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William "Bill" Doolin

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Transcribed by: Mollie Stehno

September 16, 1893-The Cherokee Advocate-A fight between a posse of United States Deputy Marshals and the Doolin-Dalton band of bank and train robbers took place at Ingalls, a small village in the east part of Payne County yesterday morning at 10 o'clock. Deputy Marshals Shadley and Speed were killed and Deputy Marshal Huston fatally wounded. N. A. Walker, N. S. Murray, G. W. Ransom and a boy name Briggs were wounded. A young man named Simmons was also instantly killed. It has been known for a long time that the gang made Ingalls their frequent headquarters. A posse of thirteen men was organized. Yesterday morning they drove into town in a boomer's wagon, as though traveling for the Strip. They entered the town from the south and drove the wagon into a livery stable close by. They then scattered into five different positions around the town in order to cover all places of escape. The outlaws consisted of six men, and were scattered in three different places. One was in a saloon, another on horseback near stable, and the rest in the town. The deputy marshals had scarcely gotten in town before the robbers were aware of it, and on going to the hotel where several of them were, said: "We are surrounded by deputy marshals and must get out of here as quick as we can." All but Arkansas Tom heard the warning and went out. He finding himself alone, upstairs when firing began, punched a hole in the two sides of the roof with Winchesters, one at each end, gave him the command of the whole town, the building in which he was, being the only two story structure. Some wonderful shooting and daring deeds were done on both sides, but this man out of sight in the building did most of the shooting that killed and wounded. He picked his men whenever he wanted to, and from 10 to 11 o'clock, poured shot down on the besieging party and any citizen who appeared. Bill Dalton had his horse shot from under him twice, the last time by Marshal Shadley. Shadley thinking he had killed him, turned his attention on the fire from the hotel, when Dalton walked within easy shot and poured four shots into Shadley killing him. He then took the saddle from his horse and placed it on another and rode off. Bill Doolin, after getting away some distance, turned his horse and poured shot after shot back into the marshals. He saw Dynamite Dick fall off his horse (perhaps wounded) and riding back towards the fight, picked him up and placed the man behind him on his horse. Four men rode off on three horses. The names of the outlaws as learned are: Bill Dalton, Bill Doolin, Bitter Creek or George Newcomb, Arkansas Tom and Nibs or Tulsa Jack. The names of the marshal's posse as learned are: John Hixon, Shadley, Huston, Dick Speed, George Cox, Jim Masterson, Janson, Henry Keller, Hi Thompson and Doe Roberts. Arkansas Tom kept the marshals at bay until 4 o'clock in the afternoon, when he made a proposition that if he was promised protection from mob violence and not to be put in chains, he would give up. He said that he knew that he could be taken finally, but in the meantime he would kill at least seven men whom he had range on then. He had over eighty balls yet left. His proposition was accepted and he came down and gave himself up. A posse of eleven came down from Stillwater and went in pursuit of the outlaws. The marshals also followed them further. George Ransom, the owner of the hotel in which the outlaws boarded, was arrested and this morning brought to Guthrie, on a charge of harboring the robbers. Attorney E. Roe Guthrey and A. T. Neil were retained to defend him and are in the city. There will be more arrests of citizens, it is said, on the same charge. Minco Mistrel

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