum 130
Gaines, Dr. J. H. Porum 285
Galliger, J. W. Porum 85
Gibson, Carl Porum 410
Gray, Mrs. W. L. Porum 85
Griffith, J. W. Porum 85
Groves, J. C., guardian,    
Lauraence Groves, minor Porum 860
Guest, John W. Porum 150
Guaranty Nat'l Bank Porum  
Hall, Fletcher Porum 135
Hall, S. F. Porum 7,250
Hahn, T. J. Porum 110
Harmon, B. F. Porum 340
Harrison, J. B. Porum 150
Henson, W. H. Porum 325
Hilliard, B. F. Porum 225
Huffman, L. C. Porum 260
Hubbard, F. F., guardian    
Jessie Hubbard, minor Porum 650
Ingram, A. T. Porum 700
Ingram Trading Co. Porum 8,500
Isreal, Margaret, guardian,    
Ada Isreal, minor Porum 400
Isreal, Minnie, minor Porum 300
Jimison, Allen F., guardian    
Howdershell Jimison, minor Porum 700
Johnson, G. W. Porum 40
Kelly, James Porum 110
Kenny, Ella, guardian,    
Earnest & Goldie Kenny minor Porum 1,200
Knudson, H. Porum 55
Landreth, I. C. Porum  
Latta, Felix , guardian    
Felix Latta, minor Porum 400
Lewis, A. J. Porum 435
Lewis, J. L. Porum 400
Lightfoot, W. I. Porum  
McCracken, J. G. Porum 60
McCoy, M. J. Porum 75
McKee, Wm. R. guardian    
Perum Freeman & Pearl McKee    
minor Porum 1,200
McGaughlin, J. C. Porum 300
Martin, F. H. Porum 2,500
Mashburn, H. M. Porum 1,935
Mathews, T. B. Porum 3,135
Merrell, E. D. Porum 30
Miller, W. T. Porum 870
Moore, L. T. Porum 510
Neal, G. W. Porum 6,735
Nicholson, B. F. Porum 125
Nicholson, S. J. Porum 300
NonWeiler, Clara R., guardian,    
Oscar NonWeiler, minor Porum 370
Oliver, J. F. Porum 375
Patterson, H. A Porum 3,115
Phillips, Florence Porum 190
Pitts, W. I. Porum 95
Plunkett, E. A. Porum 100
Plunkett, H. R. Porum 290
Plunkett, J. H. Porum 1,065
Poteete, Arden Porum 55
Porum Drug Co. Porum 4,000
Porum Lumber Yard Porum 10,000
Powell, J. W. Porum 540
Price, Miles A. Porum 475
Reynolds, C. L. Porum 275
Rhodes, J. C. Porum 435
Rosenbaum, J. N., guardian  
Marion Elizabeth Bell, minor Porum 850
and Johnny L. Bell, minor Porum 850
Sanders, Myrtle guardian    
Allen Sanders, minor Porum 800
Scarlett, Blake Porum 65
Shaheen, A. S. Porum 360
Shoemake, Hugh Porum 810
Shoemake, J. E. Porum 1,285
Shoemake, J. N., guardian    
Ira bell Shoemake minor Porum 1,500
Shoemake, Oscar Porum 40
Smith, J. C. Porum 1,100
Sorter, C. H. Porum  
Stidham, Cooey, guardian    
John Seals, minor Porum 590
Swanson, M. H. Porum 130
Taylor, Ed Porum 4,400
Thacker, Robert Porum 50
Thompson, J. W., guardian    
Mary M. Thompson, minor Porum 200
Thompson, J. W., guardian    
Ella Thomspon, minor Porum 100
Thornton, R. A. Porum 8,500
Tone, G. T. Porum 550
Totty, J. L. Porum 100
Trantham, G. A. Porum 1,525
Tucker, E. S. Porum 320
Vinzant, J. S. Porum 1,460
Watson, B. Porum 965
West, E. C., guardian Vina M.    
West, minor Porum 500
West, S.N. Porum 850
Whisenhunt, F. G. Porum 50
Whisenhunt, G. M. Porum 400
Wilson, W. M. Porum 1,000
Wright, H. Ol Porum 205
Yest, John Porum 120

Porum Township

Amos, Mrs. Alice Porum 1,105
Amos, H. R. Porum 25
Anderson, W. O. Porum 500
Arnett, L. Porum 535
Barnes, A. Porum 820
Bailey, A. C. Porum 265
Bailey, B. L. Porum 425
Bailey, J. S. Porum 155
Bailey, Mark Briartown 20
Barnes, Mrs., Caroline Porum 70
Barnes, Charles, Briartown 935
Barnes, Corneluis Briartown 460
Barnes, Ellis Porum 445
Barnes, Hiram Briartown 1,245
Barnes, J. T. Porum 555
Barnes, O. B. Briartown 1,120
Barsier, J. W. Porum 335
Bass, J. T. Briartown 115
Battles & Ramay Porum 2,560
Beard, F. M. Porum 775
Billue, G. E. Porum 165
Bird, Marion Briartown 775
Boles, D. D. Porum 915
Boles, W. T. Porum 630
Boland, Ross Porum 700
Boothe, J. W. Briartown 1,000
Brandrick, J. R. Briartown 275
Breshers, E. V. Briartown 1,730
Briley, I. C. Porum 95
Brown, R. D. Porum 575
Bryant, Chas Porum 170
Bunch, Eli Porum 340
Burks, W. C. Porum 225
Burnett, O. H. Porum 260
Burleson, J. H. Porum 650
Burr, Aaron Porum 390
Byrd, Charlie Porum  
Byrd, T. G. Porum 575
Byrd, W. N. Porum 190
Camp, Burrell Briartown 185
Camp, J. R. Briartown 1,625
Callison, A. Porum 1,260
Campbell, John Porum 1,665
Campebll, John, guardian of    
Sam Campbell Porum 185
Campell, Sam Sr. Porum 250
Campbell, William Porum 375
Cash, J. M. Briartown 1,250
Casinger, J. T. Porum 240
Cavendar, S. E. Porum 2,725
Chaitar, Geo. Porum 355
Chambers, Andrew Porum 80
Chapman, J. Q. Porum 1,100
Chrisenberry, F. F. Porum 530
Clark, , J. F. Porum  
Clayton, Geo. Porum 480
Cole, A. E. Porum 695
Cole, E. M. Porum 400
Coleman, S. G. Porum 685
Collins, J. F. Briartown 440
Conover, Byron Porum 640
Conover, G. W. Porum 1,295
Cook, H. C. Porum 845
Cooper, E. J. Briartown 195
Corbell, C. B. Porum 325
Corbell, Jake Porum 200
Cotner, Jake Briartown  
Cotner, J. W. Briartown 670
Coughran, W. J. Porum 830
Cox, C. E. Porum 860
Cox, Rilda Porum 205
Crane, G. W. Briartown 690
Cross, J. R. Porum 785
Cross, Otis Porum 245
Cross, F. R. Porum 200
Crump, Tilden Porum 450
Culp, Mrs. A. E. Porum  
Daley, Homer Briartown 55
Danderidge, J. W. Porum 450
Danderidge, S. B. Porum 440
Davis, Edd Porum 800
Davis, J. M. Porum 90
Denton, P. D. Porum 970
Denton, S. M. Porum 295
Didway, H. C. Porum 495
