Seminole County Newspapers

The following information was obtained from microfilm of the newspaper. I have done my best 
to transcribe the information as accurately as possible, but the type is small and often times 
difficult to read. To make it easier to search, I have alphabetized each issue according to 
surname. Please note some weekly publications are not available. 

The Maud Monitor  - June 10, 1904 - Vol 1, No. 19
published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma  

Addison, Aiken, Asher, Babcock, Barnes, Bennett, Beemblossom, Bond, Butler, Caldwell, Campbell, Carpenter, Conner, Connor, Cooper, Cuff, Cummings, Dickerson, Dodson, Eubank, Grace, Green,   Harding, Henderson, Horton, Kenyon, King, Main, McCord, McIntyre, Madden, Melton, Merrill, Moran, Ogee, Orr, Parmiter, Raper, Rains, Rudisill, Ruggles, Scott, Smith, Sparkman, Spinning, Stubbeman, Talley, Thompson, Thorne, Tribbey, Truscott, Vinson, West, Whitney.

J.A. ADDISON and wife went to St. Louis this week. Mrs. Addison's father was dying.
Mrs. J. AIKEN ordered the "Monitor" sent to her father, A.S. TALLEY of Valiant,I.T.
Dr. F.V. BABCOCK, dentist.
C.C. BARNES will build you a house......
J.L. BENNETT and family have gone to the Chickasaw, where they will make their future home.
E.H. BOND, Notary Public.
E.H. BOND, Cashier of First State Bank.
Mrs. C.P. BUTLER has been ill.
I.A. CAMPBELL, of St. Louis, Mo., returned with his daughter, Mrs. MABEL ADDISON.
Miss Mabel CAMPBELL, keeps a well selected stock of dress patterns, hats, etc......
J.A. CARPENTER, Editor and proprietor of "The Maud Monitor"
Dr. B.P. CONNOR, Dentist.
P.H. COOPER, President of First State Bank
J. J. CUFF - owner of a Dry Goods Store
HENRY CUMMINGS, Notary Public.
W.H. DICKERSON is attending the Territorial Federation of labor, at Enid this week.
S.D. DODSON, Physician and Surgeon.
V.F. EUBANK was laid up the first of the week.
W.A. GRACE, is a candidate for re-election to the office of Sheriff of Pottawatomie County....
J.C. GREEN, of Tecumseh, was in town Tuesday.
DICK HARDING, went over to Earlboro Wednesday and brought in the mail. 
W.R. HORTON and DICK HARDING were Shawnee visitors yesterday. 
Levi KENYON, Dealer in The best fresh meats.
W.B. KING and family, gave a cyclone cellar party .....The guests of the evening were: 
	L.H. ORR and family, and C.C. BARNES and family.
ALFRED MAIN, 1st Vice President of First State Bank
ALFRED MAIN, The Pioneer Livery Stable, Feed and Wagon Yard.
A.L. McCORD purchased W.S. SMITH confectionery.
J.S. McINTYRE, is a candidate for the nomination for Register of Deeds......
C.N. MELTON has flour and feed for sale........
C.N. MELTON and Dr. THORNE, have about completed arrangement for a collection agency.
J.M. MERRILL was in town the first of the week.
Attorneys for GEORGE MORAN, who is now serving a life sentence in the penitentiary for 
	the murder of JAY BEEMBLOSSOM, near Rush Springs ......are making arrangements 
	to go before the supreme court......
R.A. OGEE has a fine line of Coffins, caskets and burial robes.....
Mrs. J.J. PARMITER, Prop (proprieter) of The Piazza Hotel.
A.J. RAPER is ill.
P.W. SMITH wears cotton strings for shoe laces.
F.S. SPARKMAN and wife's little child fell into a tub of water....came near drowning
Challen SPINNING, 2nd Vice President of First State Bank 
H.W. STUBBEMAN, of Norman, was over Tuesday, looking after his interests in Maud.
F.L.THOMPSON, Wholesale and Retail Flour and Feed. 
Thomas TRIBBEY, came in Tuesday, to charge of the Maud Drug Store. 
G.E. TRUSCOTT and family now living in Maud. 
JACK VINSON, is a candidate for nomination for Sheriff. 
C.G. WEST and Sons, The O.K. Saloon under new management. 
W.A. WHITNEY, Prop. I cure Dandruff........ 
Little River is a mile between here and Earlsboro. 
Board of Directors of Indianola Business College, located at Tecumseh, Okla. Ter. 
	Judge W.A. RUGGLES	Judge D.B. MADDEN	Capt. S.J. SCOTT

The Maud Monitor - June 17, 1904 - Vol 1., No. 20

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
SURNAMES: Atkins, Babcock, Bailey, Billington, Bussey, Bond, Clower, Coal, Coleman, Crittendon, Dial, Dodson, Dyer, Eydlett, Griswold, Hardin, Harrison, Horton, Kenyon, King, Kinslow, Lacy, McFarland, Main, Marple, Miller, Northcutt, Northrup, O'Connor, O'Rork, Olds, Petersmeyer, Pickens, Pierce, Polk, Roady, Rose, Rudisill, Rye, Sellers, Shelton, Simpson, Smyth, Spencer, Spinning, Steele, Thackery, Unsell, Wilson, Woosley.

