Births in Seminole County

As printed in local newspapers

				Published May 1, 1966:  Source: "The Seminole Producer"
				Seminole Municipal Hospital

JAMES, Linda Ruth		b. 4-28-1966 to Mr. and Mrs. C.E. JAMES  
Daughter (Rondellin Rittani) 	b. 4-27-1966	Grandparents: Mrs. and Mrs. C.A. PIERCE 
						and Mrs. Lillian B. GOSS
JACKSON, Travis Lavern 		b. 4-24-1966 to Mr. and Mrs. Travis Jackson
				Published May 6, 1966:  
        			Seminole Municipal Hospital

OVERBEY, Julia Dee Anne		b. 4/1/1966 - dtr of Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Overbey
				Older siblings listed as: Cheryl Overbey and Jana Overbey
				Grandparents:   Mrs. Lillie Overbey of Seminole, OK
						Mr. and Mrs. Guye LEMMINGS of Seminole, OK


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