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Deliver Me

Steve: "A friend of mine who was a very talented artist drew a copy of a photo he had of eight US Marines carrying a casket in Arlington National Cemetery. He asked me to wrote a poem about his drawing. I actually wrote 3 poems."
EIGHT CARRY THE ONE: Is the view of the Marines carrying the casket
THE PASSING: Is from the perspective of ME watching the Marines carrying the casket
DELIVER ME: Is from the view inside the casket


Is it morning
Noon or night
Is there darkness
Or daylight

Here I lie
Inside this womb
To be inserted
Into a tomb

I am not hurt
Or suffer pain
Upon a stone
They’ll write my name

Not angry
Nor afraid
I’m content
With choices made

Send the word
To me now
Show your light
Show me how

One last request
I ask of thee
Protect the ones
Who deliver me

Author: ©Steve O'Brien

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