Dornan, L. W. Porum 270
Dowdy, Cicero Porum 150
Dowdy, T. J. Porum 290
Downing, R. C. Porum 270
Downing, Sarah Porum  
Duggin, C. L. Porum 500
Dunaway, S. V. Porum 600
Dunn, Ida Porum 605
Edmondson, J. W. Briartown 395
Edwards, Lee Porum 1,505
Eichling, C. A. Porum 100
Emberson, J. S. Briartown 600
Fisher, Geo. A. Briartown 35
Fisher, King Porum 395
Fisher, William Porum 520
Patrick Foley & Son Porum 2,625
Fool, Bill Porum 795
Fool, William, guardian of B. &  
R. Fool Porum 140
Forest, Sam Porum 75
Foster, Elmer Porum 225
Fox, John Briartown 435
French, J. J. Briartown 750
Frost, W. A. Porum 410
Fudge, M. L. Briartown 3,150
Fulden, S. A. Briartown 1,200
Gaston, John Briartown 650
Gibson, J. B. Porum 780
Gibson, J. T. Porum 360
Gibson, J. W. Porum 985
Gillis, Edd Porum 500
Good, J. L. Porum 290
Good, Jim Porum 600
Goodin, Sid Briartown 660
Goodin, W. A. Briartown 350
Boodman, A. H. Briartown 410
Goodner, Frank Porum 175
Goodner, T. L. Porum 520
Goodner, Wesley Porum 280
Green, C. A. Briartown 10
Green P. W. Briartown 555
Green, R. A. Porum 435
Greenhaw, W. D. Porum 425
Hall, A. B. Porum 1,995
Hall, S. F. Porum 80
Halford, Chris Porum 500
Haycox, F. Porum 500
Haygood, Mrs. M. Briartown 700
Harding, W. M. Briartown 260
Hardgrave, D. W. Porum 765
Harper, L. L. Porum 995
Harriman, J. H. Porum 1,240
Harris, Dave Porum 225
Hatfield, J. R. Briartown 310
Hearron, J. J. Porum 700
Hearron, T. J. Porum 65
Helms, John Briartown 45
Helton, C. W. Porum 440
Helton, Ora E. Porum 500
Hernbree, O. E. Porum 820
Hensley, J. E. Porum 1,060
Hensly, H. S. Porum 1,230
Herriman, J. L. Porum 400
Hicks, G. W. Porum 600
Hicks, J. H. Briartown 110
Hicks, R. J. Porum 400
Hiler, Lee Porum 590
Hill, R. H. Porum 460
Hilton, J. S. Briartown 1,270
Hilton, Redmon Briartown 1,360
Holdridge, G. W. Porum 1,000
Holt, J. A. Porum 150
Holt, J. H. Briartown 495
Holt, J. W. Porum 500
Holt, Willie Porum 320
Hoos, J. R. Porum 350
Hoos, L. W. Porum 455
Hoose, C. C. Briartown 335
Hoose, C. E. Porum 700
Hoose, J. F. Briartown 50
Hughes, W. H. Briartown 3,115
Hunt, Benjamin F. Porum 430
Hunt, Clay Porum 845
Hunt, J. M. S. Porum 250
Hunt, M. B. Porum 410
Hunt, M. L. Porum 155
Hatson, T. B. R.F.D. Muskogee 825
Israel, Mrs. M. Porum 435
Israel, Walter Porum 400
Jackson, Ada L Porum 135
Jackson, Berry Porum 120
Jackson, Cornelius Porum 220
Jackson, Dink Porum 310
Jackson, G. W. Briartown 60
Jackson, J. E. Porum 310
Jackson, J. L. Porum 35
Jackson, Leonard Porum 145
Jackson, M. P. Briartown 470
Jackson, Tom Porum 500
Jackson, William Porum 620
Jimison, A. F. Briartown 1,885
Jimison, J. M. Briartown 1,140
Jimison, J. W. Briartown 405
Jobe, O. N. Porum 280
Johnson, Dan Porum 1,475
Johnson, Martin Porum 100
Johnson, W. P. Porum 700
Jones, Ray Porum 500
Kamphouse, George Porum 1,400
Kash, A. S. Briartown 90
Kash, Earnes Briartown 400
Keith, F. W. Porum 2,450
Keith, Paul Porum 430
Keith, Wm. F., guardian,    
William, Porum 260
Veror, Porum 360
Ruben, Porum 500
Paul, and Porum 590
Beulah, Keith Porum 60
Kellman, J. W. Porum 170
Kigbaum, W. F. Briartown 565
Kindrick, Bud Porum 170
King, J. D. Briartown 405
Kinslow, dave Briartown 1,180
Kirk, A. L. Porum 220
Lamb, Osie, Porum 400
Largent, J. E. Porum 400
Latta, Felix Porum 400
Lotta, Dire Porum 400
Law. P. H. Porum 1,050
Lawhorn, H. Porum 440
Lawhorn, Loyd Porum 230
Lawhorn, John Briartown 800
Lewis, J. R. Porum 260
Leitch, Jim Porum 1,220
Lillie J. W. Porum 300
Long, J. E. Porum 240
Loudermilk, J. A. Briartown 1,050
Loudermilk, Jesse Briartown 190
Loudermilk, W. H. Briartown 350
Lowe, Dorah Briartown 315
Lowery, Mrs. D. J., guardian,    
Charles Losery Briartown  
Lowery, R. J. Briartown 850
Lundin, A. Porum 1,155
Lynn, C. C. Porum 455
Lynn, J. P. Porum 210
McClure, F. M. Porum 290
McDonald, R. E. Briartown 70
McGinnis, G. W. Porum 210
McGinnis, J. J. Briartown 395
McGlamery, D. A. Porum 1,140
McGlamery, John Porum 365
Mabery, J. P. Briartown  
Mabery, S. J. Briartown 270
Mabry, Mrs. Ruth Briartown 240
Malone, D. C. Briartown 530
Maxon, A. A. Porum 495
Mendenhall, J. W. Porum 1,265
Merritt, Roy Briartown 1,665
Mickles, Will Porum 850
Miller, B. F. Briartown 230
Miller, J. W. Porum 375
Miller, L. S. Porum 835
Miller, Lester Porum 550
Miller, Mrs. M. J. Porum 55
Miller, Oliver Porum 265
Moles, J. F. Porum 1,100
Moles, W. P. Porum 935
Money, Chas. Porum 810
Moore, A. N. Porum 405
Moore, C. B. Porum 485
Moore, Marion Porum 485
Mullens, A. H. Briartown 385
Mullens, D. C. Briartown 320
Miks, V. C. Porum 975
Neal, W. W. Porum 145
Nelson, W. W. Porum 1,730
Nichols, G. L. Porum 900
Nichols, N. C. Porum 855
Nickell, P. A. Porum 795
Norman, R. M. Porum 625
Nicholson, G. W. R. F. D 1,365
Nunnelee, R. A. Briartown 1,080
Oniel, J. B. Porum 640
Oniel, Sid Porum 355
Parker, John P. Porum 1,265
Patterson, W. L. Porum 900
Peters, Joe Briartown 665
Petterson, L. M. Porum 535
Preuett, Frank Briartown  
Phillips, Charlie Porum 260
Phillips, Florence Porum 960
Phillips, H. L. Porum 500
Phillips, James H. Porum 1,125
Phillips, R. Briartown 230
Phillips, S. E. Porum 700