Dr. BABCOCK, of Ada, came in Monday
EARNEST BILLINGTON and family, of Earlboro, visited C.B. BILLINGTON and family, Sunday.
Mrs. O.M. BILLINGTON, of California, is visiting her brother, C.B. BILLINGTON and family.
FAY BOND, of Oklaoma City, visited his brother, E.H. BOND and wife.
Mrs. Ethelyn CRITTENDON and E.C. PETERSMEYER, of Lawton, were in town Wednesday looking up 
	a location for a drug store.
Dr. DODSON's daughter, of (the community of) Violet has been paying home folks a visit.
Col. DYER, traded his farm for L.F. ROADY's interest in the Eubank and Roady general 
	merchandise company.
J.B. DYER, Special District Deputy Grand Master, organized and I.O.O.F lodge here Saturday 
	night. 	A.B. DYER was elected N.G., David EYDLETT, V.G., ALFRED MAIN, Treasurer, 
	W.J. DYER, Sec.
C.S. GRISWOLD, secretary of the Ragon Lumber Co., of Oklahoma City, was in town Wednesday.
PAUL HARRISON, J.C. BUSSEY, S.F. BAILEY, executive Committee for Fourth Annual 
	Picinic to be held Saturday, June 18, 1904.
W.R. HORTON and family have moved to their new residence.
Mrs. Dan KENYON visited her parents near Remus this week.
BOB LACY was in town Tuesday.
Marks MILLER has decided to move to Maud, Oklahoma
Geo. NORTHRUP and Challen SPINNING, were out from Oklahoma City Monday.
Pat O'CONNOR, proprietor of O'Connors Hardware Store.
Dr. A.C. PICKENS, was in town the first of the week.
Mrs. J. K. POLK was sick the first of the week.
W.T. SELLERS was on the sick list Wednesday.
T.L. SHELTON of Cook, brought in a Radish 30 inches long and 15 inches in circumference...
	weighed 5 pounds...
Robert L. SPENCER, Real Estate Agent.
Dad STEELE, who was visiting with R.T. ATKINS last Sunday was striken with apoplexy and 
	has been unable to go to Maud, to which place he had everything packed to move.
Frank A. THACKERY, of Shawnee was in town Tuesday.
Rev. WILSON's child has been sick this week.
WILLARD WOOSLEY, is out in the country rusticating this week.

The Konawa Townsite will be opened up in about two weeks by Spinning and Northrup.

New subscribers to "The Maud Monitor" are listed as:

The Baptists organized a Sunday School last Sunday. P.W. SMYTH was elected superintendent, 
	LOUIS OGEE, assistand superintendent, Mrs. E.H. BOND, secretary and treasurer, 
	Miss KING, organist.

The Maud Monitor - July 1, 1904 - Vol 1., No. 22

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Bell, Cannon, Christian, Dearin, Dickerson, Doyle, Dyer, Eoff, Frederick, Glober, Godwin, Hazelwood, Hodges, Horton, Johnson, Lithicum, Loyd, Kenyon, Kilgore, King, McCabe, Martain, Miller, Moran, Nance, Olds, Ogee, Orr, Parminter, Polk, Rolater, Sanders, Scott, Shaver, Smyth, Thorn, Truscott, Woods.

H. CHRISTIAN, has gone to the Creek country to teach school
Luke DEARIN, a lineman in the employ of the South McAlester-Eufala Telephone company, fell 
	forty feet from a pole and sustained injuries which are considered fatal.
Mrs. W.H. DICKERSON was ___ several days this week.
S. DOYLE is putting in a bridge across Little River on the Earlboro road.
S.A. and L. DOYLE are putting in a steel bridge across Little river.
Sam FREDERICK, has purchased the Smith confectionery.	
Mrs. HAZELWOOD and daughter, of Asher are visiting Johnnie OGEE and wife.
Silas HODGES was seen going south Sunday evening.
W.R. HORTON was jockeying a mule in a race Saturday.........two sprained ankles was the result
 	and they were not the mules either.
J.N.LOYD, who lives about 5 miles south of town, brought in the first cotton blossom of the 
	Season Saturday.
July 2,3 and 4th. July 4th celebration lists Marshalls of the day as Levi KENYON, L.H. ORR 
	and Dr. A. BELL.
Miss Nannie KING and Mr. Ed GLOBER will be married at the home of W.B. KING on the 6th.
Alven KILGORE is working for J.D. HODGES.
Will MARTAIN visited friends in at Remus Sunday.
Thos. R. McCABE, editor of the Asher Altruist and Miss Edna SHAVER were married on Wednesday, 
	June 16 (1904).
F.W. MILLER, of Tecumseh, spent Tuesday night in Maud.
D. MORAN was over from Maud Sunday. Dee says Ellaville in quite attractive to him.
Our subscribers this week are: 

Miss MAY OGEE, of Shawnee, is visiting relatives in Ellaville.
The Ice Cream supper at R.A. OGEE's was enjoyed by all present.
Mrs. OLDS and son arrived the first of the week.
Thelma PARMINTER has been on the sick list this week.
Mrs. J.K. POLK gave a birthday party Monday night.
Dixy SANDERS, of Bonham, TX spent Monday night with his old friend R.J. JOHNSON, and family.
Miss Susie SCOTT, visited ANGIE DOYLE this Sunday.
Vergie SMYTH has about recovered.
MRS. THORN is on the sick list this week.
Dr. L.K. TRUSCOTT returned from Shawnee Friday, where he had been called to consult with 
	Drs. CANNON of Shawnee and ROLATER, of Oklahoma City, in the case of the son of 
	R.E. WOODS, who is very low with appendicitis.

