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Computing birth date from monument transcriptions
16 1. Find the DAY of death in the left column. Treating this day as 0,Feb
17 the day before as 1, the day before that as 2, etc., count up the Mar
18 column the number days of life given. If you reach the top of the Apr
19 column before you have finished counting, continue at the bottom May
20 of the column. If the month preceding that of death has less than Jun
21 31 days, be sure to skip the unneeded days in the column. You now Jul
22 have the date of birth. Aug
23 2. Find the MONTH of death in the lower month column at right: If Sep
24 you went past the 1st while counting days, go back one month. Oct
25 Just like with days, count this month as 0 & count up the columnNov
26 the number of months of life. This gives you the month of birth.Dec
27 3. Take the YEAR of death. If you went past January while countingJan
28 months, subtract 1 from the year of death. Now subtract theFeb
(29) number of years of life from the year you have to get the yearMar
(30) of birth.Apr
(31) Leap years Any year evenly divisible by 4, except the century May
1 years, unless they are divisible by 400 (1600 is a leap year)Jun
2remember that when you count back the days, you skip only 31 & 30Jul
3 instead of 31, 30 & 29, to correct the number of days in the month Aug
4 Remember the rule: Thirty days hath Sept., April, June, & Nov.Sep
6 Subject died 1 March 1896, aged 35 years, 7 months, 2 days.Nov
7 1. Starting with 1, treat this day as 0 & count back 2. The month Dec
8 preceding March is February & this was a leap year; so we skip 
9 the 30 & 31. The day before March 1 was February 29. Treat the 
10 29th as 1, etc. This lands us on 28. 
11 2/We did go past the 1st, so starting with February in the month 
12 column, count up 7 months. This takes us to July. 
13 3/We did go past January, so 1896 becomes 1895. Subtracting 35 from 
14 1895 gives us 1860. Therefore the subject was born 28 July 1860 
Source: Nebraska State Genealogical Societh, Vol. 13 #4 - reprinted in The Key Finder Vol. 11 - No. 1 Jan 1990. Adapted from "Kinfolk" (Rich Family Associatio) via " Fulton Family Letter".
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Oklahoma Independent History and Genealogy

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