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December 18, 2004

Ruth, I appreciate you and Teresa so much. Now I have Two Angels. Ruth and Teresa, my Pushmataha Angels. Thank you for all of the information. Great Work!
Merry Christmas ! Carolyn Kay (Born in Oklahoma)

April 12, 2005

I have found where my Greatparents are buried in the Black Fork Cemetery near Nashoba. I would like to know when and if they have a decoration day. My Greatparents were Worley N. Andes and Mary E. Andes. I would appreciate any information. My e-mail address is The Youngs

Response to "The Youngs" from WebMistress. If you had advised your new e-mail address; I could have given you some information. In case you ever come back to this site, go to www.LDSSearch.com, and type in Worley Andes. He and Mary are shown on that page.


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