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Elmwood Cemetery Ledger
Volume 1 - Section 1
1890 - 1984

Click here for the links to the records and a map of section 1
Click here for Volume 2 - Section 2
Click here for an explanation for cause of death
Click here for some history about Elmwood Cemetery

Six volumes of the Elmwood Cemetery Ledger Books were microfilmed in 1984. The records for section one and 2 have been transcribed at this time. Since 1984, 3 new sections have been added to the cemetery.

There are over 2,900 records listed in the Elmwood Cemetery, a listing of the complete canvas of all legible temporary markers and permanent gravestones as of May 1961. There are several listed in the ledgers that do not have a marker of any kind in the cemetery and some markers are not legible.

Section one has been updated with a complete canvas done in the fall of 2000 - Spring 2001 and photos taken of all headstones/markers. This section contains over 1,900 listings with over 1,550 photos.

The ledgers list the Lot, Space, Block, and Section numbers of each grave. Some records indicate cause of death, attending physician, mortuary, and other comments.

indicates persons buried in Potters Field.

Some sites were sold as single spaces in the lots, which may or may not contain other family members.

Lots 332 - 335 and 372 -375, listed on pages 87 and 88 are owned by G. A. R.

Lots A and B listed on pages 88A and 88B are listed as old soldiers plots.

Lots 342, 343, 364, and 365 are listed as belonging to  I. O. O. F.

Lots 340, 341, 366 and 367 belonging to K of P.

Headstone/Marker photos are available to anyone who wishes to use them for personal, non-commercial use. They are provided only for use on your personal website or your personal computer in connection with your family genealogy. Feel free to download any of these photos to your computer for that purpose.

   These photos may NOT be reproduced for any reason in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons without the written consent of the contributor, or the legal representative of the submitter except as stated above.

Causes of death

Adenocarcinoma - a malignant adenoma arising from epithelium of a glandlike organ.

Ancelphalic fetus - Encephalic - inflammation of the brain of an infant.

Apoplexy - same as a stroke or Cerebral Vascular Accident (CVA)

Asyphxis - A state of asphyxia or suffocation.

Brights Disease - A vague term for acute and chronic disease of the kidneys. Carcinomatosis - pertaining to or affected with cancer.

Confinement - The period of childbirth

Consumption - Tuberculosis

Dilatation of the heart - abnormal increase in the size of the cavities of the heart, a common result of valve disease or hypertension.

Dropsy - a condition of morbid accumulation of fluid and edema in the tissues and cavities.
d. of the belly - ascites
d. of the brain - Hydrocephalus
d. cardiac - that due to heart disease
d. of the chest - Hydrothorax

Erysipelas - Acute febrile disease with localized inflammation and swelling of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by streptococcus pyogenes.

Inanition - a condition due to lack of suffieient food - general underfeeding, undernutrition, caloric insufficiency. Can be cause by malabsorption or disease of the gastrointestinal system which prevents absorption of food.

Senility - The stage of being old. The weakness of old age, mental or physical.

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        These records are combined ledger entries and a complete canvas of section 1 in the cemetery. All headstone photos for Section 1 are online.
        Under the Marker heading on the ledger pages:
             Photo=link to marker photo.
             No=no marker in the cemetery.

        When you click on a letter below, it will open a new browser window. The ledger listings and photos, while still a part of the Woodward County site, are located on another server.

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