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Index for the 1910
Plat Book
Woodward County
Compiled by
Plains Indian and Pioneer Museum (PIPM)
 Copyright 1998 PIPM - Donated by PIPM

1910 Plat Book Index
Alphabetical listing
A - E
K - O
P - T
U - Z

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Fahra, George A.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Fakes, Etta M.RingwoodFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Fakes, J. T.WoodwardFarmer/BlacksmithT 25N R 19W19
Falconer, J. H.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Famum, N. R.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Fanier, Hattie V.WoodwardFarmer/DairyT 23N R 20W25
Fanis, JosephEllendaleFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Fanis, JosephEllendaleFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Farha, Cairo H.HaskewFarmer/MerchantT 25N R 19W19
Farha, Nema S.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Farley, FrankEllendaleFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Farley, FrankEllendaleFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Farrand, C. C.Stamford, NEFarmer/Real EstateT 23N R 17W04
Farrand, E. A.QuinlanFarmer/Real Estate Agent T 23N R 17W04
Farrington, C. L.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Farris, JohnEllendaleFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Farris, JohnEllendaleFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Farris, Wm.EllendaleFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Farris, Wm.EllendaleFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Farros. JosephHaskewFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Farros. JosephHaskewFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Farwell, H.SellingFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Farwell, J. D.SellingFarmer/RetiredT 20N R 17W01
Faure, AimeQuinlanGardener/PoultryT 23N R 17W04
Fawcett, J, N.WoodwardPreacherT 22N R 21W31
Feely, James B.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Feeser, EmmaSt. Haven, KSFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Feeser, EmmaSt. Haven, KSFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Feesfr, WilliamEllendaleFarmerT 26N R 19W20
Feesfr, WilliamEllendaleFarmerT 27N R 19W20
Fefand, Wert G.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W20
Fehr, PeterTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Feland, W. W.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W20
Fenington, Win. B.QuinlanFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Fenney, M JQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Fenter, C.HemanFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Fentom, B. F.MutualFarmerN/A05
Fentom, F. L.MutualFarmerN/A05
Fergason, S. A.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Ferguson & WyattWoodwardStock RaiserT 23N R 20W25
Ferguson & WyattWoodwardStock RaiserT 24N R 20W27
Ferguson, E. M.Jonesbury, Mo.FarmerT 21N R 22W34
Ferguson, JosephHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Ferguson, Ora L.QuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Ferguson, SamuelWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Ferrell, JAQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Ferrell, JohnBelvaFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Ferrell, SWQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Ferrell, T.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Ferris, E. A.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Fersen, VanMoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Fields, George R.GuthrieN/AT 21N R 18W07
Fields, J. M.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Fike, George H.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fimey, FrankWoodwardN/AT 22N R 19W16
Finch, H. E.SellingFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Finley, R. S.CedardaleFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Finley, T. H.CedardaleFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Firmer, J. J.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Fischer, Flossie M.BoutonFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Fishbaugh, Ezra A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fishbaugh, Ulysses G.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fisher, H. E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Fisher, R.QuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Fithen, Adelia E.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fittucin W. R.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Fitzgerald, David R.HaskewFarmer/EngineerT 25N R 19W19
Fitzgerald, John A.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Flag, E. E.N/ADoctorT 22N R 18W08
Flaming, Henry V.Luceine, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Flathers, G. W.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Fleming, J. P.Aberdeen, OHReal EstateT 20N R 19W14
Fleming, ThomasMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Fletcher, William l.KeenanFarmer/BlacksmithT 20N R 22W33
Flick, Mary E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Flint, John C.N/AFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Flint, Nancy A.Roy, NMFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Flock, RalphHaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Florell, CoN RadWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Fogelson, Lula M.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forbes, W. E.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Ford, Erwin and NellieQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Ford, John C.BysonFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, E. C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forest, Elbert C.WoodwardFarmer/RancherT 24N R 21W32
Forester, GrantChesterFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Forsythe, WTQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Foser, H.Wichita, KSRetiredT 23N R 17W04
Foster, Fred T.WoodwardFarmer/RanchmanT 23N R 20W25
Foster, HowardWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Foster, LorenWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Fournier, PaulQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Fowler, A.E.Wichita, KSPlumberT 25N R 18W11
Fowler, Cora M. and I. P.N/AN/AT 23N R 18W09
Fowler, Elbert T.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Fowler, LeeWoodwardFarmer/PrinterT 24N R 20W27
Fowler, Ulysses W.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fowner, James EstCestosN/AT 25N R 17W06
Freeman, Bert A.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Freeman, George C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W38
Freeman, HuldaWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Freeman, Ora A.Scottland, ILFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Freher, PeterTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Frey, William L.ParkmanFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Friedlie, WilhelminaHaskewN/AT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Friedrichs, W. W.TangierFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Friend, W. H.HaskewFarmer/Real EstateT 25N R 19W19
