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Index for the 1910
Plat Book
Woodward County
Compiled by
Plains Indian and Pioneer Museum (PIPM)
 Copyright 1998 PIPM - Donated by PIPM

1910 Plat Book Index
Alphabetical listing
A - E
F - J
K - O
U - Z

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Painter, Horace G.CurtisFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Park, H. M.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Parker, Gertie E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Parker, John S.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Parkhurst, Clara R.WoodwardHousewifeT 22N R 21W31
Parkhurst, G. A.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Parks, A.C,CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Parsons, Arthur J.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Parsons, John H.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Parsons, Lyman W,EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Parsons, SilasHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Paterson, W. H.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Patrick, Roy E.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Patterson, Annie 0.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Patterson, Homer C.New YorkFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Patterson, Howard B.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Patterson, JohnPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Patton, A. l.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Pauley, LukePringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Pauline, ArthurEllendaleFarmer/Grain DealerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Pauline, Arthur M.EllendaleHeirs ofT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Pauline, WannieEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Payne, JFMedicine Lodge, KSFarmerT 24N R 17W06
Payne, William E.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Payton, Lewis A.EllendaleFarmer/Real EstateT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Peach, C. A.MutualN/AT 21N R 18W08
Peach, Ellis A.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Peach, Frank E.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Peaney, M. E. & T. C,MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Pearce, Geo. BQuinianFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Pearce, JamesWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Pearce, JamesWoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Pearson, Fred H. FarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pedrick, J. F.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
PeeblesWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Peery, J. A.LookebaFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Peery, Joseph A.Lookeby, OkFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Peery, William H.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Peet, Willis M.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Peliman, E. R.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
PeN Rod, M JCedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
People, Christopher C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Peoples, MyrtaTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Peoples, SolomonTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Perkins, C.D.N/AN/AT 25N R 17W07
Perkins, W.F. & L.RichmondFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Perry, J SPearlFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Perry, Thomas A.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Peters, James R.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Peterson, J.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W28
Peterson, J. P.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Pettyjohn, S. C.WoodwardAuctioneerT 22N R 21W31
Peugh, Mary E.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Phifer, Joseph ACurtisFarmerT 22N R 17W03
Phillips, B. M.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Phillips, CharlesEllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Phillips, Eliza A.HackberryDomesticT 21N R 20W23
Phillips, H.P.ChesterFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Phillips, l. MiHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Phillips, Louis M.WoodwardFarmer/Stock RaiserT 21N R 20W23
Phillips, Sallie B. T.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Phillips, SamuelWoodwardFarmer/Stock RaiserT 21N R 20W23
PhilliPS, SilasHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Phillips, T,HackberryFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Phye, WIlliamCurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Pickerel, E.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Pielstick, L. F.Atkinson, NEFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pieplow, C. J.N/AFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Pierce, FrankHackberryFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Pierce, L. A.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pierce, L. A.WoodwardFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Pierce, L.A.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pierce, OrvilleMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Pierson, Charles BWaynokaFarmerT 25N R 17W06
Pierson, J. A.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Pike, Francis l.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Pike, G.W,HackberryFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Pike, James F.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Pike, Ora C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Pingry, A. B.Silverdale, KSFarmer/MerchantT 21N R 17W02
