Wewoka Capital Democrat

Volume 24, No. 25
Thursday, July 2, 1925

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Grady L. WEBSTER, Editor and Owner


J.W. MURRAY, 19 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. MURRAY died at their home... and was 
buried in Oakwood Cemetery......We desire to thank our many friends.....for their kindness...
extended during the illness and death of our baby boy....occurred last Saturday.   Mr. and 

Orville SMITH, was killed last Friday evening...struck by Rock Island freight train.   
Smith's home is in Iowa.  A sister...came down and returned with the body.


Officials of Cromwell Oil and Gas Company are:
	Joe I. Cromwell, President
	George E. STRAUSS, vice president 
	C.D. DOTSON, treasurer  
	F.J. CAREY, attorney and director
	A.W. LAWRENCE, secretary and superintendent

W.L. THURSTON and W.C. JOHNSON will be sworn in as county commissioners. Mr. Thurston will 
succeed Frank CRUTSINGER, while Mr. Johnson will suceed M.L. PARROTT....Allan CRAIN, 
senior member of the board, lives at Sasakwa....

Melvin STAMFORD, of Fort Worth, Texas was arrested in Wewoka...and is charged with 
attempting to pass bogus checks. ...was arrested by Police Chief MICHAELS...preliminary 
hearing this morning by Justice Roger CHASTIAN..

Raid on Choc (beer) Joints made at Cromwell by Sheriff DOYLE's men, Deputies Bud GORDON, Bob 
CHANDLER and Roland ROBERTSON arrested.... PALMER, VICK and FORD.  The same deputies made 
another raid at Cromwell on Tuesday and arrested Jess ALDRIDGE.

F.A. CAVIN apponted chairman of committee on general activities.  Mr. PORTERFIELD gave a talk.
Park picnic on Wednes evening, June 10th, attended by Mrs. Cecil THOMAS, T.F. CAUDLE, Miss
Pearl MORGAN and Mr. and Mrs. John DORRIS.

Personal Notes:

Jacob BAUMGARDENER went to the Shawnee hospital Tuesday...
Mr. and Mrs. Homer H. BISHOP were in Seminole and Shawnee Wednesday...
Mrs. Jean BROWN, of Shawnee, visited with Mrs. John CLOUD, in Wewoka.
Mr. COWART, superintendent of Wewoka schools...
Wewoka's mayor, C. Guy CUTLIP and his wife are on an extended vacation....
John DAVIS, of Oklahoma City, was the guest of his mother, Mrs. Alice B. DAVIS.
Herman DODD and Harold STEOH drove to McAlester and spent the weekend there as guests of Mr.
	Dodd's father.
Ray DOUGLAS, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. DOUGLAS, returned from the Navy.
Mrs. B. GORMAN was a visitor to Oklahoma City on Monday.
Mrs. T.F. HARRISON underwent surgery at a Shawnee hospital.
Miss Lola HEARD as hostess at a dinner given at Mrs. LAND'S honoring Mrs. Victor H. 
	BILLINGSLEY, whose marriage was recently announced. Those entertained were:  Mrs. 
	Earle McKENDREE, Mrs. Earle JOHNSON, Miss Mildred ROBINSON, Miss Verna BATES, 
	Mrs. Victor Billingsley and Miss Heard.
Judge C.L. HILL was in Cromwell, Saturday.
Col. W.S. KEY, warden of state penitentiary, visited Wewoka...
Wiley LYNN returned from a business trip to Madill.
Alex OLIPHANT of Holdenville, wants to buy hogs and cattle
Dr. F.C. PRYOR complete construction of a hospital for dogs and other small animals.
Mr. and Mrs. J.C. ROBERTS returned to their home in Kansas City and visiting here with their
	son, R.J. ROBERTS.
U.W. ROGERS, residing near Seminole, shipped two cars of steers...
Miss Amanda SERAN and Edward WAITE were married Saturday night.
A.M. SERAN, was in Kansas City on business.
Thomas STERNENBERG, of Birmingham, Alabama returned after visiting with his aunt, Mrs. J.P.
Mrs. W.N. STOKES gave a birthday dinner for her husband.  Guests were Mr. and Mrs. John 
		CLOUD, Fredia DOUGLAS and members of Stokes family.
R.D. WELDY appointed as local manager of Oklahoma Light and Power company in Wewoka.


