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McCoy Cemetery From Woodward (starting from 9th and Main) southeast on SH 3 (aka 270, 183) 11.9 miles. Turn west (right) on EW-48-RD (this is the first road you can turn on after crossing the Sand Creek bridge) then .4 miles (4/10). Cemetery is on north side of the road. Has a barbwire fence with a metal gate.

Coming from Seiling, turn west (left) on the first road past the Mooreland turnoff.

I was told that they clean up the cemetery for Memorial Day. On the day I visited, the cemetery was very overgrown with weeds. The markers were hard to find. I did get photos of a few of the headstones. Will return to finish taking photos later in the year.

Name Birth Death Spouse/*Parent Comment
CASEY,George W. 18931909 
CASEY,Ralph E.1905 1906 
EADS,Boyd17 Feb 190927 Feb 1911*T. T. & H. M. EADS
EMERSON,Mahala M.  17 Dec 1908age 94yr 3 mo 13 day
FINEGAN,Ethel13 Jan 19122 Apr 1912 
FINEGAN,Thomas J.+184813 Apr 1941 Age 92 yrs 11 mos 24 days
FINNEGAN,Rachel A. 18521925Age 74 years
FINNEGAN,Son Infant 5 Dec 19105 Dec 1910*Max J. FINNEGAN
HARDING,Lola F.20 Aug 190314 Oct 1903*W. O. & D. I.HARDING
HAYES,Saundra1939 1939Baby
LEVENWORTH,Z.3 Nov 190314 Nov 1903 
MCCOY,Connie 18851969 
MCCOY,Eliza J.13 Oct 18569 Jul 1937"Mother"
MCCOY,Mary R.#11 Jul 189222 Jan 1971Victor P. MCCOY
MCCOY,Victor P.#22 Aug 18817 Aug 1980Mary R. MCCOY
MEADS,Boyd 17 Feb 190927 Feb 1911*T. T. & H. MEADS
MERKLIN,George A.21 Aug 185828 Nov 1951Age 94 yrs 3 mos 7 days
MERKLIN,Melvina 14 Jul 185617 Jul 1936George A. MERKLIN
MIZE,Kate Hurst24 Sep 18496 Dec 1938Age 89 years - "Grandmother"
NORTH,Eliza J.25 Aug 187821 Mar 1896 *A. NORTH
NORTH,Emma D.27 Aug 188020 Sep 1898*A. NORTH
NORTH,Isadora 24 Mar 1913A. NORTH
Age 55 yrs 6 mos 17 days
NORTH,Mary E. 18 Nov 186622 Feb 1887*A. NORTH
NORTH,Mary E. 28 Mar 185913 Jul 1897A. NORTH
NORTH,Surilda12 Mar 184616 Jul 1886A. NORTH
REILLY,Carrie S.8 Aug 184929 Oct 1928J. M. REILLY
REILLY,J. M. Rev. 8 Oct 184828 Jun 1909Carrie S. REILLY
STAHL,James W.4 May 186922 Nov 1900 
WENDHAUSEN,Ruth E. 187021 Feb 1948 Age 77 yrs 11 mos 21 days
+Born Ireland Died in Woodward
#Married 30 July 1913
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