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A True American

A True American

© Nikki Disel


A True American

This is the poem that I wrote about the first time that my older brother came home from Iraq.

A tiny spec in the distance and we know he is near
Sudden blast of noise and the airplane is here
Giant hoses spray the grey beast to welcome it back home
Families gather with anticipation as it comes a stop

Star spangled banner is playing in the background
Feelings of excitement nothing can compare
The sight of my brother coming down the metal stairs
His copper colored hair, I could point him out in a million people
I feel the tears start to stream along my cheeks.
I look into his eyes and see a sign of exhaustion.
But I look even further and see bravery in disguise.
The brother that I care for and love is my hero and much more.
His tan boots make noise as he takes steps closer to me
All the soldiers look the same but he stands out, my brother wearing his
desert kamis in brown and tan.
I run to him and receive a hug from my hero.
I can smell the fuel of the airplane on his uniform
I pull away so he gets a chance to see my parents,
my brother, and future sister-in-law.
I feel my heart beating fast with excitement.
As I pull away I see that he has
been crying as well, not only the
tears of my brother, but the tears
Of my hero.

Dedicated to my Dad, brothers Robbie and David, always proud.

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