Below you will find the newspaper account of a fire that occurred in Seminole in 1930 and the following burial announcement. The four people killed in the fire were all buried in one grave. - Submitted by: Ruth Callahan
"Mother Dies in Vain Try to Save Babies" Daily Oklahoman newspaper, Dec. 10, 1930 Seminole Dec. 9
A young mother gave her life Tuesday in a vain attempt to save her children when a gas explosion turned their little home into a blazing inferno. Mrs. Olive Kirby, 28 years old, her babies, Virginia, 2 years old, and Gwinn, 4 years old, were burned to death, as was Arthur Hicks, 5 years old, a cousin visiting the family. George Kirby, 4 years old, was burned critically. He was carried from the house by his mother, who returned for the others. Her body was found with her arms about her youngest child, Virginia. A. J. Kirby, her husband, was at work in a nearby machine shop. He said gas pressure had been low and it was believed the explosion was caused by lighting a match after renewed pressure had filled the room with gas from an unlighted stove. [Note: This Arthur Hicks mentioned in the article was George Arthur Hicks, son of the George Hicks (deceased) and Cora Forrest.]
"Four Victims of Fire are in Single Grave" Daily Oklahoman newspaper, Dec. 11, 1930
Funeral service for the victims of the north Seminole fire that claimed four lives was held in Maple Grove cemetery chapel Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Rev. B. L. Williams of the Methodist church was in charge of the services. The four bodies were interred in one large grave. The body of Mrs. Alpha Kirby, 28, was buried with her two-year-old daughter, Virginia Grace, held in her arms, the attitude in which death claimed them when the heroic mother had the flames again after carrying a young son, George, to safety. The other victims of the tragedy were Gwinn Kirby, 4, and Arthur Hicks, 5. Fellow workmen of A. J. Kirby at the Brauer Machine works acted as pall bearers. A great floral tribute was paid by city residents and a huge throng attended the services. Collier Brothers were in charge of funeral arrangements.
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