Pinnell, DanielCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pittan, W. L.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Pitts, ClarksonPearlFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Pitts, JohnPearlFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Pittsenbarger, Lewis J,HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Pittsenbarger, Lewis J.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Plank, AceMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Plank, L. G.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Plank, M. C.MutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Plaster Company, The Okla AvalPlasterT 23N R 17W05
Plowman, G. H.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Plumlee, Thomas W.EllendaleFarmer/Harness MakerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Poage, A. R.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Poage, A. R.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Poe, A. R.MutualMinisterT 23N R 20W26
PoIson, John S.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Polin, B. F.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Pollard, JobCurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Pollard, W. P.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Polley, C. J.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Potter, Ernest D.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Potts, C. R.PearlMail CarrierT 21N R 17W02
Pound, Alice M.EllendaleFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Powell, Charles M.EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Powell, Dana J.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Powell, Sarah l.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Powelson, Valentine P.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W09
Powers, AlbertCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Powers, AmandaCooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Pratt, J. T.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Pratt, Wm.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Pressnall, W. M.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W18
Preston, P. D.MoorelandBlacksmithT 24N R 18W11
Priestly, Samuel J.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W16
Prior, Effie J.GageFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Profitt, P. G.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Prophet, Benjamin W.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W14
Prophet, J. A.AlvaReal EstateT 25N R 17W07
Prophet, J. C.MutualMail CarrierT 20N R 19W14
Pugh, G. W.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W35
Pugh, J. T.N/AFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Pugh, Stella and CKChesterFarmer/TeacherT 21N R 17W02
Pullman, J. M.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Purcell, Ella B.PringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Purdy, E. M. & M.A.IowaFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Purdy, Ed A.Chanute, KSFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Pyle, J. N.QuinlanFarmerT 22N R 17W03
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Queen, Alvie M.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Queen, Mrs. KateOmaha, NEHousewifeT 20N R 19W15
Quickie, RomanusTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W38
Quigley, MargaretWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Quigley, Uncas S.WoodwardDeceasedT 22N R 20W25
Quinn, RalphWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Quintard, F. A.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
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Raber, Amanda L.WoodwardMaid/HotelT 21N R 20W23
Raker, M ECaliforniaFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Ralston, A. D.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Ralston, E. E.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Ramey, Ed E.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Ramey, Jeremiah D.Kingman, KSFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Ramey, Thomas M.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Randall, CharlesWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Randall, LillieWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Randan, HenryQuinlanPlasterer/ MasonT 24N R 17W06
Randolph, Hugh J.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Rank, Margaret A.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Rankin, William T.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Rapp, F.RichmondN/AT 20N R 17W01
Rapp, JacobRichmondN/AT 20N R 17W01
Rapp, MargretCestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Rauh, ChristShattuckFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Rawdon, J,WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Ray, Lewis W.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Reason, G WCedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Reasoner, J. W.CedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Reay, E. B.SeilingFarmer/TeacherT 20N R 17W01
Reckard, CalvinEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Redd, Nancy A.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Redd, O. C.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Redd, O. O.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Redmoon, Mary A.PringeyDomesticT 25N R 18W12
Reed, F. E.Kansas CityN/AT 22N R 18W09
Reed, R. M.CedardaleFarmer/MinisterT 21N R 17W02
Reid, J. W.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Reilly, J. M.MutualRetiredT 22N R 19W17
Reilly, James P.WoodwardFarmer/Cement WorkerT 22N R 20W25
Reilly, James P.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Reith, Peter W,WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Render, JeeseTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Render, M. L.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Renfrew, & CowgillWoodwardLoan AgentsT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Renfrow, Peter C.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Reno, NormanAlvin, TXFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Resch, Casper M.HowardFarme/CarpenterT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Reuss, GeoTangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Reynolds, ThomasMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Rhoads, B. C.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Rhuby, James A.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Rhuby, Thomas A.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Rhynard, Jihn u.MutualFarmerT 22N R 19W17