Friend, W.A.moorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Frost, Clyde E.HaskewFarmer/PhotographerT 26 & 27N R 19W20
Frost, Fred H and MCQuinlanFarmer/ StockmanT 23N R 17W04
Fugate, W.H.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Fuller, C. T.QuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Fuller, CharlesWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Fuller, EmanuelAlton, KSN/AT 21N R 19W15
Fuller, J.F.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Fuller, W. S.CarrierN/AT 23N R 18W09
Fuller, WillisAlton, KSMerchantT 21N R 20W22
Fullis, S.N/AN/AT 23N R 18W09
Fuls, Wilbur P.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Fumier, Charles and M. C.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Fuqua, Elmer E.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fuqua, NewtonWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Fuqua, WilliamWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Furgason, Mrs. S. J.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Fussell, Tessie M.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W09
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Gadberry, Harvey O.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Gadberry, James W.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Gadberry, Win.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Gaden, T. F.SellingFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Gadow, HenryWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Gage, W. R.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Gamer, Frank NQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Gander, J. H.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Gandy & GullSupply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Gantz, Edward L.MoorelandFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Garavey, Jihn FarmerT 23N R 22W36
Gardner, Benjamin E.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Gardner, G, M.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Gardner, J AQuinianBroom Corn DealerT 22N R 17W03
Gardner, JAQuinlanFarmer/Broom Corn DealerT 23N R 17W04
Gardner, Mrs. M.ChicagoFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Garrett, A. L.MoorelandMerchantT 22N R 20W24
Garrett, Albert L.MoorelandMerchantT 21N R 20W22
Garrett, F. M.WoodwardFarmer/MerchantT 22N R 20W24
Garrett, George L.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Garrett, LayafattHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Garrett, OliverLMoorelandClerkT 21N R 20W22
Garrettin Lewis W.MoorelandFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Garten, C. H.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Gartrell, J, A.Fargo, OkFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Garvey, J.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Garvey, JohnWoodwardBankerT 22N R 20W24
Garvie, AWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Garvin, J.M.ChesterFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Garwood, Edward B.WoodwardBankerT 22N R 20W24
Gasswint, Robert H.PearlFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Gasswint, S.R.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Gaston, Creth H.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Gaston, E.G.N/ADeceasedT 21N R 19W15
Gaston, EbenHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Gaston, ha t.HackberryFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Gaston, L.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Gaston, LouisaHackberryDomesticT 21N R 20W22
Gaston, Nathaniel S.HackberryRetired FarmerT 20N R 19W14
Gaston, R.F.HackberryReal EstateT 21N R 20W22
Gaston, T, D.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Gaston, WilbertKansas CityBlacksmithT 21N R 20W22
Gates, Edward M.QuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Gault, Helen NQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Gebhart, l. M.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Geddis, MaryWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Geddis, William B.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Geer, M. B.ChesterFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Geerdes, A.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Geerdes, S. H.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Geiger, JohnTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Geiswein, CoN RadTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Genter, Elmer W.Fargo, OkFarmer/BlacksmithT 21N R 22W34
George, D.B.QuinlanFarmerT 24N R 18W10
George, S. E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Gerber, PeterCooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Gerber, UtrichFargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Gerlach, John J.WoodwardBankingT 21N R 19W15
German, Charles B.PearlFarmerT 22N R 18W08
German, GWPearlFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Gettig, John F.WoodwardReal EstateT 22N R 21W31
Gettig, MelissaWoodwardReal EstateT 20N R 19W14
Gibbs, John W.New Providence, lAN/AT 21N R 18W08
Gibsin, RibertMoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Gibson, RichardWoodwardBankerT 22N R 20W24
Gibson, Robert A.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Gibson, w.WoodwardN/AT 22N R 19W16
Gifford, COCurtisFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Gilbaugh, Sadie EWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Gilbert, James F.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Gilbert, WHQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Giles, Richard R.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Giles,Addison C.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Gilson, E. W.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Girard, F. W.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Githen, 0. N.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Glentzer, Winfield S.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Glick, George E.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Gloyd, DanielEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W20
Gnffith, T. E. & Mary E.HarmonFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Goble, T, M.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Gonser, David A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Gooch, G. F. & R. W.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Good, D. M.BeloaFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Goodhue, Win.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Goodrich, MaryWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Gore, F.G.PerdueFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Gore, Frank C.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Gore, Geo. W.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Gore, JosephEllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Gore, N.H.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Gossage, William J.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Government Land FarmerT 25N R 18W12