	Miss Pocahontas McCarty, of Ada, and Mr. Victor H. Billingsley, of Wewoka, were 
	married on May 24 (1925) at Paul's Valley, Oklahoma.  

Dr. and Mrs. VAN SANDT announce the marriage of their son Max VanSandt to Miss Martha 
	SCHNEIDER on April 27th (1925) in Dayton, Michigan.


Hart and BANTA, Attorneys, Wewoka
CHAMBLEE Ice Company, West of Rock Island Station, Wewoka
Don R. FRASER, Notary Public, Wewoka
Dr. J.A. MARTIN, Medicine-Surgery, Wewoka
R.S. HUTCHISON, Ticket Agent of Rock Island Train Service
Frank GILSTRAP and D.W. ANDERSON: Pioneer Abstact Company, Wewoka
Hart and Hart, Carpenters and Contractors,
HILL and CRISWELL, lawyers, Wewoka

Legal Notices

Petition for divorce: Dora GEIL (Plantiff) vs. Daniel GEIL (Defendant)
Petition for divorce: Pidie FREEMAN (plantiff) vs Herbert Freeman (defendant)...minor child

In the matter of the Estate of Benarus LASLEY... J.L. MAINARD is appoint administrator

Guardianship of Andy HULWA and Betsey HULWA, minors, Roger CHASTAIN, guardian.

Notice to Creditors to present claims to creditors of Elizabeth NICHOLS, deceased

Determination of Heirship of: Echoille HARJO (died sometime in 1902), Seminole Roll No. 92; 
HESAHOKA (his mother - d. 8-15-1904), Seminole Roll No. 1518, and Wiley THLOCCO, a Seminole 
Indian, not enrolled (all deceased).....
	Hesahoka left as her only heirs: 
	PONLUSTE, Seminole Roll No. 1519, a son;
	Tommy, Seminole Roll No. 1543, a son, and
	Jacob THLOCCO, Seminole Rol No. 1516, grandson, and
	Whitlow THLOCCO, Seminole Roll No. 1517, grandson.
	Wiley THLOCCO, upon his death, left Jacob and Whitlow THLOCCO as his heirs...

	B.F. DAVIS has filed...alleging that he is the owner of the following property:

		The South Half of the SW 1/4 of Section 13, and the SE 1/4 of 
		Section 14, Township 8 North, Range 6 East.
Determination of heirship of David BOWLEGS, Seminole Roll No. 1295, Lucy CULLY, Seminole
Roll No. 408, and Annie (Baby) BOWLEGS, Seminole Indian not enrolled, Deceased.
	E.S. BILLINGTON has filed....alleging that he is the owner of the following
	real-estate in Seminole County:

		East 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 22, Township 8 North, 
		Range 6 East 

	Property being part of allotment of David Bowlegs (d. 4-4-1914).
	David Bowlegs sole and only heirs:  Lucy CULLY, his wife, and Annie (Baby)
	Bowlegs, his daughter. 	Lucy CULLY died on 4-4-1914, and left Annie (Baby) 
	Bowlegs as heir. Annie (Baby) Bowlegs died 4-4-1914 and left her Grandmother, 
	Sallie BOWLEGS as heir.
In the matter of the Estate of J.P. STRINGFIELD, deceased, Anna P. Stringfield, 
	Thomas O. CRISWELL, County Judge
	Irma CUMMINGS, Court Clerk
	Victor H. BILLINGSLEY, Deputy

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