Rice, Amer W.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Richard, E. J.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Richard, E. J.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Richard, MarshallTangierFarmer/StockraiserT 23N R 22W37
Richard, S. C.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Richards, Albert A.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Richards, B. F.WoodwardFarmer/Real EstateT 22N R 20W25
Richards, B.F.MutualFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Richardson, John W.EllendaleFarmer/MasonT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Richey, B. M.Kansas CityN/AT 23N R 18W10
Richmond, J, W,MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Ricket, Edward E.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Ricket, Wesley D.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Rifenberg, John B.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rigers, P.J,MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Riley, HSManhattan, KSFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Rilinger, A. J.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Rinehart, A. T.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Riner, MyrtleN/AFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Rinner, JacobHigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Ripley, L. E.CedardaleFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Ritterhouse, Geo.MutualFarmer/StockmanN/A07
Robb, S.S.CestosFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Robb. Leslie J,PringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Roberts, AlvanLevenworth, KSCement WorkerT 25N R 18W12
Roberts, CharliePringeyFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Roberts, David B.N/ADeceasedT 20N R 19W15
Roberts, EliQuinlanFarmerT 22N R 18W09
Roberts, EliQuinlanFarmer/StockmanT 23N R 17W05
Roberts, Frank HQuinlanReal Estate/LoansT 24N R 17W06
Roberts, J. W.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 20N R 19W15
Roberts, James B.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Roberts, John L.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Roberts, John L.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Roberts, T. J.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Robertson, Sterling P.WoodwardMerchantT 22N R 21W31
Robinson, Chas E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Robinson, EABelvaMerchantT 23N R 17W05
Robinson, J. A.N/AN/AT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Robinson, Ora M.WoodwardDomesticT 23N R 20W26
Robinson, T. E. & M. J.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Rocher, JohnWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rocher, JosephWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Rocher, JosephWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rocher, JosephWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rocher, Paul F.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rockhold, Rovert E.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Roddy, J. M.TangierSchool TeacherT 22N R 22W36
Rodgers, Jesse A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Roedefi, EJQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Roehrmann, CharlesQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Rogers, 0. C,WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Rogers, George EWoodwardHeirs/FarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rogers, George W.WoodwardHeirs/FarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rogers, H. E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Rogers, JacobWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rogers, JacobWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rogers, W. A.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Roister, ChasKeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Rommel, FredDriscollFarmerT 22N R 17W04
Root, David D.WoodwardFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Roper, Charles C,HaskewFarmer/TeacherT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Roper, J. E.HaskewFarmer/Real EstateT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Ropers, JohnWoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Rose, C.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Rose, DoraEllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Rose, James L.HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Rose, Stephen C,WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rosendale, O. W.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Rosendale, OnaKeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Ross, BellWoodwardDomesticT 24N R 20W27
Ross, Florence E.Fargo, OkCarpenterT 22N R 22W36
Ross, JohnKeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Ross, William L.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rottee, 0. T,WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Rouk, G. G.MoorelandCarpenterT 25N R 18W12
Rouk, G. G.MoorelandCarpenterT 25N R 18W12
Rouse, N. L.WoodwardCoultryT 23N R 20W26
Routh, Elmer A.CooleyFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Routh, George EWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rowold, W. H.CurtisFarmerT 22N R 18W09
