Seminole County, Oklahoma Land Records

These are recorded from original index records in the Seminole County Courthouse.  There are approximately 2 full rooms of books and I have made a small dent in the first book. This is going to be an incredible amount of work and it is going to take me a long time. I will add to the postings, as I get each bit done. There is NO schedule of completion for this!

Please understand that I cannot do lookups for land records. It would simply be too time consuming!!

If you wish to obtain a copy of the original record or platt map, you will have to write, or call, the County Courthouse. Their address is: County Recorders Office, 123 S. Mekusukey, Wewoka, Oklahoma 74884 (405) 257-6236

Since searching for land records can be frustrating, I'm including a simple explanation of 
what each heading means.  If you're already familiar with the lingo, then just scroll on down.

Grantor = Person selling the property
Grantee = Person buying the property  
Instrument = 	AD - Acquisition Deed?
		D  - Deed
		QCD- Quit Claim Deed
		QD - Quiet Deed
             	WD - Widow's Deed
Date of Instrument = Date the document was signed
Date of Filing = Date the document was filed at the courthouse
Recorded = Date the document was recorded
Description of the property: 	Lot - Lot
				Blk - Block
				Qr  - Quarter
				Sec - Section
				Tp  - Township
				R   - Range

Grantor Grantee Instrument Date of InstrumentDate of FilingRecordedLotBlkQrSecTwpRRemark
Allen, S.H.O.W.R.Aldridge, Myrtle & E.C.QCD11-30-190711-30-19073:45 PM375SW,SE31118.
Autry, B. J.Cooper, WF & LucyWD11-7-190711-19-19071:00 PM329.9-101.Konawa
Aldridge, Bert Locke, MaryWD11-20-1907 12-2-1907 10:00 AM378NE34116.
Adler, B. Peters, Sussie C.R.E.Mtg11-27-190711-20-190710:30 AM335NE 2497.
August Land Co.Anderson, MarthaWD1-6-19081-7-190810:20 AM510....See Book
Akin, XXHammons, JBWD1-11-19081-14-19088:10 AM5 25 .20-10-29.17Konawa
Aldridge, JMPepper YoungWD1-4-19081-14-190811:00 AM3207NW,SW36117.
Aldridge, E.C. Charley PowellWD1-27-190811-28-190812:00 AM554NW35116.
August Laud Co.Sissie Coser & etalWD2-22-19082-24-19089:00 AM5981-4-5820108.
Autry, BJTaylor, AHWD2-24-19082-26-190810:40 AM51102-6107..Wewoka
Akin, EL JC Hair, et uxWD10-31-19063-3-19089:30 AM U6518 to 21..2Konawa
Aldridge, ECHenry AlbertyWD3-10-19083-10-1908 2:50 PM5133SE,SE3198.
Aldridge, ECHenry AlbertyWD3-10-19083-10-19083:00 PM5134NE,SE3198.
August Laud Co.Martha AlexanderWD3-11-19083-12-19088:20 AM3137....See record
Aldridge, ECEliza PaldoWD11-14-190811-14-19084:00 PM5151NE3288.
Aldridge, ECEliza PaldoWD11-14-190811-14-19084:00 PM5152SE,SW1398.
Aldridge, ECEliza PaldoWD11-14-190811-16-19083:10 PM5157NE,E3298.
Aldridge, R.I.Liley...........
Baker, R.M.L.Thomas, J.M.QD1-29-19085-08-1908 3751837 2/-/3Hazel
Baker, Alexander, W.P.Crump, GeorgeQCD1-10-190810-14-1908 6112NE3288
Baker, Alexander, W.P Young, PepperQCD3-10-190810-14-19086122NE3288
Baker, Alexander, W.PSmith, J.W.QCD1-10-190810-14-19086123NE3288
Baker, Alexander, W.PSmith, J.F.QCD1-10-190810-14-19086124NE3288
Baker, Alexander, W.PSmith, N. BertQCD1-10-190810-14-19086125NE3288
Baker, Alexander, W.PRogers, Harry H.QCD1-10-190810-14-19086126NE3288
Baker, AnnieBoylan, C.B.WD10-31-190810-31-19088349NE12105
Baker, Annie Willia, T.WD5-7-19145-8-1914 43136
Baker, Austin O.Jayne, E.E.QCD6-24-19096-25-19096342See Rec.
Baker, Austin O. Campbell, JennieQCD3-26-19144-10-191440131
Baker, Austin O.Hiliker/Jarvis Sim CoQCD6-16-19137-5-19133386
Baker, DavidSeminole NationAD3-27-19136-23-191328280