Phillips, Walter Porum 1,390
Phillips, W. L. Porum 795
Pitts, C. W. Briartown 40
Pitts, J. E. Porum 415
Plunkett, George Porum 450
Pound, J.L. Porum 245
Pound, J. R. Porum 330
Pritchard, J. H. Porum 725
Pritchard, J. M. Porum 510
Raimer, C. M. Briartown 760
Raimer, W. H. Briartown 640
Raimer, W. T. Briartown 635
Rainwater, C. R. Porum 600
Rainwater, G. A. Porum 1,745
Rainwater, M. E. Porum 820
Rainwater, Walter Porum 340
Ramay, Sam C., Warner 160
Ratter, Rider Porum 825
Rawling, A.N. Porum 170
Reid, J. F. Briartown 600
Reel, E. R Briartown 150
Reeves, Mary, Estate Porum 805
Reeves, R. H. Porum 420
Reynolds, A. D. Briartown 1,075
Robertson, Chas. Porum 380
Runnals, B. R. Briartown 25
Samples, W. M. Briartown 20
Scott, George Briartown 830
Sellers, J. C. Porum 845
Sexton, J. M. Porum 700
Shells, Lon Porum 715
Shelton, D. F. Briartown 865
Shelton, J. P. Briartown 835
Shetley, F. H. Porum 295
Sikes, R. F. Porum 190
Sikes, R. F. Porum 190
Sisk, W. C. Briartown 355
Slaughter, Floyd Briartown 430
Smith, A. R. Porum 155
Smith, G. A. Porum 380
Smith, H. F. Porum 500
Smith, H. M. Porum 500
Smith, H. W. Porum 155
Smith, J. H. P. Porum 790
Smith, Lester Porum 360
Smith, T. E. Porum 1,045
Sorrels, J. R. Briartown 780
Spradlin, G. W. Porum 380
Stanford, Edd Briartown 335
Stanford, R. L. Porum 1,370
Starr, Bird Briartown 175
Starr, Dick Porum 420
Starr, Ellis Briartown 705
Starr, Kate Briartown 255
Starr, Molsie Briartown 90
Starr, Rosie Briartown 190
Starr, Sam Briartown 1,335
Starr, Tom Briartown 390
Starr, Thomas Spy Porum 2,235
Starr, Tupie Briartown 475
Starr, Wm. Porum 370
Stennett, R. L. Porum 500
Stephens, A. E. Porum 200
Stephens, Burl Porum 1,360
Stephens, C. A. Porum 690
Stedham, J. D. Porum 500
Stidham, Mamie Briartown 190
Scott, C. H. Porum 775
Stout, G. W. Porum 940
Stout, N. G. Porum 475
Stout, R. L. Briartown 1,800
Sunday, Geo. Porum 795
Swaford, T. B. Briartown 35
Swartzerty, A. C. Porum 590
Swain, C. H. Porum 420
Taylor, Z. J. Porum 430
Terrell, C. M. Porum 450
Thompson, Dalice Porum 295
Thompson, J. C. Porum 1,725
Thompson, J. E. Briartown 225
Thompson, S. I. Porum 700
Toney, J. D. Briartown 630
Totten, T. S. Porum 730
Tranthan, J. B. Porum 365
Tulley, M. C. Porum 450
Turpin, J. K. Porum 660
Tyree, N. T. Porum 1,070
Upchurch, P. J. Porum 375
Vann, William Briartown 530
Via, L. G. Briartown 355
Vickery, W. M. Porum 245
Ward, Will Porum 555
Waters, B. M. Porum 300
Waters, D. W. Porum 500
Waters, L. W. Porum 215
Waters, P. W. Porum 60
Weaver, L. H. Briartown 335
Weaver, T. B. Porum 1,235
Weaver, W. F. Briartown 450
Webb, Charlie Porum 295
Webb, J. W. Porum 1,490
Webb, Ike Porum 170
West, E. C. Porum 850
West, E. W. Porum 65
West, John C. Porum  
West, R. F. Briartown 660
Wheeler, J. E. Porum 1,055
White, T. A. Porum 270
White, W. H. Porum 495
Whitman, J. O. Porum 290
Whitman, W. W. Porum 2,920
Whisenhunt, H. C. Porum 720
Wilkerson, J. W. Porum 445
Wood, C. J. Porum 900
Wright, Earl, Porum 235
Wright, J. W. Porum 280
Wright, Jim Porum 210
Wright, W.W. Porum 280
Young, B. M. Porum 355
Young, D. J. Porum 200
Young, T. T. Porum 355
Young, Will Porum 135

Vann Township

Acuff, Artie Warner 285
Adair, E. T. Warner 1,365
Adams, Bill Warner 590
Addy, I. J. Warner 2,315
Addy, W. J. Warner  
Arthur, J. D. Webbers Falls 2,315
Austin, W. E. Warner 585
Baker, A. J. Warner 620
Baker, Allan Warner 375
Baker, H. Warner 925
Baker, Jack Warner 500
Barnes, S. B. Webbers Falls 1,010
Barton, J. B. Warner 385
Barton, Joe Warner 635
Beech, J. H. Warner 915
Beardon, B. M. Warner 1,405
Bedford, C. M. Webbers Falls 800
Bedford, W. G. Warner 430
Behrans, E. W. Warner 790
Benge, Charlie Webbers Falls 90
Best, P. F. Warner 770
Blackstone & Co. Muskogee 6,000
Blackstone Brothers Muskogee 5,000
Blackstone & McGahey Webbers Falls 5,000
Blackwell, A. F. Webbers Falls 1,385
Bledsoe, D. S. Webbers Falls 600
Bledsoe, T. H. Webbers Falls 645
Blevins, T. A. Webbers Falls 800
Boatman, W. M. Webbers Falls 1,220
Bookout, John Warner 290
Bowen, J. W. Warner 340
Bowen, Walter Warner 360
Boyd, Henry Warner 405
Branan, W. J., guardian of    
George Branan Webbers Falls 150
Branan, W. M. Warner 1,450
Bray, A. D. Webbers Falls 2,000
Brimage, Fred Webbers Falls 1,300
Brooks, T. O. Webbers Falls 900
Brooks & Sevier Webbers Falls 7,500
Brown, A. W. Gore 360
Brown, J. A. Webbers Falls 270
Bryan, J. S. Warner 630
Burge, Bill Webbers Falls 500
Burns, Henry Warner 160
Burk, Preston Warner 1,570
Burr, Andy Webbers Falls 395
Buttery, Claude Warner 410
Campbell, J. L. Webbers Falls 885
Campbell, John Warner 955
Carpenter, Thos. Webbers Falls 1,195
Carpenter, E. F. Warner 620
Carson, C. T. Keefeton 655
Carter, D. C. Warner 1,855
Carter, J. O. Webbers Falls 635
Carter, W. H. Webbers Falls 380
Casey, W. H. Warner 500
Caskey, C. C. Webbers Falls 435
Castell, Joe Keefeton 500
Castell, T. S. Keefeton 500
Carwile, Zack Webbers Falls 184
Clark, A. R. Webbers Falls 425
Clark, C. P. Webbers Falls 1,390
Clark, J. C. Webbers Falls 1,185
Clubb, Tom Webbers Falls 240
Clubb, Tom, guardian of    