Roy, George W,WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Roy, HintenKeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Royce, Frank M.TangierFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Ruark, Charles A.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Ruark, GeorgeWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rumley, Edward T.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Rumley, Martha S.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Runion, David P.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Ruppel, H.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Russan, Frank W.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Russan, HenryWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Russell, Arthur L.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Russell, Edith EWaynokaFarmer/PhotographerT 25N R 17W06
Russell, Joseph JWaynokaFarmer/ThresherT 25N R 17W06
Russell, R. R.RichmondFarmer/FreighterT 20N R 17W01
Russell, W. C.ChesterFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Rutan, A.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Rutledge, Clifton E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Rylant, Hiram B.HarmonFarmerT 20N R 22W34
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Sain, Rosa N.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Saisberry, W.E.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Salmons, Mary J,HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Sammer, E. S.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Sample, Charles G,HaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Sample, Chas G.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Sanderlin, Guy W,HackberryFarmer/MerchantT 21N R 20W23
Sanders, David P.QuinlanMachinistT 23N R 18W10
Sawyer, W. C,WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Sayre, Charles M.PringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Scanlon, EdmondWoodwardFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Scates, A. L.WoodwardFarmer/Harness MakerT 21N R 20W23
Scefield, ChesterHaskewFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Schaeffer, ChristianTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Schaeffer, L. MWoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Schamling, Peter H.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Schilecker, Otto J.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Schilling, F. E.MoorelandFarmer/Hog RaiserT 23N R 19W18
Schiner, Charles J,EllendaleFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Schleeter, T. H.KeenanFarmer/StockmanT 24N R 21W33
Schmidt, G.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Schmidt, H. W.Strausburg, OFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Schmidt, S. G.HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Schmolke, C. E.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Schneider, FredTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Schneider, John G.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Schnitzer, CatherineKeenanDomesticT 21N R 20W23
Schnnger, C. H.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Schnobelen, A. S.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Schnoebelen, A. S.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Schnoebelen,Edna E.& Orr KeenanEditor/PublisherT 23N R 20W26
Schoonover, BenKeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Schoonover, Clyde C.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Schoonover, Clyde C.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Schoonover, Sarah M.KeenanDomesticT 21N R 20W23
Schoonover, WinnieKeenanDomesticT 21N R 20W23
Schramling, Edwin H.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Schroder, ElmerHarmonFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Schultz, ErnestKeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Schultz, GottfriedFargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Schultz, GottfriedFargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Schurtz, FredKeenanMechanical EngineerT 24N R 20W27
Scofield, Mathew B.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Scollins, F.M.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Scott, E!unza WKeenanFarmer/BlacksmithT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Scott, Elisa L,KeenanFarme/CarpenterT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Scott, WallaceTangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Seaton & HoytKeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Seaton, H. A.KeenanClerkT 20N R 19W15
Secrist, Charles F.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Secrist, John A.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Seemon, Laura L.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Seldon, Lillian E.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Semmel, PhilipTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Shadday, WalkerKeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Shafer, WaitKeenanFarmer/Stock BuyerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Shaffee, J. L.KeenanMGRT 21N R 17W03
Shaller, W. C.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Sham, John F.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Sharkey, WilliamKeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Sharon, AlexanderKeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Sharon, AlexanderKeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Shaw W.J.KeenanN/AT 23N R 18W10
Shaw, J.B.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Shawyer, H.D.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Shelden, Charles M.Fargo, OkReal EstateT 20N R 22W34
Sheldon, ClaraKeenanFarmer/StockraiserT 22N R 19W16
Shelter, JohnKeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Shephard, A. W.TangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Shephard, CHKeenanFarmerT 22N R 17W04
Shepherd, A. H.KeenanReal EstateT 21N R 21W30
Shepherd, J. S.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Shepherd, J. W.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Shepherd, M. E. & S.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Shepherd, W.M.KeenanN/AT 21N R 19W15
Sherman, J.M.KeenanMachinistT 20N R 19W15
Sherpy, T.W.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Sherpy, Wm. F.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Sherwood, Alta J.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Sherwood, JesseKeenanFarmer/MachinistT 20N R 21W29