Gower, H.Supply, Ok T 24N R 22W37
Goyen, T.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Goyen, W. S.SeilingFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Grace, Annie C.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Grace, J, R.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Grace, Norman L.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Grace, WMHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Graham, RoseMoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Grain, AlexTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Grandland, OmerWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Grant, DuncanWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Grant, J.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Grant, John P.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Graves, Charles M.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Graves, G.A.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Graves, GeorgeKeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Graves, J. W.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Graves. EtheL IWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Gray Realty CompanyWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Gray, A.L.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Gray, B.H.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Gray, Benjamin H.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Gray, Benjamin H.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Gray, BessieWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Gray, BessieWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Gray, E.ChesterFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Gray, IN.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Gray, J, D.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Gray, MartinMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Gray, SusanMoorelandFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Gray,John W.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Grayson, James M.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Greden, JohnFreedomFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Green, A. W.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Green, Anna L.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Green, DEEagle CityFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Green, Earl F.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Green, Henry E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Green, I.P.MutualFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Green, JohnWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Green, JosQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Green, Mrs. T. B. H.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Green, S.P.GreensboroFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Green, T.S.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Green, William L.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Greene, HenryHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Greer, Ashby P.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Greer, Ashby P.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Greer, Mrs. Pearl N.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Greer, PearlWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Gregory, William l.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Gresham, J. E.Burton, KSFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Griffin, John C.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Griffin, Oscar B.CooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Griffith, C. F.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Griggs, Katie M.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Grigsby, Anna CConcordia, KSFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Grindstaf, S.E. WhitcombPringeyFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Groce, EllisHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Groshong, Annie L.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Gross, MA.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Gross, W. H. E.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Grover, Meiroy T.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Groves, Alex W.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Groves, Hiram C.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Groves. Anna A.Oklahoma CityFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Grubaugh, W. B.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Grubaugh, W. B.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Grunewald, Atta E.N/AFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Grunewald,AdamMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Guernsey, Ida M.Anthony, KSFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Guiles, John E.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W32
Guiles, RoyWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W32
Gumsey, Willis H.TangierCarpenterT 23N R 22W36
Gustavson, Edna E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Guthery, DaveWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Guthrie, DavidWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Guthrie, EuniceWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Guthrie, IvensWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Guthrie, Jacob W.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Guthrie, WilliamWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W25
Gwynn, Wm. E.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
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Hackett, David K.WoodwardMiner/FarmerT 24N R 20W27
Hackett, Mary A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Hackney, James C.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Hackney, WilliamEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Hagan, ClarkMoorelandReal estate dealerT 23N R 18W09
Hagan, J, M.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Hageman, HenryWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Hager, AJPearlFarmer/PlastererT 22N R 17W03
Hagerman, AdamHackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hagerman, AdamHackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Haifrier, Edward D.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hain, William TCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hall, Charles E.WoodwardN/AT 22N R 18W08
Hall, Frank M.Jewell Country, KsFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Hall, Geo. RWoodwardclerkT 23N R 17W04
Hall, Henry B. K. K.EnidSalesmanT 25N R 19W19
Hall, James J.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Hall, LephaWoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hall, MaudColoradoFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Halladay, Mary JIndianapolis, MsHousewifeT 22N R 21W31
Halloway, A.N/AFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Halloway, RayCedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Hals, T.W.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Ham,James T.Sterling, KSFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hamblen, EdwardWoodwardPool HallT 22N R 21W31
