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Woodward Bulletin Newspaper

Woodward Bulletin
Woodward, Oklahoma
Established February 14, 1896

January 9, 1903     Vol. 6     No. 50
Official Paper Of The City And County

Don't forget the Dime Social at O. R. Kellogg's January 16 for the benefit of the Court of Honor

Alva will soon have a new Presbyterian Church - cost $4,000 - it will be one of the finest churches in Oklahoma when completed.

The First National bank has moved into their new building. We have the neatest, best equipped bank in Western Oklahoma. The workmanship of the finishing of the banking room is first class in the best of taste.

There was an enthusiastic meeting of citizens at the City Hall Monday night. Every man present was in favor of building a mill at once. Any man or company that will take hold of the matter can get all the help that any reasonable party could ask.

The people of this county should take steps to assist our legislators in passing a bill that will provide for the acceptance of the offer of Congress to give us the Camp Supply Reservation. It should be the property of the State of Oklahoma when it is admitted and should be utilized for public institutions. This is a matter of importance and should be attended to at once.

Col. Temple Houston, the distinguished criminal lawyer of Woodward County has been in this city for the last ten days in attendance at the District Court. He was a leading attorney in the defense of Riggins and Shull, two murder cases from Roger Mills County, both defendants being declared not guilty. Col. Houston felt so good over the verdict in favor of his clients that he had his hair cut early this morning. He departed for home this evening.

Prof. E. M. Scott and Miss Lillian M. Randle, both instructors in the Salt City Business College, were married at the home of the bride's mother at noon today. The invitations were all written by Mr. Scott and Mr. Van Kirk of the college and were beautiful. Mr. Scott and Miss Randle will both retain their places at the college and they will be pleased with this as they are both popular teachers. They will live for the present at 223 East Fourth Avenue.

Mrs. Scott is a niece of N. O. Stephenson and made many friends while employed in Woodward as a stenographer. The Bulletin wishes the young couple all the joys of life.

Any person wishing to buy wood, hay, cane, kaffer, etc., will call at Bert Roll's Cash Grocery and those having these commodities to sell will find it to their advantage to give him a call

A new town has been surveyed by G. W. Hauiland between Wyanoka and Alva and about 20 miles west of Alva. It is in the main line of the Santa Fe and is named Nira.

C. W. White has moved his Law and Abstract office to the Marum building next door to the Gerlach Bank. He is now in much more comfortable quarters.
For Sale - or Trade - Two good homesteads, unimproved, very cheap. --J. M. DeLisle.
J. M. Converse, a prosperous farmer of Mutual was in the city Tuesday on business.
Noch Hoover, one of the suburban residents of Curtis, paid this office a pleasant visit Saturday.
L. K. Kibby, the popular ladies man from May, came in Tuesday and paid two "wheels" on subscription.
For Trade -- Cattle for residence property in Woodward. If you want to trade see J. M. DeLisle.
Dad Nall came in on the stage Monday evening and is at home on his homestead over north of the mesa - Cimarron News.
The Afternoon Tea will be entertained on Tuesday afternoon and evening at the home of Mrs. Dr. Rocer. The public is cordially invited.
Miss Berta Stinson formerly of Woodward, was married at her home at Lamar, Colorado to A. A. Hughes of Alva on the 31st of December. We understand they will reside in Alva, where Mr. Hughes is located in business.
E. G. Coudit, editor of the Carrizo Miner, took in the horse race here yesterday. He expresses the belief that a process will soon be put in the camp, that will successfully extract the copper from the low grade ore, and if that is done, the camp will take a boom, as the low grade ore is very plentiful. -- Cimarron News.
C. R. Alexander, our Councilman, is almost certain to be President of the Council.
Dr. A. M. Townsend of Hackberry, desiring to keep posted on local events of the county, came in Saturday and plunked down spot cash for a years subscription to the leading newspaper.
Highest market price paid for corn, oats and kaffir corn - W. M. Enlow - Mooreland, O. T.
Misses Bessie Bourne and Berta Crane departed on the east-bound train Monday on their return to Baptist College at Blackwell after spending the holiday with home folks of this city.
Major Andrews, Colonel Morrison, Captain Callyer, and Reverand Robinson, a coterie of representative Persimmon Flatters were in town Tuesday and Wednesday attending to business and selling wheat.
Monday night Wm. Greenfield of near Ioland in Day County was burned in a horrible manner at a camp on Indian Creek, six miles south of this city, and died Wednesday morning at the St. Elmo Hotel from the terrible effects of the burns. Deceased was a married man and leaves a wife and two children.
Uncle Johnnie Cornell, our popular police judge, is sashaying around town in a new suit of clothes and putting on more "dog" then Peirpoint Morgan or General Miles. A new desk and chair which have recently been annexed to the judiciary department of the city hall is thought to be responsible for his dignified metropolitan airs.
Elmer Pope, the best know farmer on 25-mile creek, came to town Tuesday in a big two horse lumber wagon and hauled out a load of supplies. Elmer was married a few days ago. Miss Blanch Souther was the fortunate young lady and is to be congratulated on securing a young man so highly accomplished and pretty for a companion for life.
Tuesday night some miscredants broke one of the plate glass windows in the front of the York-Key store and swiped two Colts 45-caliber revolvers. The value of the stolen property is sufficient to be classed as grand larceny and will send the guilty parties to the penitentiary for a year at least. Damage to the window was about $80.
It is now an assured fact that the Railroad Company will build a new bridge across the Canadian River and that it will be located at the mouth of Day Creek, directly opposite the town. There is a strong sentiment among the people of the town and county in favor of throwing in with the Railroad company and building a wagon bridge at the same time, having the two bridges connected. A wagon bridge across the Canadian would be a great convenience to this and neighboring counties -- Canadian Record.