Shields, F. 0.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Shields, J. M.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Shields, W.A.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Shiland, HKeenanFarmerT 21N R 17W02
Shine, David 0.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Shinn, J, M.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Shirkey, James W.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Shirley, John W.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Shore, C.C.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Shore, L L; HeirsKeenanFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Shores, Eli M.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Shringer, Andrew W.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Shryock, F. S.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Shryock, F. S.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Shryock, J. E.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Shuck, MKeenanFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Shuck, MaryKeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
ShuckZFKeenanFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Shultz, ClellKeenanFarmer/StockmanT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Shupe, B. A.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Shwab, HenryTangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Shwenke, FrankKeenanFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Shy, EdwardKeenanDairy/StockraiserT 23N R 20W26
Siffert, Vesta V.KeenanFarmer/StockraiserT 23N R 20W26
Siglinger, Otia & Charles TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Silvers, C. W.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Silverthom, J. L.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Simmins, W. E.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Simmons, AKeenanFarmerT 22N R 17W04
Simmons, Ira S.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
SimmonS, T. H.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Simpkins, W. R.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 17W06
Simpkins, WRKeenanFarmerT 24N R 17W06
Simpson, J. A.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Skidmore, Olby B.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Skidmore, Ruth G.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Skinner, GeorgeKeenanFarme/CarpenterT 22N R 17W04
Skinner, LawrenTangierRural Mail CarrierT 23N R 22W37
Slaton, FrankKeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Slier, William JGageStone MasonT 20N R 22W34
Smaliwood, J.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Smart, J. H.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Smelcer, Geo AKeenanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Smith, A. B.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Smith, A. C.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Smith, A. G.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Smith, Albert G.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Smith, B. C.Fargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Smith, C.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Smith, C. E.Riverside, CAFruit PickerT 23N R 22W37
Smith, Carrie L.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Smith, CEVKeenanBankerT 24N R 17W06
Smith, Charles C.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Smith, Charles W.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Smith, David R.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Smith, E. D.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 17W04
Smith, F. P.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 17W04
Smith, FletcherKeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Smith, FredKeenanFarmer/SockraiserT 22N R 19W17
Smith, G.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 19W19
Smith, Harry E.KeenanFarmer/StockraiserT 25N R 19W20
Smith, Hary E and Mary EKeenanN/AT 21N R 18W08
Smith, HelenFargo, OkFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Smith, I. H.Springfield, COFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Smith, Isaac J.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Smith, J.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Smith, J. EverettWoodwardPublisherT 21N R 22W35
Smith, J. J.KeenanFarmer/ThresherT 23N R 19W18
Smith, J. W.KeenanMerchantT 21N R 17W03
Smith, James A.KeenanFarmer/Stock RaiserT 22N R 19W17
Smith, John E.KeenanFarmer/Stock RaiserT 21N R 20W23
Smith, John E.KeenanFarmer/Stock RaiserT 21N R 20W23
Smith, John M.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Smith, John M.KeenanHeirs/FarmerT 24N R 20W27
Smith, Jonothan J.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Smith, Joseph A.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Sobramling, WilliamKeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
St. Clair, C. T.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Starr, MosesKeenanFarmerT 25N R 18W12
State Of OklahomaSupply, OkN/AT 24N R 22W38
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 21N R 20W23
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 21N R 20W23
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
State School LandKeenanSchool LandT 25N R 18W12
Staub, Gottfried W.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Steaciman, JoeKeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Steadman, Caroline M.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Steadman, George H.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Steadman, Joseph C.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Stealey, C.L.KeenanReal EstateT 21N R 21W30
Steed, O. F.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Steele, IraKeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Steffek, Frank L.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Steffen, JuliusKeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W07