The Maud Monitor  - July  8, 1904 - Vol 1., No. 23

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Barrow, Bohanon, Brown, Bowls, Buffington, Bushyhead, Chappell, Childers, Daniel, Downing, Doyle, Etheridge, Gwinn, Harding, Harris, Hicks, Hodgo, Holder, Jolly, Keiner, Leach, Mayes, Morris, Matteson, Merritt, Nance, Ross, Rye, Pickens, Polk, Rogers, Thomas, Thompson, Smyth, Starr, Walker, Watie, Woodworth.

John BARROW has been on the sick list this week.
W.B. BOHANON and wife, of Neal were down to spend the Fourth.
G.H. BROWN brought in a cotton stalk this week nearly 4 feet high. He also brought in an 
	onion that weighed 3 1/2 pounds and measured 12" in circumference.
Chas. CHAPPELL and family and F.C. WOODWORTH and family, of Asher, spent Saturday and Sunday 
	in Maud.
J.M. DANIEL, of Norman...... was over looking after his business interests.
Blanch DOYLE has commenced working in his cotton this week.
S.A. DOYLE was in town Tuesday.
L.B. ETHERIDGE, of Wapanucka, I.T., was visiting his two sons this week, who live about 
	4 miles from town.
Rev. Jesse GWINN, preached Saturday and Sunday.
DICK HARDING, traded for a pony sometime ago, and last week a (black man)came up from the 
	territory and claimed the pony. It had, he claims, been stolen from him some time 
	ago. It looks as if someone not very far from here is dealing in stolen property.
Perry HOLDER, of Marshall, ARK and B.F. THOMAS and wife, of Ada, relatives of P.W. SMYTH, 
	spent the fourth in Maud.
Fred KEINER and sister....came near being drowned while returning from town this last week.
Tom LEACH suffered with a severe attack of heart trouble Wednesday.
Harry MATTESON is on the sick list this week.
J.L. MERRITT, candidate for Register of Deeds. He is an old timer, having come to the county 
	at the 'settlement' September 23, 1891.....
J.H. MORRIS and Miss Mamie CHILDERS were married last Thursday in Tecumseh.
Mrs. NANCE (President) and Mrs. RYE (Secretary) of the Home Mission Society thanks Business Men.
Dr. A.C. PICKENS has been down from Tecumseh this week looking after business.
Miss Helen POLK returned from Texas Wednesday where she has been visiting her grandmother.
R.S. SMYTH and wife, of Marshall, ARK., were the guests of P.W. SMYTH and family.
Deputy J.Z. WALKER was in Wewoka this week at the preliminary trial of the three 
	Indians, who murdered DUFFY HODGO, last Saturday.

Dr. EMMET STARR of Claremore, the Cherokee historian has compiled a list of the 
Chiefs of the Cherokees as follows:

	April 3, 1730 to 1766		Matoy of Tellico
	1760 to 1775			Attacullaculla
	1775 to 1780			Oganastota
	1780 to 1792			Hanging Maw
	1792 to 1801			Black Fox or Enoli
	1811 to 1826			Pathkiller
	1825 to 1828			William Hicks
	Oct 13, 1828 to Aug 1, 1866	William P. Ross
	1867 to 1872			Lewis Downing
	Nov 10, 1872 (for one day)	Charles Thompson
	Nov 11, 1872 to 1875		William P. Ross
	1875 to 1879			Charles Thompson
	1879 to 1887			Dennis Wolfe Bushyhead
	1887 to 1891			Joel Bryan Mayes
	12/14/1891 to 12/23/1891	Thomas Mitchell Buffington
	12/23/1891 to 1895		Colonel Johnson Harris
	1895 to 1899			Samuel Houston Mayes
	1899 to 1903			Thomas M. Buffington
	1903 to present			William Charles Rogers

Rulers of the Western or Old Settler Cherokees were:

	1795 to 1801 		Bowls
	1801 to 1817 		Tahlontiska
	1817 			John Jolly
	1839 			John Brown
	1839 			John Rogers	

Chief of the Cherokees in Texas: John Bowls

Chief of the Confederate Cherokees: Stand Watie 1862 to 1865

The Maud Monitor  - July  22, 1904 - Vol 1., No. 25

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
SURNAMES: Bailey, Barbour, Bond, Bussey, Christian, DeGraff, Dyer, Graves, Hodges, Holman, Hopkins, Horton, Jamieson, Jett, Jones, King, Lacy, McCord, Martain, Melton, Miller, Null, Ogee, Ripy, Southall, Steele, Thompson, Tribbey, Willis, Wilson, Wood.

