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Woodward County Towns


Section 1 - Township 23N - Range 16W
8 miles south of Wynoka
Post Office from 16 Aug 1800 to 31 Mar 1960
Named for the daughter of a section foreman on the Santa Fe Railway

Section 3 - Township 21N - Range 17W
12 miles south of Quinlan
Post Office from 13 Apr 1903 to 30 Sep 1851

Section 29 - Township 23N - Range 18W
14 miles east of Woodward
Post Office from 3 Oct 1894 to 31 Oct 1952
Names for Nels Curtis of Piedmont, Kansas

Fort Supply
Section 8 - Township 24N - Range 22W
Post Office established 3 Feb 1902 1 mile west of Army Post.
Name changed from Fitzgerald to Fort Supply on 1 May 1943

Camp Supply, in the Indian Territory was established in order to provide provisions for the troops guarding supply routes and offering protection to white settlements during the 1860's. The last major duty of the troops at Supply was policing the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in 1893.

The Fort was in existence for twenty-six years. In 1868, General Alfred Sully selected the site near the confluence of Beaver River and Wolf Creek to serve as a base camp for the winter. The new post was never intended to become permanent, but remained useful for several years. It was abandoned in Oct 1894.

George Custer led his troops to the Washita River and the battle with Black Kettle's Cheyennes only a few days after the founding of the camp.

The troops also protected the tribal lands from the "Boomers" who wanted to allow white settlement in unoccupied Indian Territory. Thus, the troops went from controlling the Indians to protecting their tribal lands from encroachment by non-whites.

When the Cherokee Outlet was opened, troops from Supply ejected the "Sooners" from the region and guarded the land offices and registration booths.

The number of troops at Supply ranged from 638 in 1870 to 86 in 1876, with an average of about 300. In 1869 the Post reported five civilian employees with 160 in Jan 1875.

When the post was abandoned in 1894, the troops and equipment were removed to Fort Sill. The fifty-six soldiers bodies that were buried at Fort Supply were moved to Fort Leavenworth. Some civilian graves are still located in the cemetery. The buildings were placed in the custody of the Department of Interior, then passed on to the Territory of Oklahoma.

Camp Supply was officially named Fort Supply in 1878. The town of Fort Supply sprang up after the post was abandoned. In 1908, Western State Hospital - an insane asylum - housed 400 patients and employees in the old buildings. By 1940, the hospital held 1,550 inmates and 135 workers.

Western State Hospital is now known as Western State Psychiatric Center with inpatient facilities for mental health and substance abuse. It shares the grounds with William S. Key Correctional Center.

The grounds of Fort Supply are at the intersection of Highways 270 and 183. Renovation of the old fort is in progress and visitors may tour some of the historic buildings and learn the history of the fort and life on the plains during the late 1800s.

Section 28 - Township 3N - Range 3W
3 miles west of Woodward
A switch and loading point on the Santa Fe Railway
Named for John Gerlach, a Woodward banker.

Section 28 - Township 21N - Range 22W
Formerly Doris - 10 miles southeast of Fargo
Post Office named changed to Keenan 18 Feb 1910
Discontinued 15 Jul 1935
Named for Julia A. Keenan, first Postmaster

Section 26 - Township 23N - Range 19W
11 miles east of Woodward
Post Office established 5 Feb 1902
Orginal townsite name was Dail City. The name was coined to refer to the nature of the durrounding terrain, suggestive of moors and through error, the Post OfFice Department did not adopt the spelling intended, Moorland.
Moscow (historical)
Section 34 - Township 22N - Range 19W
7 miles north of Mutual
Post Office from 3 May 1894 to 15 Nov 1906
Name comes from Moscow, Russia.