Sylva Sheppard Webbers Falls 185
Coffey, J. E. Warner 15
Coffey, Mrs. Mary Warner 190
Cole, Wesley Webbers Falls 485
Cook, W. L. Warner 1,330
Cooper, Fred Webbers Falls 330
Cope, S. E. Webbers Falls 260
Corbell, Victor Keefeton 500
Corbell, W. L. Keefeton 500
Coughenour, F. B. Muskogee 680
Council, C. C. Warner 885
Council, J. B. Webbers Falls 390
Covington, J. H. Webbers Falls 600
Cox, R. B. Warner 15
Cox, W. A. Webbers Falls 2,830
Craghead, D. C. Webbers Falls 30
Crippen, Early Webbers Falls 1,185
Crossland, Richard M. Webbers Falls 1,720
Crossland, W. M. Keefeton 340
Crow, W. Menord Keefeton 340
Culwell, W. H. Warner 230
Curtis, J. G. Webbers Falls 500
Davis, A. J. Webbers Falls 530
Davis, C. M. Warner 500
Davis, J. W. Warner 680
Davis, Martin Webbers Falls 1,000
Davis, W. M. Webbers Falls 230
Deal, E. L. Keefeton 30
Deberry, I. Warner 735
Defrets, Sam Warner 500
Dempsey, R. G. Webbers Falls 1,735
Dentst, George Webbers Falls 500
Dillon, John Webbers Falls 580
Dornan, L. T. Webbers Falls 225
Dornan, W. A. Webbers Falls 475
Doublehead, Bird Warner 435
Downing, J. E. Warner 1,000
Drew, Ben Webbers Falls 245
Dryden, J. A. Warner 850
Dunn, R. F. Warner 290
Dunbar, L. A. Webbers Falls 645
Dyer, R. A. Webbers Falls 500
Falls, Wash Webbers Falls 340
Fann, J. W. Webbers Falls 280
Farris, J. R. Webbers Falls 185
Fausett, L. P. Webbers Falls 435
Ferguson, J. L. Warner 2,120
Finney, H. C. Webbers Falls 1,350
Finney, Robert Webbers Falls 500
Fletcher, John Warner 970
Foster, A. L. Webbers Falls 70
Fountain, J. H. Webbers Falls 900
Fox, E. C. C. Webbers Falls 465
Franklin, Jeff Webbers Falls 500
Frazier, E. E. Webbers Falls 800
Frazier, John Webbers Falls 860
Frazier, L. C. Warner 575
French, T. R. Warner 4,100
Fryer, Et Webbers Falls 500
Fuller, W. R. Warner 500
Gaither, L. S. Warner 965
Galleghar, Link Webbers Falls 105
Gillam, R. T. Warner 2,490
Gilliam, M. C. Warner 1,100
Glass, C. N. Warner 590
Glass, D. B. Warner 205
Glisson, R. B. Webbers Falls 740
Graham, John Warner 620
Graham, Walter Webbers Falls 75
Graves, W. F. Warner 500
Green, C. G. Webbers Falls 885
Green, Gidford Webbers Falls 1,410
Green, W. T. Webbers Falls 780
Greenway, W. R. Warner 350
Gunter, Rachael Webbers Falls 750
Hale, J. W. Warner 120
Hales, Jesse Warner 510
Hamilton & Edwards Gore 780
Hammonds, Harlin Webbers Falls 780
Hammonds, Bill Warner 260
Hampton, Gay G. Webbers Falls 615
Hampton, J. A. Webbers Falls 1,650
Hancock, Oscar Warner 460
Harris, M. J. Webbers Falls 500
Harris, Dave, guardian of    
Dasie May Harris Webbers Falls 380
Harrison, Russell Warner 350
Harwell, G. B. Webbers Falls 620
Harwell, J. W. Warner 780
Harshaw, J.W. Webbers Falls 2,085
Manks, Mrs. Mary Webbers Falls 430
Hayhurst, J. W. Webbers Falls 1,700
Hayworth, J. M. Webbers Falls 1,425
Hepley, J. A. Webbers Falls 1,030
Hern, A. F. Warner 1,435
Herron, D. M. Webbers Falls 605
Hensley, Arthur Warner 765
Hensley, C. Warner 815
Hensley, J. L. Warner 500
Hensley, Martin Warner 500
Hensley, T. W. Warner 500
Herford, Burk Warner 700
Hereford, Robert Warner 1,040
Hill, Tobe Webbers Falls 500
Hildebrand, Mose Warner 500
Hinkle, F. M. Webbers Falls 2,050
Hinkle, J. M. Webbers Falls 2,325
Hinkle, R. R. Webbers Falls 460
Hinkle, W. W. Webbers Falls 260
Hobbs, D. P. Webbers Falls 1,000
Holder, Sam L. Keefeton 620
Honeysuckle, W. D. Webbers Falls 350
Horn, W. M. Gore 510
Houston, J. H. Gore 455
Howell, Edd Webbers Falls 280
Howell, Mrs. M. Webbers Falls 315
Howland & Evans Warner 1,610
Howland, Mary Warner 755
Hughes, R. L. Warner 260
Humphry, G. W. Warner 645
Humphry, W. B. Warner 780
Hunter, Fred Webbers Falls 720
Hunter, Johnnie Warner 310
Hunter, Sim H. Webbers Falls 255
Hyslop, James Clifford Webbers Falls 250
Jackson, A. B. Webbers Falls 1,640
Jackson, W. Webbers Falls 285
Jacobs, W. L. Warner 1,730
James, Marion Webbers Falls 700
Johnesee, B. F. Warner  
Johnson, C. C. Warner 1,315
Johnson, Fred Warner 270
Johnson, J. A. Webbers Falls 635
Johnson, W. T. Webbers Falls 2,195
Johnson, W. T. Webbers Falls 230
Jones, J. J. Warner 415
Judkins, John Webbers Falls 500
Jorden, Sarah Warner 180
Harch, H. B. Warner 495
Karch, Mary Warner 200
Kauble, Noah, Warner 680
Keeton, J.H. Webbers Falls 220
Kellogg, H. Warner 290
Kerr, Fred A. Warner 505
Kerr, J. E. Warner 1,265
Kerr, Jess Warner 1,000
Kerr, John L. Warner 285
Kerr, John L., guardian of    
Earl Kerr Warner 400
Kerr, W. W. Warner 500
Killrout, C. Keefeton 285
Kriby, S. Warner 500
Kitt, J. Warner 1,370
Kubus, E. F. Warner 140
Kyle, Addie, guardian of    
Maria Kyle Webbers Falls 740
Lacy, Henry Warner 100
Lacey, James Warner 180
Lackey, A. L. Gore 820
Lackey, G. E. Gore 585
Lamon, James Webbers Falls 960
Lee, John Webbers Falls 1,420
Lee, John Jr. Webbers Falls 835
Lee, J. J. Webbers Falls 50
Lee, Lottie Warner 1,990
Lee, Robert E. Warner 1,200
Lee, Walter Webbers Falls 955
Lephew, Henry Keefeton 2,920
Lillie, Leonard Warner 565
Linzy, J. W. Keefeton 185
Logan, Charles Warner 700
Looper, C. V. Warner 525
Lovell, Walter Webbers Falls 595
McClaren, F. N. Warner 45
