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Memorial Record of Logan County World War 1 Men

Memorial Record of Logan County World War 1 Men
Submitted by: Donna Dreyer

Transcribed by Bob Chada from the “The History of the American Legion Auxiliary to LeBron Post No. 58, Guthrie, Oklahoma” Used with permission.

Alexis Acton Camp Pike, Arkansas Crescent
Warren T. Bentley Camp Travis, Texas Coyle
Ernest L. Simpson Base Hospital Summit View
Loyd Hilan Cunard At Sea At Sea
Leo R. Chapman Winchester, England Summit View
Guy A. Richmond Muse-Argonne Unknown
Sid Clark Muse-Argonne Oise-Asine Cemetery
Section F, Plot 3
Grave 129
Ralph Johnson Chateau Thierry Summit View
Durill H. Rahe St. Mihiel Unknown
Rex Alvin Havenstrite Muse-Argonne Unknown
William Rolla Terrill Base Hospital 25 St. Mihiel
John James Grameley Battle of the Argonne
Argonne Hill 288
Chester A. Hirschi Muse Argonne Argonne American Cemetery
Rom’gen Sons Mont-Farscon
Section 58% Block 1% Grave 28
Harold Elwin Pierce Great Lakes Training Station Coyle
Lewis W. Hulme St Mihiel St Mihiel
Evan Wallace Base Hospital 108
Mes Eves Buleey
Summit View
Miss Dorothy Seaton
Oklahoma City Summit View
James Rundell Guthrie Summit View
Archie Riley Guthrie Summit View
William Householder Guthrie Summit View
A. L. Herber Sulphur Summit View
Frank C. Cone Guthrie Summit View
Britton Friedly Guthrie Summit View
Frank Hancock Cushing E. of Guthrie
George Ritzhaupt Guthrie Summit View
Bob McLain Guthrie Summit View
Howard Kongable Camp Pike, Arkansas Summit View
Edward Bruce Guthrie Summit View
James Fergason Texas Summit View
Ira Hensley Not listed Summit View
William Welch Guthrie Summit View
Roy C. Hays Not listed Summit View
Ed Henry Guthrie Summit View
Lew Moorman At sea Summit View
Walter Barnaby Not stated Summit View
John Carnes Guthrie Summit View
John R. Whitman Overseas S of Guthrie
Claud Hawkins Overseas Summit View
Anis Rodgers Unknown Unknown
Charles David Fuller Unknown Unknown
David E. Arnold Unknown Unknown
Earl Miller Unknown Unknown
Cletis Edwin Wilson Unknown Unknown
Walter Bain Arnold Unknown Unknown
Roy C. Brandon Unknown Unknown
Edward Paisley Unknown Unknown
Roy Zellner Overseas Crescent
Bennie E. Thomas Overseas Summit View
Caleb Walter Newherter Overseas Unknown
Walter Alexander Durham Overseas Unknown
Lucan Terrill Overseas Unknown
Frank Otto Diedrick Camp Logan, Texas Marshall
Arthur Gramby Overseas Crescent
Ralph Axtell Edmond Guthrie
Woodrow Wilson Unknown Summit View
Samuel Green Unknown Summit View
Luther Phoenix Unknown Summit View
Samuel Elcamie Bates Unknown Summit View
Willie Nelson Unknown Summit View
Walter W. Hyde Unknown Summit View
George M. Miller Unknown Summit View
???? Prichfield Unknown ???
Edwin C. Koch Guthrie Crescent
Ross Beaman Guthrie Summit View
James Leonard Means Guthrie Stillwater
Jessie Jackson Base Hospital
Ft Sam Houston, TX
Summit View
John Bund (Colored) Guthrie Summit View
Casey Reece (Colored) Not listed Summit View
??? Wiley (Colored) Not listed Summit View
Gus Noltie Ft Bayrd% New Mexico Summit View
Arthur Kemp Oklahoma City Summit View
Eugene Beland Oklahoma City Summit View
Frank Bond Guthrie Summit View
Horace Hagan Tulsa Summit View
Harry Loy Oklahoma City Summit View
Steve Huffstutler Guthrie Summit View
Elmer Fisher Guthrie Summit View
Frank Ellis Guthrie Summit View

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Format © by Donna Dreyer

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