Section 7 - Township 20N - Range 18W
South of Woodward
Post Office established 4 Jun 1895
Name seleted by the Post Office Department
Local residents had requested the name Trenton

Section 20 - Township 23N - Range 17W
Located in the east part of Woodward County
Post Office established 27 Apr 1901
Named for the Quinlin brothers, William Thomas and Robert, well-known ranchers and cattlemen. Once a booming cattle town, now considered a ghost town. The population in 1910 was 355. By 1980, there were only 64 people.
Section 19 - Township 20N - Range 17W
7 miles northwest of Seiling
Post Office from 6 Nov 1895 to 15 Feb 1923
Named for Richmond, Kentucky, the home of John W. W. White, first Postmaster

Sections 21 - 27 - Township 21N - Range 20W
12 miles south of Woodward
Formely Hackberry
Post Office name changed to Sharon 24 Feb 1912
Named for Alexander Sharon, townsite owner

7 miles west of Woodward
Post Office (Historical) from 18 May 1901 to 31 Aug 1941
Name came from the seaport in Northwest Africa

Sections 30 - 31 - Township 23N - Range 20W
County Seat
Post Office established 3 Feb 1893
Named for Brinton W. Woodward, director of Santa Fe Railway

Woodward History
First Century on the Sand-Sage Prairie 1887 - 1987

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Towns in Woodward county that have vanished
or name changed to something eles

Camp Supply
Section 8 - Township 24N - Range 22W
Adjoining present day Fort Supply
Established in 1868 and abandoned in 1893

Section 18 - Township 21N - Range 22W
10 miles south of Woodward
Post Office (Historical) From 19 Feb 1901 to 18 Feb 1907
Named for Detroit, MI

Doe Creek
Section 30 - Township 26N - Range 17W
Southwest corner of Woodward County
Post Office (Historical) from 2 Oct 1916 to 15 Jul 1918

Section 28 - Township 21N - Range 22W
10 miles southeast of Fargo
Post Office established 6 Jul 1901
Name changed to Keenan on 18 Feb 1910

Present day Fort Supply
Named for P. H. Fitzgerald, Township promoter.

Section 30 - Township 20N - Range 21W

Present day Sharon
Post Office established 24 Feb 1912
Name taken from a hackberry grove on the N. Z. Rouse farmstead

Section 4 - Township 20N - Range 20W
Southwest corner of Woodward County
Post Office (Historical) from 27 Dec 1904 to 31 Jan 1910
Named for Betty Hallren, first Postmaster

Section 26 - Township 20N - Range 21W
8 miles northwest of Vici
Postoffice (Historical) from 24 Apr 1901 to 31 Jul 1913
Named for Hubert T. Higley, first Postmaster

Section 1 - Township 24N - Range 20W

Section 16 - Township 21N - Range 20W

Section 3 - 16 - Township 20N - Range 18W
3 miles east of Mutual
Post Office (Historical) from 6 Apr 1899 to 14 Jan 1904
Named for J. W. McNeal, Guthrie businessman

Section ? - Township 22N - Range 17W
7 miles southeast of Quinlan
Post Office (Historical) from 23 Jan 1901 to 30 Jul 1904

Section 23 - Township 24N - Range 19W
7 mines north of Mooreland
Post Office (Historical) from 21 Jul 1900 to 31 Jan 1909
Name comes form the Egyptian God of the Underworld

Section 18 - Township 21N - Range 17W
12 miles south of Quinlan
Post Office (Historical) from 16 Dec 1897 to 30 Sep 1911

Section 28 - Township 25N - Range 19W
12 miles north of Mooreland
Post Office (Historical) from 24 Apr 1901 to 31 Jul 1909

Sections 2 - 11 - Township 20N Range 19W
2 miles west of Mutual
Post Offie (Historical) from 21 Apr 1894 to 30 Mar 1907
Name came from a nearby grove of persimmon trees.
The persimmon is a tree of the ebony family
Its name is from the Algonquian word "pasiminan", meaning "dried fruit."

Section 15 - Township 25N - Range 18W
14 miles northwest of Quinlan
Post Office (Historical) from 18 may 1901 to 31 May 1914


Section ? - Township 20N - Range 22W
10 miles southeast of Fargo
Post Office (Historical) from 22 Dec 1902 to 15 May 1904
Named for Giuseppi Verid, Italian Composer.

Section ? - Township 22N Range 20W
8 miles southeast of Woodward
Post Office (Historical) from 2 Dec 1902 to 16 Jul 1906
Name coined from middle name
of Wesley Von Kneisley, first Postmaster.

Section 12 - Township 20N - Range 18W
6 miles east of Mutual
Post Office (Historical) from 22 May 1899 to 18 Apr 1907

Section 4 - Township 20N - Range 17W


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