The Konawa Chief

Konawa, Indian Territory

The Konawa Chief -  No. 1 - November 24, 1904

SURNAMES: Awbrey, Betts, Blair, Bringham, Cowlett, Cunningham, Dallas, Damron, Daniel, Duncan, Dyer, Harding,  Harris, Hughes, Isom, King, Knox, Lacy, Leach, Lewallen, Lutts, Mason, McMillon, Means, Mershon, Miller, Nichols, Pegg, Reynolds, Riggins, Robinson, Rogers, Ruark, Sanders, Shackelford, Simms, Smith, Spinning, Taylor, Tucker, Walker, Wigransky.

John AWBREY fell from a scaffold and broke a bone in his right arm near the wrist. 
Dr. HARRIS attended him.
D.N. BETTS has a work to do the the F.E. WHITE bulding.
Rev. BLAIR preached Sunday afternoon at the Harley hotel.
M.L. BRIGHAM and wife arrived from Atoka, Monday to make their home with Mrs. Brigham's son, 
Mr. COWLETT is building 2 houses in the NE corner of town.
Ed CUNNINGHAM is building a house for John DAMRON.
W.E. CUNNINGHAM left Saturday evening for his home at Norman.
G.W. DALLAS returned Tuesday evenig from the World's Fair.
J.K. DANIEL and Robert LACY, Architects and Builders.
W.A. DUNCAN, proprietor of The Konawa Hotel. Rates $2.00 per day.
Dick HARDING and Walter DYER of Maud spent Sunday in Konawa.
Wm. HUGHES was the first cash subscriber to The Chief.
W.M. ISOM of Lexington, OK is a heavy investor in Konawa property.
Mr. KING, who lives just inside Konawa, brought in the seond largest load (of cotton).
Robert LACY and Thomas LEACH went to Maud Saturnday night. Leach won a cake 
	raffle at a church social for the uggliest man present.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. LUTTS and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Hilderman over in the 
	Pott. country. (Pottawatomie County)
W.S. LUTTS will build a stone storeroom in the near future.
Ben and Joe MASON came up from Ada Tuesday night to go hunting with W.R. MERSHON.
Jack McMILLEN went to Ada, Saturday night, due to the illness of his mother.
John MEANS went to McCloud Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving at home.
W.R. MERSHON, Cashier of Konawa State Bank
F.R. MILLER, Best dry goods for the least money.
G. E. NICHOLS, Editor of The Konawa Chief
G. E. NICHOLS has been employed to teach the Konawa school this winter.
Singing at the home of Mr. NICHOLS next Sunday.
W.M. PEGG and his brother, E.L. PEGG, both of Allen, I.T. were in Konawa, Monday and invested 
	in some lots.
W.M. PEGG has contracted with Daniel Lacy to build a 5 room cottage.
No sooner had B.F. REYNOLDS got so he could get around after spraining his ankle than he fell 
	down and nearly broke one of his fingers.
Reid RIGGINS, President of Konawa State Bank
Miss Kate E. ROBINSON and Wm. TUCKER of Konawa were married on November 20, 1904.
W.C. ROGERS, principal Chief of the Cherokees 
Newt RUARK, the butcher.Deputy U.S. Marshall SANDERS arrested three negoes and a white man 
	yesterday northeast of Konawa for carrying whiskey into the Indian country. 
Theo. SHACKELFORD went to Tecumseh to spend Thanksgiving. 
G.D. SIMMS was in Konawa buying cotton yesterday. 
J.H. SMITH, who lives 4 miles NE of Konawa brought in the largest load of cotton.
Mr. SPINNING was surprised at the growth Konawa had made. 
Paul TAYLOR, contractor and builder. 
R.C. TAYLOR finished building yesterday. 
Fait TUCKER spent Sunday in Ada. 
Mr. WALKER has contracted for a little cottage. 
A.J. WIGRANSKY, Proprietor of The Blue Front Store.   

The Konawa Chief - No. 2 - December 2, 1904

Surnames: Bogeta, Bolt, Bradburry, Bratcher, Brinlee, Carson, Castleberry, Curry, Duncan, Evans, Graham, Hardy, Harris, Henegar, Hensley, Herbert, Hollerfield, Jarman, Kinnard, Lutts, Miller, Morrison, Nichols, Peg, Posey, Price, Ried, Shirley, Sims, Slaughter, Slough, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Tucker, Tullos, Walsh, Wells, Williams, Zoeller.

