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"Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries worldwide."

"Show me first the graveyards of a country and I will tell you the true character of the people."
--Benjamin Franklin

The Old Agency Cemetery Project

Agency Cemetery
The wooded area in the background is the home of Old Agency Cemetery.

Located 1 1/2 miles East of Fern Mountain just East of US 69 in Muskogee County, this cemetery covers about 10 acres.
The Oklahoma Cemetery Preservation Association, Inc. has undertaken a project to purchase a portion of the property, clean and restore it. Plans include effort to include the cemetery on the National Register of Historic Places and to establish a foundation for perpetual care of this historic cemetery.

With help from the Three Forks Treasure Hunters (Muskogee) Indian Territory Treasure Hunters Club (Tulsa) and Tulsy Town Treasure Hunters (Tulsa) as well as other groups and individuals a second work day is scheduled for Saturday April 2, 2005 to clear brush and dead trees. For further information on the project or the work day contact Sue Tolbert

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According to the Indian Pioneer History, volume 55, pages 338, 339 which was done by the WPA in 1937:

"Soon after the Creek agency was established at Fern Mountain in 1857, the Agency burial ground was started on the hill one and a half miles east of the Agency on the first road between the Agency and Ft.Gibson, and the old deeply worn road that winds its way through the old cemetery today is a part of that same old Agency-Ft. Gibson trail.--Fannie Renty, Creek Freedman, born and reared in the vicinity gave the information contained in the preceeding paragraph.

It would be difficult to estimate the number of graves in this old cemetery with any degree of accuracy as none of the older graves have markers with inscriptions and many of them have a heavy growth of brush and briers over them indicating many years of neglect. Some of the later graves have expensive and beautiful monuments and tombs, but sadly neglected and several have fallen down."

List of Known Buials and Gravestone Photos

Among those buried at Old Agency Cemetery are:
Harry Island
Gravestone photo
Rev. Sugar George
Gravestone photo 1
Gravestone photo 2

Pictures of the March 19th Clean Up Workday

Agency Cemetery Agency Cemetery
Agency Cemetery Agency Cemetery
Agency Cemetery Agency Cemetery
Agency Cemetery Agency Cemetery

The Work Crew

Agency Cemetery

Three Forks Treasure Hunters (Muskogee), Indian Territory
Treasure Hunters Club (Tulsa), and Tulsy Town Treasure Hunters (Tulsa)


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Photos by Skye Tolbert, March 27, 2002

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