Baker, DavidSeminole NationAD3-27-19136-23-19133039
Baker, DavidBruner, MiltonWD6-14-19136-14-19133370
Baker, EverettHarjo, RebeccaWD3-16-19163-24-191657154
Baker, FrankButts, JosieWD9-11-19149-14-191443362File No. 24578
Baker, Jeannie B.Holt, Bettie WD 3-25-19165-24-191657300
Baker, JosephineMuskogee NationsDeed5-30-19082-13-19133312
Baker, PikeNorton, SamWD9-12-191211-1-19122713
Baker, PikeBruner, RobinWD10-11-191310-15-191328629
Baker, PikeJenkins, RayQCD6-26-19166-27-191649491
Baker, Rebecca JaneWilliams, James S.QCD10-30-190810-17-1913414
Baker, Rebecca J.Gunn, R.M. (husband)QCD3-13-19123-14-191216483
Baker, A.O.Wineberg, C.H.QCD11-13-190411-15-19086427
Baker, A.O.Tate, H.M.WD11-7-190811-11-19088388SE2187
Baker, A.O.Campbell, D.WD11-2-190811-13-19088400SW28106
Baker, A.O.Byford, W.S.WD11-16-190811-30-19086162NE165
Baker, A.O.Tate, R.M.WD11-6-190811-30-19088446SW3675
Baker, A.O.Tate, R.M.WD11-6-190811-30-19088447NE165
Baker, A.O.Cobb, Joe B.WD11-30-190812-1-19088448SE2486
Baker, A.O.Reed, F.H.WD12-12-190812-12-19088478See Rec.
Baker, A.O.Foster, Dindie?WD12-15-190812-19-19088498NW2167
Baker, A.O.Silas, JohnWD7-23-19097-23-190910338NW867
Baker, A.O.Harjo, SukeyWD10-5-190910-6-190910533
Baker, A.O.Rogers, H.H.WD2-3-19102-19-191012358
Baker, A.O.Durant, AshoneWD4-8-19104-9-191012501
Baker, A.O. Hays, SukeyWD3-23-19123-23-191224187
Baker, A.O. Barr, Ruthie (husband)WD5-11-19125-11-191224252
Baker, A.O.Chief, FrancisWD11-12-191212-2-191227266
Baker, A.O.Wolfe, RachaelWD11-12-191212-2-191227267
Baker, A.O.Davis, DaveWD3-8-19133-8-19132851
Baker, A.O.Cudjo, BobbyWD7-21-19137-21-191328443
Baker, A.O.Baylass, C.B.WD7-1-1913 7-5-191328402
Baker, A.O.Wise, JamesQD1-22-19138-11-19137248
Baker, J.A.Dean, IshmaelWD12-17-191012-17-191015362
Baker, J.A.Bruner, SolomonWD9-6-191110-2-191120448
Baker, J.A.James, MarthaWD12-2-191112-2-191120607
Baker, J.A.James, GabeWD12-14-191112-15-191120636
Baker, J.A.Gilliams, J.R.QCD1-19131-18-191326154
Baker, J.A.Bruner, MiltonWD2-13-19133-20-191326224
Baker, J.A.Patterson, L.E.QCD4-17-19134-21-191326330
Baker, J.A.Jayne, LucyWD4-29-19134-29-191327639
Baker, J.A.Cudjo, BobbyRD8-1-19138-1-1913 3377
Baker, J.A.Lottie, DouglasWD7-5-19138-8-191328540
Baker, J.A.Davis, Nancy et alWD9-27-19139-27-191333115
Baker, J.A.Lottie, AffieQCD12-6-191312-10-191326602
Baker, J.A.Milam, T.W.QCD12-11-191312-20-191326616
Baker, J.A.Tignir, J.D.QCD12-1-191312-1-191326608
Baker, J.A.Lottie, RoseWD1-6-19141-7-191433168
Baker, J.A.Lottie, PerryWD1-8-19141-8-191441289
Baker, J.A.Pittman, W.A.QD 2-9-19142-9-19147288
Baker, J.A.Jackson, DavisQD3-9-19143-9-19147292
Baker, J.A.Davis, J.O.QCD4-24-19144-24-191440138
Baker, J.A.Williams, Miley AnnWD4-27-19144-27-191441493
Baker, J.A.Gordon, Annie WD4-29-19144-30-191441501
Baker, J.A.Wolfe, C. DaleQCD3-16-19143-16-191433227
Baker, J.A.Smith, N. Bert WD1-24-19147-31-191443258
Baker, J.A.Harrielson, AlbertWD3-3-19153-4-191550116
Baker, J.A.Rudd, J.L.QCD4-17-19154-22-191545510
Baker, J.A.Greer Sher, T.M.Sher.D4-24-19154-26-191533415
Baker, J.A.Ringold, E.A.WD4-23-19155-11-191550312
Baker, J.A.Ringold, E.A.WD4-23-19155-11-191550308
Baker, J.A.Fain, Mrs. Logan QCD4-12-19158-14-191533521
Baker, J.A.Lottie, Isabelle WD1-12-191411-6-1915 51306
Baker, J.A.Lottie, EmanuelWD7-14-191411-6-1915 51307
Baker, J.A.Ringold, E.A.WD12-29-191512-30-191551506
Baker, J.A.Barham, J.S.QCD1-3-19161-3-1916 49304
Baker, J.A.Holt, BettieWD4-17-19164-17-191657211
Baker, J.A.Traser, L.W. QCD9-28-19149-16-191649538
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