Hamilton, CADriscollFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Hamilton, Christian 0.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hamilton, H.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hamilton, John T.HaskewFarme/CarpenterT 25N R 19W19
Hammer, Chas, W.HackberryFarmer/BlacksmithT 21N R 21W29
Hammond, Flora G.TangierFarmer/R.F. D.T 22N R 22W35
Hammond, Matilda A.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hampton, A.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hampton, J, L.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hamsher, Geo.Fargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hance, Samuel W.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Hancock, Clement EWaynokaFarmerT 25N R 17W06
Hand, A.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Hand, IraPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hand, IraPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hand, J.E.PringeyEngineerT 25N R 18W11
Hand, JamesPringeySoldierT 25N R 18W11
Hand, W. F.PringeyEngineerT 25N R 18W11
Haning, Adaipha M.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Haning, Howard C.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Haning, Isaac D.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Haning, Mary 0.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hanly, W. B. & T. B.Monticello, MOFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Hanna, Mabel G.MilwaukeeSchool TeacherT 23N R 22W36
Hansen, H. M.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Hanshu, GeoFargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hanson, Horace G.Higgins, TXEngineerT 22N R 22W35
Hardin, T, M.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Harding, RAMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hardner, JohnQuinlanLessee/FarmerT 23N R 18W09
Hardy, John E.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hargis, J. N.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Harhausen, FredMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Harmon, John H.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Harness, C.A.SellingFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Harness, J. A.SeilingFarmer/StockmanT 20N R 17W01
Harness, J. F.SellingFarmer/StockmanT 20N R 17W01
Harper, EQuinlanFarmer/CanvesserT 23N R 17W04
Harper, EpsabethQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Harper, Guy C.MutualTelephone Mgr.T 21N R 18W08
Harper, Ida AQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Harpole, WalterWoodwardFarmer/dairymanT 22N R 19W16
Harr, AbrahamWoodwardBlind man, retiredT 20N R 19W14
Harris, E. V.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Harris, J. D.N/AN/AT 21N R 17W02
Harris, O.H.CedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Harrison, DMQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Harrison, GCQuinlanFarmer/TeacherT 23N R 17W04
Harrison, George WWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Harron, George B.WoodwardRestaurantT 22N R 21W31
Hartell, J. E.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hartle, CMutualFarmerCarpenter/Breeder T 25N R 17W07
Hartle, FMutualPostal clerkT 25N R 17W07
Hartle, F.MutualPostermasterT 20N R 19W14
Hartley, A. M.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Hartman, AdeleWichita, KSFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Harvey, FrankPringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Harvey, John A.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Haselmire, AugustCurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Hasemeler, CarlTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hasemeler, GeorgeTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Haskew, FrandHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Haskew, W. L.HaskewMerchantT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Haskew, W.T.HaskewMerchantT 25N R 18W11
Haskew, William L.HaskewMerchantT 25N R 18W11
Haslam, EadJ.ArnettFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Haslam, JamesCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hassebrock, W. E.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Hastings, J.WoodwardBanker/ Farmer/StockmanT 23N R 21W32
Hastings, James T.WoodwardFarmer/Stockman/BankerT 23N R 20W26
Hatfield, JWQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Hatfield, MMQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Hatfield, U. A.CherokeeFarmer/PlastererT 21N R 17W02
Hathaway, CharlesWoodwardVeterinaryT 24N R 20W27
Haueisen, Franklin J.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hawes, W. F.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hawk, Charles M.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hawk, E. A.EllendaleFarmer/Mail carrierT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Hawk, James E.CooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hawk, LuIuPringeyDomesticT 25N R 18W11
Hawk, W. F.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hawkins, E. L.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Hawkins, Geo. W.HaskewFarmer/StockmanT 25N R 19W19
Hawkins, George AWaynokaClerkT 25N R 17W06
Hawks, Hiliman E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Hawks, Hiliman E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Hawks. WilliamWoodwardFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Haworth, G, D.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Hayden, Nancy S.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Hayes, G. C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Hayes, l, M.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Hayes, Wm. C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Hayward, BrazeltonWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Haywood, WilliamPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hayworth, Charles E.Fargo, OkPool HallT 21N R 22W34
Headlee, CurtisMutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Headleey, W. HeirsCedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Heald, N. G.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Healy, E. J.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Healy, MaryHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Heckart, EliasMutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Heckart, FrankTopeka, KScarpenterT 25N R 17W07
Heckart, JamesCestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Heckart, WPCestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hedrick, William H.WoodwardFarmer/Well DrillerT 24N R 21W32
Heekin, PatrickTangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Heller, J, E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Helmer, DavidTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Helpman, F. A.QuinlanFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Helpman, Luther G.QuinlanLumbermanT 23N R 18W09
Henderson, W. H.MoorelandFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Hendricks, M.A.CedardaleTelephone exchangeT 21N R 17W02
