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My Daddy is a Soldier

My Daddy is a Soldier

Written by Maria Sutherland
April 7, 2003
Submitted by Debbie Peevyhouse


My Daddy is a Soldier

My daddy is a soldier
heís often gone away
to some far off country
where he has to stay.
I really miss my daddy
and Iím not sure what he does
except he helps other people
who need him very much.
At night when I say my prayers
I ask to keep daddy safe
so that he can come home to us
and sit in his favourite place.
Some nights I can hear mommy cry
when she thinks Iím asleep
I know she misses daddy
and her sadness hurts real deep.
I know that a day may come
when daddy wonít come home
and it scares me even thinking
that we will be alone.
My daddy is a soldier
heís often gone away
And I am so very proud of him
each and every day.
Come home to us daddy
When your job is done
I know that those people needed you
But they arenít the only ones.

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