This is another step toward making the Pan Handle branch the main line. It will not be long before we have better railroad service.

Holibough and Raddler, cigar manufactures, have moved to the room formerly occupied by the First National Bank.
Dr. Wood is the representative of Dr Coe's Sanitarum of Kansas City, Missouri. Dr. Coe is an eminent and successful surgeon and physician and is thourghly equipped to give his patients every comfort and advantage. I know this from experience as I spent two weeks in Dr. Coe's Sanitarum and was successfully treated.

Dr. Wood will visit Woodward, O. T. on Saturday January 10th and remain until Saturday, January 31, 1903 inclusive with office and rooms at Hotel Delta. The doctor is supplied with all instruments necessary to make a through and searching examination with X-rays and every thing modern. This is the only sanitarium in the West that is equipped with all the latest appliances and apparatus for the treatment of all diseases requiring either medical or surgical aid for their cure. We successfully treat asthma, catarrh, bronchitis, all throat and lung disease, dispepsia, neuralgia, liver complaint, piles, fistula, all diseases of the stomach, dropsy, rheumatism in all its forms, humors, all kinds, salt rheum, scrofula, eresypilas, cancer, old sores, ulcers, tumors, and disease of the kidneys and spine paralysis. We make a speciality of diseases of the throat, heart and lungs, enlarged spleen, liver, chills, fever and ague, mercurial disease, fits and spasms of long standing and also make a speciality of the diseases of the eye and ear, remove cataract, pteregium, straighten cross eyes, cure granulated lids, also make a speciality of all disease pertaining to women, all female complaints successfully treated, also correct all deformities such as club feet, bow legs, ankaloses, hip joint disease, spinal curvature, spinal irritation, wry neck, cleft palate and all diseases of the brain and nervous system. Call on the doctor, it will cost you nothing for advice. He will give you a candid examination and excite no-hopes of cure unless he sees sufficient cause to do so honestly. We do not believe in debilitating the system with nature's great remedies. Consultation and examination free. Office hours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Attention Real Estate Owners -- If you have a farm or good city residence or business property in Woodward county which you wish to sell for cash write immediately Dick T. Morgan. El Reno, O. T.
The annual banquet of the Coterie Club was one of the notable events of the holiday season. Husbands of the ladies of the Coterie spent the one perfectly happy evening of the year.

On New Year's Eve, as is their custom, the fair dames invited their lesser halves and a few guests to enter their charmed circle and for a few hours to be entertained royally, both intellectually and physically.

The Delta HOtel was the place and every detail of the banquet showed the skillful management of those who are able to say "I told you so," when anything goes wrong. The dining room was elaborately decorated in the colors of the Coterie, orange and white. Beautiful flowers gladdened the eye and perfumed the air. Each member and guest were presented with a bouquet of Holly and Running Pine sent all the way from Maryland by Linda E. Murdaugh, a former member in token of the remembrance of happy association in the past. Mrs. O'Brian, as President, made all welcome and anticipated every wish. Dr. Patton was Toast Master and fully did his duty in representing the happy husbands. Miss Ida B. Lee in her ever happy style made us welcome and sorry that we cannot be members of the Coterie. The toasts replied to by the husbands are hardly worth mentioning but the music furnished by the members was excellent and well worth waiting a whole year to hear.

The Banquet in all things was a grand success as everything is that the dear women do all by their lone selves. The writer is only sorry that New Year's does not come oftener.

On New Year's day Jeff Warren surprised the natives. He came to town and looked innocent while contemplating an important step in life. At high noon he was married to Miss Ida M. Coots. Only a few intimate friends were present. Jeff is one of the pioneers of Woodward and everybody is his friend. A few months ago he moved to Cestos. Miss Coots was one of Woodward's most estimable young ladies and we are sorry to lose her. The Bulletin wishes the happy couple a long life and every goo thing desired. Mr. and Mrs. Warren left immediately after the ceremony for their home in Cestos where they will be glad to receive their friends.
Territory Topics

Going To Jail -- Judge Hainer at Pawnee sentenced Ira Bates to 50 years in the penitentiary and expressed his regret that the law of the territory does not make his crime punishable by death.

Cattle Thieves Caught -- Under Sheriff James Huntington, of Alva, says that farmers at Waynoka have been missing cattle lately but did not know how to account for their loss. Under Sheriff Huntington went to work on this case and has arrested 3 men who were butchering and selling cattle. They are now in the county jail awaiting trial.

Dragged To Death -- Harry Ratoff, 19 years of age, was accidently killed at Holdenville while riding in the company of three other boys. Their horses became entangled in a wire fence and Ramtoff was dragged quite a distance, sustaining injuries which proved fatal within and hour. Charles Kolb, who was with him, was also seriously injured.

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