S.F. BAILEY, a graduate of the University of Texas, has been employed as principal of the Public School at this place.
John BARBOUR, of Norman, was over Sunday visiting his pardner Thos. TRIBBEY,and looking 
	after business.
E.H. BOND celebrated his 32nd birthday on Friday the 15th. 
Miss Clara BUSSEY visited at J.L. MARTAINs on Sunday.
Alva CHRISTIAN and wife, left Sunday for the Creek nation, where Mr. Christian will teach 
J.F. DeGRAFF and son, who live about 3 miles over in Seminole (County), were in town Tuesday.
C.S. GRAVES is at work on his cotton gin in the north part of town.
Miss Jennie HODGES attended a dedication service at Maud on Sunday.
W.R. HORTON, JOHN KING, G.W. JONES, W. HOLMAN and W. B. KING were over in the Seminole wolf 
	hunting last Thursday and Friday.  W.R. Horton was the lucky man who succeeded in 
	bagging a large wolf.
Dr. JAMIESON, of Sapulpa, has located in the McCarrell building.  He will open up a drug 
	store in connection with the practice of medicine.
Johnnie JETT is on the sick list this week.
A.D. KING of Tecumseh, is erecting a business building.
Bob LACY, W.J. DYER and C.F. HOPKINS were down to (the community of) Violet Wednesday.
C.L. McCORD is erecting a building by the post office for his Ice cream parlor and confectionery.
Mrs. C.N. MELTON was a Shawnee visitor Sunday.
C.W. MILLER returned from an extended trip Friday, through Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa.
E.W. MILLER and family, of Tecumseh, were in town last Thursday and Friday.
Rev. NULL preached a sermon on the streets Saturday.
Miss Lila OGEE visited Jessie HODGES on Sunday.
Miss May OGEE, of Shawnee, will make her home with her brother, R.A. OGEE and family.
Arthur RIPY was visiting friend and relatives in McLean, Texas last week.
Rev. SOUTHALL will fill his regular appointment Saturday and Sunday.
R.G. STEELE has just completed a building on Front Street
Rev. THOMPSON presiding elder of the Methodist church, held quarterly conference here Sunday.
A.L. WILLIS has just completed a ;nice residence in the north part of town. 
Miss Lessie WILSON returned from Shawnee the first of the week.
W.B. WOOD spent Sunday in Tecumseh with home folks.

The Maud Monitor  - August 26, 1904 - Vol 1., No. 30

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma
Surnames: Bailey, Barnes, Beryl, Blount, Butler, Dyer, Dodson, Eoff, Eubank, Fixx, Gammon, Gragg, Harbert, Harding, Head, Johnson, Kinslow, McDonald, Martin, Miller, Nance, Parmiter, Pickens, Ragon, Riddle, Simpson, Standard, Tiffin, Truscott.
S.F. BAILEY, acted as cashier of the Maud State Bank Wednesday in the absence of E. RIDDLE.
Francis BARNES is suffering with a slow fever.
James BERYL, aged 89 years, died at Stroud last week.
B. H. BLOUNT, of Ellaville, was in town Tuesday and brought in a curiosity in the cotton 
	line.... The cotton was cultivated by B. E. MARTIN.
C. P. BUTLER is no better, there is but very little hope that he will recover.
I have purchased J. B. DYER's interest in the grocr busines... V. F. EUBANK 
Capt. J. B. DYER was called to Wynnewood, I.T. yesterday on account of the serious illness 
	of his son-in-law.
Dr. S. D. DODSON was called to his old home in Missouri .... by a telegram stating that 
	his father could not live.
Two of the children of S. G. EOFF and wife are quite sick.
Wm. FIX, will erect a store building between Chapell and Woodworth's hardware store and the 
	drug store.
J. H. GAMMON, one of our prominent farmers paid us a substantial visit Tuesday.
C. GRAGG's family were down the first of the week, from Shawnee... They have purchased a 
	house...and will move down the last of the week.
Tip HARBERT, of Romulus, was in town... securing oil leases....
Dick HARDING, was a Shawnee visitor Tuesday night.
Mrs. Catherine HEAD, who lives about 9 miles SE of here is lying very low with the dropsy.
R. J. JOHNSON, is hauling rock for the new stone building with five teams. 
J. M. KINSLOW.... will probably market the first bale of cotton...
A. McDONALD of Hatfield, ARK ordered a few doses of the Monitor sent to his address.
C.W. MILLER came in from Tecumseh Tuesday.
O. R. NANCE was in Shawnee, Tuesday night.
Jake PICKENS and Miss Lucile PARMITER, were out to Remus Sunday night to see Miss Leta 
	TRUSCOTT who is quite sick of a fever.
R. B. RAGON, of Oklahoma City was in town a couple of days this week.
J.H. SIMPSON, representative of a printing supply house in Dallas, TX was in town Tuesday.
R. STANDARD, died Wednesday afternoon... was buried in Cummings cemetery.
Ed TIFFIN, who lives NE of town, was in Monday buying cotton sacks and getting ready for 
	cotton picking.

The Maud Monitor  - September 23, 1904 - Volume 1. No. 34

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma


Adams, Barnes, Berndt, Craig, Ferguson, Fry, Funkhouser, Garton, Kenyon.

Adam's Furniture Store Ad - Proprieter J. ADAMS
Born to C. C. BARNES and wife, a fine
Miss Mabel BERNDT, who has been visiting in Shawnee, returned yesterday.
Governor FERGUSON has issued a proclamation offering a reward of $350 for the apprehension, 
	arrest and delivery of William GARTON, who is charged with killing J. H. CRAIG and 
	Virgil FUNKHOUSER on the 22nd of May, 1904.
William FRY, who was employed by the Frisco Railway company...was killed near Catoosa last 
	week. The body was taken to Parsons, Kansas where Fry had a wife and two children.
Levi KENYON and family will move out to their farm and give up the hotel business. The 
	Commercial Hotel will be under new management after this week.

