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April 1947 Trivia

Selman Day Cancelled

It has been announced by Alex Geismar, general chairman of the Selman day committe, that Selman Day has been cancelled.
Army Messing

Policy of army as far as feeding is to let local people take over as soon as possible. They hope to close the army mess by the end of the week. Any individual, families who do not have cooking facilities and are eating at army mess will be taken care of by the Red Cross.
Construction Control

All contractors and builders will be compelled to comply with orders of the committees to eliminate the danger of shyster contractors, electricians, plumbers, etc., doing work in the city. Evidences of this have already been noted.
Lost and Found

A lost and found department will be set up in the police department with the chief of police as chairman of the committee to take all unclaimed property to the fire department.
Red Cross

The American Red Cross has assured Woodward that ample funds are available through that organization for the relief and rehabilitations of families affected by the disaster. These funds will be made available and expended for the families who will require assistance beyond the limit of their own resources.
Children Needs

The department of public welfare has set up temporary offices in the high school building in charge of Mrs. Coralie Kazmic, Woodward county director, and Mrs. Gladys Wyatt, Texas county director.

Two workers from the division of child welfare are at the office to offer boarding home care and crippled children services for those needing glasses, artifical appliances, and braces.
Odd Fellows
The grand master of the IOOF lodge has called on state lodges for Woodward aid. Trucks of material has arrived from Beaver and Hominy. The lodge will help any. Office at the City Hall.

Beaver wil bring 20 men here Thursday to reconstruct lodge members houses. All Odd Fellows needing lots cleared see C. A. Freed at the City hall before Thursday noon.

Building Permits
George Goetzinger, chairman of the planning and zoning committee, said that all persons must obtain building permits from the city hall before starting construction of either business, houses or residences.

Missing Located
Death toll still stands at 89 in Woodward but four more names have been removed from the missing list as searches continue for information of five others whose whereabouts are unknown. More than 40 persons given in todays dead and injured listed received hospital treatment for wounds.

Mrs. Rex Allison and Mrs. W. D. Lawson have both been reported safe and in Woodward while Leon Winkler and Phil Brewer were listed safe at Chester.

Still on the missing list are Mrs. Jimmy Dotson, Milton Owen, Mrs. Maud Owen, Mrs. Mary Lukes and Joan Gay Croft. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of any of the above five persons should report at once to the Community building.

Relatives of Joan Gay Croft were trying to trace the child after her sister Jerry said she was taken from the Woodward Memorial Hospital during the night of the storm by a group of men.

The child is a blond four-year-old with light blue eyes. A neighbor of the Croft family in the 2100 block on West Main picked up the two girls and took them to the hospital for treatment. She reported that Joan had a leg injury.

Since the child could not talk plainly it is feared she has been unable to give her name correctly, thereby been miss-listed at some hospital in the state or in a home to which relief workers may have taken her.

Both of her parents were reported dead but her father H. O. Croft is alive, though badly injured. Funeral services were held for the child's mother Sunday.

NOTE: Joan Gay Croft has never been found.

All homeless persons who are now living in the homes of others are asked to give their present address to Mrs. Walter V. Bowman at the general informationd desk at the Emergency center in the Community building so that they may be located by relatives and by relief agencies for telegrams and mail.

1947 Trivia
Attempt To Break Record
In an attempt to break Howard Hughes globe circling record of 91 hours, 14 minutes, the Reynolds Rocket is nearing the Western Hemisphere in its 20,000-mile flight. In a photo of the converted A-26 bomber prior to its takeoff from New York were millionare Milton Reynolds, pilot William P. Odom, Roslyn, N. Y. and flight engineer T. Carroll Sailee of Dallas, Texas.

Nine Indian Cemeteries in Canton Project Area
The government Thrusday asked a federal court order permitting the removal of the remains of Indians from nine small cemeteries in Blaine and Dewey county to clear the site of the Canton Dam and reservoir project.

The government's request filed by Robert E. Shelton, U. S. district attorney, claimed construction of the dam and reservoir will cause inundation of the cemeteries. It said a new plot of ground has been selected in Blaine county and the U. S. Army will move the bodies.

Circulation of Money Shows Upward Trend
Washington: Money in circulation increased $3 million during the week ended April 9, the federal reserve board reported Thrusday.
That brought the total of circulating cash to $28,500,000,000 or $913 million below the peak reached at Christmas

Movie Theaters in Oklahoma City
April 10, 1947
Log Cabin Theater
2400 N. W. 39th

Gail Russell and Claire Trevor in "Bachelor's Daughters"
Ken Curtis and Jeff Donnell in "Throw a Saddle on a Star"
Serial: "Purple Monster Strikes"

Redskin Theater
29th and Western

Van Heflin and Barbara Stanwyck in "Strange Love of Martha Ivers"
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in "Home in Oklahoma"

Knob Hill Theater
S. W. 25th and Hudson

Tom Conway and rita Corday in "The Falcon's Alibi"

"Belita" and Berry Sullivan in "Suspense"

Mayflower Theater
1123 N. W. 23rd St.

Dorothy McGuire and George Brent in "The Spiral Staircase"
Ken Curtis and Jeff Donnell in "That Texas Jamboree"

Bison Theater
1314 N. E. 23rd

Gene Tierney and John Hodiak in "A Bell For Adano"
Charles Starrett and Smiley Burnette in "roaring Rangers"

Yale Theater
227 S. W. 25th

Toumanova and Gregory Peck in "Days of Glory"
Ken Curtis and June Storey in "Song of the Prairie"

Brave in adventure. Bold in love.
In Glorious Technicolor at the State Theater
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Marueen O'Hara star in "Sinbad the Sailor"

Dance Clubs in Oklahoma City
April 10, 1947

Elmwood Night Club
4901 S. Shields
Every Night except Monday
Herman Garretson
14-Piece New Orleans Rhythm Kings
Music from 9 to 2 a. m.
Admission Tonight 62 c plus tax

Cedar Terrace
Intersection of Britton Road and Lincoln Boulevard
Phone Britton 401
Dining and Dancing
Saturday Night Only
Featuring Al Bass
And his Orchestra
Jack Gale, Vocalist
Cover Charge 98 c plus tax
Catering to private parties (Except Saturdays)

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