McClaren, J. K. Warner 6,635
McComb, J. D. Warner 250
McCoy, Alice Warner 135
McCrary, Harrison Warner 535
McGahey, Marion Warner 1,000
McGrath, Joe Webbers Falls 335
McGrath & Todd Webbers Falls 60
McGee, R. R. Warner 945
McGrew, L. S. Webbers Falls 1,695
McDaniels, D. B. Keefeton 280
McDaniels, Lonne Warner 1,225
McDaniel, Steve Warner 1,955
McEaskin, John, guardian of    
William Branan Webbers Falls 900
Manings, Assa Webbers Falls 500
Maples, M. J. Warner 205
Markham, Pierce Warner 2,035
Marion, J. W. Warner 1,120
Martin, C. D. Warner 1,780
Martin, F. L. Webbers Falls 570
Maxwell, A. Warner 90
Mayberry, S. M. Keefeton 500
Marritt Brothers Warner 325
Marritt, C. S. Warner 160
Marritt, M. W. G. Warner 345
Menses, R. L. Webbers Falls 715
Methen, T. P. Checotah 675
Miller, C. C. Webbers Falls 1,540
Miller, Frank Webbers Falls 500
Milligan, Louis Webbers Falls 500
Millsap, M. J. Webbers Falls 500
Minnick, I. N. Warner 700
Mitchell, E. H. Webbers Falls 860
Mitchell, Herb Muskogee 100
Mitchell, O. E. Webbers Falls 900
Morgan, C.B. Webbers Falls 1,210
Morse, H. L. Webbers Falls 655
Mulkey, C. A. Warner 1,1,00
Musgraves, Charles Warner 465
Muskrat, Jack Warner 50
Mayers, Lafe Keefeton 140
Nail, J. C. Warner 1,245
Nuckolis, W. E. Warner 675
Odon, D. P. Warner 500
Odon, S. J. Warner 950
Odon, W. E. Warner 500
Osgood, Oscar B. Warner 610
Pace, H. F. Warner 380
Page, Roy Webbers Falls 320
Pannell, Mrs. J. H. Warner 1,210
Parker, H. C. Webbers Falls 1,170
Parker, W. A. Webbers Falls 1,105
Patterson, John Webbers Falls 50
Parkett, C. T. Warner 500
Peterson, C. F. Warner 410
Pitts, J. W. Warner 2,235
Poe, J. A. Warner 600
Poe, M. T. Warner 435
Pope, D. E. Warner 1,100
Poteete, L. E. Webbers Falls 1,775
Poteete, Virgil Webbers Falls 965
Price, W. T. Webbers Falls 1,280
Rakley, S. C. Webbers Falls 650
Raper, C. H. Webbers Falls 720
Rayburn, J. L. Webbers Falls 65
Reece, Henry R. Webbers Falls 1,165
Regster, J. W. Webbers Falls 500
Rhomer, May Webbers Falls 700
Reed, George Warner 850
Rider, Wesley Webbers Falls 500
Riegler, James Warner 235
Riley, Nute Webbers Falls 720
Roberson, J. J. Warner 30
Rogers, J. W. Warner 30
Roper, James Warner 220
Roper, Lee Warner 360
Rouse, B. L. Webbers Falls 1,000
Ross, Beulah, guardian of    
Andrew Ross Webbers Falls 2,200
Sanders, James Warner 600
Sanders, H. L., guardian of    
Carl Arnsey & Wm. Arnsey Webbers Falls 210
Satterwhite, P. C. Webbers Falls 1,170
Savage, P. D. Keefeton 500
Saylor, J. N. Warner 500
Saylor, Oather Warner 470
Saylors, J. D. Warner 1,005
Scott, J. R. Warner 515
Scroggin, Sam Warner 130
Segrayes, M. T. Warner 225
Sevall, C. C. Warner 1,740
Sevier, Jerry Webbers Falls 500
Sheffield, Joe Webbers Falls 810
Shepherd, G. W. Warner 1,490
Shinn, C. M. Warner 705
Shoemake, J. H. Porum 420
Shoemake, T. H., guardian of    
Mildred Shoemake Webbers Falls 600
Shoemake, W. A. Porum 240
Smith, Duke Webbers Falls 570
Smith, Elmer Webbers Falls 300
Smith, Famous Webbers Falls 390
Smith, Harry Warner 195
Smith, Mrs. J. J. Warner 195
Smith, Juney Webbers Falls 105
Smith, Lee Webbers Falls 100
Smith, Ross Warner 1,370
Smith, W. E. Warner 300
Snow, A. D. Warner 700
Springfield, E. J. Warner 1,850
Stalleup, C. C. Webbers Falls 35
Starr, Fanny C. Webbers Falls 450
Steely, Dave Webbers Falls 500
Steen, A. B. Warner 875
Steen, James Warner 750
Stewart, Frank Warner 100
Stewart, Hammond C. Warner 410
Stewart, J. T. Warner 725
Stewart, W. E. Warner 345
Stockdale, M. Warner 725
Swafford, G. N. Warner 265
Townsend, P. B. Webbers Falls 500
Tully, M. C. Webbers Falls 50
Tuttle, W. Webbers Falls 200
Vann, C. H. Webbers Falls 555
Vann, Mary J. Webbers Falls 1,480
Vann, Perry Webbers Falls 595
Vanover, T. L. Webbers Falls 1,600
Vaught, Wm. Webbers Falls 425
Vore, Frank Webbers Falls 2,700
Wadley, A. C. Webbers Falls 865
Wadley, J. S. Webbers Falls 1,555
Walker, John Webbers Falls 510
Ward, J. R. Webbers Falls 600
Waters, R. P. Warner 945
Webb, W. W. Webbers Falls 1,625
West, Dave Webbers Falls 170
West, E. R. Warner 2,115
West, W. T. Warner 405
Wickett, J. N. Warner 1,240
Wilbanks, E. L. Warner 30
Wilkerson, R. F. Webbers Falls 3,370
Wilkerson, Ada, guardian of    
Mattie Wilkerson Webbers Falls 500
Williams, L. R. Webbers Falls 900
Willyard, S. E. Webbers Falls 915
Wilson, Frank Warner 845
Wilson, J. C. Webbers Falls 650
Wilson, J. C., guardian of    
Minnie Wilson Webbers Falls 800
Winston, J. E. Webbers Falls 335
Woodall, Mrs. E. V. Warner 465
Woodard, John Webbers Falls 255
Wright, Oliver Warner 500
Young, John Webbers Falls 265

Webbers Falls town

Acree, J. H. Webbers Falls 1,045
Carey, Thomas Webbers Falls 65
Chitwood, O. C. Webbers Falls 50
City and State Bank Webbers Falls 16,800
Clark, C. P. Webbers Falls 365
Cole, Cherokee Webbers Falls 430
Cravens, W. Webbers Falls 405
Crawford, L. E. Webbers Falls 940
Davis, R. S. Webbers Falls 375
Dickey, N. N. Webbers Falls 50
Dornan, Otto Webbers Falls 195
Dyer, Frank Webbers Falls 55
Ellis, W. L. Webbers Falls 1,360
Fields, J. R. Webbers Falls 900