The Maud Monitor - October 7, 1904 - Vol 1. No. 36

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Addison, Bailey, Branch, Brown, Bucey, Burwell, Bunn, Carpenter, Cooper, Cornett, Cotney, Desmond, Dyer, Gorrell, Grabl, Harding, Hayes, Horner, Hill, Ivey, McCutcheon, Main, Mason, Miller, Ogee, Parris, Parry, Ramsey, Ray, Robinson, Roirden, Rye, Shoaf, Smyth, Sparkman, Spencer, Tedlie, Thorn, Tinkle, Truscott, Waren, Wilson, Willson

Mrs. ADDISON, and father, I. A. CAMPBELL, returned from St. Louis...
Prof. S. F. BAILEY, has charge of the grammar dept.
Ed BRANCH spent Sunday in Shawnee, visiting friends.
Judge BURWELL is a chain lightning judge. He granted a divorce and custody of two children 
	and also sentenced a whiskey peddler to 60 days in jail and a fine of $100 and costs, 
	all inside of 3 minutes. - Shawnee News.
P. H. COOPER was transacting business in Wewoka, Wednesday.
Wm. COOPER, of Sacred Heart was in town Monday.
J. J. CORNETT, has been visiting J. H. GAMMON, who lives up on Little River.
Mrs. COTNEY came in Saturday to take charge of the intermediate grade of the public school.
Mrs. Myrtle COTNEY, who has had several years experience in primary work,has charge of the 
	little folks.
Chester DESMOND is on the sick list this week.
Dollie DESMOND and Mamie GORRELL entered school Wednesday morning.
Daisy, the little 6 year old daughter of A. B. DYER and wife, died Tuesday morning....
	The interment took place at the Cummings. cemetery. The services were conducted by 
	Elder BROWN of Earlsboro.
Rev. O. W. GORRELL preached at the Baptist tabernacle Sunday night.
Dick HARDING has bought a half interest in Lee ROADY's restaurant.
Herbert HILL, came up from Konawa Saturday and spent Sunday with his family.
J. C. IVEY is not a good collector. He can't run fast enough.
A fine boy arrived at the home of Jim JETT and wife, of Ellaville.
Levi KENYON and daughter Miss Alice were in from the farm yesterday. 
Col. Robert LACY was up from Konawa the first of the week.
T. M. McCUTCHEON, received the contract to erect a 3 room house for G. MASON on the Miller 
Jack MAIN came in at noon Wednesday.
Miss Florence MILLER came in the first of the week to take her brothers place in the store.
Maurice MILLER left for Norman, where he will attend school. 
R. A. OGEE is thinking of putting in a blacksmith and woodwork shop on west Main street.
Fred PARRIS, has taken charge of the Ragon Lumber Co. yard ... and W. M. ROIRDEN has been 
	transferred to South McAlister.
Geo. RAMSEY, went to Holdenville Monday.	
Luther RAY, a 5 year old boy, while playing in a wagon load of cotton near Pleasant Mount, 
	was smothered to death. The men working at the wagon, not noticing the child in the 
	cotton, filled the bed full and went to the gin with it. When discovered, the child 
	was dead.
Seth RYE, is guilding some tanks for the Graves gin.
T. L. SHOAF lost a fine horse this week.
P. W. SMYTH returned from court yesterday.
R. L. SPENCER has quit working for Marks MILLER.
Jno. TEDLIE's house is being completed rapidly, and its a nice one.
Mrs. Geo. TRUSCOTT left for Galveston, Texas Thursday morning.
George TRUSCOTT was sick....
Leta TRUSCOTT was sick....
Joe VELLINES, was up from Sacred Heart with cotton again Tuesday.
J. E. VENABLE and H. C. GARNER were in with some cotton Tuesday.
Chas. WAREN... came in this week and subscribed (to) The Monitor.

Indictments returned by the Territorial grand jury, so far as arrests have been made are 
   as follows for first week:
	I.N. HORNER, grand larceny
	Doc ROBINSON, rape
	Oscar BROWN, grand larceny
	Henry BUNN, murder of Ernest BUCEY.
	F. M. PARRY, murder of Flossie BROWN.
	E. B. GRABL, obtaining money under false pretenses
	Scott HAYES, robbery.

	GORRELL and TINKLE went to Tecumseh Monday as witnesses in the SPARKMAN remonstrance 

The Maud Monitor  - October 14, 1904 - Vol. 1 No. 37

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Allred, Auxford, Barker, Barrow, Berndt, Billington, Butler, Chandler, Chapell, Childs, Cleveland, Coleman, Cook, Cooper, Cotney, Cuff, Darrough, Davis, Dodson, Dyer, Ellis,     Eubank, Fixico, Freeling, Ford, Gill, Gorrell, Graves, Hamer, Harding, Hargis, Hines, Hollis, Johnson, Jones, Lovelace, McFarland, Main, Melton, Montgomery, Nance, Ogee, Parmiter, Polk, Posey, Potter, Price, Qualts, Rankin, Reed, Robbins, Rosenbaum, Ryan, Rye, Sellers,   Smith, Smyth, Swaeker, Talley, Tedlie, Thorn, Walker, Waller, Watson, Welch, Wes, Wiley

Louis ALLRED was fined $10 by Justice HARDING on Monday for giving away a cigarette paper, 
	contrary to the laws of Oklahoma.  The fine was remitted.
L. AUXFORD did not return Monday to buy cotton on account of his health.
John BARROW returned from the National G.A.R. encampment at Springfield, Missouri.
E. S. BILLINGTON, of Earlboro, spent Sunday with his brother C. B. BILLINGTON. 
Tuesday was Mrs. C. P. BUTLER's 50th birthday..... 
Shawnee: A. B. CHANDLER of this city has begun suit against the Santa Fe for $10,000 for 
	the death of his son, Thomas, aged 19, who was killed while working on a construction 
	train last January.
Chas. CHAPELL was up from Asher the first of the week.
Mrs. CHILDS and children, of Shawnee, are visiting her paternal ancestor, C. N. MELTON.
Mrs. CLEVELAND is spending the week with her father and mother, C. P. BUTLER and wife.
Cora, Abigale, Henry and P. H. COLEMAN of Bertha, Arkansas, are visiting C. R. COLEMAN and 
Mrs. COOPER and daughter Jewel, Mrs. THORN and Mrs. WILEY went to St. Louis Monday to attend 
	the fair.
Anthony and Miss Mary CUFF attended services at Sacred Heart on Sunday.