Steinbioch, A.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Stemglemeter,Geo.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Stenglemeler, GeorgeKeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Stepanick, CharlesKeenanLife Stock BreederT 22N R 19W17
Stephens, MaryTangierFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Stephenson, M. E.TangierFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Stephenson, Thomas L.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Sterling, C.C.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 20W26
Stevens, Albert H.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Stevens, B. F.KeenanDeceasedT 21N R 19W15
Stevens, B. F.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Stevens, Edwin J.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Stevens, Hazel H.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Stevens, J.H.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Stevens, James C.KeenanFarmer/MerchantT 20N R 21W28
Stevens, LunaKeenanN/AT 21N R 19W15
Stevens, M. H.KeenanContractorT 20N R 21W29
Stevens, M. H.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Stevens, William D.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Stevens, William L.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Stewart, Chas. HKeenanFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Stewart, ElvernaKeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Stewart, J. S.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Stewart, JohnKeenanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Stewart, John P.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Stewart, John SKeenanFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Stewart, W. EdKeenanBankerT 23N R 17W05
Stewart, W. H.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Stilwell, W.H.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Stimmel,CharlotteKeenanFarmerT 22N R 19W17
Stine, DanielKeenanFarmer/StockmanT 25N R 19W20
Stinnett, FKeenanN/AT 21N R 17W03
Stinnett, R. S.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Stocker, Alien F.KeenanDraymanT 21N R 21W30
Stoelting, Josephine M.KeenanDomesticT 25N R 18W12
Stokes, Vide W.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Stoll, C.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 19W19
Stoll, H.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 19W19
Stoll, R.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 19W19
Stone, J. R.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Stone, LesterKeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Stone, Lester E.KeenanN/AT 20N R 19W15
Stone, Milton J.KeenanN/AT 20N R 19W15
Stoner, James B.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Stoner, James B.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Stoner, John R.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Stoner, MiltonkeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stoner, Oliver M.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Stoner, WmKeenanFarmerT 23N R 17W07
Stoops, Harriet E.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Story, Cyrus W.KeenanFarme/CarpenterT 20N R 22W34
Stout, J.B.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Stout, James M.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Stout, RobertKeenanFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Stout, Rufus K.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 19W21
Stout, Rufus, K.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Stow, C. A.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Strain, John MKeenanFarmerT 21N R 21W30
Stromberg, C. A.KeenanFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Strunk, J.L. & M. A.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Struthers, C.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stuart, Geo A.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Stuart, W. H.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Stump, J.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stump, J. T.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stump, LH.E.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stump, N. M.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Stump, R. W.KeenanFarmerT 25N R 17W07
Sturgill, EarlCooleyFarmerT 20N R 22W34
Sturman, W.M.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Sturrock, Mary 0.KeenanFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Sturz, H. F.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 22W36
Styles, MartimerKeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Sullivan, FloeKeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Summers, CKeenanFarme/CarpenterT 21N R 17W02
Summers, E. L.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Sutton, FrankKeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Sutton, Perrin E.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Swain, Minnie M.KeenanFarmerT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Swank, John W.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Swarm, Mary & S. B.KeenanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Swart, FrederickKeenanFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Sweet, Sherman B.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Swian, C. D.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 17W01
Swift, Samuel J.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W28
Swift, William. F.KeenanFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Symes, LouisKeenanFarmerN/A?
Symes, Walter S.KeenanFarmerT 22N R 19W17
Syric, E. C.KeenanRetiredT 22N R 19W17
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Tague, Mary A.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 20W26
TalbottPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Talbott, FrankPringeyFarmerT 25N R 18W12
Talbott, Julia M.PringeyDomesticT 25N R 18W12