Gatlin, S. M. Webbers Falls 790
George, Bert Webbers Falls 30
Gibson, J. W. Webbers Falls 215
Gibson Bros. Webbers Falls 15,650
Goble, D. A. Webbers Falls 135
Green, George Webbers Falls 30
Hammonds, Harlin Webbers Falls 370
Hammonds, J. S. Webbers Falls 30
Hanks, C. J. Webbers Falls 310
Hanks, C. J., guardian of    
Emma Hanks Webbers Falls 400
Hamm, J. W. Webbers Falls 560
Harmon, W. D. Webbers Falls 8,570
Hawk, Harry Webbers Falls 380
Hayes, B. M. Webbers Falls 160
Hill, R. J. Webbers Falls 180
Huddleston, A. Webbers Falls 130
Hunter, Fred Webbers Falls 610
Johnson, S. A. Webbers Falls 65
Jones, E. J. Webbers Falls 250
Lay, Willie Webbers Falls 60
Looper, J. W. Webbers Falls 1,540
Looper, R. L. Webbers Falls 400
McCorkle D. W. Webbers Falls 350
McGrath, J. J. Webbers Falls 2,415
Martin, J. M. Webbers Falls 450
Mitchell, G. R. Webbers Falls 375
Morgan Brothers Webbers Falls 400
Morgan, C. B. Webbers Falls 1,055
Oliver, J. H. Webbers Falls 170
Osage Cotton Oil Co. Muskogee 2,800
Pioneer Trading Company Webbers Falls 8,500
Pollard, George Webbers Falls 30
Reaves, J. M. Webbers Falls 785
Rogers, A. W. Webbers Falls 290
Rowland, F.M. Webbers Falls 1,610
Rowland, J. W. Webbers Falls 1,510
Satterwhite, P. C. Webbers Falls 1,390
Seaman - Packard Lumber Co. Webbers Falls 4,500
Sevier, J. C. Webbers Falls 220
Shackleford Ed., guardian of    
Ella Shoemake, minor Webbers Falls 0
Lola Shoemake, minor Webbers Falls 225
Oscar Shoemake, minor Webbers Falls 170
Rexie Shoemake, minor Webbers Falls 0
Speights, C. B. Webbers Falls 500
Speights, G. A. Webbers Falls 855
Slanter, W. L., guardian of    
Tommy & Sid Slanter, minor Webbers Falls 400
Starr, F. C. Webbers Falls 400
Stevenson, J. B. Webbers Falls 785
Thomas, L. M. Webbers Falls 325
Thornton, J. N. Webbers Falls 120
Turley, A. L. Webbers Falls 1,000
Vann, C. E. Webbers Falls 900
Vann, J. R. Webbers Falls 220
Wadley, John Webbers Falls 875
Weaver, N. B. Webbers Falls 215
Webbers Falls Mercantile Co. Webbers Falls 15,675
Wilkerson, Mrs. Ellen Webbers Falls 780
Winton, D. Webbers Falls 510
Williams, J. S. Webbers Falls 15

Town of Warner

Arington, J. F. Warner 11,100
Arington, Troy Warner 775
Bales, A. A. Warner 26
Boatman, J. M. Warner 600
Boyd, R. E. Warner 715
Bray, W. H. Warner 205
Bryant, J. S. Warner 615
Burns, Dr. H. B. Warner 2,420
Burrows, J., guradian Walter    
and Lela Burrows, minor Warner 559
Campbell, B. L. Warner 260
Caton, H. L. Warner 235
City Drug Store Warner 3,000
Claunts Brothers Warner 3,200
Claunts, Herbert Warner 200
Cowder, R. W. Warner 80
Denning, E. W. Warner 225
Farmer, W. E. Warner 400
Finklea Hardware Co. Warner 2,500
Finklea, Raymond Warner 695
First State Bank Warner 12,355
Gillam, R. F. Warner 1,000
Hales, J. C. Warner 725
Hale, J. O. Warner 855
Houghton, T. R. Warner  
Hisely, Tom Warner 210
King, H. C. Warner 135
Lievsay, J. M. Warner 125
Moore, J.H. Warner 285
Nash, Anderson Warner 50
Oslin, J. Warner 100
Patterson, C. A. Warner 40
Pope, A. R. Warner 310
Pope, D. E. Warner 215
Ritchie, Mrs. E. H. Warner 120
Ritchie, Mary S. Warner 40
Shamblin, A. A. Warner 1,185
Sheppard, E. T. Warner 230
Skaggs, A. J. Warner 10
Smith, J. R. Warner 435
Thompson, D. C. Warner 8,915
Trimm, Oscar Warner 15
Trimm, W. R. Warner 2,100
Turley, A. L. Warner 885
West, W. E. Warner 1,080
Western Grain Co. Warner 4,365
White, J. W. Warner 65
Young, W. A. Warner 35

Martin Township

Adamson, J. H. Porum 86
Adair, C. D. Porum 350
Adair, Mrs. Josephine Webbers Falls 1,015
Albutton, C. R. Webbers Falls 150
Alexander, John Porum 520
Amerson, C. A. Webbers Falls 700
Amison, J. W. Webbers Falls 299
Anderson, C. A. Webbers Falls 680
Anderson, Charlie Porum 65
Baker, H. Porum 800
Baldridge, J. W. Porum 500
Balinger, G. W. Porum 500
Banks, U. S. Porum 1,370
Barber, J. A. F. Porum 1,500
Barber, J. J. Porum 785
Barber, M. Webbers Falls 410
Barber, Mrs. S. C. Porum 330
Barnes, George Porum 310
Bassett, Glen Webbers Falls 200
Beardon, John Porum 2
Bedford, L. M. Webbers Falls 500
Bedford, R. A. Warner 500
Bedford, W. G. Warner 500
Bedford, W. N. Webbers Falls 500
Bias, J. M. Porum 255
Bilyen, Bill Porum 625
Bishop, A. B. Porum 1,790
Bledsoe, D. S. Webbers Falls 810
Boland, John Webbers Falls 260
Borders, Corbett Warner 100
Bowden, Avery Porum 490
Bowden, H. S. Warner 245
Bowden, Leonard Porum 200
Bowden, N. B. Porum 1,530
Bradberry, J. W. Porum 35
Bramlett, Elmer Webbers Falls 310
Braxton, H. A. Porum 570
Braxton, Mrs. Mary Porum 130
Bray, A. D. Webbers Falls 1,400
Brooks, C. E. Porum 975
Brooks, Henry Porum 100
Brooks, J. H. Porum 555
Brown, Matt Webbers Falls 1,005
Bryan, Benton Webbers Falls 655
Burk, Milton Porum 775
Burks, Jim Porum 210
Burks, W. L. Porum 325
Burnes, J. W. Webbers Falls 855
Burr, B. F. Webbers Falls 1,815
Burr, Frank Webbers Falls 625
Bush, J. T. Webbers Falls 1,130
Bust, W. M. Porum 930
Butleretal, Bill Webbers Falls 900
Call, Nors Porum 1,000
Collison, A. B. Porum 635
Collison, E. B. Porum 5,290
Collison, L. C. Warner 500
Collison, Ross Porum 600
Carr, Henry Webbers Falls 500
Casey, Dewey Porum 125