Muskogee: Jack ELLIS and Walter REED, fullblood Creek Indians, were shot and instantly killed 
	near Holdenville by an Indian reported by the officers to be Baldy FIXICO.
C. M. HINES is having a well drilled on his hotel property.
R. M. McFARLAND, vice president of the National bank of Holdenville... was arrested Monday 
	on a charge of embezzlement and misappropriation of funds....
Judge GILL summarily discharged 12 of the regular panel of jurors from further service. 
	The jury had returned a verdict of not guilty in the case of Warren DAVIS and Ora 
	RANKIN, who were charged with a breach of the peace, in the face of direct evidence 
	of guilt and the instructions of the court. Marshal DARROUGH was ordered to summon 
	12 citizens to take their places.  The first case called was that of Daniel and 
	Edward PRICE, charged with the murder of Thomas QUALTS......
O. W. GORRELL is putting up a barn.....
Mrs. HAMER, of Caddo, is visiting her sister, Mrs. O. R. NANCE and family.
M.B. JONES, of Shawnee, was representing Wolf Co. on the local market Wednesday
Mrs. Steve JONES is on the sick list this week. 
Joe MAIN, of Remus, is putting up a new house.
Marks MILLER has rented the TEDLIE house and will move his family over from Norman as soon 
	as the house is completed.
Dr. G. MONTGOMERY, Dentist, will be in town from the 15th to the 17th of each month.
Johnnie OGEE and family moved to town this week. 
J. J. PARMITER received a telegam from Corpus Christi, Tex. stating that they could give 
	him employment.... He will leave Monday.
Little Carl POLK was taken suddenly ill Sunday.
J.K. POLK and family spet Sunday with J. M. HARGIS and family, out in the Seminole.
Seburn POSEY came in from Texas the other day and says cotton is fairly good....

A remarkable incident occured near Wolf, I. T.  While Y. A. POSEY was absent from home, 
	two of his fine razor back hogs was found standing on their heads in a jar of milk; 
	both were dead.

J. M. ROBBINS, of Sacred Heart is building a new house.....
William ROSENBAUM and wife, of Nebraska, have been visiting R. A. OGEE and family this week.
J. A. RYAN of Avoca, purchased a bill of lumber... for a new house.
Born to Seth RYE and wife, a handsome ten pound boy, Sunday Oct. 9th.
Mrs. Anna SELLERS and Mrs. THORN went to Tecumseh Saturday.
Born, to C. T. SMITH and wife, yesterday morning, a fine boy.
W. A. SWAEKER, an aged farmer living near Red Rock, is reported to have been choked to death 
	by a cracker.
Dr. THORN was excuses from further service on the petit jury.
C. P. WELCH of Terrll, Texas is buying cotton for Wolf and Co. here this week.
R. E. WALLER and S. P. FREELING went out gunning yesterday afternoon

New pupils for this week are:
	Viola COTNEY		Aubrey FORD		Gertrude HOLLIS
We will have a short program this afternoon.  Those on the program are:
	Edward BARKER		Mattie DODSON		Eloy DYER
	Janie EUBANK		Bessie GORRELL		Jessie WES	

Lena BERNDT was absent Wednesday and Thursday.
Frank COOK and John POTTER were also absent this week.
Vergie SMYTH was absent Wednesday

New subscribers to The Monitor are: 

The Maud Monitor  -  October 28, 1904 - Vol. 1, No. 40

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Barker, Bell, Berndt, Bolling, Butler, Chupcogee,Cole, Cook, Cooper, Covert, Desmond, Dickerson, Dodson, Dyer, Eoff, Euba,Gorrell, Guest, Hamer, Hill, Hollis, Horton, Howard, McCraw, Main, Nance, O'Connor, Ogee, Parmiter, Poe, Ramsey, Raper, Riddle, Sellers, Shelton, Smalley, Smith, Smyth, Tedlie, Tinkle, Truscott, Unknown, Walker,West, Wilson, Yer, Youst.

