Seminole County Newspaper Abstracts

Murder of Lawrence McMELLON		Published 6-22-1999 in "The Seminole Producer" 
						under the heading "70 Years Ago Today"
						Original date of article was 6-22-1929

	"Efie Harker, estranged wife of George HARKER of Saint Louis (OK), is being held 
	in the county jail facing charges of murder in connection with the shooting of her 
	alleged lover, Lawrence McMELLON, 32, of Saint Louis."

	She allegedly went to the home where he was sleeping, found him and "placed the 
	gun in the center of his chest and pulled the trigger". McMellon was taken to 
	the hospital in St. Louis where he died. "He regained consciousness before he 
	died but refused to make any statement concerning the shooting or his relations 
	with the woman. He told officers his home was at Hominy (OK)."	

"70 Years Ago Today" from "The Files of The Seminole Producer" originally published: 4-30-1929, Republished: 4-30-1999 Q.P. SHRECK lost his forefinger in a job related injury. R.B. FORKER had his Appendix and Gallbladder removed at Harber Hospital. Anna YOUNG, had her Appendis removed at Harber Hospital. George BROWN and M. S. INGLEHART arrested by Jake SIMS and J.C. SIMMONs for burglary of merchandise from Tony SAFFA Store. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McMANN of Phoenix, AZ are visiting Mr. and Mrs. L. A. ARMSTRONG. Grover ELLISON and Lee POLLOCK found "444 bottles of home brew" when they raided the home of A. THOMPSON.
"70 Years Ago today" from the files of "The Seminole Producer" originally published 4-28-1929, reprinted 4-28-1999 Either year old son of Mrs. and Mrs. C.H. MOORE taken to Harber clinic for head injuries after being struck by an oil company truck. Murder charges filed against G.W. MOORE, of Maud, for the killing of William R. STOVER, age 39, in Moore. G.L. HARRISON and R.L. JONES in jail and charged with chicken stealing. W.D. TATUS and Chris WHITSON arrived from Albuquerque, N.M. with J. GOOCH. Gooch was "wanted for disposing of mortgaged property". Harry D. MILLIGAN sold his insurance business to J.B. RIVERS agency.
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