Chambers, J. C. Porum 605
Chapman, J. J. Webbers Falls 305
Chapman, John Webbers Falls 1,405
Chapman, P. I. Webbers Falls 1,475
Chase, A. B. Porum 100
Chase, L. F. Porum 385
Childs, Willis Manhattan, KS 1,525
Chrisman,J. A. Warner 755
Clark, F. O. Webbers Falls 515
Clark, Herman Webbers Falls 1,100
Cole, A. E. Porum 900
Coleman, Nancy Webbers Falls 480
Collins, W. L. Webbers Falls 1,525
Conley, H. V. Porum 1,300
Cook, C. M. Warner 2,345
Cook, J. N. Warner 500
Cook, J. W. Warner 540
Cope, J. W. Webbers Falls 375
Cope, S. E. Webbers Falls 500
Corbell, J. B. Porum 305
Corbell, J. H. Porum 510
Cornwall, Barney Porum 500
Cornell, E. W. Porum 500
Counts, J. W. Porum 935
Crane, Andrew Porum 270
Crane, C. T. Webbers Falls 460
Crane, Mrs. Jennie Porum 385
Crapoe, Jim Webbers Falls 210
Crapoe, Collins Webbers Falls 370
Crisp, Arthur Porum 700
Crittenden, James Warner 2,545
Crittenden, Steve Warner 2,125
Cross, R. N. Porum 295
Crump, L. C. Braggs 400
Dandridge, J. W. Porum 380
Davis, Charlie Webbers Falls 205
Davis, Jay Webbers Falls 635
Davis, Kyle Webbers Falls 420
Delaney, Josie Porum 800
Dial, J. W. Webbers Falls 1,565
Doris, A. B. Warner 415
Dyer, Ben Webbers Falls 475
Dyer, E. S. Webbers Falls 730
Dyer, Joel Webbers Falls 500
Dyer, John Porum 500
Easton, N. W. Porum 315
Eaton, D. L. Porum 970
Edwards, A. D. Webbers Falls 635
Edwards, J. W. Porum 205
Ellis, W. L. Webbers Falls 250
Evans, Charlie Webbers Falls 110
Evans, D. B. Webbers Falls 700
Evans, Fred Webbers Falls 800
Evans, Lonnie Webbers Falls 315
Farris, M. F. Webbers Falls 500
Fields, Edd Porum 175
Fields, Tom Porum 845
Fletcher, Eliza Warner 435
Forbes, G. W. Webbers Falls 310
Forbes, Manuel Webbers Falls 210
Foreman, Johnson Warner 1,070
Foreman, Link Warner 345
Forest, Claude Warner 250
Francis, M. Webbers Falls 1,060
Frazier, Daniel Jones Warner 500
Frazier, Lewis Porum 500
Frazier, Robert Porum 500
Frazier, Walter Porum 500
Freeman, W. L. Porum 870
Frost, J. J. Porum 775
Futrell, T. E. Porum 975
Garner, F. A. Porum 240
Garner, H. B. Porum 565
Garner, J. H. Porum 150
Garner, Joe Porum 360
Garner, W. O. Porum 905
Garner, R. W. Porum 340
Gerty, Ester Webbers Falls 415
Gerty, Tom Webbers Falls 1,665
Gerty, Wilson Porum 480
Gibson, J. C. Porum 1,280
Goss, G. L. Porum 725
Graves, Thomas Webbers Falls 2,755
Grey, R. T. Porum 190
Grey, W. O. Porum 570
Green, A. E. Webbers Falls 365
Griffin, W. V. Porum 390
Griffin, W. Z. Porum 1,245
Guinn, Bart Porum 50
Guinn, G. M. Webbers Falls 10
Hamilton, J. M. Porum 500
Hamilton, J. W. Porum 500
Hancock, W. M. Webbers Falls 260
Hammon, Chas. Webbers Falls 500
Harmon, B. F. Porum 2,035
Harlow, A. H. Porum 550
Harris, Claud Webbers Falls 600
Harris, Dave, Guardian of    
D. Mary Harris, minor Webbers Falls 450
Harris, M. J. Webbers Falls 610
Harris, Tom Porum 750
Harris, Tom, guardian of    
Nancy & Flossie Greyson, minor Porum 1,425
Hartness, W. W. Porum 820
Harvey, R. W. Warner 745
Harvey, Will Webbers Falls 335
Hawkins, J. M. Porum 1,100
Hawks, D. P. Webbers Falls 905
Hawks, J. L. Webbers Falls 495
Hayden, Rees Porum 270
Hayhurst, B. F. Porum 1,030
Hays, C. E. Webbers Falls 3,340
Heather, J. W. Webbers Falls 120
Heaton, Calvin, Estates Webbers Falls 50
Hedrick Sim Webbers Falls 1,085
Helton, Earl Porum 1,230
Helton, Ora Porum 470
Hendricks, T. L. Webbers Falls 1,300
Hendrickson, T. J. Porum 1,060
Hensley, W. A. Webbers Falls 5,880
Hensley, William Webbers Falls 20
Hensley, W. W. Webbers Falls 110
Hereford, Jess Warner 1,160
Herron, Dave Webbers Falls 500
Hines, Claude Warner 1,220
Hinkle, C. G. Webbers Falls 540
Hinkle, J. M. Webbers Falls 1,000
Holt, A. A. Porum 500
Holt, J. W. Porum 450
Hornbeck, J. D. Warner 500
Howard, George F. Porum 1,195
Hunt, J. F. Porum 710
Jackson, J. P. Porum 130
Jacobs, A. J. Webbers Falls 635
Jacobs, Pink Webbers Falls 410
James, A. C. Webbers Falls 500
James, J. N. Porum 545
James, O. D. Porum 1,100
Johnson, Gottfred Porum 800
Johnson, W. J. Warner 345
Johnson, W. L. Porum 990
Johnson, W. P. Porum 985
Jones, Jessie Webbers Falls 70
Jones, W. H. Porum 2,000
Jordan, John Porum 500
Keeling, T. E. Porum 500
Kenny, Eli Porum 755
Kendrick, H. L. Porum 950
King, R. B. Warner 1,100
Kyle, Mrs. Addie Webbers Falls 875
Lane, Sam Webbers Falls 50
Lane, S. H. Webbers Falls 610
Langton, F. M. Porum 200
Lansford, Cince Warner 180
Lansford, M. B. Warner 2,080
Largent, Mary Porum 635
Lightoot, H. M. Porum 515
Lillie, Leonard Porum 500
Linn, Will Webbers Falls 275
Landerdale, John Porum 235
Lowe, M. F. Porum 1,705
Lucus, J. A. Webbers Falls 500
McAlister, J. P. Webbers Falls 495
McAlister, S. P. Webbers Falls 500
McAnelly, W. J. Webbers Falls 170
McAnley, G. Webbers Falls 15
McCary, W. E. Warner 525
McCrary, Walter Warner 340
McDonald, G. W. Porum 325
McGrew, W. E. Webbers Falls 2,265
McGrew, W. W. Webbers Falls 540
McLemore & Mansfield Porum 1,845
Marion, J. W. Porum 500
Marshall, W.B. Porum 1,000
Martin, John Porum 985
Martin, John A. Porum 510
Martin, Tom Webbers Falls 500
Martin, W. L. Porum 1,395
Mathews, J. D. Porum 50
