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Created in 1893 from Cherokee Outlet. For the tribal name corrupted from "Pariki" meaning horn and refers to the tribal custom of dressing the scalp locks to resemble a buffalo horn.
Clerk of Courts has marriage records from 1893, divorce, civil court records from 1894, probate records from 1911.

Pawnee County
County Courthouse
Pawnee, OK 47058


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The Pawnee Nation has a long and proud history going back more than 700 years. At one time, early in the 19th century, there were more than 10,000 members of the Pawnee Nation along the North Platte River in Nebraska.

The Pawnee villages consisted of dome shaped, earth covered lodges with a diameter of 25 to 60 feet with a long entrance leading toward the east. A center pit dug three to four feet in diameter served as a fireplace for the extended families that lived there.

Before the middle of the 19th century, the tribe was stricken with smallpox and cholera. Because of this great loss of life, by 1900, the tribe's membership had decreased to 600.

The Pawnees were well known for their ability to raid neighboring tribes and acquire their horses, especially from the tribes to the south and southwest. Horses gave the Pawnees the mobility that made them a name to be feared by their enemies.

Although the Pawnees never waged open war against the U.S. Government and were classified as a "friendly nation," extra privileges were not gained.

The government felt the need to placate warring tribes with gifts, which sometimes consisted of rifles to hunt buffalo. These rifles were in turn used against the Pawnees, who were not so fortunately armed.

Nevertheless, the Pawnee warriors were men of courage and great endurance. Even when outnumbered and outgunned, they fought valiantly. Some of these warrior's feats were considered legendary.

One exemplary leader, Chief Crooked Hand of the Skidi Band, arose from bed to muster the old men, women and boys and led a charge to defend their home. Although outnumbered two to one, they outfought a superior armed enemy and drove them away.

Pawnees dressed like other Plains tribes. However, the Pawnees had a special way of preparing their hair by dressing a scalp lock with buffalo fat until it stood up and curved backward like a horn.

The Pawnees unwillingly ceded their lands to the U.S. Government in 1833, 1848, 1857 and 1872. The move from Nebraska to what is now Pawnee Country in Oklahoma was completed in 1875. The Pawnee Indian Agency was established just east of the present site of the city of Pawnee in Oklahoma, and an Indian boarding school called Pawnee Industrial School was built. The school, affectionately known as "Gravy U," was closed in 1958 and the land was returned to the tribe in 1968. Many of the old "Gravy U" buildings have been renovated and are now used as tribal as tribal offices.

Today, the tribal enrollment numbers about 2,500 members, and Pawnees can be found in many walks of life in all areas of the United States as well as in other countries of the world. Pawnees take much pride in their ancestral heritage. They are noted in history for their tribal religion, rich in myth, symbolism and elaborate rites.

Information for this article comes from the Native American Cultures Resource Handbook of the Kansas Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Commission, Suzanne Heck, editor.

Pawnee County Towns & Townships
These are the towns & townships, historical s, etc
Historical †=A Post Office was there at one time
PO from=Date Post Office was established
PO to=Date a Post Office was closed, or name changed
NLIE * =No longer in existance
AKA=What the name was changed to or changed from
NameHistoricalPO FromPO ToNLIEAKAType
Appalachia 18 Jan 190501 Jan 1906*  
Basin 05 May 189930 Jun 1906   
Baugh     populated
Bedford 28 Jun 189415 Oct 1904*  
Blackburn 15 Dec 189331 Mar 1906  populated
Bryan 13 Mar 189431 May 1905*  
Calida     populated
Casey 23 Nov 190321 Nov 1930  populated
Cedar Ridge     populated
Chilco 30 Mar 189430 Jun 1905*  
Cleveland 14 Apr 1894  Herberpopulated
Cody     populated
Crystal 22 Jan 189408 Apr 1903 Maramec 
Curchece     populated
Dix 20 Mar 190514 Dec 1905 Dixie 
Dixie 10 May 189820 Mar 1905 Dix 
Empy     populated
Esau Junction     populated
Filson 03 Aug 189414 Jul 1906   
Ford 06 Jul 190529 Feb 1916*  
Greenup 21 Dec 190314 Feb 1906*  
Hallett 19 May 1905   populated
Herbert 28 Oct 189314 Apr 1894 Cleveland 
Hunt 04 Jun 190431 Dec 1908   
Jennings 14 Nov 1893   populated
Jobes     populated
Jubys     populated
Keystone 26 May 190012 Oct 1962 Keystone Dam 
Lawson 17 Jan 189424 Feb 1903 Quay 
Leander     populated
Leroy 31 May 189415 Jan 1906  populated
Lone Chimney     populated
Maramec 08 Apr 1903  Crystalpopulated
Masham     populated
Masham 03 Feb 189914 Aug 1909   
Mule Barn     populated
Oak Grove     populated
Osage 23 May 189415 Sep 1902*  
Pawnee 26 Oct 1893  County Seat/Pawnee Agencypopulated
Pawnee Agency 04 May 187626 Oct 1893 Pawnee 
Peterman Ridge     populated
Quay 24 Feb 190331 Mar 1957 Lawson 
Rabornville     populated
Ralston 15 Jun 1894   populated
Rambo 03 Dec 190014 Oct 1903* populated
Rigsby     populated
Riverside    Ralston 
Schley 24 Dec 189830 Apr 1903   
Shady Grove     populated
Sha-To-She     populated
Sinnett 27 Sep 189415 Jan 1906*  
Skedee 10 Feb 190202 Aug 1963  populated
Terlton 30 Nov 1894   populated
Timberlane     populated
Valley 26 Jul 189415 Oct 1934   
Watchorn 04 Apr 192515 Jul 1926  populated
Wes     populated
Westbrook   *Plat filed 10 Oct 1902 
Westport     populated
Banner     Township
Blackburn     Township
Burnham     Township
Cimarron     Township
Coal Creek     Township
Eagle     Township
House Creek     Township
Jordan Valley     Township
Lagoon     Township
Liberty     Township
McElroy     Township
Skedee     Township
Valley     Township
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