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Adair County, Oklahoma

Created in 1907 from Cherokee Lands. Named for a prominent Cherokee family of which perhaps the most noted member was Col. William Penn Adair, who represented the Cherokee Nation at Washington from 1866 until his death in 1881.

Clerk of Courts has marriage, divorce, probate and civil court records from 1907;
County Assessor has land records.

Adair County Court House
PO Box 169
Stillwell, OK 74960-0169

Baptist (historical)
Bidding Springs (historical)
Blanck (historical)
Going Snake
Rocky Mountain
Spade Mountain
Stony Point
Strawberry Spring

Post Offices

Addielee (historical)
Ballard Post Office (historical)
Baptist Post Office (historical)
Baron Post Office (historical)
Bunch Post Office (historical)
Chance Post Office (historical)
Chewey Post Office (historical)
Christie Post Office (historical)
Church Post Office (historical)
Echota Post Office (historical)
Flint Post Office (historical)
Going Snake Post Office (historical)
Goingsnake Post Office (historical)
Gordon Post Office (historical)
Greasy Post Office (historical)
Hutcheson Post Office (historical)
Lyons Post Office (historical)
Mays Post Office (historical)
Oak Grove Post Office (historical)
Paden Post Office (historical)
Piney Post Office (historical)
Proctor Post Office
Reba Post Office (historical)
Sallisaw Post Office (historical)
Stilwell Post Office
Titanic Post Office (historical)
Tomy Town Post Office (historical)
Ward Post Office (historical)
Watts Post Office
Wauhillau Post Office (historical)
Westville Post Office


Baron School
Bell School
Big Round Mountain
Cave Springs School
Chalk Bluff School (historical)
Chandler School (historical)
Cherokee School
Christie School (historical)
Clearfork School
Cookson Hills School
Dahlonegah School
East Peavine School
Elm Grove School
Ewings Chapel School (historical)
Fort Still School (historical)
Greasy School
Green School (historical)
Green Valley School
Hern School (historical)
Holland School (historical)
Honey Hill School (historical)
Horn School (historical)
Indian Capital Area Vocational College
Kentucky School (historical)
Lowery School (historical)
Maryetta School
West Morris School (historical)
Mulberry School (historical)
North Greasy School (historical)
Oak Grove School (historical)
Oak Ridge School
Big Round Mountain
Peavine Elementary School
Pilgrims Rest School (historical)
Piney School (historical)
Pleasant Hill School (historical)
Proctor School (historical)
Rabbit Trap School (historical)
Rock Branch School (historical)
Rock Springs School (historical)
Rocky Mountain Elementary School
Rocky Mountain School (historical)
Salem School (historical)
Sanders School (historical)
Scott School (historical)
Skelly Elementary School
South Greasy School (historical)
Starr School (historical)
Stilwell Elementary School
Stilwell High School
Stilwell Middle School
Wagnon School (historical)
Wanhillan School (historical)
Ward School (historical)
Washington School (historical)
Watts High School
Watts School (historical)
West Peavine School
Westville Elementary School
Westville Junior High School
Westville NW
Westville Senior High School
Whitmire School (historical)
Wrights Chapel School (historical)
Zion Elementary School
Zion School (historical)


Assembly of God Church
Stilwell West Ballard Church
Watts Beaver Church
Greasy Bethel Church
Stilwell East Bidding Creek Baptist Church
Calvary Church
Stilwell East Calvary Southern Baptist Church
Stilwell West Cherokee Hills Church
Stilwell West Cherry Tree Church
Greasy Christie Church
Christie Chuculate Church
Greasy Church of Christ
Church of Christ-Four Corners
Clear Fork Church
Chance Echota Church
Stilwell West Elm Grove Church
Stilwell East Ewing Chapel
Stilwell East Fairfield Church
Stilwell East Faith Chapel
Watts Faith Tabernacle
Stilwell East Fellowship Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
Stilwell West First Christian Church
First United Methodist Church
Stilwell West Four Corners Church
Stilwell East Full Gospel Church
Westville Full Gospel Church
Watts Grace Chapel
Stilwell West Guiding Light Church
Greasy Honey Hill Church
Stilwell East Illinois River Church
Siloam Springs NW Indian United Methodist Church
Jaybird Church
Chance Joyful Life Church
Stilwell West Kingdom Church
Greasy Log Cabin Church
Bunch Mission Church
Watts Mulberry Tree Church
Stilwell West New Hope Church
Chance New Testament Church
Oak Grove Church
Stilwell East Peavine Church
Christie Pentecostal Holiness Church
Stilwell West Pilgrims Rest Church (historical)
Pleasant View Church
Stilwell East Proctor Church
Proctor Rock Fence Church
Greasy Rock Springs Church
Stilwell East Salem Church
Big Round Mountain Sequoyah Church
Stilwell West The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
United Church
Stilwell East Watts First Baptist Church
Wauhillan Holiness Church
Westville Landmark Church
Westville Wrights Chapel
Westville Zion Church
Stilwell West Zion Church (historical)


Alberty Cemetery, Westville
Beaver Cemetery, Greasy
Bell Cemetery, Siloam Springs
Blackwood Cemetery, Christie
Chalk Bluff Cemetery, Stilwell
Chuculate Cemetery, Greasy
Chuliawe Cemetery, Greasy
Clear Spring Cemetery, Stilwell
Crittende Cemetery, Siloam Springs
Crittenden Cemetery, Westville
Doublehead Cemetery, Stilwell
Downing Cemetery, Westville
Downing Cemetery, Westville
Ewing Chapel Cemetery, Stilwell
Foreman Cemetery, Westville
Fourkiller Cemetery, Stilwell
Ketcher Cemetery, Christie
Killer Cemetery, Greasy
Morton Cemetery, Natural Dam
New Hope Cemetery, Stilwell
Oak Grove Cemetery , Stilwell
Phillips Cemetery, Watts
Pilgrims Rest Cemetery, Stilwell
Piney Cemetery, Westville
Reece Cemetery, Christie
Scraper Cemetery, Christie
Sixkiller Cemetery, Watts
Stony Point Cemetery, Tailholt
Tyler Spring Cemetery, Stilwell
Walkingstick Cemetery, Christie
Watts Cemetery, Watts
Westville Cemetery, Watts
Wolf Cemetery , Christie

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