Mathews, Virgil Porum 1,385
Mathews, W. C. Porum 3,870
Maxfield, S. P. Porum 270
Maxfield, W. C. Porum 350
Measles, M. Webbers Falls 440
Meeks, Charles Webbers Falls 620
Mickles, Will Porum 710
Miller, A. H. Porum 1,315
Miller, Alfred Porum 305
Montgomery, J. A. Webbers Falls 505
Montgomery, T. M. Webbers Falls 1,765
Moore, J. L. Porum 505
Morton, Emma Webbers Falls 165
Morton, Tom Webbers Falls 495
Motley, Lee Webbers Falls 650
Neal, C. W. Porum 790
Neff, H. Webbers Falls 730
Neff, Hooley P. Webbers Falls 3,780
Nickell, C. H. Porum 550
Nickell, Roy Porum 100
Nickols, G. L. Porum 1,265
Oslin, E. F. Porum 1,190
Oslin, W. H. & claud Porum 1,845
Parsons, S. M. Porum 1,310
Parsons, W. B. Porum 510
Patterson, J. D. Porum 2,360
Patterson, S. E. Porum 150
Phillips, S. E. Porum 855
Peterson, Earnest Porum 500
Peterson, Mae Porum 500
Pittman, C. H. Muskogee 500
Poe, J. A. Warner 500
Pool, A. C. Porum 450
Potter, H. H. Porum 475
Potter, S. G. Warner 460
Potter, W. H. Porum 800
Price, Will Webbers Falls 315
Pryor, G. H. Porum 1,435
Pryor, W. H. Webbers Falls 700
Rackley, T. H. Webbers Falls 1,125
Raper, J. G. Webbers Falls 395
Raper, J. J. Webbers Falls 425
Ray, Bud Webbers Falls 705
Ray, Cap Webbers Falls 745
Ray, Jess Webbers Falls 315
Sasey, C. N. Webbers Falls 850
Reece, H. C. Webbers Falls 959
Reed, A. A. Webbers Falls 1,185
Reed, J. T. Webbers Falls 875
Reese, T. S. Webbers Falls 410
Reeves, John Porum 335
Rider, A. L. Webbers Falls  
Roberson, W. C. Porum 750
Roberts, S. E. Warner 500
Robertson, M. T. Porum 770
Robbins, Mrs. M. T. Porum 50
Robinson, W. Porum 280
Rock, Lee Porum 395
Rogers, D. B. Warner 700
Rogers, G. J. Porum 730
Rogers, J. M. Porum 1,080
Rogers, Mandy Webbers Falls 1,190
Rogers, T. A. Porum 1,435
Rolland, L. B. Webbers Falls 425
Ross, F. C. Porum 370
Ross, G. W. Webbers Falls 665
Ross, J. M. Porum 355
Ross, J. P. Webbers Falls 810
Ross, W. T. Porum 1,810
Ryan, J. Webbers Falls 500
Sallers, Joe Porum 500
Saunders, C. L. Webbers Falls 1,455
Sanders, G. W. Warner 500
Satterfield, L. M. Porum 180
Scroggins, J. N. Webbers Falls 580
Scott, W. A. Warner 500
Sevall, C. C. Warner 500
Shetley, W. T. Warner 1,780
Shines, Charlie Webbers Falls 600
Shoemake, C. F. Webbers Falls 855
Shoemake, Hugh Porum 500
Shoemake, J. E. Porum 650
Shoemake, J. W. Porum 595
Shoemake, Robert Porum 140
Simms, E. G. Webbers Falls 200
Smith, F. Webbers Falls 130
Smith, Gordon W. Porum 5,860
Smith, J. M. Webbers Falls 500
Smith, Ross Warner 1,800
Smith, T. E. Porum 1,325
Smith, W. A. Webbers Falls 500
Smith, W. S. Porum 470
Smythson, Ed Webbers Falls 550
Somco, Alice Webbers Falls 400
Sparks, L. R. Porum 870
Splitnose, Tom Porum 195
Stacy, T. H. Porum 850
Standford, W. B. Porum 270
Standingdeer, David Porum 290
Stewart, C. C. Porum 2,000
Stewart, C. L. Checotah 475
Stewart, H. C. Porum 520
Stewart, J. F. Porum 1,100
Stone, C. W. Webbers Falls 645
Stone, Z. W. Webbers Falls 500
Stout, J. B. Webbers Falls 1,115
Stout, R. L. Porum 1,000
Stout, Walter Webbers Falls 330
Stroud, Isaiah Warner 60
Sullivan, J. F. Webbers Falls 285
Sullivan, T. F. Porum 250
Swain, M. H. Porum 800
Swart, Mrs. Nan Warner 505
Tarkington, W. D. Porum 230
Taylor, J. A. Porum 2,140
Taylor, W. J. Porum 470
Teague, T. G. Webbers Falls 1,035
Thomas, Charles Webbers Falls 685
Thomas, H. T. Webbers Falls 900
Thomas, Silas Webbers Falls 785
Thompson, W. R. Porum 1,160
Tittle, W. R. Webbers Falls 500
Toney, Famous Porum 260
Toney, George Porum 370
Toney, Jane Porum 205
Toney, Leo Webbers Falls 1,125
Trantham, J. B. Porum 400
Tully, Croft Webbers Falls 500
Tunnell, J. E. Porum 1,265
Tarmon, B. H. Webbers Falls 770
Tarmon, N. J. Webbers Falls 825
Tyree, J. M. Porum 500
Vann, F. J. Webbers Falls 1,510
Vann, F.J. & R. P. Webbers Falls 4,070
Vann, J. B. Webbers Falls 665
Van, R. P. Sr. Webbers Falls 1,540
Vaughn, C. A. Warner 235
Vaughn, L. E. Warner 600
Verden, Mrs. Hattie Porum 360
Ward, Bell Warner 500
Ward, J. J. Webbers Falls 1,260
Ward, J. J., guardian of    
Artie Harris, minor Webbers Falls 115
Ward, J. J. guardian of    
the Butler, minor Webbers Falls 1,450
Ward, J. R. Webbers Falls 1,095
Waters, George Porum 115
Watts, C. Porum 400
Watkins, H. C. Webbers Falls 415
Weatherford, H. R. Porum 1,295
Weaver, Felix Porum 400
Welter, W. D. Porum 800
Wilkerson, Eliza Webbers Falls 590
Wilkerson, L. W. Porum 225
West, S. N. Porum 700
West, W. F. Webbers Falls 435
White, Hugh Porum 500
White, O. C. Webbers Falls 1,200
White, J. E. Webbers Falls 400
Whitley, J. N. Porum 795
Williams, Charles Webbers Falls 400
Williams, F. S. Webbers Falls 280
Williams, J. W. Porum 815
Williams, L. R. Porum 1,140
Williams, Mrs. Martha Webbers Falls 335
Williams, Sylvester Webbers Falls 500
Willis, John Webbers Falls 825
Wilson, M. Porum 715
Woodall, E. V. Warner 900
Wooten, G. D. Webbers Falls 2,780
Wooten, H. S. Webbers Falls 455
Workman, C. C. Webbers Falls 1,200
Wright, L. P. Porum 480
Wyatt, Johnny Porum 275
Wyatt, W. H. Porum 685
Zachary, T. W. Porum 345

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