Mr. BOGETTA, merchant at Francis, I.T., was a Konawa visitor, Sunday. 
Mrs. BOLT left Tuesday for Hamilton County, TX to visit kin folks.
W. H. BRADBURRY is very sick with asthma, not being ale to lie down at all.
Mr. Gray, from Ardmore, is contracted to building a new residence for R.F. BRATCHER.
For fine roasted coffe, go to E. J. BRINLEE.
J.C. CARSON, of Ada, was in Konawa Monday night.
Dr. CASTLEBERRY, of Violet, made a business trip to Ada today.
J. L. CURRY made a business trip to Ada yesterday.
W.K. DUNCAN was held up and robbed by three men while on his way home last night. After 
	robbing him of twenty-five cents, one of the men struck him over the head with a gun, 
	inflicting a wound about an inch long.
P.W. GRAHAM, road master for this division of the M. K. T. railroad has been transferred 
	to another position.
A. HARDY went to Ada Tuesday to get things for his short order house, which he will soon open.
Mr. Andrew HARDY is furnishing his building on broadway.
Dr. C. T. HARRIS reports the birth of a girl Saturday evening to Mr. and Mrs. SLAUGHTER.
W.H. HENEGAR, of Chandler, spent Friday in Konawa looking over the city.
J.A. HENSLEY has just finished a house in the west end.
Mr. HERBERT, present postmaster at Romulus, OK was in Konawa buying property,Monday. He 
	will resign his position as postmaster when he locates here to enter the wood 
W.A. HOLLERFIELD, of Ada, spent Monday looking over Konawa.
Joe JARMAN and wife, who live in Pott. County, spent Monday in Konawa visiting Fait TUCKER 
	and family. Mrs. Jarman is Mr. Tucker's sister.
J. B. KINNARD returned to Konawa Saturday night, to see his partner and then went back to 
	Asher where his family resides.
W.S. LUTTS and wife and Miss Mayme EVANS went to Ada Sunday.
F.R. MILLER - I buy for cash and sell the same way.
Mrs. A.J. MORRISON made a business trip to Asher, Wednesday.
L.A. MORRISON, Milliner
Geo. W. NICHOLS has built a house in the west end of town.....
W.M. PEGG and family arrived in Konawa last night.
O.K. POSEY, who lives 3 or 4 miles NW of Sacred Heart, went to Maybank, TX after 2 
	grandchildren whose mother had died.  A boy, 10 years old, and a girl, 
	age 7, will live with their grandparents.
Mrs. J. H. PRICE of Lindon, OK arrived to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. TULLOS.
P. R. PRICE of Violet has moved his blacksmith shop to this place and is doing business here.
Mrs. W.H. SHIRLEY came down from Shawnee Saturday to spend Sunday with her husband, who works 
	at the cotton gin. 
J.P. SIMS has built a building west of the depot which he has rented for a bakery.
John W. SLOUGH and John RIED had an encounter at Violet last night over a game of pitch for 
	the drinks.
N.M. SMITH, proprietor of Smith's Livery.
R.C. TAYLOR, proprietor of O.K. Restaurant.
Mr. THOMAS is building an additon to the house he recently moved from Violet.
Wm. TUCKER and new wife went to housekeeping Monday in a house north of the lumbar yard. 
	A niece of Mrs. Tucker's, whose mother is dead, will make her home with them.
J. B. WALSH, Optician graduate of Norther Illinois College of Optholmoligy, Chicago is 
	located with the Walsh Merc. Co.
J.L. WALSH, Ada merchant, was in town visiting his brother, J. B. WALSH.
For a good shave go to L. E. WELLS.
J.B.B. WILLIAMS built a residence north of the lumber yards.
August ZOELLER, a merchant at Sacred Heart, was in Konawa recently and expressed his 
	surprise at the rapid growth of the town.

The Konawa Chief - No. 3 - Friday, December 9, 1904

Surnames: Baggett, Bailey, Betts, Busby, Byrn, Celler, Cheely, Clark, Covert, Crabtree, Damron,                 Davenport, Fruit, Grogan, Harris, Heed, Holmes, Howle, Keegan, King, Logan, Loftus, Manning, Means, Miller, Mitchell, Nichols, Ramsey, Reynolds, Rose, Saddler, Smith, Tennison, Tipsworth, Titsworth, Williams, Wooding.

W.C. BAILEY, of Ada, was in town yesterday.
A party of young people met at the home of A. CELLER and spent an enjoyable evening.
Mrs. Buck CHEELY, living near Konawa, is reported very sick this week.
Mr. and Mrs. COVERT and Mr. and Mrs. FRUIT have gone to Ada where the men are employed...
W.A. CRABTREE, from Lehigh, I. T., arrived in Konawa last night to visit his son. 
	A.W. TRIMBLE and J. BYRN also came with Mr. Crabtree.
Floyd DAVENPORT went to Ada, Tuesday night, on business. 
Dr. C. T. HARRIS went to Wewoka last week... he is not only a good doctor, but is a pretty 
	good lawyer, as well.
Miss Nettie HOLMES, of Violet, went to Ada yesterday to consult a tooth doctor.
B. O. HOWLE made a business trip to Shawnee, Tuesday evening.
School will begin Monday in the Union Valley School house, 1 1/2 miles east of Konawa. 
	S. A. KEEGAN will be master of ceremonies.
P.H. LOFTUS is the name of the new roadmaster for this division.
Frank MANNING, a farmer living 2 miles south of Anadarko, OK was in town looking things over.
Charley MILLER is clerking for the Keller Hardware Co.
Dr. Charles MILLER, of Oklahoma City, was in town Thursday.  He will be back about 
	the first of the month.
Miss Leah MITCHELL passed through Konawa Saturday night on her way to Violet, where she began 
	teaching school.
Prof. Will M. RAMSEY writes that he cannot be with us before next Monday night.
Mrs. G. B. REYNOLDS arrived from Sterrett, I. T., has bought property and will make her 
	home here. 
Charlie ROSE, Tonsorial Artist. 
C.H. SMITH of the new drug firm, Smith and Chaney arrived in Konawa yesterday.
A small child of Mr. TENNISON is very sick ....
Lum TITSWORTH, contracted D.N. BETTS for a building just north of Blair Bros' store.
J.N. WOODING, Dentist.

The following Konawa lots were sold last week:

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