The body of an unknown young man, apparently about 30 years of age, was found near Paoli.
	The man had been run over by a Santa Fe train. The body was badly mangled. No marks
	or letters of identification were found upon him.
Russell BOLLING, a white man, was found lying unconscious near the railroad track at South 
	McAlester. He died a few hours after being found. The body was shipped to Jackson, 
	Miss., for burial.
Two horse thieves stole 3 head of horses from an Indian by the name of Billy CHUPCOGEE, who 
	lives about 5 miles east of Maud in the Seminole.
G. W. COLE, a farmer living near Fairmount, committed suicide by shooting himself. Financial 
	losses, caused by speculating is supposed to have driven him insane.
Tom COVERT was down from Shawnee the first of the week.
W. H. DICKERSON and family, and Will GUEST and wife, left Sunday for Coalgate, where they will 
	make their future home.
Captain DYER was an Enid visitor last week.
Mrs. E. T. HAMER, sister of Mrs. NANCE returned to Caddo Monday.
Herbert HILL, and wife, accompanied by Dora and Anna RAMSEY spent Sunday in picking pecans 
	on Little River.
The school election (member of school) board resulted in a victory for W.R.HORTON.
John HOWARD, a farmer living near Shawnee, was struck by lightning while on his way to town. 
	He was instantly killed. Howard was riding upon a load of cotton, which he was taking 
	to market.
The little son of J. C. McCRAW and wife was severely burned with carbolic acid Wednesday.
Mrs. O. R. NANCE is quite sick this week.
Pat O'CONNOR is visiting his wife in Geary and also transacting business in Eagle City.
Mrs. Johnnie OGEE and daughter are on the sick list this week.
Last Sunday afternoon, Lester SHELTON, a son of Deputy marshal J.B. SHELTON and wife, 
	was found near their home, about 7 miles from Maud, lying in the road unconscious, 
	with a frightful gash in the side of the head. He was taken to the Shelton home and 
	Drs. BELL and DODSON were summoned...They were unable to do anything for him and he 
Mrs. Jack SMALLEY, who has been quite sick is much improved.
Roy SW_FFORD, age 19, was sentenced to 5 years in the federal penitentiary at Leavenworth 
	upon the charge of horse stealing.  The theft is said to have been committed near 
Born to Dr. L. K. TRUSCOTT and wife, on Tuesday the 25th, a fine girl.
Henry TINKLE is having his residence on Main street completed this week.
Rev. WILSON of the M.E. Church left Monday for conference at South McAlister.
While out hunting last week, John YOUST, Jr., of Stillwater, was fatally injured by the 
	accidental discharge of a shotgun.

School Notes:
    	Those absent from Mrs. Cotney's room this week were:
		Eula EOFF		Elsie SMITH		Ernest COOK
		Dovie WALKER		Burns NANCE		Frank COOK
		Eldrige WALKER
	Those absent from Prof. Bailey's room were:
	New pupils this week were:
		Alvaretta RAPER		Alvin RAPER		Tarrey RAPER
		Elbert RAPER
	Those on the program in Prof. Baileys room are:
		Floyd DYER		Jessie WEST		Bessie GORRELL
		Virgie SMYTH		Anna RAMSEY		Gertrude HOLLIS
		Mattie YER		Eva MAIN		Edward BARKER
		Irene POE
	Lucie PARMITER was absent from school Monday.

The question for debate Friday afternoon will be: Was Franklin a greater man than Washington?
	Those on the affirmative are:	
		John RIDDLE		Dollie DESMOND		Gormer TEDLIE
		Sammie SELLERS		Carl MAIN
	Those on the negative are:	
		Mattie BUTLER		Lucile PARMITER		Heywood DESMOND

The Maud Monitor  - December 9, 1904 - Vol. 1, No. 46

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Abram, Bell, Blary, Cates, Coker, Coleman, Dyer, Evans, Fink, Fish, Gallagher, Gragg, Hays, Hughes, Johnson, Jones, Kiker, King, Larimore, Lorimer, Ledbetter, O'Connor, Posey, Roady, Rye, Sharp, Smyth, Sutherland, Tiger, Truesdell, Villines, West, Willis, York.

Walter ABRAM, of Tecumseh, while enjoying a touch of high life in one of the resorts, was cut 
	in several places with a knife, and received a painful wound on the head from a blow 
	with a beer bottle. This is said to have been the third case of the kind which has 
	happened in the last 10 days.
Joe BLARY has moved back near Wolf. He has rented land of Charlie SMYTH for another year.
Tom COKER, an Indian who lived on Little River, died Dec. 3. He was a noted Indian.
Henry COLEMAN has returned from Ark. and contemplates locating at Wolf.
W. J. DYER has accepted a position as clerk in P. O'CONNOR's Hardward and Grocery store.
H. I. EVANS has purchased an 80 acre farm, just west of the Widow CATES' farm on Salt Creek.
M. A. GALLAGHER, erstwhile professional horseshoer, left this week for Galveston, Texas, 
	where he will engage in the oyster business.
C. GRAGG sold his meat market to Lee ROADY.	
J. H. HAYS will soon move to a new farm on Salt Creek.
M. S. HUGHES has made arrangements to move his stock of merchandise from Maud.
Marion HUGHES left Monday evening for McLaud for a visit with home folk.	
Chris JOHNSON is getting along fine digging wells. He dug 5 on Y. A. POSEY's lease.

	Deputy Marshall Grant JOHNSON and Bud LEDBETTER captured Jim TIGER and another 
	Indian by the name of FISH, 15 miles SW of Eufaula.  Seventy-five depties have been 
	scouring the county for them for the murder of Deputy Marshal FINK at Weleetka.......
	Tiger says Fish did the shooting.
Johnnie JONES, US Deputy Marshal was in tow Wednesday transacting official business.
Tobert KIKER and Tom WILLIS went to see their best girls last Sunday.
Dr. BELL was called out Saturday night to see S. M. KING who was suffering of an attack of 
	heart trouble.
A. LARIMORE, of Mexico, Missouri.... came in Wednesday evening.
E. S. POSEY is taking a lease 2 miles west of Wolf.
Seburn POSEY is looking bad this week.
Seth RYE has sold his property in the Miller addition and has rented the LORIMER house.
Seth RYE has purchased W. J. DYER's blacksmith shop.
W. M. SHARP, Republican candidate for county Superintendent spent Wednesday night 
	with A. VILLINES and family.
Harry SUTHERLAND was down auctioning for the Aribona Racket Store.
"Chuck" TRUESDELL lost a fine mule Wednesday.
Neal WEST set 'em up to quail to the Monitor man Tuesday.
Geo. WILLIS calculates to get married this year. The bride is Miss __________.
Bob YORK is working on his lease.

