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Wishes to extend prayers to all who lost their lives or were injured
To the families of those lost and hurt
To the many firemen, police and civilians who have helped in the recovery
In Memory of lives lost and a country forever changed

11 Sep 2001
Red White and Blue ribbon

Attack on America
They may hurt us but will NEVER break us!
A senseless act of terrorism
brings us together in time of tragedy!

American Flag at half mast

American Eagle shedding a tear for New York's Senseless Distruction

by: jwillis@bellatlantic.net
(Jim Willis & Nicole Valentin-Willis/Tiergarten Sanctuary Trust)

I don't know your name, or names - we may never know who you are - so I can't address you personally. Today, you killed several thousands of our friends...perhaps not people who we knew personally, but people like us.

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People who worked hard to make a living, who loved someone, who were loved by someone, who worried about making a better life for their children and grandchildren, who believed in God and the American Dream, who criticized this country for its insufficiencies and cared enough to try and change things and ensure a better future, not just for us, but for the world. People who leave behind scores of loved ones, friends, pets, neighbors, coworkers, and members of their faiths. Perhaps even people who derived from your own country and who sought refuge here. Your act was a slaughter of the innocents.

You are like an insidious cancer that strikes without warning, ravages bodies, tears families apart, and in the end can never destroy the soul.

You are the ultimate coward.

You may topple our buildings, collapse our communication systems, disrupt our government, crash our markets, and leave behind the carnage of bodies, but you will never destroy the soul of America. We made this country from the bits and pieces of the rest of the world; we took the best, the worst of every culture and nationality, race and creed, and made an alloy that may be dented, but not even a trial by fire can melt. I don't know what god you believe in, or what hateful rhetoric you espouse, or what your misguided political beliefs might be that allows you to do what you did today without a fear of eternal damnation. I only know that you may win a battle or two, but you will never win this war. We have the entire history of the world on our side, and no dictator, despot, or madman has survived as long as America has thrived and prospered. If you accomplished anything at all today, it was to give America a wake-up call, and we will now rise up stronger than before. You are defeated before you've even begun, there in your private hell and later in your eternal one. Someday your people may even need our help, and because we are America, we would respond.

NY City-11 Sep 2001 May God bless the friends we lost, their families, friends, neighbors and coworkers. We will help them rebuild from the ashes. May God continue to bless America, help her to protect us all, and may she continue to shine as a beacon of democracy and hope to the rest of the world.

Copyright Jim Willis 2001
In deepest sympathy to those who have lost a loved one.
Permission to share..

New York City Fireman with angels at his feet

America will pull through this and any other tragedy that befalls us.

Americans will unite to defeat terrorism.

Our country will come together and be stronger then ever.

American blood spilled on American soil by faceless cowards.
The masses of Americans fill the need.

Donate blood

We're Coming...
together as a nation
to help each other
to find freedom's enemies
to get justice!!

Flags of Freedom
By Joyce B. Fisher-Hills

One beautiful day in September, our hearts and minds stood still
As we watched nineteen terrorist complete their hope to kill.
On that beautiful day in September, so many of us cried
For all the innocent people who so suddenly died.
Oh how that day in September did change our lives forever,
For now all the World must learn to fight for freedom rights together.

American Flag - Don't tread on Me Many years long ago, Americans all felt the same,
When British troops to our shores came.
They looked at what was going on then
And knew their freedom must not end.
So off to war their march would be,
With flags that said "Don't Tread On Me."

Through all these years that have gone by,
So many people have had to die.
But freedom has remained the goal
That has been shouted from every trench and hole.
And once again we may need to see,
Those flags that say "Don't Tread On Me."

American Flag - Don't tread on Me Our freedom and our peace are gone,
From terrorist's acts in the dawn.
Away has flown the peaceful dove,
Because they don't know how to love.
But they do not have that final clue,
That the World will stand together brave and true.

We will not be alone in this,
For all the World knows what they'll miss.
And all the World will stand to say,
We will be free from this someday.
So bravely together the World must be,
And fly those flags "Don't Tread On Me."

American Flag - Don't tread on Me For it is that day in September,
That our children should always remember;
As how the World stood strong and true,
And how their flags of freedom flew.
And God we pray they'll never need see,
Those flags that say "Don't Tread On Me."

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9 11 2001

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