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Pushmataha County, OK.

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My name is Ruth Atteberry Adams, and I will be your hostess. My wish is to supply you the best information possible. I do not live in Pushmataha County; I was born and reared in Atoka County. Unfortunately, I no longer live in Oklahoma. I have a great helper at this site, a fantastic young lady, some of you already know; Teresa Young. She will be furnishing infor-
mation for this web site. Teresa has a desire for helping others, that is greater than any person I have ever known. It is an honor to be working with Teresa.

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Pushmataha County: Created in 1907 from Choctaw Lands. Named after the great Choctaw Chieftain Apustmataha meaning "the sapling is ready, or finished, for him."

Pushmataha County Courthouse
302 S.W. B. St.
Antlers, OK 74523-3899

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ADMINISTRATORS RECORD Book #4: Deaths: 1901 to 1907
Antlers Tornado
Bride & Groom's Marriage Book 1, 1907 to 1912
Bride & Groom's Marriage Book 2, 1912 to 1916
Bride & Groom's Marriage Book 3, 1916 to 1919
Bride & Groom's Marriage Book 4, 1919 to 1921
Bride & Groom's Marriage Book 5, 1921 to 1924
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Census-Pushmataha County - 1920 Kiamichi Twp
Choctaw Capitols.....(New)
Choctaw Full Blood Docket
Civil Appearance Docket#1....(New)
Civil Appearance Docket#2
Comment Page
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Nationalization Papers
Photos in Pushmataha County
Probate Fee Records Book #1-1904 to 1934
Probate Fee Records Book 2-1905 to 1937
Probate Fee Record Book #4-1933 to 1952
Probate Journal Book 1-1908 to 1912
Pushmataha County Addresses
Pushmataha Surnames
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Recipes From The Past

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