The Maud Monitor  - December 23, 1904 - Vol. 1, No. 48

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Arick, Atwater, Barker, Bottoms, Brank, Burnham, Bussey, Butler, Calhoun, Closkey, Clowers, Cooper, Devaney, Doyle, Ford,Harrison, Hawk, Hester, Hodges, Hollis, Horton, Johnson, Kelly, Kilgore, McCoy, Martin, Maxey, Merrill, Modley, Oldham, Parimiter, Pickens, Rector, Robertson, Scott, Smith, Taylor, Thompson, Thorn, Tinkle, Tribbey, Vanerolin.

J. N. ATWATER, of Tecumseh, was in town yesterday.
Ed BARKER, Hugh PARMITER, Tom JOHNSON and Aubrey FORD were fined yesterday for fighting.
Robert BOTTOMS, J. HESTER, Chas. ARICK and Marcey THORN came in last week from Alabama. 
	They are old friends of Dr. and D. M. THORN.
Ed BRANCH and Jake PICKENS gave a dancing party at the Maud Hotel last night.
Graham BURNHAM, of Romulus was in town Tuesday.
Buck BUSSEY went hunting one day this week and killed 15 acres of quail at one shot.
Miss Clara BUSSEY and Joe CLOWERS were married Sunday at the home of the bride.
C. P BUTLER, who has been on the sick list for some time, is a little better this week.
Mesdames COOPER and TINKLE will start for Iowa Park, Texas, tomorrow, for a Christmas visit 
	with home folks.
Sid DOYLE brought in a wagon load of turkeys this morning. 
W. H. HARRISON has started up a meat market in the old stand on Main street.
Bob HAWKs' residence was burglarized Sunday. 
Parson HODGES was in town with a bale of cotton Wednesday. 
T. E. HOLLIS has started up a dray line. 
W. R. HORTON was transacting business in Shawnee last night. 
R. J. JOHNSON has given up the dray line. 
Sam McCOY, a full blood Choctaw Indian, was burned to death in the South McAlester hotel 
	which was destroyed by fire last week. He was a guest at the hotel at the time 
	of the fire.

In a neglected cemetery at Fort Gibson is a tomstone bearing the inscription:
	John MARTIN 	b. Oct 10, 1781 	d. Oct 17, 1810 
	"He was the first justice of the supreme court ever held in the Cherokee nation"
	William A. THOMPSON, of Vinita, believes that a mistake was made in the date
	of his death, as the Cherokees were not in Indian Territory prior to 1832.

J. MAXEY, an attorney who has been practicing in Coalgate has located here.
J. M. MERRILL, of Tecumseh was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Beatrice OLDHAM secured a divorce last week. She will be known, in the future, as Miss 
	Beatrice KILGORE.
Miss Minnie ROBERTSON is helping with the Christmas trade at Tribbey's drug store.
F. L. THOMPSON was transacting business in Shawnee this week.
J. R. THORN arrived from Alabama, Tuesday.
A negro family residing near Ada was poisoned last week.  One of the members died but 
	the others are said to be recovering.  They had eaten meat which was packed in 
	tin buckets, and it is supposed the poison from	this sickened them.
Arthur TRIBBEY was down from Tecumseh yesterday visiting his little brother Tom.

Pardons Granted By the Governor:

The Maud Monitor  - December 30, 1904 - Vol. 1, No.49

published weekly in Maud, Pottawatomie, Oklahoma

Barber, Barnes, Bee, Bolyard, Branch, Clary, Comer, Dunagan, Eubank, Green, Godwin, Hendon,     Holder, Johnson, McKane, Miller, Milton, Nauman, Ogee, Polk, Short, Sunian, Tribbey, Truscott,       Villines, Wade, Watson, West, Willis.

S. P. BARBER of Winsboro, TX was in town Tuesday looking after his property.
Jimmie BARNES went down to Stonewall, Sunday, to eat Christmas turkey with his parents.
L. O. BEE and John CLARY have opened a saloon in the Tinkle building.
Jim COMER and wife, Chas. P. BOLYARD, Russell and Garrette BOLYARD of Shawnee were guests of 
	J. C. BOLYARD and family, Christmas.
A.A. DUNAGAN, Watchmaker Jeweler and Optician.
Fred GREEN went to Tecumseh the first of the week to see his best girl.
Wheeler HENDON was over from Earlsboro, Monday.
D. C. HOLDER, of Finger, Tenn. came in yesterday. He was accompanied by Gertrude and 
	Robert GODWIN who are out visiting their father, J. O. GODWIN.
J. D. McKANE, Carpenter and Contractor.
Tom MILTON of Bonham, TX is visiting R. J. JOHNSON and family.
Leo NAUMAN of Cleo, OK is a guest of Marks MILLER and family.
Mrs. J. K. POLK and children, are visiting friends and relatives in Denison, TX
Roy SUNIAN is spending this week with his brother-in-law, Johnnie OGEE and family.
Tom TRIBBEY spent a couple of days the first of the week with his parents in Tecumseh.
Misses Leta and Loreta TRUSCOTT are visiting friends in Tecumseh.
Dan SHORT, of Norman and an old University football player psent last night with T. TRIBBEY.
L. R. WADE, Jr., came in Monday with E. S. BRANCH.
Miss Marcia WATSON is spending her Christmas vacation at home.
"Curley" WEST was fined $25 and costs by Squire EUBANK, Saturday for "toteing" a gun.
Born to C. C. WILLIS and wife, near Wolf, Tuesday morning, a fine girl. 
A. VILLINES and son will soon open a staple and fancy grocery here.

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