Hendrickson, DanaCooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hendrickson, FloretCooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Henock, AlbertCurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Henry, JPCestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hensley, W. P.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Henson, J. H.CooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Henson, John H.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hepner, ElizabethHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Hepner, GrantHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Hepner, Jesse S.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Her, DavidWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Herd, Daniel C.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Herd, George T.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Herd, Mary L.HackberryDomesticT 21N R 20W23
Herren, C. D.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Herren, John E.WoodwardinsuranceT 24N R 20W27
Herring Win, M.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Herzog, MonikaWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Hess, Ruth ERockford,lllinoisFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hewitt, Fred W.EllinwoodFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Hiatt, J. L.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hicks, DavidCooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hicks, HenryCooleyFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hicks, JA.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hicks, M. A.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Hicks, W. H.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Higgins, JEMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Highfihl, B. M.CurtisFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Highfihl, J. G.CurtisFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hilbig, J.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hilbig, MinnieMoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hilbig, Q.H.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hilbig, R.E.MoorelandMerchantT 23N R 19W17
Hiliman, ThomasHigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hill, AlbertWoodwardDeceasedT 21N R 21W29
Hill, E.A.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Hill, Marion G.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Hilliwell, Ithi E.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36
Hindman, James D.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W15
Hines, AlexanderMoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hingston, S. O.N/AN/AT 20N R 17W01
Hininger, JosephFargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Hisel, W. L.Fargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hisel, W.M.Fargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hitch, RobertPringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Hitchcock, W. B.TangierFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Hobbs, F. A.HemanFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Hobbs, Geo. H.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Hodsen, W.F.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Hoffert, JosephWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Hogle, IrwinHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Hogue, W. A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W32
Hohweiler, AdamFargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hohweiler, ChristianTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hohweiler, FrederickFargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hohweiler, MarieFargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Hoidren, ClarenceWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Hoistine, JGumsborgFarmerT 25N R 17W06
Hoiweiler, G. G.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Holden, J. F. FarmerT 24N R 22W37
Holden, M.P.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Holden, Salina J.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Holderman, Henry F.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Holemback, S.F.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Holladay, LindenWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Holland, OttoPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W11
Hollen, J.W.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Hollers, AlbertHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Holley, SamuelHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Holloway, A. N.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Holloway, A.O.WoodwardFeed YardT 22N R 21W31
Holloway, JohnWaynokaFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Holloway, W. H.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Holmes, ChasAuburn, KSN/AT 20N R 19W14
Holmes, Win.CurtisN/AT 22N R 18W08
Holshuk, GeorgeMoorelandFarmerT 22N R 19W16
Hombeck, B. A.WoodwardFireman R.R.T 22N R 20W24
Hombeck, B.D.MutualFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Hombeck, E.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Hombeck,JDMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Homey, A.L.FordFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Hood, George M.Sterling, KSFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hood, W.C.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W21
Hood, William C. FarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hoover, H. H.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 23N R 19W17
Hoover, Noah D.MutualN/AT 22N R 18W08
Hopkins, HopkinsWoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Hopper, LeeCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hopper,JMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hordy, J. C.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Horn, J.S.QuinlanFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Hotopp,AnthonyEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Hotz, GeorgeCurtisMerchantT 23N R 18W09
Houghton, David M.CurtisFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Houghton, Indiana C.CurtisFarmerT 24N R 18W10
Houlehan, James F.N/AN/AT 25N R 18W11
Houseman, GeorgeTrinidad, CODruggistT 23N R 18W09
Houser, J. N.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Houser, M. L.ViciHotel/LiveryT 20N R 19W14
Houser, O. W.ViciReal EstateT 20N R 19W14
Houston, Albert P.WoodwardReal EstateT 22N R 20W24
Houts, Elbert V.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Howe, F.A.CedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Howeiler, Anna K.Fargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Howey, Edward R.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W32
Howiesen, CharlesWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Howiesen, MatildaWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Hoyle, IraMutualFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Hubbell, C, A.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hubbert, J.W.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Hubbert, Roy M.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Hudson, Ralph R.Billings, OKFarmerT 21N R 21W29
