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McClain County, Oklahoma

Created in 1907 from Chickasaw Lands. Named for Charles McClain, a member of the Constitutional Convention.

County Clerk has land records;
County Superintendent has school records.

McClain County
PO Box 629
Purcell, OK 73080-0629

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email or ICQ #8355705

Images of McClain County, Oklahoma

File Name Description Submitted by
cmmcclain.jpg C. M. McClain
McClain County Named After
Bob & Tammie Chada
scrapper.jpg Scrapper, Narcotic Detector Dog
Tombstone Photo
Bob Chada
horse.jpg Sam & Prince
Tombstone Photo
Bob Chada
courthouse.jpg Court House by Depot Hill in Purcell Bob Chada
jury.txtThe Grand JuryBob Chada
dibble.jpg Dibble, Indian Territory - 1904 Bob Chada
byars.jpg Dibble, Indian Territory - 1904 Bob Chada
depothill.jpg View of Depot Hill in Purcell Bob Chada
Obits of McClain County, Oklahoma
File Name Description Submitted by
olcampbell.txt Omi Lee CampbellTammie Chada
folock.txt Fredy Omer LockmillerTammie Chada
glock.txtGrace Nell Lockmiller Tammie Chada
ilock.txtIvor Leonard LockmillerTammie Chada
llock.txtLucy J. LockmillerTammie Chada
rm.txtRhea NemecekTammie Chada
File Name Description Submitted by
schoolinfo.txt Information about the Schools Bob Chada
arnoldview50sch.jpg Arnoldview School Bob Chada
banner47sch.jpg Banner School Bob Chada
blantonview48sch.jpg Blantonview School Bob Chada
boxeldersch.jpg Box Elder School Bob Chada
bryant12sch.jpg Bryant School Bob Chada
buffalo27sch.jpg Buffalo School Bob Chada
chismsch.jpg Chism School Bob Chada
criner18sch.jpgCriner School Bob Chada
dare19sch.jpgDare School Bob Chada
fox40sch.jpg Fox School Bob Chada
freeny28sch.jpg Freeny SchoolBob Chada
french37sch.jpg French SchoolBob Chada
goins16sch.jpg Goins School Bob Chada
goldsby26sch.jpg Goldsby School Bob Chada
hopping9sch.jpg Hopping SchoolBob Chada
johnson24sch.jpg Johnson SchoolBob Chada
johnsonvillesch.jpg Johnsonville SchoolBob Chada
ladd25sch.jpg Ladd SchoolBob Chada
lakeview32sch.jpg Lakeview SchoolBob Chada
libertyhillsch.jpg Liberty Hill SchoolBob Chada
lindsayridge30sch.jpg Lindsay Ridge SchoolBob Chada
mitchellhill51sch.jpg Mitchell Hill SchoolBob Chada
oakhurst45sch.jpg Oakhurst SchoolBob Chada
payne13sch.jpg Payne School Bob Chada
ross46sch.jpg Ross School Bob Chada
sandysch.jpg Sandy School Bob Chada
scoby36.jpg Scoby School Bob Chada
signalhillsch.jpg Signal Hill School Bob Chada
oldsimpson.jpg Simpson School Bob Chada
stealey11sch.jpg Stealey School Bob Chada
arnoldviewsch.jpg Arnoldview School Pupils
Year Unknown
Bob Chada
whs97.txt Washington High School Class of 1997 Bob Chada
wayne7-26-27.jpg Wayne 7th grade pupils
Bob Chada
wayne8-26-27.jpg Wayne 8th grade pupils
Bob Chada
wayne827-28.jpg Wayne 8th grade pupils
Bob Chada
waynehs28-29.jpg Wayne 9th grade pupils
Bob Chada
waynesen27.jpg Wayne Seniors
Bob Chada
waynehs32.jpg Wayne Seniors
Bob Chada

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