Tannahil, Geo. W.CurtisFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Tannahill, Samuel H.QuinlanFarmerT 23N R 18W10
Tanner, J. E.CurtisFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Tate, N. G.Non-residentFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Tatlow, SamuelHackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Taylor, F. W.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Taylor, Hattie A.BelvaFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Taylor, J. E.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Taylor, J. R.N/AFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Taylor,Geo. ZParkmanFarmerT 21N R 18W07
Teague, GeorgeFargo, OkFarmer/DeceasedT 21N R 22W35
Teague, James M.Fargo, OkFarmerT 21N R 22W35
Teeters, IsaacFargo, OkFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Teeters, Wm. M.Fargo, OkFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Temple, George 0.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Temple, Maria D.Wichita, KSMerchantT 21N R 22W35
Teny,Thomas WMutualFarmerT 21N R 18W07
Terry, Thomas J.WoodwardFarmerT 23N R 21W32
Teter, W. H. H.MoorelandFarmer/StockraiserT 22N R 19W17
Teverbaugh, J. F.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Thacker, David PWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W28
Thacker, Julius W.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W28
Thanschiet, A. Jr.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Thomas, Basil L.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Thomas, J. M.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Thomas, JacobWoodwardFarmer/DrayerT 22N R 20W25
Thomas, John A.MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Thomas, Joseph A.WoodwardFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Thomas, Joseph M.Qixon, CAFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Thomas, R. D.HackberryFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Thomas, SQuinlanFarmerT 24N R 17W06
Thomas, W. L.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Thomas,Sarah A.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Thome, FMQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Thompson, AndrewPearlFarmer/StockraiserT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, Andrew F.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, AnnaReadFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, E. L.MoorelandFarmer/TraderT 26 & 27N R 18W13
Thompson, Edward L.MoorelandStock RaiserT 25N R 18W12
Thompson, Enos BMutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Thompson, Frank M.Crawfords ValleyFarmerT 22N R 18W09
Thompson, HenryPearlFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, HermanPearlFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, James A.Fargo, OkFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Thompson, JohnPearlFarmerT 21N R 17W03
Thompson, Tony 0MutualFarmerT 21N R 18W08
Thompson, W. H.Dodge City, KSFarmerT 23N R 17W05
Thomson, ThomasMutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Thornburg, Wm.CurtisFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Throckmortor, L. G,HaskewFarmerT 25N R 19W20
Tibbetts, Julia H.CurtisFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Tibbetts, RussellCurtisFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Tice, 0. C.WoodwardRetiredT 21N R 20W23
Tice, Charles C.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tice, Oliver C.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tilman, Silas W.CestosFarmerT 25N R 17W03
Tilt, F.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W28
Tingler, Carl A.MutualFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Tingler, Chas. E.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Tingler, Wm. F.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 22N R 19W17
Tipton, WE.QuinlanReal EstateT 23N R 18W10
Toomey, Mary A.CurtisFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Tousley, V. M.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Tousley, Viola M.HigleyFarmerT 20N R 21W29
Towbridge, Jas. E.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Townsend, J.S.WoodwardGrain DealerT 20N R 19W15
Townsend, James S.WoodwardGrain DealerT 20N R 19W15
Townsend, Lucy E.MutualFarmerT 20N R 19W15
Tracy, J. F.IowaFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Traver, MaggieHackberryFarmerT 20N R 20W22
Trego, Abner V.WoodwardFarmer/MerchantT 22N R 20W25
Trimble, Wm JQuinlanFarmerT 23N R 17W07
Triplett, J. C.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 20W28
Triplett, J. C.MoorelandFarmer/Hog RaiserT 24N R 19W19
Triplett, N. C.MoorelandFarmerT 24N R 19W19
Trissell, JMoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 23N R 19W18
Tromblee, Benager E.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tromblee, MJ.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tromblee, R. V.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tromblee, William B.WoodwardFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Tromburg, JohnCurtisFarmerT 21N R 18W09
Trotter, John A.HackberryFarmer/Stock RaiserT 21N R 20W23
Trowbridge, NH.Everson, WAHeir/FarmerT 25N R 17W05
True, W.F.Peck, KSFarmerT 21N R 19W15
Trueblood, Jordan B.WoodwardTeamingT 23N R 20W26
Trueblood, PhineasWoodwardFarmerT 24N R 21W33
Trumbo, Dora E.Moorel andTeacherT 25N R 18W12
Tucker, Gary 0.TangierFarmerT 23N R 22W37
Tucker, George W.WoodwardFarmerT 24N R 20W27
Tufft, A. G.CurtisFarmerT 24N R 18W11
Tumbleson, E. F.MoorelandFarmer/StockmanT 23N R 19W18
Tumbull, J.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Turner, isaac E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 20W25
Turner, Isaac E.WoodwardFarmerT 22N R 21W31
Turner, Lorell D.HackberryFarmerT 21N R 20W23
Turner, N.Supply, OkFarmerT 24N R 22W38
Turner, O.C.R.F.D.WoodwardCarrierT 21N R 20W23
Turner, O.C.R.R.WoodwardCarrierT 21N R 20W23
Twyford, G .W.MoorelandFarmerT 23N R 19W18
Tyler, R. J.PearlFarmerT 21N R 17W07
Tyson, T. K.AlvaMinisterT 23N R 17W07

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