Huff, Lydia and SSQuinlanFarmer/CarpenterT 22N R 17W03
Huff, W. D.QuinlanFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Huffman, AMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Huffman, GWMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Huffman, S.C.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Huffmanm, Addle L.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Hufford, M.J.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hughes, E.W.N/AN/AT 21N R 18W08
Hughes, FredMutualFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Hughes, JMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hughes, JDMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hughes, JohnMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Huifford, M.E.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W17
Hull, J. E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Hull, J. E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W22
Hull, Roy F.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Hundorf, HenryWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Hundorf, HenryWoodwardFarmer/StockraisingT 22N R 19W16
Hundorf, WilliamWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Hunt, CH.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Hunt, Emma J.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W34
Hunt, FloydHaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hunt, Isaac N.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W08
Hunter, JosephWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Hunter, W. A.Farmington, NMMerchantT 23N R 20W26
Hurd, MaryHaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W19
Hurst, B. H.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Hurst, Lewis W.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Husk, EdwardHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Husselton, E. C.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Hutchens, GMCestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Hutchinson, James CQuinlanHeirsT 23N R 17W04
Hutchinson, Joseph E.Fargo, OkFarmer/ThresherT 21N R 22W34
Hutchinson, MMQuinlanFarmer/StockraiserT 23N R 17W04
Hutchinson, WM AQuinlanRetired FarmerT 23N R 17W04
Hutington, Mattie J.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Hutton, ElmerMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
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Ifland, 0.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Ifland, C.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Ifland, CasperWoodwardFarmer/BlacksmithT 24N R 21W32
Ifland, M.N/AN/AT 23N R 18W09
Ingraham, MADriscollFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Ingraham, W.N.MoorelandJewelerT 22N R 19W16
Irinis, J.H.WoodwardCounty SurveyorT 20N R 19W14
Irvin, GeorgeWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Irvin, Robert L.Fort Supply, OKFarmer/BreederT 23N R 22W36
Israel, J.T.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Ivems, S.W.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Ivens, Frank M.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
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Jackson, R. A.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Jackson, VirginiaWoodwardFarmer/RetiredT 21N R 22W34
James, 0. N.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W37
James, 0. N.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
James, Jesse F.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
James, Mamie E.MoorelandFarmer/RetiredT 22N R 19W16
Jamison, EngeneWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Jansen, FrederickQuincy, ILFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Jaquis, JohnCurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Jeifries, Andrew JQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Jeifries, BFQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Jemison, Delia E.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Jemison, W. H.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Jemison, W.H.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Jenisch, A. S.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 23N R 19W18
Jennings, W. E.TangierFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Jennings, W.E.WoodwardReal EstateT 25N R 18W11
Jessee, J. D.Supply, OkFarmer/MinisterT 24N R 22W37
Jessup, H.Z.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Jimeson, George W.GageFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Johns, CLDriscollFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Johnson, Charles A.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Johnson, F. J.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Johnson, George D.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Johnson, Henry D. FarmerT 23N R 22W36
Johnson, JohnPringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Johnson, John WQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W04
Johnson, John W.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Johnson, JWMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Johnson, JWMutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Johnson, Martin L.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Johnson, Roy A.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 18W09
Johnson, Seth P.PringeyFarmer/AssessorT 25N R 18W11
Johnson, Thomas E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W24
Johnson, W. H.RingwoodFarmerT 24N R 17W05
Johnston, PerrymanHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Johnston, Thomas F.Buffalo, OKFarmer/MinisterT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Jones, C. E.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Jones, C. E. & A.L.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Jones, C. E. & A.L.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Jones, Cr10MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Jones, EvaCestosFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Jones, GeorgeHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Jones, J. T.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Jones, LeroyKansasFarmerT 20N R 22W33
Jones, P.C.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Jones, S, J.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Jones, S. p.CedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Jones, Stephen F.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Jones, William J,EllendaleFarmer/StockmanT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Jones. A. B.TangierFarmerT 24N R 22W37
Jordan, Francis M.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Jordan, Richard H.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Jordan, William G.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Juliuson, C. A.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Justice, D. W.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W36

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